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Game Insight, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Rule the Kingdom ,Rule the Kingdom HD ,The Syndicate! HD ,2020: My Country ,My Country: build your dream city HD ,Sunshine Bay), brings Airport City HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Airport City HD games has been update to version 1.01 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The exciting new
iPadtablet made by Apple
game Airport City is a 2-in-1 strategy builder: First, you build a modern, full-service international airport, and second, you develop a city around it to support your growing airline empire!


Airport City challenges you to send flights all over the world, meet interesting characters, and complete exotic artifact collections.

Airport City HDAirport City HD
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- Build air traffic control towers and runways
- Manage international flights across the globe
- Level up to access new flights and airplanes
- Collect exotic artifacts
- Complete item collections and trade them in for useful bonuses
- Manage daily charter tourist flights
- Perform tasks for in-game characters for a variety of rewards
- Go through hundreds of quests and earn exclusive gifts
- Plan and build a unique city
- Amass a fortune and build a bustling metropolis
Airport City HD


- Beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects
- User-friendly interface and immersive gameplay
- Easy-to-use tutorial and help system
- Many vivid characters coming to life with their own stories to tell
- A score of residential, commercial, and recreational buildings
- No ads
- And last but not least – Airport City is free! Play now!


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Airport City HD for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 36.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.01 has been released on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Airport City HD in Game Insight, LLC`s Official Website :


