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Joe Cross , the publisher behind many iOS app (Reboot with Joe Juice Diet ,101 Smoothie Recipes for iPhone ,Thyroid Diet- Juicing&Eating Plan for Weight Loss ,101 Juice Recipes for iPhone), brings 101 Juice Recipes for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. 101 Juice Recipes for iPhone app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The convenience of the shopping list and search features by category..

Overall Satisfactionc82
Thanks Joe.
Best app I have ever purchased.

For such an expensive app. found in 1 reviews
I'm very pleased with the content and design of the user interface. found in 1 reviews
I think it has also helped me stick with juicing longer. found in 1 reviews
So convenient when heading to the store. found in 1 reviews
Hopefully they put the correct servings for each recipe. found in 1 reviews
I use it every single day. found in 1 reviews
I was hesitant to pay $15 for an app. found in 1 reviews
but it has proved to be an invaluable companion for juicing. found in 3 reviews
Great variety of recipes. found in 1 reviews
Inconsistent recipes and repetitive grocery list. found in 2 reviews
CRASHES when Trying to PLAY VIDEO. found in 2 reviews
Missing the main recipe. found in 2 reviews
Good but pricey. found in 1 reviews
Impossible to change the font size. found in 2 reviews
but its legible enough to read. found in 3 reviews
When choosing ingredients a clear button would be nice. found in 1 reviews
Plus it CRASHES EVERY time you try to play the video section. found in 1 reviews
Missing some key features. found in 1 reviews
the videos have no sound. found in 1 reviews
When trying to watch videos the app crashes. found in 1 reviews
Let us take advantage of the extra real estate. found in 1 reviews
Please make these changes. found in 1 reviews
When I attempt to watch a video. found in 1 reviews
Please add this function. found in 1 reviews
there was nothing but a cover page. found in 1 reviews
The app always crashes when trying to play the videos. found in 2 reviews
Can't believe I spent $15 for this. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download 101 Juice Recipes for iPhone for $14.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 30.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-07.
Bottom Line: For more information about 101 Juice Recipes for iPhone check developer Joe Cross`s website : http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/

Joe Cross, the star of the inspiring weight loss documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, now offers the app version of his best-selling recipe book, 101 Juice Recipes. Whether you re new to juicing, looking ...
I don t usually write reviews or spend 9 99 on an app I figured it was the cost of purchasing the book so Now that I ve used it I wish I would ve downloaded the Joe Cross free app and updated it for 7 99 to basically include all this app includes and more This app does have a lot of selection but doesn t allow you to make notes on the substitutions or changes that I make All and all I am not unhappy with it but would not purchase it again I do love the other Joe Cross products and what he stands for so please know my review doesn t not reflect on his overall work and mission to help spread good health with clean juicing and eating             Another option T Carroll
The App is easy to use I love it                     Awesome Best Bible Ever
I think it is awesome it is easy to use and helps make juicing easier                     Happy juicing foromere
I am not one to leave reviews often but I read them religiously before purchase I LOVE the app My mom bought the book and she enjoys it but I like being able to choose by condition I have been suffering from liver issues for years and thanks to this I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel                     So happy to have found this Prelim7783
Highly recommend it If you are serious about juicing this is the app for you                     Juiced up Jagggy1977
The App is great I like the receipes The juices are very good                     Excelent Copernico skay
Love Joe and the App                     Great App Easy to shop for ingredients T Bartel
Makes it easy with the recipes and the and the grocery list calculator                     Mucho Convenient HittManII
Amazing worth every penny plus some So many great recipes Truly love it                     Love it Stephe T
Awesome When I first bought the app I was disappointed because I only saw a few recipes but then I found the Search function and all of the recipes that are in here I love that you can search by an actual fruit or vegetable for juices you can make with it and love even more that each recipe offers substitute options for each ingredient in case you don t happen to have something on hand This app was very well thought out and I can t think of a thing I would change It was worth every penny and that s coming from someone who had never purchased an app before I historically only use free apps So happy I got this instead of the book which I d considered ordering instead This is with me wherever I go doesn t take up space and saves trees Love it                     Fantastic App Corie C.
