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Yelp , the publisher behind many iOS app (Yelp ,Yelp for Business Owners), brings Yelp with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yelp app has been update to version 6.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app is a great time saver..
  • and is our very very dependable travel guide..
  • Love it and highly recommended for business traveler like myself..
  • I use yelp as my yellow pages and tour guide..
  • #1 helps me get around town and discover new places everyday..

Overall Satisfactionc71
We love being able to find great restaurants where ever we are at.
Best travel application in the app store to date.
Communicating with people in your city and finding amazing places to eat.
Better than google or yellow pages in that regard oftentimes.
I honestly love to look through here for recommendations on EVERYTHING.
or best match.
Fun & Engagingc87
Use Yelp all the time and it has never steered me wrong.
It has helped me find awesome places in many different states.
Yelp Please continue to provide your Customers with this Awesome Service.
I use this and Urbanspoon when I travel all the time.
Helpful fun and informative app.
I use this app for everything not just to find restaurants.
Very helpful in finding what you are looking for in your surroundings.
I use yelp all the time for everything from restaurants to miscellaneous things.
The customer reviews are very helpful and have saved me time and money.
Very useful for finding restaurants or stores and even for getting restaurant reviews.
I use it almost every day and many times a day for many queries.
Very useful when traveling and for exploring new neighborhoods.
You will soon wonder how you lived without it.
Social Aspectsc69
Love reading reviews and posting to social media.
Love the integration with other social media.
let's work to make these social media websites more responsive.
This is the best social networking app in The Store.
it's more social networking than you realize.
Wish more people in West Hartford used it for the network effect.
I only wish more people had it and listed every place.
Ease of Usec78
Makes it easy to find great restaurants and avoid Bad ones.
Yelp makes it easy to find good food options anywhere.
make it super convenient to find just about anything.
Super convenient app of all time.
Ads not Intrusivec20
Now will you stop asking me to review.
Stop asking me to review now.
I really just want them to stop asking me to rate the app.
stop asking me to rate it.
Updates & Supportc44
Excellent customer service to back up their superior products.
I received Great customer service from Julie & Jorge.

I like the ability to find new places to eat from people I know. found in 1859 reviews
I can't sort reviews by date nor can I search within reviews. found in 49 reviews
The fact that you can't post a review from the app is totally lame. found in 189 reviews
but can't write reviews from the app and that is frustrating. found in 251 reviews
Hate having to log in separately each time. found in 181 reviews
But not cool that you can't post reviews directly from the app. found in 151 reviews
Please add the ability to post reviews directly from the app. found in 976 reviews
Good app but I wish I could post reviews instead of just drafts. found in 94 reviews
Why can't we write AND post reviews directly from the app. found in 101 reviews
Wish you could publish reviews from the app tho. found in 86 reviews
My only suggestion would be to add more filters. found in 25 reviews
If I could post reviews from my phone this app would get 5 stars. found in 125 reviews
Blows my mind that we still can't post reviews from the app. found in 259 reviews
I'm convinced it's all fake reviews or intentional 1-2 stars. found in 52 reviews
Only deducting one star because I can't submit reviews from the app. found in 38 reviews
I wish I could write reviews without having to visit the website. found in 77 reviews
Can't write reviews & cannot see filtered reviews from this app. found in 47 reviews
Wish you could write reviews and publish them in the iPhone App. found in 19 reviews
Kinda stupid how you can't post reviews from the app. found in 629 reviews
Atleast add the messaging if we cant post reviews. found in 63 reviews
Only complaint is that you can't submit reviews from the app. found in 190 reviews
There is nothing in settings to turn location services on. found in 82 reviews
Tonight was a huge disappointment from start to finish. found in 123 reviews
Why can't I write and post reviews directly from the app. found in 101 reviews
Now crashes often and still can't post review from iPhone. found in 125 reviews
yet ANOTHER update that doesn't add the ability to post reviews from the app. found in 259 reviews
I also don't like that you can't post reviews directly from the app. found in 151 reviews
And their customer service for those businesses seems pretty terrible. found in 215 reviews
Absolutely and ridiculously absurd we can't post reviews through the app. found in 629 reviews
Please give us the ability to write reviews thru the iPhone app. found in 668 reviews
it just a little buggy in the " Search Results " and "Filter". found in 82 reviews
You can only draft a review and not post it. found in 97 reviews
You still have to log in via a web browser. found in 181 reviews
I wish I could post the pictures of their "finished product" on here. found in 94 reviews
Why can't you publish reviews directly from the app. found in 86 reviews
but it's missing the most important one: the ability to post reviews. found in 976 reviews
Yelp is encouraging negativity and creat a unfair situations for businesses. found in 97 reviews
Pathetic that you can't submit reviews from the app. found in 190 reviews

The Yelp is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Yelp app version 6.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Yelp check developer Yelp`s website :

Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp for your iPhone is here to help. Use us to search ...
