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You Need a Budget (YNAB) , the publisher behind many iOS app (YNAB Lite ,You Need a Budget (YNAB)), brings You Need a Budget (YNAB) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. You Need a Budget (YNAB) app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Works like an electronic envelope system to control spending..
  • I have tried so many ways to save money..
  • Best financial management solution..
  • Life changing app and program..
  • Wow this redesign makes the app much more user friendly..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Cloud sync makes this easily the best budgeting app out there.
Love YNAB software and this companion app is very useful.
This product is hands down the best budgeting program I have used.
This App is a solid companion to the desktop program.
Love the desktop program but the mobile app needs a big overhaul.
My whole financial life is run through this program-- thanks YNAB.
voted most popular personal finance software on lifehacker hive five poll.
Who charges $60 for a piece of finance software.
I love the new design for iOS 7.
Would love to see an iPad version that works like the desktop software.
Fun & Engagingc79
Awesome app - Awesome software.
Cloud sync is awesome and changes everything.
And this companion app makes keeping your budget up to date super easy.
This app is essential for YNAB users.
it is incredibly helpful for understanding where your money is going.
Not sure how I lived without cloud sync.
This new version with Cloud Sync completely changes everything.
Family Friendlyc100
Thank you for your fresh approach to modern day family finances.
We have complete 100% transparency with our family finances.
Cloud Sync Vital for Family Budget.
Excellent for a family budget.
Ease of Usec79
This application makes it easy to add transactions on-the-go.
YNAB has made budgeting easy to understand and quick and convenient.
Everything you want to do with simple budgeting it does.
Very responsive and intuitive.
The app is easy to use and intuitive.
Easy and straight to the point.
Security & Privacyc69
not your checking account balance.
in particular for me: split transactions and app level password protection.
No password protection on companion desktop version.
Updates & Supportc78
The full version is light years beyond the Lite version.
Their customer service and education helps are also really helpful.
Cloud sync with desktop app takes YNAB to the next level.
I love this new update.

And this companion app makes keeping your budget up to date super easy. found in 4 reviews
This blows them out of the water You update your transactions yourself. found in 2 reviews
All were very time consuming and limited-- used Quicken for years. found in 14 reviews
YNAB is the best budgeting software and will make you a budgeting rock star. found in 56 reviews
This is the best budget & money management app I've used. found in 14 reviews
Cloud sync is awesome and changes everything. found in 4 reviews
Absolutely love the new ipad app. found in 3 reviews
Entering transactions on the fly is quick and easy. found in 7 reviews
once the user has both the desktop and mobile app installed. found in 5 reviews
designed with the budgeting tools you need to really take control. found in 12 reviews
The app is the perfect complement for an overall system of financial management. found in 4 reviews
it also makes entering transactions at the point of sale amazingly easy. found in 5 reviews
It is by far the best budgeting tool that I've ever used. found in 57 reviews
Needs ability to take picture of receipt. found in 2 reviews
What happened to total month balance. found in 2 reviews
Transaction input is TERRIBLE. found in 1 reviews
app needs more functionality. found in 2 reviews
The only thing missing is the ability to edit transactions after they are synced. found in 3 reviews
I think it needs a few more features. found in 3 reviews
Needs more features like edit budget on the fly. found in 9 reviews
This is a big feature to be missing. found in 1 reviews
The app immediately crashes when launched. found in 1 reviews
there's still no iPhone 5 support. found in 3 reviews
this app really needs cloud sync and the ability to add. found in 3 reviews
Latest update is a major fail - still. found in 2 reviews
Lack of Dropbox or iCloud support is really unacceptable. found in 3 reviews
mildly useful but lots of issues. found in 2 reviews
This app is my budget & my account register. found in 3 reviews
GORGEOUS but still MISSING BASIC FEATURES. found in 2 reviews
You cannot manage or change your budget from this app. found in 5 reviews
Please add a calculator function to this app. found in 4 reviews
Being able to add/ edit categories would be amazing. found in 8 reviews
Also the inability to add a new category. found in 5 reviews
Can't delete transactions. found in 4 reviews
really missing the cleared balance feature on the old version. found in 10 reviews
Since this app is completely useless without having the ability to sync. found in 5 reviews
can't edit budget. found in 9 reviews
No iPad support or real time update with accounts. found in 5 reviews
No password protection on companion desktop version. found in 8 reviews
Can't edit transactions. found in 5 reviews
you no longer see cleared and uncleared transactions. found in 5 reviews
Syncing to Dropbox is kinda lame. found in 9 reviews
YNAB iPhone Sync is Pointless. found in 6 reviews
the app tried to sync my budget but immediately crashed. found in 55 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download You Need a Budget (YNAB) for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new You Need a Budget (YNAB) app version 2.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about You Need a Budget (YNAB) in You Need a Budget (YNAB)`s Official Website :

Named "New and Noteworthy", and "What's Hot" by Apple The perfect companion app of YNAB (You Need A Budget) for Desktop. >> You MUST have YNAB for Desktop to be able to use YNAB for iPhone ...
