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Any.DO , the publisher behind many iOS app (Cal | Your life. Your Calendar. ,Any.DO), brings Any.DO with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Any.DO app has been update to version 1.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Meeting my need to keep track of everything I have to do..
  • Has the right amount of features without feeling overwhelming..
  • calendar feature is helpful and the voice recognition is nearly flawless..
  • The voice function for adding items is exactly what I needed..
  • Beats scribbling on sticky notes everyday everywhere..

Overall Satisfactionc89
This is the best to do list app I've found so far.
but this is the best to do list app I've used.
Also- love the chrome extension and the seamless sync between.
Ironically the useless chrome extension works fine.
This is the best todo list I have found.
This is the best task manager I have come across.
Beautiful design and much easier to use than Apple's Reminders.
No Better Than Apple's Reminders App.
Great organization tool for the procrastinator in us all.
I love the integration with contacts and the predictive text input.
Fun & Engagingc90
This app is simple and awesome.
Awesome To Do App.
clean and effective for busting those everyday tasks off your list.
Meeting my need to keep track of everything I have to do.
Simple useful app.
and even add notes to tasks are all very helpful features.
This app is both beautiful and useful.
Helps me stay productive and love the cheers when I complete a task.
Love this app and have started using it every day.
Interface is clean and helpful.
Production Valuesc86
App + chrome extension + web interface = great system.
Web interface would be great too.
I love the simple clean interface and sync to Chrome.
Along with the cutest sound effects i've ever heard.
Ease of Usec81
It's also incredibly easy to add tasks by voice and even set reminders.
simple task management and syncing capabilities.
Easy to move tasks to a different day has great syncing options.
Crashing when trying to move a task.
and makes it easy to rearrange things as your priorities shift.
I am completely unable to rearrange items on my list.
I wanted a simple to do list app and that's what I got.
The interface is very clean intuitive.
EASY interface including almost flawless voice input.
Intuitive Design Simplicity at its best Perfect color schemes.
Ads not Intrusivec17
Security & Privacyc65
It even syncs to your contacts when you write reminders like.
Updates & Supportc69
Hope they make an iPad version and I'll gladly pay for it.
but please oh please oh please make an iPad app.
and the customer service answers questions within hours.

I've tried many todo apps and like this one the best so far. found in 337 reviews
It will be a nice addition to help me organize my life. found in 16 reviews
It's simple and creative way to keep track of tasks for the day. found in 16 reviews
I have tried many to do apps and this one I'm actually using. found in 989 reviews
Favorite productivity app- easy to use and efficient features. found in 17 reviews
These are the key to effective time management. found in 33 reviews
It allows me to organize tasks in their appropriate file. found in 24 reviews
This is the best task manager I have come across. found in 86 reviews
clean and effective for busting those everyday tasks off your list. found in 29 reviews
This is the best todo list I have found. found in 250 reviews
Incredibly user friendly without all the unnecessary features. found in 204 reviews
This app is now officially the best reminder app out there. found in 155 reviews
Honestly this is the perfect organizer app for me. found in 21 reviews
The simple inputs makes it an easy task to organize your day. found in 24 reviews
This app needs to sync with other calendars besides "cal". found in 4 reviews
but I find very confusing and difficult to input or edit reminders. found in 3 reviews
we're required to sign in with an account. found in 35 reviews
but the last version is buggy. found in 5 reviews
Needs iPad app and google tasks auto sync. found in 59 reviews
Great but desperately needs integration with their new Cal app. found in 4 reviews
Crashing issues and disappearing recurring tasks STILL run rampant. found in 96 reviews
If this could sync with google calendar it would be 5 stars. found in 31 reviews
Please add reoccurring tasks for items that need to occur weekly. found in 15 reviews
They're trying too hard to up-sell their premium subscription. found in 11 reviews
Needs repeating reminders
All that's needed now is a native iPad version. found in 19 reviews
But iPad support would make these apps perfect. found in 20 reviews
Needs more options for reminders. found in 5 reviews
desperately needs web version better than a Google chrome extension. found in 22 reviews
Needs repeating reminders Needs more options for reminders. found in 15 reviews
Needs iPad version and ability to add deadlines for task via voice. found in 14 reviews
The new font is very utilitarian and boring. found in 66 reviews
Please make An iPad version and allow stylus compatibility. found in 25 reviews
very useful but needs folder reordering. found in 4 reviews
But a expensive subscription fee for a task manager. found in 10 reviews
However there may be a compatibility issue with iPhone 6 plus. found in 17 reviews
u ruined an elegant interface with the new font. found in 66 reviews
Multiple attempts to reach customer service go unanswered. found in 16 reviews
Worthless since syncing to the web version stopped working. found in 22 reviews
have to re sign in and if I am lucky. found in 39 reviews
it regularly freezes while I'm typing in a new item. found in 21 reviews
new update and failure to optimize for iPhone 6 screen size. found in 42 reviews
That font change is miserable. found in 32 reviews
do until I recently created numerous reoccurring tasks. found in 15 reviews
3: No iPhone 6+ Support
wish I could reorder folders but one you set up. found in 18 reviews
but couldn't get access to the premium features. found in 16 reviews
You cannot remove/ delete completed tasks in your list. found in 27 reviews
4: Location Reminders now Cost. found in 60 reviews
Doesn't seem possible to reorder folders. found in 64 reviews
Refuse to update or use until old font is back. found in 59 reviews
I wish this app would stop asking me to sign into Face Book. found in 35 reviews
No space to input address. found in 22 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Any.DO for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 9.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.2 has been released on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Any.DO check developer Any.DO`s website :

Millions of people use Any.DO every day to organize everything they do. With Any.DO you can easily capture all the things you want to do and make sure you get them done. It`s free, simple ...
