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PSOFT , the publisher behind many iOS app (Skipping NYAN-P ,PSOFT Audio Player ,Zen Brush 2 ,Crayon Style ,Drunk Dialer (DUDLER) ,Zen Brush), brings Zen Brush 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Zen Brush 2 app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Zen Brush 2 for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 49.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2015-09-02. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
More Info: Find more info about Zen Brush 2 in PSOFT`s Official Website : http://psoftmobile.net/en/

Zen Brush 2 is a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush. With a new drawing engine that brings to life a feeling of silky fluent painting and ...
by far one of my favorite apps when i want to just shut the mind off and draw i find it focusing calming and serene the three ink styles and only two colors have an amazingly wide range of possibility and yet present a limiting challenge which i find quite enjoyable i ve spent hours in the evenings drawing with this app and have often generated some very good ideas the rest is just FUN                     serene calming hypernose
Unable to export artworks The app shows ALAssetsLibraryErrorDomain Data Unavalable                 Plz fix this bug homingsum
This is so brilliantly done I never would have imagined the creative possibilities this offers I might like to pick arbitrary ink colors That might be cool                     Wow urkelpants
After years of using Zen Brush I think Zen Brush 2 is extraordinary An amazing art program that does one thing extremely well mimic the real world flex and bristle spread of a sumi brush The responsive and expressive nature of Zen brush is even more amazing with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil The added benefits of the 5 UNDO s and DRY brush of version 2 makes it an outstanding addition I love the ability to Save and Load previous drawings add to them and save as new artwork The ability to Export Save as PNGs with Transparent backgrounds makes it ideal for use in Procreate Concepts or Affinity Photo for iPad and use the brushwork as layer to use with layered color artwork is AWESOME In fact the ONLY thing missing from this version of ZenBrush 2 is the ability to import art from Photos and use it as a springboard to create other artwork A single transparent layer would be perfect too but at least the ability to import from PHOTOS would be greatly appreciated GREAT WORK Zen Brush team                     Extraordinary ROC-889
I bought a Sumi e art to learn but I m completely digital Couldn t find any good brush for Procreate until I found this app It s a challenge to draw here and at the same time it s blast Thanks                     My new favorite Eastern on Sofa
I love Zen Brush 2 This has been my principal drawing app since it was released Simple elegant with a variety of options that make drawing fun exciting If I could own only one app Zen Brush 2 would be it I would be forever delighted with my choice                     My favorite art app bobo golem
I dont know if its because of my stylas or if I m missing a function i was recommended this app for digital and it basically only does two colors No thanks I paid for something like this too the free apps were better     Total ripoff AppViewerOmega
Amazing app Palm rejection works flawlessly with Adonit Pixel Only complaint is that there s only two colors                 Great App Bammyrock
This is a great drawing app but I have 1 complaint it only has 2 colors Please add all the colors                 More colors please More colors please?!
This app is great and I love how great it s brushes are Just wishing it was able to use ReplayKit                     Ability to use ReplayKit Tomaganuk96
As a longtime user of Zen brush I was a bit skeptical of paying for the upgrade Moments after doing so I can say no regrets Congratulations kudos to the codewritersartists of this app Very beautifully done What a silky smooth experience What a pleasure to use Perhaps you too will enjoy and appreciate the surprising sensuality of this new app                 Soooo worth the upgrade
I love version 1 Version 2 is even more fascinating A must have just to observe the brush behavior Unique That said at least the Jot stylus is curious on standard dry and wet are great setting I kept version 1 for the standard version which handles pressure better                 Very Interesting App
The simplicity is the zen Its impossible to paint something unattractiveeven a simple swash across the page is satisfying Supereasy to save a painting which is a good idea every now and then in case you might need more than five undos Also supereasy to delete paintings so you dont overload your portfolio To the person who was disappointed in the simple interface I would recommend 53 Its a beautifully sophisticated painting drawing and sketching app with lots of styles I love it also but its not the relaxing contemplative experience that Zen Brush is                 Just lovely
This is not a drawing app This is designed around a specific art form An art form that uses brushes made a specific way You arent going to get models of pens spray cans crayons or pencils You arent going to get a color wheel What you are very lucky to get is two colors that match the background Five steps of undo If you were doing this on paper you wouldnt have any undo option The addition of a dry brush and a wet brush only helps you to be creative Big plus I wouldnt ask the dev to change anything at all I would ask the dev to consider taking the features of this app and creating a full on art app Colors and brushes photo import and the works I think thatd be one of the best art apps on iOS In my opinion this is also one of the best art apps on iOS                 Excellent Some just dont get it though
Crashes everytime I try to connect my wacom stylus You owe me 3     Crashes
I am awestruck Simply the best calligraphy application available The original version was impressive but this one opens all sorts of possibilities I am eager to experiment with it                 Amazingly realistic
