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Headcase Games , brings 180 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. 180 games has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • this puzzle game gets absolutely crazy as you keep playing..

Overall Satisfactionc91
this puzzle game gets absolutely crazy as you keep playing.
i definitely recommend this game.
A Must Have For Puzzle Lovers.
Perhaps the best 99 cents I've spent on any app yet.
I recommend everyone try this game.
THANKS for a job well done.
Fun & Engagingc94
this puzzle game gets absolutely crazy as you keep playing.
Very fun and addictive game.
This game is super addictive.
" This is truly a fun and challenging game.
Big time fun.
Replay Valuec100
" This is truly a fun and challenging game.
It gets really fast and challenging.
addictiveness and replay value u2013 heartedly recommended.
Production Valuesc68
Great design and graphics.
Ease of Usec100
It's a simple concept done really well.
Simple concept.
while very easy in the beginning.
very easy to learn the rules.
Very intuitive game.
Security & Privacyc94

I hope for future updates with more game modes and characters. found in 5 reviews
It is a mix of Bust a Move. found in 4 reviews
Best puzzle game in the appstore and best dev on the appstore. found in 1 reviews
while very easy in the beginning. found in 1 reviews
Great time waster. found in 2 reviews
" This is truly a fun and challenging game. found in 2 reviews
Puzzle game of the year for me. found in 1 reviews
Love this game which is challenging and great way to kill the time. found in 1 reviews
Very fun and addictive game. found in 5 reviews
This has become my "go-to" way of killing a few minutes. found in 1 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game over and over again. found in 1 reviews
180 gives you more control over what the game board looks like. found in 1 reviews
reminding me a lot of Puzzle Bobble or Magical Drop. found in 3 reviews
I still play this a lot whenever I get a chance. found in 1 reviews
Please place her back on the app icon. found in 1 reviews
but I don't particularly like the art style. found in 1 reviews
Cons: Can feel repetative/ boring some times. found in 1 reviews
Very fun game if you're into Match 3 style games. found in 3 reviews
but needs a little refinement. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download 180 for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about 180 check developer Headcase Games`s website : http://www.whatis180.com

The Game Giveaway app is giving away 180 through the month of December Make sure to download Game Giveaway after you download 180. AS FEATURED IN "WHAT`S HOT" AND "NEW & NOTEWORTHY" IN OVER 55 COUNTRIES, 180 ...
But this game is amazing I got it free but I would gladly have paid 499 for it                 I never write reviews
So daggum cute                 Fun
Great Game                 Worth The Buck
Yummy graphics and relaxing music The game is so entertaining and super fun too One of my favorite games and Id recommend it to anyone                 Awesome
Help me I cant put it down and my boyfriend keeps stealing my iPhone so he can beat my score even though he cant It reminds of Bubble Bobble Dr Mario and some Jewel game I used to play in an arcade as a teenager Its the best tool for getting through a subway ride or a wait in line you can even play 90second versions By far my favorite app                 Can
Overall this is a highly polished and fun puzzle game that expands nicely on the normal match 3 style games Of course there are a few annoyances which make it from reaching five stars What I have found most annoying is that there is no way to turn off Open Feint integration it is not a service that I use and I would like to be able to get rid of it after accidentally clicking on it in game I also would like to see some more casual style modes as it seems to get too difficult too quickly It is definitely a game that becomes better with experience with it however sometimes a less frantic game option would be nice None of this makes the game not worth getting however especially as it is free but I hope that it will mature and improve even more in the future              Great puzzle game
This is one of the most addictive puzzle games out there for the iphone You cant go wrong Im loving it                 Simple and Fun
FUN I really enjoy playing this game over and over again Its addicting and challenging The updated graphics look great and I still cant get enough of listening to that cute music and sounds it makes I highly recommend this game                 so fun so fun so
This game is one of the best puzzle games ever if not the best I am a big Tetris fan but this game blows Tetris out of the water                 Great game
Its a great way to pass time I play this when there are commercials on the TV                 Awesome
