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von yuilop, S.L. , brings yuilop - Talking is Free again! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. yuilop - Talking is Free again! app has been update to version 1.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • user friendly..
  • And u can send pictures to people..

Overall Satisfactionc82
It's the best free text/ calling app that I have found.
I only needed a calling app.
This is the best texting app I have ever had.
It's the best call quality from all apps I be tried.
Great app helps me keep in touch with my loved ones overseas at a great rate.
Better than the other apps in regards to call quality and features.
Fun & Engagingc86
Awesome texting.
Very helpfully get it.
Everything is free.
have used it almost every day for almost 7 months.
Really useful it's great help.
I hope this review is helpful to everyone.
Updates & Supportc38

This is the best texting app I have ever had. found in 16 reviews
Alsome best game ever in the world. found in 1 reviews
Switching to a new one. found in 1 reviews
Great app helps me keep in touch with my loved ones overseas at a great rate. found in 1 reviews
and i automatically was texting friends and family. found in 4 reviews
This is the best texting and calling app I've seen in a long time. found in 1 reviews
Can you guys put an auto correct choice. found in 1 reviews
I recommend this app for anyone who travels a lot. found in 1 reviews
Awesome DESERVES 10 stars. found in 1 reviews
Dis app is great. found in 1 reviews
I use it instead cell because the sound quality is better. found in 1 reviews
But takes along time to send messages. found in 1 reviews
disappointed cause this is a useful app. found in 1 reviews
I can't send photos or videos and it drops calls. found in 2 reviews
It's really good but when I connected to a new wifi. found in 2 reviews
I really hope you guys fix it. found in 1 reviews
There isn't a dial pad during calls. found in 6 reviews
Customer service is terrible. found in 3 reviews
but won't give me my energy points. found in 3 reviews
Some numbers don't work. found in 1 reviews
Just wish it had more choices in back grounds and setting. found in 1 reviews
Would like to know why I can't send pics and stuff. found in 3 reviews
THIS APP WOULD BE 5 STARS BUT. found in 2 reviews
No number left. found in 1 reviews
One little problem. found in 1 reviews
No dial pad during phone calls. found in 1 reviews
The messages don't send often because the time stamp is wrong. found in 3 reviews
And I don't receive calls. found in 5 reviews
I live in Indiana and they don't have my area code. found in 11 reviews
Extreme difficult to earn credit. found in 6 reviews
Better calling to Asia and no energy points. found in 3 reviews
Hate The Fact That " Sent Via Upp Talk ". found in 3 reviews
Incoming calls ring but you cannot answer them. found in 4 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download yuilop - Talking is Free again! for Kostenlos from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new yuilop - Talking is Free again! app version 1.3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-08.
More Info: Find more info about yuilop - Talking is Free again! in von yuilop, S.L.`s Official Website : http://yuilop.com/de