I had been a spreadsheet guy for years to keep tabs on my spending and budget but I always found myself spending more than I budgeted then dipping into savings to cover the difference Been using YNAB for a month now and it has completely changed the way I handle money This app in cooperation with the desktop experience normally 60 but search for a coupon code on the Internet allows me to enter every expense as it happens so I can see in real time how much money is left in that categorys budget for the month I use it for my bank accounts my credit cards and my other obligations To see how you spend your money and always knowing how it is spent you find yourself making wiser decisions It almost becomes a game of seeing if I can come under budget The end goal of the software is to eventually make it so you can pay all your bills with the money you have on hand immediately instead of living paychecktopaycheck The desktop app as of the time of this writing gives you a 30 day trail period to see whether or not you like it The learning curve is a few days worth of effort but once you understand it I believe youll love it                 The best budgeting system ever
This app is great except for one thing it constantly makes me resync At first it was just an annoyance Now it happens almost every time And it doesnt just take 10 seconds to resync It takes several minutes of constantly pulling down to sync and sync and sync some more Please fix or I will definitely be leaving this app and program for good     Resync issue
Im just worried about the day that begins when YNAB is no more I depend on this more than food Its amazing                 Single most important app
I just downloaded the app to my iPhone but it wont launch Ive downloaded the iPad version to my iPad Mini so Ill see if it launches there and will update my review     Doesnt Launch
Even though you have to eventually shell out a onetime fee of 60 the super flexible userfriendly interface on the app and the computer application are great                 Awesome flexible interface
Good app for a single person but Dropbox only syncing makes it useless for families Please add a real syncing option     Please add real sync for collaboration
YNAB has changed my relationship with for the better I am actually excited about budgeting now Something Ive not felt in 34 years Im 34 years old so yeah Never felt this way I have NEVER felt so empowered re the Ive earned or any windfall Instead of hiding from debt I am running to it I prayed for a solution that would finally help me manage my finances and save for the future in an effective way Then YNAB came my way Ive tried Mint and other programs but nothing has impacted my LIFE like YNAB My spending habits have changed within one week of using YNAB and the app The app helps to ensure that I am documenting my spending It is quick and easy to use The interface is clean and modern which I appreciate as someone who judges apps not only by how well they function but also by appearance Thanks to the YNAB creator and team                 Thank God for YNAB the YNAB app
Ive been using YNAB for just over a year and it has changed my life We finally have an emergency fund and just paid over 10k in cash for a car This is a huge switch from our standard paycheck to paycheck routine The support is fantastic and the classes are wonderful Ive tried other apps including the new one from Mr Ramsey but it doesnt hold a candle to YNAB Use it Your life will never be the sameand thats a good thing                 Better than every other budget app
I never write reviews but love this one enough to actually say the app is great and has changed my financial life Now I track and budget much better It took hours to understand the system but once its learned you get a whole new vantage point I love being able to write in my transactions as they occur and see the remaining balance in the category The GPS location function is really nifty and makes the already fast process of inputting transactions even faster I used to hate Budgeting and now I actually like it                 I love YNAB
Love the app and the YNAB method I had never learned to budget beforeif I had enough money in my checking account I bought it I would frequently be behind at the end of the month and would have to dip into my savings to cover bills This is a life saver                 The best
Please update to allow fingerprint access instead of passcode only This is the only thing needed for this I do wish I had the option to adjust budget but understand              Excellent just needs one thing
Cant say enough good things about YNAB The iPhone and iPad apps are great for entering everything into the budget onthego My wife and I sync the same budget on our phones so we know where every cent is                 Life changing
I love this app Its very straight forward and easy to use I sometimes having syncing issues where it takes several hours before a transaction shows up but I attribute that to syncing with Dropbox I hope TouchID makes its way to the app Thanks again                 Love the App
I love YNAB and love the desktopiPADiPhone apps in keeping track of my transactions and giving every dollar a job Only one thingI wish the iPhone app had the same capabilities as the iPad app though it would make the system so much better Please make a upgrade with that              Love the system but
As a college student YNAB is great and helps me budget You can email YNAB and send them proof youre a student and they give you a license key for free                 Great app
