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ZocDoc , brings ZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! app has been update to version 2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • So easy to find MD at last minute..
  • You can find a doctor and book an appointment in 10 minutes..
  • SUPERB Customer Service..
  • Extremely convenient and very user friendly app..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I love ZocDoc and have used it multiple times.
Amazing service.
at 2am I'm in love with this app.
Wonderful service.
His app is amazingly convenient and quick.
I love that it shows you when the doctors next availability is.
Fun & Engagingc96
Awesome service Lovely people.
wow this is awesome.
Saves time and brain damage on the phone.
Extremely helpful easy to use app.
Zocdoc is one of the most useful apps out there.
Makes everything easier and more efficient without hassle.
Convenient and Useful.
Ease of Usec84
are able to see which doctors accept your insurance.
Great app and great way to schedule an appointment.
Super easy to use - remembers your previous visits.
Super easy to make appointments plus reading and leaving feedbacks is a breeze.
Extremely helpful easy to use app.
it makes finding a doctor & scheduling appointments soo easy.
This app is great it's fast and easy to book a appointment.
So easy to search and book.
Updates & Supportc86
Great app and customer service was extremely helpful.
Excellent app and customer service.
SUPERB Customer Service.

I'm so grateful there's an app. found in 2 reviews
Time saver and really detailed yet easy to use app. found in 13 reviews
Zoc doc app is great you should download it and give it a try. found in 1 reviews
Easy to use and great info. found in 1 reviews
Great app and easy to stay on top of your health. found in 1 reviews
It is an essential health app. found in 3 reviews
Wonderful app for road warriors. found in 2 reviews
Quick and fast way to book an appointment online after hours. found in 65 reviews
I love ZocDoc and have used it multiple times. found in 21 reviews
Super convenient and very user friendly. found in 8 reviews
I was able to search for a specialist. found in 3 reviews
Wish the calendar tool was more user-friendly. found in 1 reviews
Need a urgent fix. found in 1 reviews
but the developers need to expand the number of participating doctors. found in 3 reviews
Needs Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon added. found in 2 reviews
Seems like it would be a good app but I can't even find one Dr. found in 2 reviews
It's ok if you don't have a reg dr. found in 1 reviews
Solves a big problem. found in 1 reviews
inaccurate reviews. found in 1 reviews
this app crashes every time I try to search. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't communicate with office. found in 1 reviews
but needs more choices. found in 1 reviews
Good app but missing key functions. found in 1 reviews
No trusted personal contacts to ask for referrals. found in 2 reviews
Great site/app but new update appears to have glitches. found in 1 reviews
Can't find anyone. found in 1 reviews
Maybe I'm missing something. found in 1 reviews
No Retina display support. found in 1 reviews
Great site/ app but new update appears to have glitches. found in 1 reviews
Crashes every single time I try to input data and look for Doctors. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work - crashes every time I try to input data. found in 2 reviews
Don't most people already have a primary doctor. found in 2 reviews
it's a terrible experience. found in 2 reviews
Unable to search for specific doctor. found in 2 reviews
Missed work for nothing. found in 2 reviews
Waste of time have no doctors in my area. found in 11 reviews
OH and it can't find a single doctor near me. found in 2 reviews
This app would be very helpful of they fixed sign up process. found in 2 reviews
i have my acct online but sign in doesn't work on app. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download ZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 0.8 MB to download. The new ZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! app version 2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about ZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! in ZocDoc`s Official Website : http://www.zocdoc.com/contactus

ZocDoc lets you book doctor`s appointments online instantly. And it`s free Just choose the kind of doctor you want, where and when you want to see the doctor, and your insurance. ZocDoc will then give you ...
