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Yummly , the publisher behind many iOS app (Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box for iPad ,Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List), brings Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best recipe ap I've ever used..
  • It's a time saver..
  • Loving this app - looking forward to creating new meals for my family..
  • The categorization and grocery list maker are two great features..
  • With endless healthy recipes and a tasteful & simple design..

Overall Satisfactionc92
The shopping list feature is amazing and most have calorie breakdowns.
Broken shopping list feature.
Best recipe app I've ever used and I'm always looking.
I love to cook and finding recipes has never been easier.
This is by far one of the best food apps I've used.
" " food lovers will just fall harder in love.
So many wonderful recipes and the pictures make your mouth water.
It's definitely a must have for anyone who loves to cook.
I love the pictures that go with the recipes also.
Fun & Engagingc87
Just awesome recipes linked from different sites and food blogs.
I seriously love this app and use it all the time.
I get so many Awesome recipes from this app.
Lot's of fun to use.
Fun to scan and yum for later.
Tremendously beautiful and tremendously useful.
Most Beautiful Food App and super useful for home chefs.
I am finding new recipes everyday and finding new features everyday.
Saves time rather than looking at Pinterest.
This is the best app everything I've tried has been a success.
Very helpful and easy to manage.
Family Friendlyc100
Loving this app - looking forward to creating new meals for my family.
This app has been extremely helpful in planning family meals.
even with two little kids in the shopping cart.
Production Valuesc100
simple and easy interface.
easy interface.
Visually stunning Swedish braid bread.
Visually stunning.
Amazing graphics.
Gorgeous interface.
Ease of Usec85
Very easy to search recipes and save the ones you like.
Crashes when applying filters to search results.
The bar code scanner makes it easy to add stuff to my grocery list.
Love the easy recipes and the ability to organize them personally.
Super easy to use and the grocery list feature is time saving.
Also that there are simple recipes and more involved ones.
I've found some great recipes here with easy to follow instructions.
simple and easy interface.
Security & Privacyc33
despite being logged under the same account.

Way better than Pinterest for recipes. found in 5 reviews
Very handy suggestions and easy to use for meal planning. found in 37 reviews
Best recipe app I've ever used and I'm always looking. found in 223 reviews
Love that I can now share recipes via Facebook and Pinterest. found in 18 reviews
Shopping is much easier with the shopping list option. found in 8 reviews
I love that I can search and find so many great recipes. found in 221 reviews
Scrolling through beautiful pictures of food has never been easier. found in 16 reviews
Gives me meal ideas when I need to plan weekly meals. found in 13 reviews
This is by far one of the best food apps I've used. found in 123 reviews
I thought the shopping cart feature would fill with selected recipes. found in 11 reviews
I love to cook and finding recipes has never been easier. found in 21 reviews
Beautiful interface and many delicious recipes at your fingertips. found in 46 reviews
Super user friendly and I'm discovering tons of great recipes. found in 51 reviews
Beautiful pics I've made many meals with the help of yummly. found in 10 reviews
it's motivated me to eat at home more often. found in 26 reviews
traditional food/ recipe sites and all with very powerful filtering. found in 20 reviews
Super easy to use and the grocery list feature is time saving. found in 8 reviews
This is a great app for foodies and non foodies. found in 17 reviews
Makes grocery shopping easy with list of required ingredients. found in 21 reviews
" " food lovers will just fall harder in love. found in 20 reviews
but lately I'm getting redirected automatically now to the Apple Store. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't cater to food sensitivities well. found in 1 reviews
Freezes and doesn't update consistently. found in 2 reviews
But when you go to the directions page. found in 4 reviews
but recently when I try to open it/use it. found in 11 reviews
You have to sign up with Facebook or Google. found in 31 reviews
Would give it 5 if you could add your own recipes. found in 6 reviews
I don't want to feel obligated to sign into an app. found in 16 reviews
GLiTchY but great app. found in 2 reviews
HATE that it forces to link to Facebook or G+ account. found in 7 reviews
good idea needs better execution. found in 2 reviews
Open up some new food choices. found in 4 reviews
Decent app but it keeps crashing. found in 2 reviews
Can't you guys just prompt once to login. found in 16 reviews
Love it - but let me write notes. found in 3 reviews
so that eliminates those items and doesn't even show me them. found in 5 reviews
Please allow ALL functions without social media. found in 6 reviews
No google or Facebook account. found in 6 reviews
but I wish you could filter the search results by popularity. found in 5 reviews
Fail to open on new iPhone 5s. found in 3 reviews
Not everyone wants to connect their daily life with social media. found in 6 reviews
Major update but not even updated for iPhone 6 resolutions. found in 2 reviews
but requires linking to Google or Facebook. found in 6 reviews
The app requires you to sign in with Facebook or Google. found in 31 reviews
App crashes every time I attempt to log in via google. found in 16 reviews
There is no way to sign in without using Facebook or Google. found in 16 reviews
Yummly just ruined their app by selling out. found in 3 reviews
Can't even read the recipe without. found in 3 reviews
Crashes when applying filters to search results. found in 5 reviews
Force closes every time I try to open it. found in 11 reviews
A lot of hype for a lot of nothing. found in 3 reviews
I can't use the app without connecting to Facebook or google. found in 7 reviews

The Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting different languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 23.2 MB to download. The new Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25.
Bottom Line: For more information about Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List check developer Yummly`s website : http://www.yummly.com/mobile

Yummly puts every recipe in the world in your pocket. The most powerful recipe search, the recipe sites you love, your digital recipe box, recipe recommendations just for you, and a smart shopping list - ...
After looking at a recipe or two the app crashes Id love to use this app especially since I have some tough allergies but its not cooperating           Finding good looking recipes but the app crashes
I love this app because it is so customizable and reliable It gives you accurate results of the choices you are looking for and delivers the ingredients in a simple easy to read list before having to open a website                 Vegan made easy
The team who put this together should be very proud Im so inspired to feed my family better and this App helps motivate me and keep shopping organized                 The best
Now it crashes all the time on iPhone 6 plus        Used to be perfect
This app answers all my questions and helps me to find great recipes It never fails me                 I love it so much
Shared with many equally delighted friends Excellent curating of online recipes Nothing like other apps Ive tried                 Love it
Great app has a lot of great recipes Has a wonderful selection and variety of recipes I will come here if in need of inspiration for creating a meal any time of day              Great app
Yummly delivers on its promise of being a recipe aggregator However while it is a blessing towards variety Yummlys dependance on webposted recipes is a curse to its usability Often recipe web sites are clunky and dont operate well in the embedded browser Often the overhead of Yummly plus the web page it has loaded uses enough RAM that if I switch to a timer and back Yummly cant remember where I was leaving me stranded Yummly doesnt actually make the process of cooking any smarter its just a glorified search engine and if you are lucky that the web page it refers to wont be verbose to the point that youll burn your food before you find your place again        Needs work
Ive cooked many amazing dishes from using Yummly                 Amazing App I Love the recipes
I am somewhat new to cooking regularly and this app has helped me so much Im inspired constantly with new recipes recommend to me daily                 Great
I kind of enjoy this app              Ok
Every recipe Ive tried has been delicious Ive even gotten my bestie hooked on Yummly                 Yummy
I love this app Its easily customizable to anyones preferences and cooking skills The choices and variety of breakfast dishes lunches dinners salads soups smoothies desserts and drinks are fantastic Im recommending this wonderful cooking app to everyone I know and its absolutely free This is for foodies everywhere                 Great App
Great variety of foods with pictures that are what the foods really look like I love this app                 Love the variety
Love this app Its so nice to be able to go to just one app to find every recipe you need                 Best App EVER
My only complaint is the serving sizes for some of the meals splitting a loaf of bread into 40 slices and still getting a accurate calorie rating is a bit of a hassle              Great App
Beautiful layout and easy to use                 Great app
I used to love this app but Im not sure why the developers thought they needed to add in recommendations for nonrecipe related items           Whats Going On
Found great recipes here Definitely a good recipe app                 Great app
Please quit forcing people to use the app if we want to search using the Internet        Forcing the App
I consider to be a shabby cooker not a professional one though but cooking for a family of 3 sometimes has its limits But thanks to this app I can cook from a variety of selections from Asian to Spanish plates in a matter of 30 minutes Just love this app                 The best app for recipes hands down
Truly                 This app is Da Bomb
Great Recipes Easy To Use I would recommend this app to anyone who loves food even half as much as I do                 Now Thats FRESH
I never write reviews but this app was worth it                 I love this app
I like how easy it is to find recipes from multiple sources and organize them                 Helpful and userfriendly
This is a great app Ive literally gone 0 to 100 real quick I met my fiancé when I was 18 he was 25 And Ive learned so much about myself through him One is cooking He told me I had to learn how to cook by the time I was 20 He gave me a time limit Which challenged me I downloaded other apps but this by far the best i have come across              New cookers