Restarted the game after a year away and even at low levels it takes anywhere from 510 minutes to load the game It crashes randomly and loses progress Purchasing may crash the game and you are still charged but never receive the bank notes Nice game idea but actual game play experience is frustrating beyond belief    Buggy slow money pit
Game crashes since the OS9 update Cannot open          AirPort City
Great game It is a lot of fun                Awesome Game
Russian scam game horrible goals that make you spend real money to advance Game Insight is a russian scam company    Russian Scam Game
Game continuously crashes Need an update to accommodate iOS 9       Crash Central
Be prepared to spend a lot of money on this game The free version only does minimum To have any fun you need to spend spend spend Dont waste your time    The Worst
I paid for 45000 coins for 999 and never received the coins    Sql379
Lame game thats too slow to advance unless you purchase Last update makes your planes break more and incoming planes refuel slower    Can only advance if you purchase stuff
After loading iOS 9 this game crashes so much that I am afraid that the NTSB may visit me Fix the game Please    NTSB
This game is an outright money grab It is specifically designed so that it is virtually impossible to progress beyond the first few levels without having to spend real money on virtual cash and coins Not only that but they expect you to spend LOTS of real money to use any of the upgrades you earn They dont even try to disguise it Shameful to call this a free app    DONT DOWNLOAD MONEY GRAB
Unfortunately as you progress it becomes more and more difficult to continue using the free options It gets to a point where you cant complete any tasks without spending a few dollars Lost interest pretty quick due to that    Expensive
Better have your credit card ready to play this one                Credit Card App
The last update totally deleted my entire game For over 2 weeks now I have been emailing back and forth with them They tell me they cannot find any record of my game I showed them all the inapp purchases that I made and now 2 weeks later they are now wanting individual receipts for each purchase They should have all information already Its just poor customer service Ill never play anything of theirs again    Bad game
Could be a fun game if it all wasnt geared toward you spending lots of your own money to advance in the game Its easy to get the coins but unfortunately you need the green cash to do anything in this game and the only way to get the fake cash is to spend your own REAL CASH    All about the cash
Definite scam alert no matter how far you move along they want to force you to make in app purchases to continue to play Wasted my time hopefully you dont waste yours    SCAM
Interesting sim Everything costs thousands and the production produce 110 coins at a time The whole game is rigged to make you buy your way through Save your time unless you like dumping real money into sim games       Scam for in app purchases
Beware This game is a ripoff All they want is your money and then support is crap There is no way to play the game without having to buy stuff It is not free Deleted the game Will find a more friendly company    A ripoff
Dont waste you time unless you have a lot of money to donate to the gaming company It takes a lot of it to move along in this game otherwise it is very sloooow I would give this game a higher rating except for the fact that at every turn it requires you to spend money I dont mind spending money if I could earn it at a reasonable rate while playing the game Oh and picking flowers you have to purchase the cutting tool for each flower you cut at a price of 2 each now that is ridiculous I should be able to purchase the tool once and cut all flowers Things like that will make this gamer DELETE the game and look for other similar games Lower the cost to play some people like me cant afford a game that takes my meager income to play    Love Hate
How about making it easier to receive items need to upgrade buildings and services instead of fleecing us for more money all the time       How about making it easier
After 2 years of no progress I will stop playing and try to delete this lousy game I would NEVER pay real money for crap like this    Worst game on the iPad
Its mostly fun Ill give it that The positives end there This game is designed to be difficult to play without spending real money but its got a lot of really frustrating bugs You can spend all the coins youve saved up on items you cant yet use without buying something else that costs even more money Airport cash is essential to get a lot of items and expand your city but the only way I can find to earn it is to level up and theres only so many levels in the game There need to be other ways to earn it without having to spend your real money buying their fake money       Buggy fun but will probably cost you a lot of real money
The game starts off ok for about the first day and then it crawls unless you pay moneyUpgrading your city takes forever Dont waste your time and definitely dont waste your money    Way to slow unless you
This would be a fun game to play if you decided you want a very expensive game Unless you want to spend SERIOUS money buying coins and dollars you will get tired of the slow play The developer has designed the game to be such a low payoff game when you complete tasks that you will be forced to buy credits Then after you spend your credit on a building you cannot use it until you have gathered certain items Of course you can always BUY the items so you dont have to wait As a matter of fact there are NO tasks that you cannot bypass if you spend money If the payoff for completing task were greater you could just work through them but believe me this game is DESIGNED to be a continuous cash cow for the designer They are just a little to greedy for their own good I have spent money buying into this game but you cannot do it once It is continuously pay to playBuyer bewareUPDATE 62015 As you progress to higher levels it gets impossible to do anything with out months of collecting coins or literally spend hundreds of dollars If you wait until they have a money sale one building that I am currently on would cost a couple of hundred dollars Even if you wanted to spend the money you would be disappointed in the payoff They do not seem to realize the advantage of the long term player Time to boycott these greedy developers    AVOID UPDATED 62015
Like the game however I purchased 3 on sale game for 999 each that should give me 96 3 times put only one got into my game It was taken off and posted from my Bank account 3 times but only one ended up in my game          Purchases missing