Great app I would rate 5 star but I cant select my insurance masshealth Please fix so I can rate 5 stars              Amazing app but
Seems to get stuck with certain selections on my iPhone6        Issues on iOS 8
There are no doctors suggested from my area I live in a community with a well known hospital many medical facilities and doctors offices I would need to drive about one hour to reach any of the suggested doctors     None
Ive been using this app for about two years Everything is so convenient for a person like me who hate spending hrs searching for a new doctor and making the appt Read the reviews on the doctors and make your choice wisely Some doctors have more than once office so call to confirm afterwards You can always cancel App works wonders for me                 Thanks Zoc Doc
Really easy to use and the information is excellent                 Makes it so easy
Beware They are unethical Hi I am just walking out of an appointment I made in white plains New York with a Femal MD dr Goyal when I get to her office Im told that not only am I not seeing dr Goyal Im not seeing a medical doctor at all This turned out to be an urgent care facility and the only choice they gave me was to see a nurse I called ZocDoc and they wont let me publish the review because I didnt see the doctor Can you believe it Beware     Worse experience ever
Have used the app to find a great Obgyn Love this very accurate Sends my prefilled form directly to physicians so I I dont have to filled them out              Great App
I love this app I can book any specialty doctor that I need in just seconds Sometimes there is even same day availability Love it                 Seamless
Every appointment Ive made through the app has been cancelled by the doctors a day or two later with no explanation Looks like others have this same problem Unfortunately the doctors must not be set up to handle this service yet Great idea and design though If it were any other service Id give it more stars but relying on this app for time sensitive health issues is dangerous     Cancelled appointments
Overall this is a very easy to use and handy app I love it because it helps you get an appointment as soon as possible with the times available listed for each doctor But I wanted to note that their customer service is on point I made a mistake by listing the wrong insurance when I made an appointment which resulted in having to cancel the appointment Zocdocs team noticed the cancellation and immediately sent an email making sure there were no problems and they were eager to fix the situation They quickly responded to my feedback with what seemed to be an email from a real person not an automated response Im very impressed with the customer service and the app overall                 Very easy great customer service
Talk about finding a doctor fast and easy booking appointments Best thing for anyone and a busy persons life Highly recommend You can search online with your insurance providers network Thats how I found it                 Best App ever
With the changes in healthcare this app could be huge but it is missing key elements such as a search function Please add the ability to search for physicians by name to book appointments Office phone fax and hours of operation would also be helpful           Add Search Function
Love the convenience of being able to search a doctordentist read reviews and book appointments all at once                 This is a great app
This app makes scheduling for the doctors office so much easier I know I would not have taken control of my health like I did had I not had this app available I wish that there were more tweaks and polish to the app over the last few years that Ive been using it Hire a bigger mobile team              Life saver
I found this app working for me at least I saw a doctor where i was not treated professionally so I wanted to write review about my visit but this app did not allow me I read sometime back a review the same problem so am I Please note writing reviews either positive or negative its up to users and should not be stopped to do so        Not allowed to rate Low my visit
It is easy and helpful I was struggling with hospital appointment site However I got this App and I see a doctor in hurry without waiting                 Great App you should get it
Great experiences using Zocdoc to book appts                 No issues yet
The number of doctors they have in there is pathetic You cant enter your doctors names in anywhere to try and find them so you could use the app to make appointments at your current doctors as the press about the app clearly suggests you can do But it doesnt matter because the chance your doctor would be in there is miniscule And you cant sort the doctors that it does come up with in any way not even by rating or location its just a random list of names So doctors in the same building may be dozens of names and miles apart and theres no way to filter out people with only one star There just no reason to use this app until it gets some major upgrades     Totally useless
Appointment cancelled because ZocDoc did not properly inform the doctor of my appointment Terrible app Terrible product Will never use a doctor who uses ZocDoc even if I make an appointment via phone     DO NOT USE
The missing ability to search for a specific doctor if youve been referred and want to research or to even just save one for later reference is made apparent real fast           Needs work