No problems Well designed                 Works flawlessly
I use Yelp for everything now The beauty of Yelp is it offers spot on unfiltered and uncensored reviews from actual customers the good bad and ugly Warts and all I like the tips that give additional information that you may not know about I also like the honesty of the reviews which is very valuable If your business is lacking in customer service or theyre top notch with customer service Yelp will tell it                 Yelp Is Here To Stay
They are unprofessional company and are not their for there tenets They seek out every little to charge out after your lease is up and mark it up 10 fold its ridiculous They always have a way to make you the problem And they lose paper work all the time Their communication and organizational skills are very weak I dont recommend this management company to anybody     Sheraton real estate
Best app Its my go to app whenever I am somewhere Im not familiar You can find pretty much anything Love it                 Love it
I have been to many locations where the people are so nice yet I have never been treated so poorly before Two of the women working tried to refuse me service They made me an account that I never signed for or said I was going to get If your banking with Wells Fargo go to a different location than this one The men here are amazing but the women are horrible     Doing tips for sbux
Yelp is a memory hog When I look at storage usage by program it shows that Yelp occupies 17 GB Out of the dozens of other apps I have on my iPad and iPhone none of them occupy more than a third of that amount of space     A disgrace to modern programming
YELP is the place to go when you need to find a restaurant bar salon florist or just about any kind of business I use this app locally and while on vacation or on a business trip YELP helped me find a seamstress for my wedding dress a dentist for my son and numerous out of this world restaurants I cant stress how much easier this app has made my decision making                 4 Stars
and get one star     Demand I Review Your App
Biggest scam in history     Scam
Hi I think yelp app should provide more details and also options for posting I think there should be a date when best experience service to make sure it was not scam Also need to have pictures provided with the review Otherwise could be fake Could have options to rate service food or ambiance separately Best Ms Somm           Options more details
I use this APP faithfully everywhere I go for finding everything from restaurants to contractors I have used it for MANY years and rely on the posted reviews and ratings in my decision making I also post reviews so other people can benefit from my experiences LOVE this APP and highly recommend it                 Awesome and informative
A staple App that is mostly stable                 Yelp is pretty good
Its easy to navigate and simple to understand Not too flashy with design layout but I like that                 Reviewer foodie critic artist stylist phlebotomist
and I experience Yelp mostly through the App which is continuously evolving It seems like The yelp programmers are working really hard to give us what we want an intuitive app with all that is available on the traditional website I love that I can take pictures and videos from my camera and upload them a little later from my phone Profile pictures can now be uploaded from the phone We have the photo icon in compliments now The rollout effect and burst of color in the U F Cs is nice That I am able to easily see and read the local ROTD is a great improvement to the App thank you whoever solved this I love that I have control of whether personal notifications are sent I love being notified when a great conversation is going on in a friend checkin and that I can enjoy that from my phone anywhere I personally would like the heart icon for the compliments And I would like the business name of the photo to automatically be generated in the compliment of a photo I know this will happen The current split of activity and reviews and photos is taking getting used to is more time consuming Yelp is always improving this App Overall having Yelp on my phone makes me feel like I have all my friends with me all the time and it helps me get through stressful days just knowing that                 I love Yelp
Whether its discovering whats nearby in an unfamiliar hood scanning a map pinned with my bookmarks or simply making a reservation and getting contact details Yelp has saved the day in every situation What a great resource one of my most often used apps                 Go to restaurant and business Finder
As a consumer I appreciate the use of yelp I find it helpful to find what Im looking for and to get general opinions              Yelp Is Appreciated
Amazing resource on your phone Ready to provide you with real reviews Its not perfect but close enough to give you an idea              Great app