Great options                     Love it Kverdicchio
Great App and Great Recipes Just wondering do you guys use a juicer or blender                     Nice app Slumb879
Great app Exactly what I needed Even does grocery lists for you                     Love it Lexi2215
I love the ability to browse by select ingredients Very handy when you only have some stuff This makes it very easy to find the recipes that suit you                     Great recipes something for every one writermlm
Hey I don t normally do reviews but I figured I would do it on this one because I was a little bit bothered First of all this is a really great app it has really great juice recipes and I love the shopping list aspect of it The only thing that bothers me is that the app was 9 99 which is fine but then to turn around and have to make two in app purchases at 2 99 each is a little bit ridiculous Most apps nowadays are free and for this app to be 9 99 plus 2 99 additional for more recipes is kind of bogus In order to get the full effect of the app I had to spend 16 and that s pretty pricy for juice recipes The book is actually cheaper on amazon Like I said it is a really good app but I think that it s a bit tacky to say that you have 101 juice recipes then really charge people a total of 16 to get the rest of the juice recipes I really want to recommend this to people but I cannot justify spending 16 on an app for juice recipes that you can pull up on the Internet for free Sorry not trying to be judge mental just want to help             Good but Pricy RochelleSheri
So glad to have this resource Really helped me to keep to my fast and keep things fresh                     health Mamma quad
This is an easy to use app and all the recipes I ve tried to far taste great There are a few improvements that would make it better but a great app that I use often                     Tastes Great LittleTanner
It works perfectly for my needs It s extremely user friendly The recipes are great and super easy I also love how there s substitution options Couldn t recommend it any higher                     Wonderful App Drummerchic3
Would really like landscape mode             Could be better Mazdoc
Worth every penny I ve used this app for several years and love the variety of juices and the shopping list feature that makes adding to my grocery list easier I highly recommend getting to make your juicing journey more productive                     Best Juicing app ever JaycieJ
I ve really enjoyed this app because it has helped us stay on top of our juicing regimen There are some great recipes here that have inspired me to create some of my own Once in awhile I try to purchase some of the add on recipes offered within the app                     Great Recipes VBass67
Love it                     Very easy to use Hybriddiest
Bad idea not informative ripe off     Worthless bob.lb
When comparing this expensive app to other free apps this apps is back in the 80 s Save your money and get your recipes from the web     Lacking PioneerR1
This has been amazing in my juicing journey Gives me a great variety of juices so I don t get bored with the same flavor during a reboot                     Great tool gibalicious
Love this app Browsing different ways is awesome                     Juice 101 Fletchl916
I like how easy the app is to navigate Shopping list feature and search by ingredient features make life easier Price is maybe a bit steep I hesitated a bit to pay 10 I wouldn t have hesitated had it been 5                     Convenient SiriSatKaur347
The app is ok but each update is for additional in app purchases you can make Know this is the way of the world now but when purchasing this and the smoothie apps when they first came out it was not clear that what you saw was what you got Would rather Google around than continue to sink more money into it Can t figure out how to print a specific recipe to put it in our recipe binder except to take a screenshot and print the picture Very annoying since the recipes are paid for in addition to the app Also have the Reboot with Joe app and now that it looks functional made a logon and uh oh can t access any recipes those are for prime subscribers or some such Come on guys integrate and make them work together This is 2017     App is ok MN1
I love this app and use almost daily for over a year Great ways to select options and substitutions Also love the ease of generating shopping list                     Great tool DJb19x
You can find these recipes on Pinterest for free         Ehh *Xandra_*
There are several reasons I love this app First you can sort by ingredient so when I have something in the fridge that needs to be eaten I can just sort by that vegetable or fruit and find a juice that uses it You can also sort by condition or category so if you are getting a cold you can find a juice that s good for immune boosting And lastly I love the shopping list function I can just figure out that uses I want to have for the week and then it spits it all out and in a shopping list                     Makes juicing easier and interesting jillygirrl
Delicious recipes and a great user interface Makes shopping list for you and you can browse recipes by category items index or condition                     Excellent recipes Juangrande65
I would like to say that the documentary has given me a real look at my health the things i need to take out of my diet and also things I need to add thank you joe for really being an inspiration for all of us                     The best ideas for juicing Nightowl1201
The videos in the app have no sound so essentially half of the app doesn t work     Beware Ely2727
Not only was your marketing for this product on point your product out preformed my expectations Great job                     Great app 7 out of 5 stars Jelile