Just add more colours and tools                 Nicely done
Like another reviewers said this is NOT a painting app This is an app that simulates Japanese brush calligraphy 墨絵 sumieand does so quite brilliantly Traditional calligraphy uses only black ink with a brush or brush pen as well as red ink for the artists stamp or signature With the addition of redcontrasting ink in this version it does this perfectly As a longtime user of version 1 I am happy to purchase version 2 and continue using it It is ideal for practicing my Japanese penmanship and I occasionally prefer to draw in it instead of more powerful drawing apps like Procreate and Pixelmator simply because of its simplicity and Zenish focus If you appreciate the aesthetic of an extremelywell designed brush engine the simple beauty of one color with a contrasting one and a multitude of traditional and nontraditional backgrounds then fall in live with Zen Brush 2 If youre looking for a fullfeatured painting app grab Pixelmator or Procreate Then come back for Zen Brush 2 when youre ready for something with ideal simplicity                 Does its thing perfectly
Just meh           Meh
My goto app for relaxing doodling A worthwhile upgrade I wish you would consider a square reed style Arabic calligraphy pen as an option The marketplace is sadly lacking in good calligraphy practice apps with configurable pen types Keep up the good work              Nice Upgrade
Just blew three George Washingtons In all fairness this isnt even 18th the product of many other far more capable drawingpainting apps just cover your eyes and pick one Were talking a 2 color max limit A maximum of 5 undos oh yeah and there is NO WAY OF ZOOMING Goodbye details Im not sure if these other reviews are real or not but if they are I must be a crazy man This thing is just terrible     Embarrassing
So simple and elegant I could paint with my finger for hours with this app The brushes are smooth and seem to respond well to my movements and the pressure and speed of my strokes Im no artist by any means but even I can create pleasing designs its just so intuitive Great for meditation                 Love this
For some reason there is a fluidity in the line unmatched in any of the other drawing apps I often start a drawing in Zen Brush do the elaboration if I need it in another app with more whistles and bells                 Best drawing app
The finger pressure and levels of wetness makes this app stand out in realistic sensual drawing experience Can we have more colors please With a color wheel this would be my goto sketch app for daily use                 Love this
Very restful and peaceful app to use I like to just play with the ink on the paper                 Peaceful
Ive enjoyed Zen brush for quick ideas and to dabble with while something is on TV I dont care about but my mate does Zen 2 has 5 undos on this version and thats a needed upgrade in itself Red ink is a great addition I Own about 15 art apps and this is perfect in its simplicitySimplicity Zen RWK                 Nice UpGrade
I use this app to warm up and do most of my painting in SketchBook I love that I can copy and paste transparent pngs from Zen brush into any other art app Wonderful and it works so well with my Jot Touch Bravo                 LOVE this app
If i could marry an app and have only one brushtool for the rest of my life i believe i could honestly fulfill my promise to have and to hold only this brushtool i admit i have drawnaround trying this brushtool and the other but THIS app gives the absolute best most deeply satisfying brushtool experienced i have ever had D                 Thats Amore
정말 돈이 아깝지 않다 아니 오히려 돈을 더 얹어주고 싶을 정도로 고마운 앱 픽셀메이터 이후로 가장 만족스럽다 iOS8 업뎃 후 Adonit jot touch pro 가 튕깁니다 물론 Apple의 iOS9가 처음이라 그런줄 알겠지만 Zen brush앱 하나보고 비싸게 구입한 터치펜입니다 문제 해결 부탁드립니다                 1에서의 아쉬움을 완벽하게 보완함
This is a spectacular upgrade The multiple undo function the vibrant red this is a dynamic useful tool that allows instant access to your imagination The sketches I make can be exported to other drawing software on my Mac and Zen Brush provides the instant response to just draw No fuss No muss A total joy And stable Bravo                 Wow
The faster you apply your brush the more spontaneous and action filled the ink left on the drawing surface discloses itself This freebie brings out our best efforts we have nothing to lose and lots to gain For all ages 3 to 99 Get it for those noisy commutes or quiet breaks Soothes the soul                 Terrific Meditative InTheMoment Brush Strokes
Ive been using Zen Brush for years and the beauty of it is that while it only does a few things it does them better than any other app If I want everything I use Art Studio if I want a quick sensuous drawing I use Zen Brush Most of the other dozen or so drawing apps I have rarely get used Ill admit that I sometimes wished Zen Brush had more than 1 level of undo and the ability to save and resume work on a drawing Those minor complaints have been fixed in Zen Brush 2 Bravo                 Love the Upgrade
Charge more and release a new update with more colors           More Colors please
For those who like the wonderful Chinese style of drawing buy this app today There are so many uses for this wonderful zen app It takes you on a magical journey through Chinese drawing experiences This is a wonderful app and for those who like the interesting drawings of Chinese form then this is the app for you              Wonderful and Artistic
This app is excellent Creates beautiful lines Perfect for hanzi writing practice Functionality is great Works great with Jot Touch Palm rejection not so good                 love it
Im tempted to say this app has too many features Its perfect for what it is I enjoyed the original Zen Brush tremendously for its minimal design and this new version continues on the same course but adds new wet and dry brushes a few undos not too many There is freedom in accepting mistakes as part of the creation and a save feature All good additions                 Wonderful Sumie painting app

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