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ZipRealty , the publisher behind many iOS app (Jacksonville Real Estate and Homes for Sale – CB Vanguard Realty ,Q Realty - Albuquerque Real Estate - Search Homes, Condos, Land and Houses for Sale ,ZipRealty Real Estate), brings ZipRealty Real Estate with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ZipRealty Real Estate app has been update to version 3.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • s for sale around you on the interactive map..
  • Love the augmented reality feature and street sketch features..
  • This app has a very interesting drawing tool..
  • the best site for finding homes and real estate research..
  • The street sketch feature is extremely useful..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is the best real estate app with the most current information.
Must have app for home buyers and people interested in real estate.
Really helpful app during a home buying search.
Excellent app - definitelly the best real estate site for mobile devices.
Trulia and Realtor app look like fossils.
I love the map feature & the homescan.
Highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy property.
Love the draw on map feature to setup perfect saved searches.
Fun & Engagingc97
Simply you have the best real- state App.
Awesomely cool.
First time or veteran home buyers- great app for house hunting.
Has up to date info compared to zillow and redfin app.
The info is accurate and up to date.
The interface is friendly and helpful.
Simply you have the best real- state App.
use it nearly everyday to see updates.
Fast Best Most Updated everyday.
Production Valuesc81
Great interface and user experience.
Interface is better than others Sometimes not current with lidtongd.
The interface is better than any other I have used.
Ease of Usec74
Easy to save properties you like.
Requires login to save.
And this is one of the most updated easy to use app.
Very useful to locate homes near you.
Very easy navigation for iPad.
Love how easy it is to find properties right where I am.
Extremely convenient.
Updates & Supportc44
excellent customer service.
Better than last version.

Has up to date info compared to zillow and redfin app. found in 12 reviews
Must have app for home buyers and people interested in real estate. found in 32 reviews
You wouldn't expect less from the people behind the best real estate website. found in 10 reviews
It's very useful and makes it more easier to find a house. found in 57 reviews
Simply the best realestate app with the most updated data. found in 11 reviews
the best RE info available. found in 8 reviews
Trulia and Realtor app look like fossils. found in 11 reviews
This is the best real estate app with the most current information. found in 159 reviews
Excellent app - definitelly the best real estate site for mobile devices. found in 12 reviews
And this is one of the most updated easy to use app. found in 5 reviews
Best home search app in the store. found in 9 reviews
Really helpful app during a home buying search. found in 23 reviews
Best real estate tool out there. found in 13 reviews
The ZipRealty app is simply the best one I've ever used. found in 31 reviews
Still requires web access to create and edit saved searches. found in 4 reviews
but the app crashes frequently. found in 2 reviews
Also there is no landscape mode so viewing photos is difficult. found in 4 reviews
Hope they'll fix it soon or Redfin will take over. found in 2 reviews
it's an inconsistency between applications and it's not hard to fix. found in 3 reviews
These sickeningly fake reviews. found in 2 reviews
I would give it 5 Stars if it didn't CRASH EVERY time I use it. found in 2 reviews
Can not view house pictures when selecting a house's details. found in 1 reviews
One important option missing from the filter choices. found in 2 reviews
Make the pictures load faster. found in 2 reviews
It would be great if it didn't crash when viewing pictures so. found in 3 reviews
Fix the landscape view and I'll give 5 stars. found in 13 reviews
Please fix more specific search. found in 1 reviews
no homes come up no matter what search parameters are used. found in 6 reviews
kept reverting to my current location. found in 6 reviews
Too difficult to switch locations. found in 1 reviews
Good App but needs some additional fit and finish. found in 1 reviews
but the app is very unstable and quits out a lot. found in 2 reviews
On your saved searches it doesnt list the new listings first. found in 38 reviews
I'd like to see the pending homes in my saved searches. found in 4 reviews
Poor Search filters. found in 6 reviews
No good outside 34 metro areas. found in 8 reviews
This app keeps crashing when I'm viewing photos and property description. found in 4 reviews
Needs an " already viewed " icon. found in 3 reviews
01/30/13 Still no landscape on the iPhone. found in 4 reviews
Still no landscape on the iPhone. found in 4 reviews
The new release removed landscape view. found in 13 reviews

The ZipRealty Real Estate is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new ZipRealty Real Estate app version 3.3 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about ZipRealty Real Estate in ZipRealty`s Official Website :

Look through your phone and instantly discover which homes near you are for sale (or recently sold) with ZipRealty s HomeScan "Kicks property flyers to the curb." - Allison Jordan, Estate of Things "This ...