This app gives maybe a dozen or less juice recipes then shows you a bundle of anti inflammation and green juice recipes that you cannot open unless you pay 2 99 each for the anti inflammation and Green Juice It s not organized by the condition it helps or even the ingredients there is zero organization and for your money you re barely getting any juice recipes Had I known this I would not have wasted my money on the app     Not what it says KRck00
I like the app but you can find juice recipes free all over the Internet and in Joe Cross books which I also own The key feature that I really like is the shopping list just pick out the juices you want to make and add them to the list Its easy to delete them or cross them off your list whichever you prefer Is this feature worth 15 I dont think so While I can afford 15 I think the entry fee is too high for many people It needs more features Here are just a few 1 Allow me to make notes about the recipes 2 Make it a universal app plenty of iPad users out there too like me Let us take advantage of the extra real estate           Great recipes but needs more features and pricey
The app has some helpful features but nothing that is worth 1499 I purchased the app hoping it would have a seven day juice meal plan or some other tool to help you plan out your diet and make sure you are getting all the veggies needed Unfortunately not the case You can select recipes add them to your shopping cart etc But there are a few other apps out there that will do the same for a lot less The most I would pay for this app is 299        Not worth the 1499
A so so app Has good recipes Doesnt tell how HOW MANY TIMES A WEEK or for HOW LONG to drink a certain juice for a certain health condition Doesnt make the amount servings the recipe says Plus it CRASHES EVERY time you try to play the video section        CRASHES when Trying to PLAY VIDEO
Though I have the book I bought the app as you can select the ingredients you have in the fridge so you dont have any wasted produce I used it today and my fridge is cleaned out with 7 delicious juices as a result and I made just a few adjustments Highly recommend                 Easy to Use and No Waste
I think the app is great It has a lot of recipes I like the search by ingredients or health conditions I gave it three stars because the font is very small and there is no way to stretch it or resize it to be able to read When the cost of the app is 15 I think these details should be thought of I cannot actually read recipes without my glasses and my prescription is not even that strong I find it very inconvenient that I need to get my glasses out to be able to look over recipes           Impossible to change the font size
I downloaded this app in a bundle along with the 101 juices app The app appeared to download normally but when I tried to open it there was nothing but a cover page I have contacted app support but in the meantime I am not happy especially after having paid 1999 At this price point I expect a lot more Ive had a better experience from a free app Do not download this app until all the bugs have been resolved     Downloaded but no contentjust a cover page
This great app really needs printing support                 How to print
Overall the program is laid out very well and I was able to load it on both my iPhone and iPad BUTThere does NOT seem to be a way to sync the two So work and favorites as well as Shopping lists do not sync between the two devices Unitl a sync is available I can only justify giving it a rating of three stars           A little disappointed but
Good app for interesting recipes Video section causes the app to crash              Videos cause crash
I felt lost in the world of juice recipes and trying to shop for them This app makes following a juicing program so easy Love the recipes Great variety of recipes The very best part is the ease of shopping with their builtin shopping list Love this app and have used it numerous times in the short time Ive owned it Cannot recommend it enough                 My favorite App
The app looks good and works well but as many other reviews have mentioned there are definitely a few things that would make this an A app I wont go over them all again but for me the number one would be to change the browse function to allow me to enter all the ingredients I have in my fridge and the app shows me what can be made from that Otherwise I am constantly running back to the grocer to pick up the one missing ingredient        Missing some key features
Only one issue I want to have this app on both my iPad and iPhone And I want them to communicate So if I add a fav on my iPad I need it to show up on my phone Same thing with the shopping list Other than that this app is outstanding for those who juice and want quick easy recipes Thanks                 Fantastic but
I was at first hesitant about paying 15 for this app but it has proved to be an invaluable companion for juicing It has a beautifully simple interface and I love the ability to find recipes by ingredient or aspect of health youd like to improve You cant beat the convenience of having so many good recipes at your disposal whenever you find yourself near a good produce stand and the improved shopping list in the latest update fixes the only serious shortcoming in the app Ive tried only about a dozen of the recipes but Ive enjoyed every single one Ive been waiting for summer in order to get more peak produce If I have one beef with the recipes its that some require ingredients that are simply not in peak season at the same time but substitutes are listed for every ingredient I have not encountered the video problems some users report though I do wish the app would run on my iPad too                 Price reflects quality
