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Hidden Sweet , the publisher behind many iOS games (Amazing Jewel ,Bubble Shooter HD ,Bubble Shooter Free ,Bubble Shooter Pro ,Bubble Shooter HD Free), brings Bubble Shooter Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bubble Shooter Free games has been update to version 3.6 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love it it's awesome and super fun..
  • Anywhere from $1 gift cards to iPhones..
  • Fun to play while waiting around or to get kids attention..
  • Love the tune and sound effects playing once more again..
  • Its great for a free game..
Overall Satisfactionclick me45
this is one of my favorite games of all time.
love this game am sooooo adictive to it recomended to everyone.
I do not recommend this game to anyone.
Most amazing game.
Interesting game keeps me entertained when traveling.
Also the game keeps freezing.
Great game love it.
Fun & Engagingclick me63
I am absolutely addicted to this game.
This is an awesome game & so addicting.
i was so addicted to this game until the new update came up.
It is simple yet challenging and fun.
Play it all the time in the car on long trips.
I love it it's awesome and super fun.
I spend way to much time with this game.
This game is really fun but it freezes to much :.
Usefulnessclick me87
I love it I litteraly play it EVERYDAY it's so addicting.
It's a fun and I play it everyday.
Replay Valueclick me67
It is simple yet challenging and fun.
Maybe have available some higher levels.
You need to make more levels.
I enjoy this game challenging and addictive.
This app never gets old.
Fun game and has hours of entertainment.
Production Valuesclick me44
Love the tune and sound effects playing once more again.
I especially love the sound effects.
needs better sound effects and music.
Ease of Useclick me62
simple and addictive.
Simple to play.
Reliabilityclick me38
Updates & Supportclick me53
Now I know I want to buy it.
Batteryclick me20


What`s the difference between the full and free version:
* No Ads and larger game board.
* Will add more levels and add totally new game mode named Bubble Whirl.


iPadtablet made by Apple
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
full version 50% off now, don`t miss it out.

Bubble Shooter FreeBubble Shooter Free


* Will add totally new game mode named Bubble Whirl.


This is the must played bubble shooter, you move the arrow with your finger. Touch to release the bubble.
Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them dissapear and score points.


The more bubbles you shoot at once the more points you get.


The Bubble Shooter Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Bubble Shooter Free app version 3.6 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Bubble Shooter Free in Hidden Sweet`s Official Website :
Bubble Shooter Free