Whats for dinner Always changing with more selections I never thought of Helps an older chef come up with new recipes                 I never have to worry
This is an amazing app Its helped me plan meals for the week and stick with it Its great                 Great app
This is a real treat Wonderful pictures great recipes So glad I heard about this app                 Yummilicious
I have tried some of these recipes and so far I am very impressed This app has become my new best friend                 I LOVE THIS APP
Some many good things on this app My favorite thing is how i can add ingredients to my shopping list on the app and I can still use the same list to add other things even if the recipe is not on the app so no need for a second shopping list                 Could not live without it
Great concept but it is crashing no matter what I cant view some directions without it crashing then when I do get into the directions it crashes again I also hate the ads popping up     Would love it if it worked
I always turn to this app when I need dinner ideas Im never disappointed              Love this app
I really love this app                 5stars
Dude So far being a single male with not a lot of diversity in the kitchen beyond quesadillas and nachos this app is helping me seriously cook some good food It easy and even save the recipes that I like for another day usually the day after payday lol CHEFIN BABY                 Great App
I luv this app what u guys have done is amazing I want something and I get it made a smoked pork belly was amazing people ate it and asked if they could take the rest home                 Smoked pork belly
These people send the usual subscription emails that pretty much everyone sends nowadays but they step it up a notch They will send you 3 of the SAME EMAIL Jessica from Yumly most recently did this yesterday Its very annoying and makes your company look childish Step it up     Too many emails
I love this app theres tons of awesome recipes Use it almost daily                 Great app
Love this app Use it just about everyday                 Title
Search functions are quite responsive and the filters let you get to the flavors you are craving              Great App
Best app to help build confidence in the kitchen And gets the family excited about dinner                 Love it
My new favorite app I love that has the nutrition information and shopping list Also these recipes can be uploaded to My Fitness Pal so it makes tracking my Macros so simple Thanks Yummly                 Becks
As a diabetic person who is also allergic to peanuts and all nuts the filters are amazing There is also a nutrition information tab which tells carbs without any figuring on my part                 Amazing
Theres always something delicious on the horizon with this app Food allergies No worries Yummly has you covered                 JKC Awesome App
I dislike how hard it is to share recipes or export information out of the application Id rather use my own checklist to shop for ingredients        Annoying
Wonderful ideas Well done              Great
This is an efficient app combining the best of what the online recipe community offers I wish Id get new recipes more often as they often recycle the same old ones over and over Hey folks If I havent yummed it and Ive seen it four times Im probably not going to But aside from that very convenient and useful A favorite of mine              Love
It consolidates all of the recipe websites I use into one convenient app database Awesome app                 Love it
I love Pinterest however with Yummly there is virtually no searching for recipes Pretty much can go straight to them instead of searching and searching and searching like I did on Pinterest Then the added plus of being able to make menus by days of the week thats how I use it I love it It makes your shopping list very easy I have a grocery shopping list app that I dont even use anymore that Ive used for over five years                 Awesome app I use it all the time
This was my goto app for thanksgiving my turkey and cornbread stuffing came out delicious Thanks yummly                 Great app

Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & DrinkYummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & DrinkYummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & DrinkYummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & DrinkYummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & DrinkYummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & DrinkYummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & DrinkYummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List Food & Drink

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