The latest update runs very slowly     New update so slow R .:
This app is one of the best if not the best app out there for looking for homes It remembers your recently viewed homes for your price range in a certain area you searched for and brings you back to that same location when you click on your saved search section which is a plus if you want to recheck your previously liked homes And it s interface is very easy to use and scroll through Everything is clean and bug less Which is why I give it 5 stars                     If not the best home app out there Sev153
This app is amazing                 ZipRealty App GT-FLY
Love this site just needs more interior pics of property                     Great site kayjay869
glitches Lots of options for saving searches and saving specific homes Tons better than the full site Need to work out constantly having to shut down the app to load pics     Zip Realty Rabaey4
Easy to use I m an agent not with this company but this is my go to search app for properties I also recommend it to my clients to browse as it makes it super easy for them to use                     Great app X nickel
Signed up for this with a unique email address and now I m getting spam at that address Don t give them your info     Sold my email address jb-martin
It would be nice to have a lot more filters like if I m looking for a pool I d like to be able to pick that up so if I m looking for a garage one or two cars that s all options I would be nice to pick                 Filters Izzysmom nana
Zip is an excellent site to check out homes                     Great real estate site Marmarmem
Always updated very informative                     Great App Semperfi1214
I ve contacted Zip Reality several times Password reset doesn t work and search using new email address doesn t work too This is very frustrating I was told my account was disabled because it wasn t used Well now I cannot use it at all     App Doesn t Work Beamer328
I love how it allows me to search my neighborhood elementary schools and even define the exact strange mixture of streets I like                     Love this app Jujuwelter
This app seems to have the most current listings however it rarely works well It will zoom out on its own or put you in a completely different area while you are not even touching the screen It also crashes mid search a lot If they ever fixed bugs I would give it 5 stars Great when it works         Great app but rarely works well Avg.girl
This app provides a lot of detailed information on what ever your criteria is It is by far better then zillow and the other apps Trust me download and find the house of your dreams today enjoy                     Great app FranWhyte
only gave it 5 because i couldn t give it 6 by far the best app in its field                     best realty app ever D-Guttah
Love this app is way better than Zillow                     Best app Cubano85
The app remains broken failing to recognize an internet connection despite having both cellular and wifi turned on     Broken app Dr. Volta's Electric Fish
The app is not updated like the website I would be trying to look at houses that already have been taken and are pending Other than that the app works great But waste of time since it gets my hopes up on a house             Waste of time Coolest person u kno
Still a complete joke Whoever writes requirements shouldn t just be fired they should be retrained into a non technical field Now you can t browse from one zip code to another you have to go back to the search screen Like they are trying to give traffic to competition Uninstalling This is my last negative review as it only gets worse and worse and worse LEARN TO CODE     Each update gets worse Celore
This app used to be the best app for real estate in the App Store That was before the updates I have quit using it all together as it is so frustrating I typically do not write reviews on apps but felt I had to on this one as I have seen it deteriorate with the continual updates that do nothing but make it worse Please bring back the app from about 6 updates ago Bye ZipRealty You used to be awesome but now not so much     Terrible Application Cpt Kirk 8
Great app Always has the most up to date listing info                     Prospective home buyer Chad_Sp
Update Saved properties are now only using a street view as photos Older property photos are gone Original Review Used ZipRealty to purchase our house Now use the app to monitor the local housing market It would be nice to be able to save more than 100 homes but that s a small flaw associated with the website         Was a Great Program John 542
Was the perfect app until they updated it Now it is useless You can t even save your favorite homes Delete     Update from hell Pevlad
One more filter single story would make this a 5 star app for us                 Needs one more filter Nonamer12
Please fix or remove the annoying graphic that covers a large portion of the screen in the center             Please fix or remove the annoying graphic that covers a large portion of the screen in the center simplesimon10
This used to be a good app Now it s performance is terrible It seems to just keep constantly spinning if you move it a little bit on the map function It didn t do that before a few months ago when you improved it Now it s almost not worth even using     What the heck happened ONLY4URIS-DT
Had to deduct a start for the latest version because I cant stop the map from trying to live update every time I touch it A real hassle as I use the map to navigate to areas and then make a search I swear there used to be an option or maybe it was a different app that was better to stop the map from trying to live update The constant network usage makes the app laggy and glitchy           Cant turn off live updating of map
I love this app for my house hunt                 Works flawlessly
Works great                 Awesome App
It started to freeze and quit on my so I had to delete and reinstall Other than that this has helped to make my home buying experience so easy              Great app
