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Zello , the publisher behind many iOS app (Zello+ Walkie Talkie ,Zello Walkie Talkie), brings Zello Walkie Talkie with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Zello Walkie Talkie app has been update to version 1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best chat program on the iPhone..
  • That's the best way to keep communicate with your family..
  • Great option to stay connected with my family and friends..
  • You can make new friends..
  • Great to communicate with friends and family in long distance..
Overall Satisfactionclick me92
I love this app it is the best walkie talkie app out there.
It's cool to have I love Zello.
I love Zello until this lates update was put.
This is probably the best PTT app available.
Really its a great application and its very useful Thanks Zello.
Way better than voxer connects and works super quik.
Sound quality is amazing even for international walkie talkie.
Works better than Nextel or now Sprint push to talk.
The audio quality could be better.
audio quality it horrible.
Fun & Engagingclick me87
It's awesome to talk to your friends/family.
Awesome communication tool.
now my friends and I talk all the time.
Original and fun idea.
My new addiction.
Usefulnessclick me100
Saves time.
Very well designed application that's highly useful.
Really useful application.
Awesome app use it everyday.
Really helpful and easy to use.
Family Friendlyclick me96
It's perfect to communicate with my family in Mexico for free.
Great option to stay connected with my family and friends.
Social Aspectsclick me93
Perfect app I can communicate with friends from all over the world.
That's the best way to keep communicate with your family.
Great option to stay connected with my family and friends.
This is a great social networking app.
The next step in social networking.
Much better than Voxer just need more people.
Production Valuesclick me70
Bring back the old User Interface.
Ease of Useclick me89
Really simple really good works great.
Really helpful and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me70
Updates & Supportclick me64
The VoiceOver support is superb.
Batteryclick me20


Zello is a live walkie talkie app to communicate instantly with a friend or group without typing or reading. Try the public channels to make new friends around the globe.


* Simple and fast
* It won’t spam your friends and you can delete accounts
* Instant live voice
* Replay messages later
* Works on any network or
WiFiWireless local area network
using a tiny bit of data
* Cross-platform with a
desktopa desktop is a computer
* Free without ads

Zello Walkie TalkieZello Walkie Talkie
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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Zello Walkie Talkie for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.6 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Zello Walkie Talkie in Zello`s Official Website :
Zello Walkie Talkie