Nie mehr f r SMS zahlen Unbegrenzt, echte KOSTENLOSE SMS in ALLE NETZE und ber 100 L nder weltweit mit der einzigartigen yuilop App versenden. auch an Freunde die KEIN Smartphone haben DIE WICHTIGSTEN FUNKTIONEN Kostenlos, unbegrenzt ...
I use to use it everyday with friends that are not on same network where they get billed for call Just now using with new update will try it out It appears now to have another number I have to pay a premium Of that the case I think you will lose lots of people I myself dont plan to pay a premium for use of a number                 Great app
Users should be able to do the following track audio messages instead of scrolling back up Ability to get back to messages based on date and time I like to use this app always                 Great Messenger
Its awesome I get free texting 100 min of calling for free                 Upp talk
Hey island Taranyou should enter your Apple ID password and it might work                 Christopherloginsonnier
This app is awesome i can call anywhere for free and text                 Cool
Nice app working              Nice app
I LOVE UPP TALK                 The UPP Talk Review
Im absolutely confused When the was finally downloaded I opened it I made my way up so to create an account Astonishingly after choosing a username putting my email and my age nothing occurred A black loading box appeared for awhile and then it would say Request has timed out I have deleted and reinstalled this app today and it still does the same I have no idea what is going on but please address this problem I would really love to use this app but it seems like Im not even granted that     Cannot Even Creat an Account
Great App                 Great App
I must confess this is the bet app ever and will recommend it to everyone in the world                 Best
Its my second phone If I run out of talk minutes Im using Upptalk Lately we have had a handful of connection problems but nothing that bad Thank u              Love this app
I really love this app and use it monthly Ever since its last update the calls keep hanging up after 3 mins no matter what wifi im using This is so frustrating I was looking forward to the new update but now it messed it up and I pay for this service Please fix     Not working
Works great Ive been using it for a while now                 Great App
Comes in Handy Not too shabby              Very Nice
Yes I am quite happy but limited videos for free credits add more videos than downloading apps because some people have limited GB and data                 MM
I didnt think I could do anything like this with my iPad but this app allows me to text make calls Love it One thing though my phone can read texts aloud does this app do that I cant find the option so Im assuming it doesnt but wanted to check                 This thing is GREAT
This app has saved me a lot of money not having a carrier but just recently my texting stopped working and I dont know how To fix it Can someone help me please                 Love
I can attach a pic to message but it never sends People cannot send me pics either Emailed support but havent received response and HelpFAQs didnt help           Doesnt support MMS as advertised
I really like uptalk its very clear and you can answer your calls at any but only want to use cent to call France or European countries and add conference calls           Better talk
I like this app it allows me to buy and earn credits The only thing I do not like is I cannot chose my own number from a selection of numbers which is a choice with some other apps just like it           Uptalk
Nice app Easy to call                 Great
I love this app Its so straightforward I never had a callingtexting app as great as this one                
Just downloaded it Trying to find a way to talk with out giving out my real number           Ill let you know
Its safe and efficient and fun                 Love it
very good phone app                 i like this upptalk
Its been at least a week since Ive been able to receive incoming texts My texts send and are received but I never get any incoming texts Useless     Horrible
It keep saying that I am receiving messages when Im really not It keeps coming to my phone every 1015 minutes Please fix it     Horrible
Ive only text one person from it and havent received an answer yet But it all seems pretty cool                 It seems good
Doesnt send or receive all of my textscalls I dont recommend and would give 0 stars if I could Can I     Garbage
This is way better then text and next plus I am very happy with it I get the privilege of having a cell phone with picture and text without the hassle of a cell phone company bills and its FREE WoooooWeeee           Pretty good app
Up talk is awsome and its free so its awsome                 Awsome upptalk
Awesome but you cant block people                 Upptalk
This app is exceptional and a great tool for communications I use it to call international all the time                 Excellent
Its good to meh                 Its good
Its free texting easy to use and you get free minutes every month                 Great
A very good app                 Very good app
Thank you upptalk youre too good to be true                 Awesome App
It work good whn u have good wifi              I like it
I like Upptalk But it opt me to update it and I did but it logged me out and I forgot my password For the life of me I have been trying for weeks now to try and reset it but nothing happens I have contacted them so many times yet I get no reset email or a reply at all I very disappointed I have so much important information in them text messages that I really need I have more than 200 minutes on there Please I need to reset my password                 Upptalk
This app gives a real phone number a picture texting capability well that just recently I dont have any problems with it Yes it gives you a 100 minutes of talk every month but you can get credits by watching ads toward minutes Texting is free though you cant call outside US to users who dont have the app nor can you video call But over all its the best thing ive seen                 Its real
It has good connection                 Upptalk
I use upptalk to contact people but I wish it could work without wifi When my friends text me pics I cant see them but they can see the ones I send it needs an update                 Update
I have tried a couple different app this works amazing it is almost perfect for 2 things 1 when a person text me if they dont already have the app I hv to remember the so I know who just text me and2 I can send pics but I cant receive pictures from the people who dont have a the app so please can that be upgraded                 Best ever 33
Great app to use to text and call others using free wifi when you dont have a service plan Easy to use Easy to earn credits                 UppTalk
This app is not reliable for calls at all Will randomly clothes in the middle of your phone conversation leaving you to establish connectivity Also has a horrible ringing sound and a few other bugs that make this app only good for texting     No good
No problems been using it for almost a year and still going                 I LOVE THIS APP
Like it                 Great
This is definitely one of the best calling apps Ive used It comes in handy when I need it but recently my calls have been dropped after 3 minutes of usage Can you please fix this bug This is the only problem Ive had so far              I like the app but it might need an update
I love this app                 The Best

yuilop - Talking is Free again! Soziale Netze Daten Werdenyuilop - Talking is Free again! Soziale Netze Daten Werdenyuilop - Talking is Free again! Soziale Netze Daten Werdenyuilop - Talking is Free again! Soziale Netze Daten Werden

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