You will INSTANTLY win free points for having the bonus code. found in 5 reviews
way more than the computer bubble shooter too. found in 146 reviews
and you can get a free 25 $ gift card from itunes. found in 10 reviews
This is an awesome game & so addicting. found in 40 reviews
It is simple yet challenging and fun. found in 15 reviews
Colors too similar and it becomes impossible to tell the difference. found in 18 reviews
Game freezes and ap crashes past level 7 -8. found in 44 reviews
And my biggest complaint is that if you reach level 8. found in 8 reviews
I wish I could undo the update. found in 3 reviews
It's a good game but it needs better controls. found in 2 reviews
more difficult to aim than other bubble shooters I've tried. found in 14 reviews
Game freezes and ap crashes past level 7-8. found in 12 reviews
I can't get past level 5 because of this. found in 29 reviews
Fun but needs improvement. found in 2 reviews
It's fun at first but it get boring after awhile. found in 6 reviews
I simply cannot beat the eighth level in arcade mode. found in 5 reviews
Sometimes you have made a match but the bubbles don't pop. found in 5 reviews
I hate the new colors update. found in 3 reviews
dude this game was fun until i got to level 14. found in 32 reviews
but the new ad location us such a distraction. found in 2 reviews
There's nothing to lose or gain. found in 10 reviews
This app is fun for a bit but gets a little boring. found in 2 reviews
Fun but the high score never changes. found in 22 reviews
Needs a pop up blocker too. found in 1 reviews
but when you loose you go back to level 1
Annoying. found in 49 reviews
Whirl level 13 is impossible to beat. found in 14 reviews
but when you loose you go back to level 1 Annoying. found in 32 reviews
The ads are so distracting they ruin the game play. found in 17 reviews
It seems it is impossible to get past level 20. found in 29 reviews
the game freezes and am unable to play after numerous attempts. found in 12 reviews
The whirl is great until you get to level 13. found in 44 reviews
This game until the last upgrade :. found in 22 reviews
There's no good way to aim this thing. found in 14 reviews
i was so addicted to this game until the new update came up. found in 47 reviews
if you're color blind skip this app. found in 14 reviews
This was my favorite game an now it's horrible. found in 39 reviews
the high score resets every game. found in 22 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
I love this game I especially like trying out the Whirl Puzzles I downloaded this game when I discovered a different version of the game didnt have the Whirl Puzzles I immediately downloaded it when I found this version I still love and play the game Highly recommend for boredom                Love It
The spinning version is fun but the drop down from above could be more challenging             Great app addicting
A round of applause to the personpeople who made this game                Excellent game
Love this game thank you for fixing the small screen size                Update fixed small screen
I felt hopeful after reading some of the recent reviews but I still cannot get the game to even open I push on the icon the display blinks and then I am immediately back to the home screen    STILL UNPLAYABLE
Only reason I havent deleted this app is bc I dont want my apps that actually work to move spots It hasnt worked for a couple months now Love this game but all that shows up now is a black screen Fix it please    Doesnt work
Great game Challenging and always fun Never frustrating You get an amazing amount of play for free                Jim
This is a warning this is an extremely addictive game                Great game
Come on Really Does anyone read these reviews from this app The game is messed up since the February 14 2015 update Please fix this Im ready to delete the game Its extremely small unplayable Help    Help
The last update ruined my game and its now unplayable Ruined my entire day    DO NOT UPDATE
Fufjfufifigoto                Fufuririrififi
Ive had this game for years and the programmers have yet to fix these bugs Ill play awhile because I like the game and then I get annoyed and quit playingI come back eventually and sure enough play Arcade version and the same bugs are thereThese are the two major glitches that should have been fixed by now and havent One star till they are1 A bubble just shoots through bubbles and disappears nothing happens2 When nearly finished with a level in Arcade mode suddenly the entire board disappears and game ends Extremely annoying    Bad Programming
This game is very fun and addicting if your ever board or have no wifi this game is just the thing                Very fun
Really annoying music and sounds Annoying graphics The whole look and feel is strange There are better bubble shooter games out there       Annoying
Fun and simple             Fun
Wish they would open more levels I am finished with the free ones                Love this game
I have the same issue with the black screen but it still doesnt work when I turn on airplane mode Love this game so Ill wait for an update The sooner the better          Please Fix
I did love this game but now you have to watch an ad before you can play Watching the ad is bad enough but sometimes you still can not get the game up Please fix this mess          Bubble Shooter
Latest update 2142015 renders the game unplayable    Twad
I just downloaded this app and whenever I go on it all I see is a black screen I can hear the sounds but I cant see the animations on the screen Please take action immediately    Bug fix update please
I play it whenever I am stressed and anytime I have a free time just to keep my mind preoccupied It is a great mind game however you have to have patience while playing because loosing can be hard to take sometimes Remember you are playing with a computer fun game I love it             Great Game
Since the update it is difficult if not impossible to even get to the game cant get past the adsVery sadI used to enjoy this game       Gone downhill
Is the best Love this game                Spiral
Played this to unwind Took me a month to finish level 40 and I felt like I won the lottery Back to reality know                Great App
I cant stop playingvery therapeutic keep you entertained                Very addictive
Awesome game             Love it
I hate it when it slows to a crawl the balls go slow up to the top Im used to playing really fast this just slows me down Whats the deal          What makes it go so slow
No stars Cant even open the new update cant even send a complaint to contact cant even get reanix to answer no stars    Bubble free
They make you pay after youve reached certain levels not worth it in the end    Nope
This is the best game ever I play it for hours and its mindless and easy and waste time Great job             I love it
This is ridiculous    Bubble shooter unplayable with update
You can play this with no wifi and its addicting                Ella
My favorite game app It does freeze sometimes but Its much better since the fix Once you start you cant stop             LMJH
but theres still a few bugs with the arrow freezing randomly             Spin game unique and fun
I play this when I want to take my mind off other things but dont want to want to have to concentrate too hard on the game Sometimes it can be fairly challenging but never stressfulHaving said that Im really disappointed with the latest update The free version cuts you off a lot earlier than the old one did so you either have to upgrade or delete the app and download it again Id rather see ads served up st the bottom of the screen than be forced to buy the game          Fun mindless app
the aim on this game is messed up like when i aim it and shoot it it moves fix it please its very annoying          
I love this app                AWESOME
I love this game I have tried so many bubble shooting games and this Is the best one                Love it
This game is AWESOME                Awesome
The bubbles are so small it is difficult to see the colors and difficult to shoot the wright color    Bubble shooter
Game is too small and takes up about one third of the screen Been doing this since update iphone 6    Help
I enjoy playing this game                Great
Not real crazy about the new appearance of the ballsliked them better plain Also dont like the way my aim suddenly gets suspiciously horrible toward the end of every game But its a fun diversion and I do like the whirling arcade          Pretty good
Thank you for finally fixing the problem with bubbler shooter 2 I totally forgot about it after I wrote the compliant last time Now its fix and Im back playing it again I will never deleted this game app again Love the tune and sound effects playing once more again Amazing app game                Thank You
This app never gets old Love it             Bubble Crazy
I love this game It runs smoothly on my iPod 4gen and the simple but decent graphics are not too distracting Several modes make this game worth getting the full versionAll the others were really laggy with ads EVERYWHERE This app is worth the five stars hands down                The best bubble shooting game in the App Store
Passed the whole game and loved it So addicting                Love it
Im really good at these type of games I like them But its hard to aim the tiny arrow because its under my thumb Even when I moved my thumb down a little could see the arrow the control is simply not there Im sure this would be a fun game if this was fixed       Arrow problems
Had lots of fun Thanks                Ms
Although the previous update broke the App complaints to the developers were responded to quickly and apologetically And theyve fixed the issue now Its a highly addictive game and this version has the best graphics             They fixed the problem


Hidden Sweet
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.6

iOS Bubble Shooter Free 3.6 Mobile

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