This is my first ever review Booked Dr Asra Shiekh on Zocdoc Received his and Zocdocs email confirmation Showed up this morning Receptionist did not have the appointment Then she told me the Dr was not in and a dentist I believe was covering for him I cancelled It is shameful to play with peoples health like this Plus they wasted my time and money to get to the appointment If you want your doctors visit to be more complicated use Zocdoc Stephen Deuxier     DO NOT USE
Wonderful when you need to work in an appointment around your busy schedule Convenient fast and simplethe only feature I would like added to the app is the ability to refine doctor searches by gender and language spoken like you can do online              Amazing service
It made finding the right doctor at the right location for me very simple All I had to do to schedule an appointment was click the time slot and date I wanted and fill out some basic information The options to import the event to your calendar and receive pushtext reminders and notifications are very convenient as well                 AWESOME APP
Doesnt work at all Stealing my info     Worst app
Its my first time using zocdocs And I have to say Im less then satisfied livid and stressed to a new level is an understatement I made a eye doctors appointment two days ago and also received a confirmation text and I called this morning prior to my visit so in all 3 forms of confirmation I arrived to what I was told was my doctors office To find out that the doctor isnt seeing patients at that location Hes at his other office an additional 451hr away on church ave This was the hugest waste of my time and my eye is killing me still Also the doctors office I was originally going to is next to a chicken slaughter house I almost threw up from the smell and my nerves Im so upset in so many ways but mostly that I use your awful site and now Im without solution for my eye You guys majority dropped the ball I took off work are you going to reimburse me for lost wages Are you going to reimburse me for the cab fare What are you going to do to make this right If I can give less then 1 star I would Severely Unsatisfied     Worst experience ever
I just wish more doctors used it Its so easy to schedule an appointment and find a good doctor The only feedback I would give is to provide the functionality to search for specific doctors Other than that this app is wonderful so glad someone came up with it I hate searching for doctors                 Love this app
Im astonished people are giving this app one star because their doctor cancelled their appt or sent them to another office location Seriously Blame the doctors office staff They provide all of the information to the app owner do you think they just make it up The app also plays no part in canceling appointments How anyone could confuse those two I have no idea              Um the app didnt cancel your appointment
I can use my insurance website to find a doctor who accepts my insurance leaving me with the task of researching details about the physician Zocdoc allows filtering search by Insurance Drs Specialty location gender language Drs name visit reason and Drs that see children The results are displayed instantly providing pertinent information including a picture and AVAILABILITY of each physician sorted by wait time A real PLUS is the ability to schedule APPOINTMENTs check in and complete the paperwork right there from the site A True time saver 1 no big deal because each time I always have to complete additional forms at the Drs office Even after telling them that they were complete on Zocdoc Please add more illnesses under VISIT REASON              TRUE TIMESAVER
Great app But needs updating     Please update to iPhone 6 plus
Do not download this app I had set an appointment with Dr Kelly Rich I then called up to the hospital to make sure it worked not only was my name not into the system but they had also told me that there wasnt a Dr Kelly Rich working there at all I gave all of my personal information to this app for no reason for it to be just a fake DO NOT DOWNLOAD     Horrible
Good concept but I couldnt find a way to search for a doctor I could not find my innetwork insurance provider but was able to find my out of network one and I live within an hour or a few big cities but the closest doc that came up was about two hours from me and in a different state Though promising this does not appear to be an app I can use        Great concept
I think this is a useful app in the beginning Found a new doctor in minutes and had a new appointment super quick But thats as far as it was worth The doctorhospital seems to have only used it to generate new patients My follow up appointments do not automatically populate the app I would imagine this is because the office does not use the app on the follow up process Disappointed that the usefulness of the app ended after the first appointment because of lack of doctor participation              Needs doctors to use it
The whole point of this app is to find a doctor in your insurance network in your area with available appointments in the near future I recently used the app to find a primary care doctor near my office for an annual checkup Through the app I found a doctor that was supposed to be in my network Two appointments later and I receive a bill for 2500 of services and labwork from the doctor who was NOT IN MY NETWORK despite ZocDoc clearly labeling them as such     bewareapp cost me 2500useless