This app is invaluable if you want to go on a a juice fast                 Joes Mean Green Recipe is on this app Look under the Js
The app is great Unfortunately the app ONLY works best on the iPhone and not on the iPad I wish there were videos to guide you through each juice recipe rather than just having 5 videos on general information The letter font in the app is small but its legible enough to read This app can definitely make major improvements on its design and features such as being able to sync information through your apple devices I should of watched some videos on YouTube and spent my 15 on ingredients I will try to make the best use of this app to reach my weight loss goal since I cant get my money back I will update my comment if there are any changes on the app           Factual
The app is easy to navigate recipes are searchable by medical condition color or ingredient And thankfully nutritional stats are included What I cant understand is why there is no way to print either the recipes or the shopping list Please add this function              Good app
I love this app The fact that you can pick specific ingredients and pick a recipe this way or better yet pick a recipe and swipe the ingredients and you can see substitutions Great app have loved everything I have tried and even tried some in my high powered blender instead of my juicer for more fiber Thanks Joe                 Outstanding App
Use it every day A little expensive but totally worth it for all that you get                 Excellent Resource
I have been exposed to juicing back in the early 80s at the age of 8 Carrots and apples is what my mother juiced For 8 years as an adult I have juiced a lot and found many recipes on joes website but I LOVE this app Im not shifting between printouts and trying to write my shopping list to realize I lost the page with the juice I bought stuff for and wasnt sure of the name So this does the favorites and a shopping list Wish it had a didnt like list so I would stop making the ones my hubby didnt like Only issue is its only for the phone not the iPad as I just discover when I went to download it to there                 Awesome
I really like this app Nicely designed and easy to use Great recipes But this app is way too expensive to expect people to buy additional inapp purchases I will not and hope they add them to the app I already paid for eventually           Great app Bad sales strategy
In my version of th diphone App the videos have no sound           Videos Dont Have Sound
When I attempt to watch a video it bumps right back to the video list           Cant watch videos
I downloaded the 15 day reboot menu from the website and bought this app to get all the different recipes I noticed that for many of the recipes on the app they say makes 2 servings but actually they make only one serving I compared the menu I downloaded to the recipes on the app and the menu does show 2 servings while the app shows the quantities cut in half Just be careful this makes things harder when shoppingplanning Hopefully they put the correct servings for each recipe For such an expensive app things like this should never have been an issue              Serving sizes are wrong
When trying to watch videos the app crashes Other info is good but needs improvement           Videos crash the app
Love the app LOVE IT The convenience of the shopping list and search features by category condition or ingredient Probably my favorite app Additionally the new IOS Software was causing the app to crash I sent an email to the team via the App Support and they replied the same day advising theyve submitted the updates to Apple to allow the app to work                 Please fix the crash
Not as good as they tried to make it seem Not even close actually     Cant believe I spent 15 for this
Paid for the bundle and both apps crash as soon as I try to open them Dont buy doesnt work     Angry juicer
This app along with Joes movies have changed my life Its worth a lot more than just 1499 Its definitely something everyone should try to start After day 3 it was like I had been doing it for years Going for a 14 day reboot and continue to juice and eat healthy from here on out with the occasional reboot                 Best app I have ever purchased
The recipes are good but the features are lacking and the videos dont work For 1499 this should be amazing Disappointed        Good but not 1499 good
Like so many others I am disappointed with this app I understand the cost is in part due to buying the recipies which I have no issue with However I have absolutely NO WAY to include my own recipies and add them to my cart with all the rest Yes I can add the quantities I need but I cant save the recipies I use most often which generally are my own or altered from the app I would give this 5 stars if I could do the following 1 Add my own recipies and save them 2 be able to increase font size for easier readability 3 sync between devices Since I can read it so much better on my ipad this is VITAL 4 ability to sub out ingredients with a click instead of manually unless I missed that but Ive tried everything I can think of to do this The idea is awesome and it works well with what it has but it needs more features Even occational updates with new recipies would be much appreciated The website has a ton but they are not in the app and since they are free on the website it doestn seem like it should be a charge to have them included in the app        Not enough options
For anyone considering juicing I would highly recommend this app It is easy to navigate and put to use My family has tried most of the recipes and I love that it has easily acceptable substitutions for things we either dont like or dont have on hand I was hesitant to pay 15 for an app but by this time most books would end up on the shelf gathering dust I think it has also helped me stick with juicing longer Im lazy by nature Otherwise I wouldnt need to juice for energy It works                 Excellent App price of a book but more useful