It does just what I need without a bunch of extra confusing stuff                 Just what I needed
I have both Cal and Anydo They work well together Its simple effective syncs with Facebook google iPhone etc They are constantly improving and listening to their customers too My family friends myself and anyone who knows how organized I need to be on the daily thanks Anydo                 I love it
Its easy to use and lets me know when I have left something undone              I appreciate the ease of this app
I like it Apples default reminders app deleted my stuff twice and that makes me really upset so I tried to find another app but I think its kind of slow As in why is there so much lag after I save a new reminder or set a new time Im used to making reminders immediately Continuing on the lagging point it is also irritating to have to change lists I have mine named personal and work and have not figured out a way to change the list I put a reminder in unless I go to that specific list And I cannot do that quickly because of the aesthetic time it takes to switch it floats slowly after I click on it Not sure how to explain without remembering the term So if that could be quickened that would be more convenient Also is there no finished items list I would like that instead of having to delete them all in case I ever need to check if Ive finished something but have forgotten In addition I agree that there could be darker lines or something separating the today from tomorrow lists and such I think there should be more options put for snooze as well like snooze for 10 minutes and those kinds of presets Its kind of a pain and takes more time to edit and reset the time entirely I do like the chime of the reminder Its not irritating at all which I appreciate Not a bad app but there could be many improvements I think           Not bad buuut
This is the best                 The best
Helps me to stay focused on my ToDos but allows me to set alarms and reminders Ive made customized lists I use everyday I love its simplicity if it was anymore complicated I wouldnt use it Every night I review my todos and set them up in order and the next day I dont have to think about what I have to do I just go to my lists and start with 1                 Great app for me
Love that I can separate my TO DO lists in categories Very easy to use and in the morning I press the square to get a list of Everything Im suppose to do for that day                 Great app
I love the app for things I have to do but I wish I was able to customize the app a little more like font background color etc              Good but could be better
The feature that divides my tasks into categories every single day By typing the name I have in my contact list it accurately gives me the list Its manageable                 I like the simplicity
This app is so great with helping to remember what I have to do on a day to day basis So easy and the only to do app I would recommend Way better than Apples reminder app WAY better                 Amazing
I like features this app provides Keep on the good thing                 Very good
We use this for all our shared office tasks              Great
No need to sign in Who needs access to their checklist in the cloud Is it really necessary Seriously You provide a checklist app users should NOT be required to signin just to use a check list DumbNuggets with a left shoe on backwards wearing an inside out Le Tiger shirt     Signin required
Just started using this app and its great Get to sync my task across my iPhone and Mac                 Great App
Easy and effective I use it for grocery lists chores future places to visit life goals I like how user friendly it is                 Great app
I have ADHD This is amazing                 Love it
A very beautiful app                 Nice app
Its the best                 Cal
适合有效的工作和生活                 非常棒 very nice
Non intuitive tap functions often do not work just a plain waste of time Hey team we are not all geeks like you Suggest you take a look Clear which runs rings around anydo as far as ease of use     Horrible product
Simple and easy to use I like that I can edit my lists in Google Chrome as well I havent tried collaborative lists yet but it seems like a good idea              So far so good
This app follows the model of getting things done to help you organize your task list Segmenting tasks by category work personal etc and further by priority can help even the worst procrastinator get on track Requires a little discipline at first but totally pays off                 Helps keep me on track
This app is the best I love the newer features that will remind you of things on your list if you get to a certain location This app is a must                 Awesome App to keep me on time
Easy to learn and I like the categories today tomorrow and someday              Great and easy to use
Never missed any task More update will be appreciated                 Love this App
This is the only todo lister I have used that works for me The only reason I deducted the one star is the time it takes to start Im guessing syncing with the cloud might be a reason The integration with the web is a big reason to love this app however I use the Chrome extension along with the app on my phone Cant wait for a watch app I hope thats in the works              Love it