Talking to friends around the world just got easier. found in 6 reviews
Works great reminds me of the old school Nextel. found in 5 reviews
App of the Year. found in 1 reviews
Way better than voxer connects and works super quik. found in 9 reviews
Keep up the great work guys & gals. found in 2 reviews
This app brings me back to my ham radio days. found in 7 reviews
Pretty straightforward sweet little walkietalkie-style communication app. found in 5 reviews
Works better than Nextel or now Sprint push to talk. found in 7 reviews
It is the best app in my book. found in 3 reviews
This app is accessible to the blind using voice over under iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Really its a great application and its very useful Thanks Zello. found in 12 reviews
free live voice over any network or wi fi connection. found in 5 reviews
Perfect app I can communicate with friends from all over the world. found in 26 reviews
Sound quality is amazing even for international walkie talkie. found in 8 reviews
My baby lives in another country and this is perfect. found in 2 reviews
Excelent app i talk to my friends and family all over the world. found in 6 reviews
Great app with a battery issue. found in 1 reviews
Crashes way too much. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes the button just doesn't react. found in 2 reviews
Deleted history add history. found in 1 reviews
The App closes when give the option to delete messages. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't always key up right away. found in 5 reviews
Great app but has its problems when it comes to cutting out. found in 2 reviews
It won't load contacts when I go to address book. found in 3 reviews
Good but room for improvement. found in 3 reviews
Talk button doesnt work half the time. found in 12 reviews
Good but unstable. found in 3 reviews
Sometimes your voice message doesn't go through. found in 6 reviews
however bAdge app notifications don't work. found in 1 reviews
The Ptt button fails more often than it works. found in 7 reviews
A few bugs but I hope they're going to fix them. found in 6 reviews
Good app but still needs a little work on it. found in 2 reviews
The app itself is great but over half the people are not. found in 1 reviews
Doesnt observe mute switch. found in 2 reviews
can not get the button to talk. found in 6 reviews
If I have to raise the phone to my ear to listen. found in 2 reviews
The only option is to invite all my friends. found in 5 reviews
round talk button remains orange & doesn't turn green to talk. found in 12 reviews
The app has to be open for you to receive a message. found in 2 reviews
It searches for my address book contacts but doesn't find any. found in 3 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Dont work correct Shutting down when you try to send a message    Shutting down every minute
There are 7 good Reasons why you should get this app1 it is free 2 it doesnt waste your time3 in case there is an emergency you can talk to your friends and not even have a phone to say call the police or firefighters or emc etc 4 it has different themes5 it lets you know if a friend is in or not6 if you dont want any people going to your channel then you can put a password to keep unknown people out of your channel 7 you can use it for pc too for freeThere is 1 reason why you shouldnt get this app 1 you have to have wifi I dont know the reason why but I know you need wifi If you have unlimited wifi then good for you can say anything to your friends if they are on I would recommend this to people                Zello the best
310 is working like before thanks Zello for fixing the problem i love this app one of the best so far                310 big thanks Zello
Very useful Can the buttons of the iPhone be mapped to the PTT button                Nice app
Best walkie talekie ever                Cool
Doesnt work at all Can send cant receive and needs to hear from iphone Not Dick Tracey yet       Apple watch App fails
The best app for keeping in touch with your Church family We tried several apps and found hands down that this was the best We use it every single day to praise God and share His Holy Word Regardless of the supreme so called court we are glorifying His Holy Name                Best app we have found
Add Ukrainian language pleas          Add Ukrainian language pleas
When logging onto the app before clicking on the preferred channel it puts Siri to sleep Dont plan on relying on Siri if you are navigating or asking her any questions while the App is running Its happening on the IPhone 6 plus Sometimes you have to boot up the phone again to get Siri back when the app is closed       App deactivates Siri
This App Is Great For Police Crews Reason For The 4 Stars Is Since A User USJS SERGEANT His Crew USJS CCDID Keep Harassing My Friends I Hopefully He Is Put in Jail Soon For Impersonating The Police Commissioner of LSPDS Joskob BeckerLos Santos Police Department and Services             Blocking
Thanks guys for creating such a great Walkie Talkie app I would say on a scale of 110 I would say 10 which is great Now I dont need to go buy a Midland Walkie Talkie because Zello Walkie Talkie is the best better then Walkie Talkie FREE EDITION Please keep making great apps maybe even a phone app that allows you to call and text and SMS offline without an internet connection or any other wifi or 2G3G4G connection that would be great Thanks                Astounding
Since updating today when sending a message it crashes Please fix asap       Glitchy
Awesome app runs smooth and clear                Good
Срочно исправьте программу невозможно говорить и слушать это просто ужассссс    Программа вылетает падает
Plz make group chat                Group chat
When trying to mic up in rooms I keep getting logged off Zello Every minute Zello shuts down       iPhone
Have been using Zello Work app for over a year perfect app They requested to update to Zellowork had some issues but there tech support was outstanding and fast in getting is back on This is one of the best apps ever for Wilkie Talkie use I rated it 5 plus stars Thank you Zello Rich MZello is back 100 thank you for the fast fix Its the best Rich    Crashes all the time no good now for public safety Rich
Tu puede hablar com amigos                La mejor aplicasion
This app is great It serves as a multiple intercom system for a house and ability to quickly reach family members I wish it had its own special headset to maintain some privacy with its own button for activation The Apple Watch app needs a bit of work because it cuts out The iPhone app works incredibly well Thank you so much for making this work                Well designed and with many uses
The app no longer works After one transmission the audio link fails iOS 81 and iPhone 6 plus    Update introduced major bugs
The New version is not good pls fix bugs    Crash al the time
I love zello but this update made it unusable Please fix this quick because I use it on a daily basis    Keeps crashing
I have been using zello for two to three weeks I have had not one problem with it I like the fact that I can talk to people worldwide AWESOME                Great way to communicate YES
Excelente es zello lo recomiendo a todos                Zello
mhtrf                محترف
since the latest update it constantly crashes I use the app every day all day    CRASH CRASH CRASH
We use this app for our role play community on PS4 Our deputies and emergency service members use this as radios to talk to communications and to other members Its the best and to top that its free Thank you Zello                5 stars all the way
Only way to communicate to Venezuela since the government has blocked all other ways of communication THANK YOUSuggestion ability to tag users so that I get a notification when they arrive or leave the roomAlso ability to click on a given user and listen to the last 1020 interventions together                Live saver Thank u Zello
I love this app and I love abed 3 to death                Great app
This app is dope Fleet dispatch with worldwide range for free                10 out of 10
Ok so I got this about 3 days ago So at first I loved it sooo much But nowIT DOESNT EVEN WORK I cant even hear my friend and its starting to cut off why cant it work       
Great vehicle for connecting with like minded folks                Love it
I own the smackbook channel on ZELLO and my subscribers are waitn too become and administrator when do I get the updatethanks for readingadd the smackbook Channel thanks again                iPhone update
Who is Kelsey from Austin and how do I meet her                My only question is this
I use this for my very active towing company We use this all day long It wont even stay connected during a conversation Please fix now    Crashes all day
Wont even let me sign up it says signing up Fails Over and over again    Doesnt work at all
But every time u try to catch the button it close u out the app please fix it thanks l    I like it
I love this app brings the ol school chirp with speed of an iphone 6 just genius                One of the best
Runs smooth and all but it sometimes crashes but it just gots to stop being such a battery drainer                Battery
I love it Thx guys Me and my friend and sis use it all the time Only thing that could make it better is a group chat                Yay
Excellent app recommended                Capt
I use zello all day and this is unacceptable is not working as always Please fix it ASAP the new version Is giving me headaches I use this application all day long and this is unacceptable CRASHHHHHH MORE THAN 50 times When I go to another application right away stops working even when my display goes black stops working so I have to press the display all the time This is crazyyyyyyy HELPPPP    Crash horrible Fix it ASAP
I love this free app You can talk to people from all over the world Yeah some channels are completely dead but there are some channels that are very active such as NonStopTalk UK and Australia Boys and Girls                I love Zello
Randomly plays message that are already deleted history erased as well still getting messages that arent there Plays whoever is talking while in busy mode Please fix as he last 3 updates have sent Zello downhill       iPhone 5 issues
Por favor arreglen la app    Quedo muy malarréglenla
Get lucky application                Good
This is the best app eveeer                Zello


Social Networking
4.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.6
iPhone iPad

iOS Zello Walkie Talkie 1.6 Mobile

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