Pretty annoying to have a search turn up mostly general doctors when I specified a specialty Terrible implementation Also it let me book appointment with a doctor whos office called to let me know he is not taking new patients Huge waste of my time Plus the ratings seem highly suspect as nearly all have 4 stars Perhaps the negative reviews are expunged from profiles quicker than positive I am sure they get kickbacks from doctors so dont find disproportionately high ratings credible        Irrelevant search results questionably high ratings for every doctor
Found my new fav App I hate scheduling appts with new doctors because its so time consumingyet THIS was very convenient In less than 20min I was able to schedule 3 different appts with 3 different specialists view their availability choose the appt datetime read their reviews and only had to input my medicalinsurance info once instead of 3 individual times at each appt because its held in the Apps data base If you need a doc Id highly recommend trying this                 Found my new fav App
This app is a really convenient way to book doctors appointments Im only taking away a star because iPhone 66 has been out half a year and we still dont have an update              Nice app but please update for iPhone 66
No matter what information I put in it said it couldnt find any doctors     App is horrible
What this app wont tell you is WHERE in the US it will actually be useful to you thus you waste your time downloading and searching for DoctorsApprs only to have the app tell you not in your area If youre in NYC metro or the SF Bay Area youre probably OK in finding a doc but there are over 290M US residents who live outside that techcentric bubble who wont find this app to be of great value Also Zoc Doc fails to mention to the user that the doctors themselves have to participate in this thing NOT just for setting appts but to be found be the app at all     Good concept poor execution
Husband made an appointment for a doctor It was a Sunday morning the soonest appointment he could get was at 930 AM on that Wed The doctors office was half hour drive away Wed morning as he was getting ready to walk out the door he checked his email to get the exact address he had just received an email saying his appointment has been cancelledby the physicians office He called the office to see why his appointment was cancelled They told him that the physician wasnt in the office Sure emergencies happen with everyone but from what the receptionist said they knew the doctor had planned on not being in the office No one sent an email or called to cancel for 2 DAYS My husband ended up going to the ER that morning because he had already taken off work to have his arm checked     Not reliable
I recently move to a new city so Ive know nothing about where things are especially I spend my first two year working in this city Got sick today and need to find a nearest doctor this app helps to book appointment even when the doctors offices are close Havent see the doc yet but this app so far so helpful                 New to the area
Nice app I book the majority of my appointments on here                 Good App
Well I hurt myself while playing volleyball and needed someone to look at my knee right away I found a 5star doctor who had an appointment the same day and scheduled the appointment Got a reservation and a confirmation email Not 30 minutes later the doctors office called that MAYBE they could squeeze me in the next day but I had to give them my insurance and copay over the phone to schedule it Repeated the process over again with another doctor who called me to say they werent available at all Just gave up and used the phone     Pretty Much Useless
Ive been using ZocDoc exclusively to find a Primary Care Provider PCP Dentist and Chiropractor covered by my insurance awesome service Feature requests switch usage to while using app instead of always to save battery life 1Password login integration TouchID login integration              Great app a few requests
You can see reviews and doctor pix and their history to make a goo decision on what doctor you are looking for                 Good doc app
The zocdoc team is amazing and make it super easy to find a good doctor that takes my insurance                 Awesome
I use ZocDoc every single time I need to make an appointment and it never fails in making sure that the doctor Im seeing is the best at what they do Also Chris Reilly works there and he should get a raise because he sells like a beast and everyone trusts his opinions for good reason Hes always right                 Amazing app does exactly what its meant to do
Live in large metropolitan city Have had this app over one year and still it will not show specialist in my city Hope it works for others Its not for me        Zoc Doc
I love this app and Im very grateful for it                 Really helpful
Im in love with this app Its absolutely amazing but I dont like the fact that I cant find any gynecologist on the list which is very important for all the women out there              Amazing

ZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & FitnessZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & FitnessZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & FitnessZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & FitnessZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & FitnessZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & FitnessZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & FitnessZocDoc - Doctor Appointments Online! Healthcare & Fitness

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