Let me start out by saying that Im only rating this app 1 star so the team reads my review I already emailed you guys about this before I am addicted to this app I have gotten my entire family to use it now But Today and Tomorrows date is missing I think this is a serious flaw in user interface It should be shown somewhere on the app when youre viewing your to do list In example Today is Sept 20 Tomorrow is Sept 21 I understand that you wouldnt need a date for the upcoming section or the someday section but I am used to dating all of my to do lists Other than that you guys are doing a fabulous job Im really enjoying the reminders section I think the sub tasks could use a little more work The user interface for sub tasks isnt that intuitive As other reviews have stated it would be nice to color code urgent tasks so you dont ever miss them when your list gets super long Anyway keep it up team and Ill keep recommending this app to everyone I know Eventually I would love my entire company to use Any Do as well to improve productivity     Today and Tomorrows date is still missing
Wait times as your lists load from a server Really What a horrible idea I loved this program great list ideas ease of use very openended But latest update promotes socialmedia integration wait times to upload your lists And no opting out Also bc my lists contained emojis woke up to lists filled with Today a garbled mess What a shame Avoid     Latest Update Makes Unusable
Very useful and neat                 Simple clean and user friendly
I use this app every day and two things really frustrate me 1 Recurring tasks keep disappearing I have to reenter them every time even when I set it to a weekly repeat 2 After writing a list item and tapping anywhere besides Go or the sign the entire entry disappears This has been happening for a long time and has never been fixed Very frustrating Also I use this in conjunction with the desktop app and the sync is really bad I end up doing double the work usually     To dos keep disappearing
It does exactly what it is supposed to do To do list I like its simplicity              Simple and effective
Useful as a todo list but not a lot of additional functionality But the upgrade seems to have blown away all my history        Helpful
Keeps me focused on what matter and makes my day and life more productive                 Amazing keeps my day organized
I like the app its kind of plain and easy to use It lags a lot also when I bought it it was advertising 40 off but they charged me full price of 2699           Its ok
Better than apples default reminder              Its good
Great for making lists and reminders nice UI Simple and very intuitive Not overly techy in its designfunctionality                 Simple and Intuitive
Id be completely worthless without this app The rewards used to be pretty awesome with a lot more freebies packs of gum apps etc but still happy to have them                 Live through this app
1 of my fav tools Hope to see calendar on it so i not use google calender any more Thx for the great job                 Great
AnyDO helps me keep track of recent todo items and plan out my days Very useful              Love it
Needed a simple effective todo tracker for todaytomorrow items and this is perfect                 Awesome simplistic todo app
I like the app simple and it helps me with keeping up with my todos              Awesome app
Ive tried several iPhone calendars before this one they all worked alright until something better came along However AnyDo is a keeper It syncs my professional and personal schedules and is the best one Ive found There still might be a better one out there but Ive never found it              Commuter dude
It has beautiful design it is very simple but very helpful                 Like
And I recommend to my clients Its very elegantly designed and even fun to use One thing I wish that was better support on the webmaybe a few YouTube videos                 I use it all the time
Have had this for over a year simple to use includes a bunch of well thought out features One drawback is that there is no desktop app that integrates with your phone There is a google chrome app that links your list to your computer though All in all best list app available                 Even better with Google Chrome App
I use this every day Its my memory With the 8415 update I could no longer do a custom snooze Sometimes I need to set it 5 minutes ahead yes my memory is that bad Wont let me Just closes out the reminder I emailed support and was told that this would be fixed in the next release But was given no indication of when that would be              Love the app but a bit frustrated
This app has literally increased my working potential Tnx to the developer It took me years to find such an amazing app and finally found it                 Towards success
Thank you for this great app                 Perfect
And thats to remind you of the things you have to do It reminds you every morning with a very graceful ringtone which is great because I forget all the time Its not crazy or over the top it is simple and to the point and thats what I love about it                 Great For What It Is
I have tried so many task manager apps in hopes of finding one that is capable of tracking many tasks requiring minimum taps or inputs to do what I need and works across all if my devices This is the best of the many that I have tried                 Best of many

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