Great deals funny reviews accurate info on businesses easy to use great updateslove this app                 Great app
Ive been yelping since 2012 with over 2000 business photos posted 200 friends and none of my reviews are ever recommend Whats the point of yelping if you guys are hiding reviews What kind of system hides legitimate business reviews Despicable practices Yelp     Hidden reviews
Thats it                 Favorite app
Love Yelp wish more used it in my area as some businesses have limited or no reviews but its getting better Great service very helpful and I love using it                 Love It
As we travel the USA or when we have downtime in Dallas we use yelp daily Invaluable resource on whats out there                 Our Go To App
Ok app but can be a lot better        Terrible app
I agree with others its not up to Yelp what is a helpful review or not A review is a review Let US your customers determine what is important All reviews should come up period Stop editing then 5 stars are deserved     Dont determine what reviews r important
I use this app everyday It works great Expect for the fact that when I try to check into Queens or an establishment that literally down the block it says Im too far              I love it
Adds now starting to creep in everywhere Booo        Love it but
Dont like the company and dont like the app     Yelp is terrible
This app has breathed new life into my phone as Im a big foodie who will travel anywhere for a wellregarded meal This is probably the most useful app Ive ever downloaded                 What Ive always been looking for
Thats it just plain disappointed Yelp is a let down You participate check in post pictures write reviews and they inevitably get filtered Frustrated with my yelp experience If my review has effect on the star rating why should I continue to use the app Not very satisfying when I participate daily to promote local businesses and my reviews are hidden Its not fun to write reviews you know no one will ever see sad is how I feel about this yelp experience Maybe it will get better but probably not           Disappointed
I have to rate it like this because they would not let me write a review Horrible Deleting it     1 star
I have relied on YELP for many things not just restaurants Services goods vacations Love it                 Great help this yelp
I really do use Yelp for help finding everything From bee hive removers to gardeners to housekeepers to restaurants to local events when Im in or out of town I really do rely on the rest of the Yelpers to make my quality of life the best You wont be disappointed in this app youll get out of it what you put into it                 I Truly Rely On Yelp For Help
It keeps saying I need to confirm my account then when I do it does it again and deletes my review     Keeps asking to confirm account
I will take my shoes to Cobblestone from now on                 Fast Friendly High Quality
Reviews Information and Location of all businesses nearby or that you can seArch                 All You Need
Times out and continuously needs to be refreshed     Refresh
Yelp bumps good reviews off and leaves bad reviews on Then suddenly yelp sends my business advertisement trying to get me to pay them to advertise This will get those bad reviews off people told me Crooked     Yelp is for those who are bitter
This was my first visit to Mountain Aire Dentistry They we very organized friendly and professional My teeth feel great                 Great visit
I do find it humorous to be writing a review of the Yelp App I spend most of my free time penning reviews both for the entertainment of it a well as to satisfy my own intellectual vanity Unlike those reviews though this one will not have the ability to be voted Useful Funny or Cool which is just as well as this review is really none of those The yelp app is great Obviously I would like to to see it eventually develop and improve to be a completely stand alone way to access all features of the Yelp website including seeing exactly what compliments are connected to what and when marking a bookmark why it is being marked like you can on the full Yelp site but those are really minor issues The app is fully functional and allows for seamless review searching and uploading with photos My biggest complaint is the apparent inability to edit CheckIn text as my sausage fingers often accidentally hit the submit button on my iPhone 6 Plus Overall this is the app I use the most often and is the way I access Yelp a vast majority of the time Its a nobrainier download                 I appreciate the irony