Excuse me Yes you the one reading this review Stop reading now and buy the game You say you like Tetris Attack and Bejeweled Then you might as well just go ahead and make the jump Youll probably enjoy this take on the Match3 gameplay Whats that you say Youre looking for something that seems simple but is loaded with depth Then whatre you waiting for Click the buy button I dont even know why you read this far into my review Do it Youll be glad you did                 One Eighty Great Puzzler
180 is an ok app I aplaude the intent to make a good app Pro Fast passed You get to use a litle green alien Even thought chosing diffrent characters doesnt seem to do muchFliping the circle object keeps you on your toes Cons Can feel repetativeboring some times Price is to high It would be better if it cost 99 or at least have more sales Improve Game display Add GameCenter to keep one playing it Updates are always wellcome They can help improve ratings           Its ok wait for a sale
If you have ever played a Match3 puzzler before you are probably already familiar with the 4 main mechanics Swapping Rotating Shooting and Connecting 180 brings an entirely new dimension to the genre adding a Flipping mechanic joining both this new control and the classic Shooting style similar to BustaMove These come together creating a completely new and unique puzzle experience Each time you play it starts out slow and simple This allows you to get your bearings of how the game works Eventually play picks up speed and you are forced to flip and shoot as fast as you can Game sessions can become extremely intense as the coins quickly flow down the screen This speed is thrilling and will definitely appeal to any hardcore gamer There are 3 game distinct game modes for a decent amount of content one of which is available for free in the lite version The best mode by far is the endless mode where things can get incredibly difficult in an instant The other two are timed so in my opinion they are not as enjoyable But if you are looking for a way to kill a minute or two these two options should do the trick The graphics of the game are nice and vibrant but may not appeal to all tastes Optional skins would be a great addition This sometimes makes it difficult to believe such a colorful game holds such a deep and hardcore concept The game also lacks retina support so the picture on newer devices may look a bit blurry Overall 180 is a fantastic unique and colorful game It provides three game modes of frantic matching mania and it is Open Feint compatible If you are still not convinced try the lite version to get a basic idea of how it plays But be warned you will be addicted in seconds                 Twisted Puzzle Action
I love playing match3 games as long as they accomplish something unique and fun and NOT BORING like bejeweled 180 definitely fits the bill Fairly innocuous name for a game didnt catch my eye at first until I read reviews on TA forums Production polish is topnotch with cute sparkly graphics responsive touch controls intuitive gameplay several game modes and OpenFeint integration Playing this game is frantic but not overwhelmingly urgent allowing the player to plan ahead for high score attacks The much overused addictive really applies to this gameIm about to play after I hit submit Try the lite if you have doubts but I suggest you do yourself a favor and buy the full now                 Extremely fun
download for some match3 goodness           ok
Take your favorite dropping block game and flip it literally This is a very addictive drop block game that will provide hours of gaming goodness Not to be missed I love the leaderboards and think disabling the How to Play video was a great addition Highly Reccomended Captin Chaos Executive Editor of The BTeam podcast                 Great game for casual and hardcore
this was my favorite game but it has suddenly begun starting on row 5 or 8 or somewhere else so there is no chance ever to beat my best score gotta find a new game           sad changes
This game is boring     BORING
Great game Mixes elements of columns and bust a move with the addiction of tetris Great design and graphics Fun for all ages              Review
Coool game                 Cc
Addicting fun and challenging this game is a nonstop on the edge of your seat game This is a great game for when your bored and want something fun to do I recommend everyone try this game                 Awsome
Good game                 Fun
This app is pretty good Match 3 game and though there are many on the appstore this one has a few twists Good game but can get a bit boring after a while           Pretty good
I think the old app icon was way cooler One of the reasons I bought the app The picture of the pink haired anime girl is what caught my attention of this game Please place her back on the app icon It brought memories of those old pin ball machine characters back in the days              Fun Game 4 stars because
Nice puzzle gamezero lags and best part free                 Great game download it now
Awesome idea Thank you                 Perfect
This is my favorite game on my iphone Just wanted to say thanks I wish I could find more like this                 Doesnt get old