Everything you read re this game being a money grab is right Imagine that you follow the instructions to a Tthe buildings they request you to purchase with game earned coins dont generate any coins and the rare few that do give you three coins every three minutes But your first land expansion costs 3000 coins and the second land expansion is 10000 coins So to actually advance through the game will either be a a big real money drain or b a nearly infinite time drain Further the illustration and animations are very elementaryThis game is just dumb cynically crafted and an exercise in futility In other words a total waste Verdict Avoid entirelyUninstall    Thinly disguised as a game its worse Its just dumb
Please make it to where helping guests consumes passenges or oil again because its so much more fun and legit             Sugjestion
Game can be addictive even with its glitches To obtain items quickly there is an option strongly pushed I might add to make in game purchases If you are patient you can get there without in game purchases I do not like the Facebook links however             Either very expensive or a lesson in patience
Fun to play but its nothing but a way for the developer to get rich Every time you upgrade your airport buildings you need airport cash the only way to get it is to pay real cash and its amazing how fast it needs to be spent once you acquire it Nothing but a ripoff    Money trap
This is a nice game and idea but it just takes too much time to move forward I play similar games and dont have to pay to play just be more patient This game is basically designed to kill your patience and tempt you to make inapp purchases Dont download this one Try Big Business or Megapolis if you like these types of games          Way Too Hard to Make Progress
The last 2 updates did nothing for my repair base issues Still have to spend cash or find items in order for my repair base to be available Thats just forcing people to buy game cash which is absurd Please fix as this is supposed to be free to play I dont understand why my repair base lasts a few days and then the red exclamation comes back Please fix    Repair base issues
Left a review on here the other day Guess they didnt like it Game played online freezes for 30 seconds then lets you play for 5 seconds then freezes again for 30 Cant hardly visit neighbors Also whats with all the drill equipments Needed 8 for a quest and am still getting them Have almost 700 now On number 3 planes Thats all you get Enough is enough Also was collecting money and passengers and touched city hallmistakenly and it bought it Also happened with the terminal too I did not touch buy Had just upgraded it Need some way to undo thatwas saving my coins for property and thats another storymore than doubles every time for landyou really need to address the freezing issue Just gets worse On the ipad          Freeze
Its a really great game been loving it since I first downloaded it But Ive come to dislike it because there are way too many requirements for progress in the game especially upgrades I used to play every chance I got now I just pop in once or twice Its become annoying             Pay Attention
Too hard to acquire needed items to advance the airport You can buy a building but cant operate it unless you have other items You cant get those items until you fly to Italy You cant fly to Italy unless you buy the plane You cant fly the plane until you upgrade your repair base Its a never ending frustration Dont waste your time on this game    Waste of time
The concept of the game is great and fun yet its functionality is a disappointment In order to move forward you have to upgrade several features which either take forever to get or they stay incomplete forever I tried to purchase cash from their coin bank and it never let me The coding is horrible I contacted their customer service and they ignored the matter Its not worth your time    Terrible App
Ive been playing this game for MONTHS and I havent seen one single popup ad EVER until about 2 days ago What the heck          New PopUp Ads Need to GO
where the only way to advance is to spend Not worth it    Yet Another Disappointing Game
This is one of those free games that will only let you advance if you use inapp purchases If youre not up for this look elsewhere       Could be better
I understand the freemium concept for most games but at least give users a chance to play without being extorted Without paying for the smallest tokens and trinkets there is no opportunity to enjoy this game Just hope this warning saves people from wasting their time like I did    Waste of time
Fun game with something going on all the time Wish I could expand more quickly without spending real money though I like the interaction with other players             Airport city
This is the second time that an update has destroyed the performance of the game I was at level 50 when the it was destroyed before Basically froze the game Lost everything This latest update I finally downloaded the other day and I had rebuilt to level 37 and now the game freezes when attempting to open If it does open no exaggeration it takes almost 15 minutes before it will start Once started you might be able to accomplish one thing or two and it freezes and closes the application I am very disappointed with what you have done    Update destroys game performance
Great game definitely should play                Great game since Clash of Clans
Game is fun but dependent on inapp purchases to progress to higher levels Parts of the game are not working so I opened a problem ticket and was told that they were closing my ticket even though problem would not be corrected until some update in the future    Problem with game and support
The concept of the app is really good however to events in this game you have to pay for everythingBottom line find another app of the sort that wont nickel and dime you to death    Too much pay to play
Around every corner this game wants you to spend extra to advance At a point you cannot continue unless you pay to move on AND its not just a few you would have to pay a lot to continue to play Total rip off Disappointed and not worth it     trap
Waste of time Unless you have unlimited money    Bad idea
I would like a space plane I would also like advanced space craft from the future Other than that it is perfect             Space planes needed
I used to like it but I lost all my progress so Im never downloading it again             I Cant believe this
Last update took me from level 50 to 0 Took me years to get here without spending money No way Im starting over Uninstalling Good bye    Start over no way
DearSirThis is very good game                Meeting
This game is the biggest money pit You have to pay a lot of money to keep advancing I have played coc boom beach and others and was happy to buy credits to help from time to time but this game is greedy and takes it to another level The game has a nice premise but the cost is not worth it I advise to stay away unless you want to pay a lot of money on it with little results    Nothing free about this game


Game Insight, LLC
36.9 MB
Compatible with iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.01

iOS Airport City HD 1.01 Mobile

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