Updates that get rid of normal key real estate metrics are super disappointing How do I revert     Price per sq ft
Better than expected given all the other real estate apps out there One suggestion when adding notes to a listing within the app I could not return to the next line Instead of a return key there is a Done key which closes the edits to the notes Might be a user error on my part but if not I would suggest swapping a return key instead of Done                 Good App
Search function is horrible online version is great Go online create and save all your searches then use the app on the go to see your searches        Meh
It updates frequently and is very accurate with their listings                 Best real estate app out there
Not bad but not really good No filters for your results I dont think Ive ever used a real estate app that didnt have filters I was a bit surprised        No filters
Love it                 Best realtor
Works well but not updated with all MLS listings              Works for me
I appreciate the new design Looking at homes I cant afford is always fun Thanks for the update                 Sweet app
Very nice app              Very nice app
dont updaTE it will constantly crash        dont update
Crashes right away upon launching     Crashes on iOS712
Love the functionality but beware some of the houses are in the wrong location on the map May explain a great price in an expensive area              Great except
This app keeps crashing when Im viewing photos and property description     Keeps crashing
App wont even open anymore after this update     Wont open anymore
They recently stopped servicing several areas Whats the point of using this app if you are only going to show available houses in a few markets     Unserviced Area
I liked this app well enough initially but now there are pop ups galore You MUST give it location access where it tracks you constantly forever draining your battery not to mention it always knowing your whereabouts or you will get a location reminder pop up ON EVERY PAGE every time And you cannot see around it You must click on it to get it to go away Not worth it        So annoying
This app is very helpful keeping me from panicking about how tricky it is to sell a house in Illinois and buy one in North Carolina I love getting my daily updates from our realtor so we know whats happening in the real estate market in NC Its like my own non prescription anti anxiety med lol                 Love it
Great app Always has up to date listing info                 Prospective home buyer
Seriously easier than Zillow                 Great app
Easy to use and find homes that I dont see on other similar products                 Love it
I used to love this app but now every time you close the app it completely clears all the houses youve saved This app is a waste of time     Super annoying
Grasias por ase tan eficiente Aplicación              Buena App
I like the app but i cant filter by specific areazip code           No filter
That would increase 2stars imo           Needs price and price change history
Still my go to for browsing homes The new changes look clean but I want to see more like them across the entire app                 Love the updates
Hi there love the updates to the app just wish that you could double click a homes picture to save it similar to Instagram              Love it
Dont update Lost all saved searches and homes Why cant I search for a 12 bath This app requires location to be on or you get constant popups Not worth using anymore     Dont update
Im not even house hunting yet But I use this app all the time for fun Great app                 I really really enjoy this app
Apparently my entire area of focus in an Unserviced Area The entire southern half of my state is Unserviced     Unserviced Area
Crash on start Wont even open anymore     Latest version is much worse
The price per sq ft is no longer shown property type is not visible on the list mode HOA fees are no longer in the description     You made it worse
Great and easy to use                 Summerlin Zip
Great app when buying a house but useless afterward as it doesnt allow you to keep track of houses sold around you     Recently sold never lists anything
I use this app all the time to review investment properties                 Great
This app is ok but can improve by allowing to sort your saved homes It also doesnt allow you to make changes to saved searches add remove zip codes etc           Can be better
I love this app                 Love
This app is easy to use and has great Saved Searches The ability to view map list etc and easily switch between locations different cities is great                 Solid App Good Data
I had saved searches and homes Had just checked it Even got emails saying there were new listings Went to check and all saved searches and homes were gone I noticed there was a new agent listed but that shouldnt have erased my saved items Not happy about having to start all over It wasnt just an app glitch Web site was the same     Saved items erased
This is the best real estate app Easy to use quick to use convenient ACCURATE Their website is great too                 Great App
Very convenient Has all info need Super esta Aplicación Recomendada 100              Great App
One of the best apps in real estate                 Excellent
This is the fastest I have and I have a lot Love it                 Love it
Format ease of use filter searches and layouts are all reasons I feel this app is better than most                 Great app
Awesome pictures and easy to use Definitely recommend this app for all of your real estate needs                 Awesome
This update is good App looks clean and nice Thank you for this update                 Great app for searching and saving favorite homes and houses
Shows house around you                 Good location based

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