The basic premise of the game is quite simple three of one color in a row must be triggered by you dropping a coin cause all connected coins of the same color to vanish Each coin has two sides of different colors and can be flipped with a touch including midcombo That mechanic adds an element of speed to the game that ups it from a simple match3 to something special The only bad thing about this game is how hard it is to stop playing                 Innovative puzzler that
Cant get enough great app wish more apps had this quality                 180
Had lots of fun with this game can see myself playing it as often as money idol exchanger or magical drop                 Very intuitive game
A great game to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time or spend many minutes playing Great gameplay Love it                 Fun Addicting
This game is sick Youll easily find yourself coming back to this over and over again once you get it Be prepared this puzzle game gets absolutely crazy as you keep playing                 Awesome game
Its a good concept but on the small mobile screen the pieces are too large As a result everything moves too fast There is no casual mode in the game because of it Opening up the play areamaking the pieces smaller might help but this is a game much more suited for a desktop computer than a handheld system Good but could be better           Good but
The art is very amateur and is distracting Drop 7 has a great aesthetic and it adds value and validation to the price Why is there a guy playing guitar as my avatar I would be more likely to play this game if it had art direction and not clip art filler The mechanics work well enough but again the art could streamline the gameplay if it was cleaned up Something like a donut disc with the flipside color in the hole could tighten up the grid Will watch for updates but this isnt one of my go to puzzlers           Responsive controls Uninspired art
Simple concept good time waster                 Fun
A very engaging game Its absurd how intense things get when Im playing A great distraction from life The sounds are oddly stimulating too That I got this app for free is just outlandish I feel like I robbed someone Love it                 Great distraction
Worth the price Love this game which is challenging and great way to kill the time Another plus is the app is modest in size                 Great drop game
Absolute great addictive match3 with a literal twist Love it and cant stop playing it                 Awesome
I got this when it was free I hate who ever in your company came up with this idea You have wasted time I could be doing stuff Seriously though Great addicting game This will go on to iTunes                 Great game Seriously its free Pick it up
This has become my goto way of killing a few minutes I cant play for hours on end but for 10 minutes here and there its ideal My only complaint is that with the latest iOS update early March 2012 games no longer seem to pause on my iPhone 4s when I leave the app I lose any progress by leaving the app This didnt happen until the update and this is the only game where this has changed for me I hope they update the game to fix this Because literally theyve fixed every other complaint Ive had about it since Ive owned it probably 2 years now                 Great time waster
Really great puzzle game                 Fun
The loadin bar is full but it still says installing which has been goin on fir a half hour                 Wont load
My favorite iOS match three puzzler                 Quality
Addictive as hell and very interesting tactical and strategic depths Love it                 This game has hooks
One of the reasons I first bought an itouch was so I could get games with amazing graphics The gameplay is good but the shoddy graphics dont really allow me to get in the gameplay I dont find myself playing any longer than 5 minutes before shutting it off Even on sale for a buck I still feel like it cost too much Update graphics please The game is okay music is ok also        Fun game bad graphics
Very nice twist on the classic Bubble Shooters type of game           Not a bad game
And free                 Great game
This game looked really simple and basic but I grabbed it because it was free and the high rating I was so surprised how fun it is Its a little like a Bejeweled type of game because you can learn all the rules in an instant It is easy to get into but the action picks up VERY quickly as you get better As you figure out how to play it becomes more fun and the more you get all the secret tricks I have to keep fighting to get the iPhone back from my girlfriend because she is addicted also This is great for a dollar pick up 180 now and you will love it for sure                 Puzzle game of the year for me
I cant tell you the number of hours Ive played this game I absolute love it                 Fantastic addicting game
this game is very very fun simple and addicting                 wow lots of fun

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