I am not one to review apps but this one deserves it I have only been using it for a couple of hours and already love it Very simple and straight forward There is only one app I prefer over this due to its shortcuts but it doesnt offer crossdevice syncing so this one takes the cake The one thing I ask Please implement TouchID for security instead of the pin I am spoiled by it and would love to be able to use it on this                 First use AMAZING but needs TouchID
The only thing missing from the YNAB app is the ability to edit the budget categories and monthly amounts on he iPhone Ive been using the app for eight months and its great for adding transactions quickly and checking remaining balances But if I want to edit a category or even just change the monthly expenditure allotted to a different amount I have to get on my computer It would be perfect if I could rebalance the budget from my phone and if that feature was added it would certainly be a 5star app Overall the app is very well puttogether The color scheme layout and transitions are beautiful The interface is simple to use and I think its actually faster to add transactions on the phone than on a computer It syncs quickly with my budget and is super useful Thanks YNAB              Easy and clean interface needs ability to edit budget on iPhone
Ive always been a mediocre budgeter and on the higher end of my 20s I decided I needed to get a better handle on my finances I love this program its easy to use their knowledge base and tutorials are amazing I love YNAB It provides so much more clarity and helps me ask and answer the right questions to make my financial decisions I would recommend this to absolutely everyone that doesnt have a spreadsheet budget fetish                 Clear and workable
This a mobile app that requires you to fiest download it to a desktop computer to do the setup No desktop and you cant use this mobile app Really A MOBILE app requires you to use a desktop     Requires Desktop Setup
Dropbox email address difficult to change but once done this REALLY works Accurate so far Agree that Available To Budget should bev included as part of first views Angela at YNAB gives excellent Fix It directions DropboxYNAB Evernote are ESSENTIAL LIFETIME Apps              YNAB App
First let me echo everyones praise for the YNAB method its effective and the desktop application and iPad app are excellent The iPhone app however While its transaction entry flow is really fast and intuitive transaction entry and clearing is all this app can do you for you I understand this app is merely a companion for the desktop application but the iPhone client must have at least the same functionality as the iPad app which allows for budget editing In the postiPhone 6 Plus era not having those features is inexcusable My phone goes everywhere with me and I closely manage my money I need an app that gives me almost if not all of the functionality of the desktop application Ill even pay for it guys As it is the YNAB iPhone app is crippled Its useful but not nearly useful enough        Transaction Entry Only
Great app and great company YNAB makes it easy to stay on budget The app itself could use a little bit of work I do wish you could edit categories Other than that its amazing                 YNAB
YNAB and this companion app they have done such a great job with the this application I dont know what I did before Would recommend it to any and everyone                 Dont know what Id do without it
YNAB is an excellent budgeting application that will keep you honest with yourself and help you reach real financial goals I cant believe how much budgeting with YNAB has helped my awareness of spending habits                 Keeps you honest
This app and YNAB are great except that you cannot edit your budget using the app Seems like a nobrainer to have this functionality Fix this and itll be 5stars all day long              Let me edit my budget
Forces you to download a desktop client that has a 35 day trial Uses Dropbox Just too much gowith for an app If I wanted An enterprise solution with a bunch of extra steps I would have used Quicken     NOT FREE
Im traveling through India and would like the numerical characters to be in English but the prices to be in Rupees How do I do this           Currency Problems
I love the app but I deducted a couple of stars for not having Touch ID Once they add it Ill improve my rating           Love it but missing Touch ID
I dont write reviews but I had to write about YNAB It took my wife and I 3 months to get our finances under control and now it has been almost 10 months and we have the money for next months budget already This is the real deal If you follow the steps it works It takes a few hours to a few days to understand the way you budget and the steps but the best thing I have ever done for my families financial life                 3 months to financial freedom
great tool for budgeting Love the cloud sync between the mobile app and the desktop app Awesome product                 Great tool
For an onthego budget its unmatched There is function plain and simple But also style and ease of use                 YNABs Perfect Mate
Still trying to figure the whole budget tho g out Ive never had one before First thing Ive noticed is I cant make the budget I spent so much time on last night on my laptop synch to my phone More review to come later as I use it more and figure out what Im doing        Synch issues
