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David Reinhart, the publisher behind many iOS app (Artists Grid Tool HD ,Precise Event Timer ,Fast Math Challenge HD ,Fast Math Challenge ,Artists Grid Tool ,Simple Golf Scorecard), brings Artists Grid Tool HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Artists Grid Tool HD app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Artists Grid Tool HD for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in Language: English language. It weighs in at only 0.1 MB to download. The new Artists Grid Tool HD app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Artists Grid Tool HD check developer David Reinhart`s website :

Drawing grid, Art Grid, Sketching gridArtists have been using the grid method for centuries as a tool for maintaining proper perspective and scale in drawings and paintings. It was even used by and taught by ...
If I could make a few suggestions1 Add another level to the grid sizes or make it so I can set my own dimensions andor grid sizesSometimes the grid boxes seem to large for the picture2 Number the edges of the grid so you can plot each box kind of like a graph or line chart3 When adjusting the picture independently from the grid its very exhausting and time consuming to hit the arrow every time to move the picture over 110 of a squareIf there was an option to hold the arrow button and it would move automatically would be extremely helpfulThese are all minor issues that can be worked around but I think would put this app over the topOtherwise its an amazing app a and would definitely recommend it                 Great App
This is the first review that I have ever done thought I have 100 plus apps on my ipad I was skeptical to buy this at first as I thought that it would be just as easy to make a grid templet on adobe ideas or another sketch app and just have that be the top layer for any image I would like to paintdrawBut this has a simple UI that allows any adjustments one might want without ANY hassle and while it is simple it really does a nice job of doing what it claims I see this as being a good tool to pull out when needed for doing murals with a group as well as novice image makesmuch thanks to the developers                 does what it says well
107 for a black and white screen that does nothing     Artists Grid Tool HD 0
I love how I can make the lines transparent have a grid with smaller squares and how I can adjust my reference I wish there was an option for other image proportions for the most part the ratio is roughly some variant of 23 while a lot of my art involves other ratios such as 57 or 34 Please fix this and I would be happy to give you 5 stars              Great Other proportions please
I love this app and it has been enormously helpful It just needs one little fix The grid should automatically snap to the image and should center on the image In other words regardless of what grid levelsize you want there should always be a line at the midpoint horizontally and vertically For instance if Im working on an 8 x 10 image there should be a grid line at exactly 4 inches for the 8 inch side and at exactly 5 inches for the 10 inch side For a denser grid that pattern should still be followed This is how artists grid their canvases so the app needs to follow that pattern I grid my canvas to match the grid on the screen and it gets hard to do the math and make an identical grid without the grid following the midpoints of the image              Great app needs one fix
I was excited to find this because it seems to be the only grid app out there However I echo the grievances of the other reviewers What would make my life in the studio so much easier would be to be able to choose the size of my canvas eg 5x8 or 13 x 20 and have the app snap the grid proportionately to the reference photo There should be no partial squares anywhere Fix those things and Id pay ten bucks and give 5 stars           So close
Doesnt work in os7     Needs update
Doesnt workhangs on black screen at startupdont buy until fixed     Not working properly
Still Doesnt work in IOS 7     Needs update
Do not buy It doesnt work     0 stars scam
I am very happy to find this tool Ive been wanting to use my ipad for reference photos for my artwork I cannot think of anything to make this better Maybe a setting in options to override the auto lock If it can be done that is                 Excellent tool
Unable to open a photo after OS update     Needs update
I really like the concept but it is missing the point for artists We need a grid that marks the 12 way point vertical and horizontal and makes the squares all equal in size We could also use one grid that divides the image into equal thirds vertically and horizontally Its a good start anyway           Missing the point
Great idea but not working Just showing a black screen Dont buy until its working     Not working
but the app only opened to a black screen with a white column on the right nothing else Sad as I really could have used this as Im learning to draw and use my iPad for so much Seems Im off now to get a refund     I also took a chance
Used to love this app but now I just get a black screen with a grey column at the side     Not working
After several unsuccessful attempts to open and use app I tried to get customer support from website Had to register not sure why then the website told me I wasnt verified So here I sit fuming wanting what I paid for to function or my money back     Frustrated
Couldnt access photos with iOS7 upgrade Hoped update would help but now app does not work at all     Continued problems with iOS7
This launches one big blank screen No controls not point for use     It doesnt work
A great app for any artist Saves a lot of time for only a dollar Very pleased                 Simple and very helpful
not even an explanatory note nothing refund please     app is not working
This app does not work Period Dead black and grey page I want my money back All 106     Dead app
I just downloaded your update and now your app does not work at all     Does not work
For those of you getting the black white screen try rotating the screen phone first before giving up on it I was getting the black white screen too and I ended up buying another 399 app right after this one that worked but I wish I had tried rotating the screen on this one first All the options popped up once I did that              It works
Was working and now with the IOS update they have not updated the app Dont buy until they have this fixed     How Could They Have Screwed This Up
It wont even open now at all     Was Great But Stopped Working
The ratio of the grid is set and not the same as photos taken on my iPad No matter how I adjust the sides of the grid cannot line up with the sides of a picture or the screen which leaves me with some really awkward math     Bummer
I cannot believe I just wasted 99 on this useless piece of crap Does not workDO NOT BUY THIS APPIf 0 stars was a possibility I would have rated it at that     Piece of crap DO NOT BUY
I read some of the earlier reviews but decided to take a risk It worked Great app and super helpful for art class It looks like the problems were fixed Thanks                 Fixed issues
Purchased this app and it only gives me a black screen with a gray stripe down the right side Wish I had paid more attention to the reviews How do I get my money back     Wont open on my iPad
Lines are too thick Even with the thinnest line option when you zoom in the lines are too thick to make them useful     Useless
Blank screen still after months     Still does nothing
I purchased this app and when I opened it a blank screen appeared Ive tried reloading it but still the same result Not too happy that I just wasted money on something that didnt even work     Didnt open after purchase
Paid for this ap just get a black screen w no menu or way to load pics go to get support have to register to get support and cant get past the login screen Lotsa problems here     Not happy

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