This is my go to app for juicing I use it every single day Easy to use yet still very thorough Awesome                 Best Juice App
Makes no sense that for the cost of this app you can email andor print your shopping list Also makes no sense that it cant be synced between iPad and iPhone        Honest Review
I got this after reading The Reboot with Joe Joes Juice Diet Book and the serving size on most of the recipes in the book is 2 servings But on the app it has the same serving size but the ingredients are half of what the book says which I would think is only 1 serving           Serving Sizes
I spent 1499 expecting a great APP I cant play any videos I like them because in a visual learner Im very disappointed that Joe Cross backs this     Disappointment
I love the idea of the app BUT at the moment I can only add to my shopping list for one recipe Lets say I would like to make the Carrotappleginger it only shows in my shopping list for two servings I would for it to show for how any servings I would want This way I go shopping once a week with one list and done Please make these changes Other than that the app is smooth and super easy to use We all know what a pain it is to make a shopping list for your juicing           Recipes good but
Ignore all these ignorant people They simply dont know how to use the app to its advantage look at the video to know how to use the app and you will love it This has to be the best app for juicing Has a list for your groceries customizes your juice on what kind ingredients you choose and even has info on how to prepare your veggiesfruits and so much more Only downfall is wish they would add on the shopping list an option to multiply your servings and go off of that but nonetheless its perfect                 Perfect
Especially love the shopping list feature So convenient when heading to the store                 Love it
I love the app but the latest update which has had 25 new recipes AND requires additional purchase is a rip off     Rip off
My first reaction was 15 But then I thought to myselfwhat is my time worth Do I waste my time searching for recipes online or pay this small amount for the convenience having all these recipes in one place Select a juice and it will create a shopping list for you dont like some of the ingredients or not in season the app suggests alternatives This app is well worth the price if you are serious about juicing and getting your health back on track                 Worth the price if youre serious about juicing
Ive only just purchased this app The recipes sound delicious however I want 36 more juice recipes Pretty expensive app to not even get what the title promises After a few days of doing the reboot with many of the juices in this app I have to admit they are delicious I havent had one I didnt like yet I have many juice books and I struggle to find any recipes I like Im even juicing beets           64 Juice Recipes
Great app Love the shopping list feature Unfortunately the recipes are not 2 servings They really are for 1 Wish this could be corrected           Great but recipes are only 1 to 1 12 servings
The recipes are okay but I find it really difficult to read the recipes on my iPhone           Font is hard to read
I love the app Would you please put a way to print the recipes and shopping list I hate making list for the grocery store I do not like taking my ipad to the store I would hate to drop it or get it stolen I do not like having my ipad in the kitchen I am way to clumsy for that I love everything else about this app I love the recipes and the shopping list is incredible I have to give it a 4 since I am unable to print              Please make a way to print
I received the book so I have the recipes I bought the app for convenience and the grocery shopping list feature I can push every button on it and get 6 recipes The smoothie app is slightly better at 54 but 101on either app isnt how it works here Chris     Not quite 101 only 95 short
The app is nice but I agree it would need more features to be worth 15 The bundle shouldnt be sold for more then 10 I agree with another user that being able to add notes would be an excellent addition to its current features Also another user was correct that the portion should be clearer what is 1 serving Cause currently it seems to be between 8 and 10oz           Okay But not 15 worth
This doesnt have the Mean Green juice recipe that was featured in the film Sort of pointless to sell a recipe book that doesnt have the main recipe your entire bookmovie is based off of        Missing the main recipe
Id like to be able email the shopping list When choosing ingredients a clear button would be nice              Good but pricey
When selecting ingredients the view recipes disappears If I only select one ingredient I can view the recipes Not sure if this is intended but it would be nice to have a recipe builder based on the ingredients I have So maybe a feature request           Problem selecting ingredients
The app always crashes when trying to play the videos The interface is messed up on the browsing by ingredients My iPad and iPhone 6 plus both have this issue where it wont scroll the items because it keeps selecting and I selecting the item I know the are more ingredients to view cause I can see the edge of the icon I even tried to landscape the display to see if that helps but this app is not made to landscape I did not pay 1499 for this kind of crap Im getting a refund and will buy the book instead Dont buy until they fix the issues     Multiple issues Dont buy until they fix

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