I really need to be able to view and edit scheduled transactions on the iPad I would be willing to pay for this feature The app is near useless to me without this feature        iPad app needs scheduled transactions
The only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it doesnt allow you to edit your budget from the app For that you have to do it on the Mac              Great but could be better
Great app and way to stay on track with budgeting The only change I would make is to create a setting for something like a default transaction account I put just about everything on a rewards credit card and entering transactions would go faster if I didnt have to change from my checking account to my credit account every time Thanks YNAB              Id make 1 change
Although bug fixes do come out this company is being left behind by the serious competition in their market I have used this program for over 3 years now and it saddens me to see their lack of commitment to advancing features It is clear once you visit the forums that the company has decided not to invest very much in programmers They are happy with the mediocre time frames for feature releases or they are just fine with being the company that doesnt release much other than the scattered bug fix The iPad app took them 2 years even after many complaints on their site Even that is severely handicapped compared to iBank Mint to just name a few Im not even talking about the bank access sync that those provide but stuff like no password to unlock no viewing of upcoming bills no icloud supportand touchID Forget itprobably wont get that for another year Thinking about trying out some other options for a bit until YNAB realizes they are losing market share more and more I mean they are 89 I the list of Top free finance apps beat by apps that look like they were made by a 12yr old but have more basic features        Slowly biting the dust Same review as before
Its good for entering expenses on the go and LOOKING at your budget statushowever you cant make any changes to the budget to compensate for overspending and such It needs additional features and abilities to bring it up to par with the desktop app           Basic
YNAB quite literally saved my finances and possibly a few relationships My only complaint is that I would love to be able to change the name of my budget categories on the iPad My laptop is out of commission right now and Id like to rename a few categories so Im having a bit of trouble Aside from that I recommend YNAB to everyone              YNAB is fantastic
YNAB is a really helpful tool and this app makes it really easy to update on the fly It would be helpful if there was away to see total to date on Income For Next month I work a lot of different jobs and its helpful to know where we stand for next months budget as I put in the income I make                 Do it
5 stars only if update to Touch ID           Great but waiting for Touch ID
It needs a few more features but its pretty complete to start and manage your whole life                 Highly recommended
Lets you plan your cash flow and budgets in an easy straight forward way Easy to keep up which makes it one if the best money tools out there Get your spending savings and life under control                 Under control Superb
My wife and I have used this app for a couple of years now We love it Easy to use and it keeps our finances in order                 Everyone should use app
This is the best budget mgmt app Love that it suns through Dropbox Highly recommended                 Best budget appsoftware
I am new to YNAB but I live this app It has been helping me keep track of my finances The best thing about it is that I can enter a purchase at the store and when I come home the computer already has been sync No more lost or missing receipts                 Loving it
I love YNAB for budgeting The auto sync with Dropbox makes it super easy to always have the most uptodate info on the go My only negative comment is that the iPhone app needs more functionality namely the ability to add money to different categories once you receive income or move money from one category to another It could also be useful to see previous months budgets similar to the desktop program              YNAB is an awesome budget ecosystem app could be more robust
Id like an easy way to see my most common spending categories at a glance before I spend money For example is like to be able to hide categories on the iPhone app or at least a way to show my most common categories ie Groceries Gas etc This isnt easy to do when I have to scroll through all my Bills etc        Awesome Budgeting Tool Not A Great Spending Tracker
LOVE the YNAB program the app is a little frustrating as you can ONLY enter transactions Additionally on the app you can only look at the current months budget Again the program itself and the desktop versions are awesome app could use some more features           Program good App meh
Been using YNAB trial version for three days now wow this app is amazing Will definitely be purchasing the full version                 Darnell Johnson
This app allows you to sync your current budget on your computer with your mobile device so you can check it in real time and know exactly what you can spend as you are purchasing items incredibly user friendly even for novice budgters easy to read good interfacing allows you to not only view your budget but update it as you go I highly recommend for anyone with money You need to know where it goes                 BEST BUDGET EVER

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