Are you kidding me Why cant the consumers choose the top comments why do you use an automated system that randomly selects the top comments I think this is pure BS Especially when someone can just go on there and trash a business when theres 20 or so more comments who praise a business but they end up on the not recommended comment page And if the business gets one or two unhappy ratings their entire rating goes down It doesnt make sense if the majority of people are happy and write about their positive experience that the rating gets trashed So how many positive ratings does it take to get your 5 stars back You need 100 or so positive things said about a business Next update to Yelp I hope you fix the rating system so the people who frequent these businesses have the final say about how good it is and not an automated system Thats just plain stupid     An automated system chooses top Comments
I absolutely love yelp I love how the company promotes local businesses I love how real people get to leave real reviews about the real experiences I really enjoy the perks of using Yelp including becoming an elite the great events where we get to try and sample local goodies And not just restaurants but all different kinds of local businesses You get an opportunity to see their work hear what people have to say Sometimes it saves you a headache and that is really helpful I really should own stock I really love this company The app just makes it easier for me to enjoy what using a website that I already love                 Yelp If you dont have it you should
Love it                 Good
The list of countries that the app is available is not even mentioned     Not available in my country
I like to check Yelp for places to go and what to expect I also like to add my voice on what I think about places                 Helpful
With a few problems I find very frustrating I use this all the time to find restaurants etc my problem with it is Im using a tablet and it doesnt hold settings Im interested I find the best reviewed restaurants but when I go into the ap settings and hit highest rating it doesnt stay I have to go back every time I log into the ap and I dislike that feature Everything else is pretty good              Good ap
Keeps getting better with updates                 Great App
This app is only 20 useful first off they flat out lie to you when they say businesses cannot pay to alter their rating and what not There are HUNDREDS of people who are in yelp talk that can prove you otherwise and its really obvious on some businesses because youll see all the positive reviews and the negative reviews will be filtered This app is only 20 useful 1 IF you learn to weed out the bogus reviews 2 IF you only need it when youre just searching for food Not paying attention to the reviews They need to fess up to what theyre doing        app
Napleton Infiniti in Augusta posted a coupon for buy one tire get one free up to 200 dollars 284 with tax for my 2014 q50 they stated 495 I requested breakdown received email breakdown included alignment etc I replied with I just want tires Wanda confirmed that I would receive a call when tires were in Called later to inform Wanda I would be using claim number from nitrogen where they pay up to 200 no issues but the they stated I had to buy road hazard packet in order to get special but this is not listed on coupon Transferred me to Mark service supervisor poor service waited 30 min phone hung up he was looking for a number to corporate No return call Received a call today they are saying over 600 Whatthought they were calling me to pick up my tires Very shady business Buyer be aware of parts and service once you purchase a vehicle Im hearing bad things about that as well New management doesnt mean better I waited on corporate office for assistance waste of time they said the coupon was local for that dealership without corporate involvement and handled between dealer and customer Really They were not helpful at all The website has been changed to reflect a link under coupon to request more information all of a sudden Wow But corporate Deherny regional manager said he will escalate matter higher which would take 23 days as well as contact The general manager happened to be out today when he called Deherny stated he would have Jason general manager from local dealer to call me but it wouldnt be till tomorrow I was an advocate of infinti until now     Beware of Napleton Infiniti and corporate consumer affairs
Friends of mine have been telling about Yelp for a while now but it was only recently that I succumbed to the pressure I have now come to the point where I dont visit a new establishment before looking at the reviews on Yelp and also review all of the places I go to I have heard that Yelpers who review a certain amount of businesses earn free stuff and receive invites to exclusive events thats my new goal to get the free stuff                 New and already hooked
Unless you own a business As a business owner I am going to come out with the app that rates the idiot customers I have waited on in my 45 years of retail     Great app

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