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Openwave Computing Services (P) Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (Popsy Interactive , - Mobile Sign Spotter ,Check In Easy ,Call Recording by, brings Call Recording by with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Call Recording by app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best free call app..
  • It's really useful and so easy to record my phone calls..
  • Great for realtors..
  • while taking notes from her..

Overall Satisfactionc98
Best automatic call recorder ive came across on any OS.
Very impressed with the sound quality of the recording.
Best free call app.
Nonotes is the best company I've found for recording and transcribing.
I highly recommend you get this app for your own protection.
Best in App Store.
Fun & Engagingc93
I use it all the time to record important meetings with clients.
Awesome app very useful.
Wow this app is awesome.
This application has become apart of my everyday life.
I think the app is very useful especially for legal situations.
Ease of Usec95
this app is extraordinary simple to use and easy to navigate.
This app is super easy to use - It even does transcription.
The app is very straightforward and simple.
It is easy to use and navigation is very intuitive.
Easy and Effective.
Straight forward and easy to use a great tool for anyone.

Everyone from a dedicated business person to a student can benefit. found in 3 reviews
It's great for students. found in 2 reviews
This application has become apart of my everyday life. found in 3 reviews
Great for business professionals as another way to keep mins in meetings. found in 3 reviews
Best automatic call recorder ive came across on any OS. found in 11 reviews
Very impressed with the sound quality of the recording. found in 11 reviews
Best call recording app on the market in my opinion. found in 1 reviews
A good call recording application. found in 4 reviews
It makes my life so much more simple especially when dealing with complicated clients. found in 3 reviews
Focus when I need too. found in 1 reviews
The 20 free minutes is plenty to start with as well. found in 6 reviews
enter your phone number 6 digit numeric pin and email. found in 3 reviews
Many people would benefit from this app such as small business owners. found in 4 reviews
I can easily record incoming or outgoing calls and share it on Facebook. found in 1 reviews
you'll be charged every month. found in 1 reviews
but for my personal use. found in 3 reviews
Didn't work when I needed it to. found in 1 reviews
Many phones don't give you the option to record full conversations nowadays. found in 3 reviews
I don't get many calls as is. found in 1 reviews
Would rate no stars if I could. found in 1 reviews
Wasted 5 minutes for nothing
Doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Says the 888 number is invalid. found in 2 reviews
Another waste of time on the app store. found in 1 reviews
Incentivized fake reviews being left by people incentives to be positive. found in 2 reviews
After I Press Login. found in 1 reviews
Scam - costs 25 cents a minute. found in 1 reviews
Keep looking bc this app is poo. found in 1 reviews
it doesn't playback through the app. found in 1 reviews
This app doesn't deserve any stars because it simply doesn't work. found in 1 reviews

The Call Recording by is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Call Recording by check developer Openwave Computing Services (P) Ltd`s website :

Record your calls, save in the cloud, save, share and transcribe online Call Recording App. You can record any call, anywhere in North America, anytime. Call recording has never been easier. Call recording and transcription ...
This app is the poster child of what we thought technology would be used for in a smart phone Productivity Security Accessibility NoNotes does a great job at recording live audio and gives you the options to do what you want with it The layout of the app is easy to navigate and understand When I made my first call on the app I was initially confused But the voice automation telling me my time limit was helpful This is a great investment if you are dealing in any legal or business transactions I would recommend this application highly                 Great idea
I find this app very useful in my everyday life I tend to be forgetful Very easy to use Thumbs up                 Use call recording everyday
It does what it says                 Nice Recorder
I absolutely love this app It is fasteasy and convenient especially for recording minutes during business calls and meetings After my phone call I received an email of the recording instantly I am very excited to continue using this app                 Excited New User
First off this is an atrocious application ugly not really useful and there are much better options on the App Store Also keep in mind that in order to even use the app for its one and only purpose youll need to PRE PURCHASE 20 minute lots of recording time go over that or dont use it all Tough luck Almost every review is written by job seekers incentivized to leave a positive review like I was a few weeks back to even be considered for their probably fake openings you need to leave positive feedback on the App Store Read through some of the reviews do they seem like normal app reviews or overly dramatic grammatically correct and not overly critical reviews meant to kiss up to the developers By my estimate 90 or more of the reviews are fake left by either their own people or by job seekers told to leave feedback to move on in the interview process of toogoodtobetrue openings in their company In my opinion it is completely despicable to prey on people looking for work to get by like I was not too long ago     Incentivized fake reviews being left by people incentives to be positive
This is truly an awesome App I have been looking for something like this on my iPhone there was nothing to use until now This allows me to record any phone call and also has the ability to transcribe Keep it up                 Awesome app
Being in sales Im constantly on the phone usually while driving This app is extremely useful with helping me stay organized No more taking notes while driving my wife and kids thank you                 Fantastic work tool
This app is useful and the recordings are good It is also easy to use                 Great app
This app works as advertised This was the first app of this type that Ive used I have used it a couple of times to record both incoming and outgoing calls Pretty easy My biggest problem was remembering to use it Couldnt get PayPal to work when trying to purchase extra time to record but credit card worked fine I would recommend this app                 Does what I need it to do
Ive only used this for outgoing calls to customer service departments but it has worked very well The interface is very simple and easy to use and you just hit one button from inside the app to get it going You can email the call to yourself and even pay to have it transcribed The download comes with 20 minutes of free time so you can try it out then you have to pay for time They have different packages like perminute or unlimited permonth                 Good for outgoing calls
Couldnt get the app to record an active call CS said it might be an issue with the provider However it worked like a champ for outgoing calls Im still troubleshooting and if I can get the kinks worked out I will update my rating           Almost Works All the Way
Do what it promises Excellent results great features The transcription feature is magical I use it all the time to record calls GREAT                 Clear voice recording
I have a radio show at Charles Laquidara Radio dot com and I often make phone calls to put on the air I have used three other apps that record phone calls and have lost forever so many great calls to be aired which did NOT record that I became desperate to find an app with a program that was almost foolproof Maybe it was my fault maybe it was my phone providers fault no matter I lost too many great calls to count Too bad this app was so far down the list because it took me a while to find it Anyway first thing great about this app You can call and actually talk to one of the top level guys in the company Second great thing that separates this program from the others You dont have to MERGE when you make a call Their NoNotes technology does it for you This eliminates 50 of the time waiting until other caller picks up and also most importantly now no confusion about exactly when to press the MERGE button Lastly but not lastly I inadvertently deleted an important recording and I was able to retrieve it immediately I HIGHLY recommend this app of all the telephone recording apps and Im not even a relative                 Tried them All This is the Best
Im using this app with my company Its awesome to record important calls and also some meetings we do via phone Excellent quality                 Business use
This Application is more convenient usually than even machine recording From my searching it also is the overall best deal for the type of service on the Web PAUL IN THE GLEN                 Member and Subscriber
After trying out the application for the first time it was very clear how the process works I didnt have to look around and try to figure out step by step how to use the app so that was a huge plus The app is not overcrowded with buttons and information it is very clean and straight to the point Great app                 An easy use
This app is pretty cool I didnt have a pen and I had to get all the information So I turned the app on and was able to record all the info I needed within seconds there was an email Nice                 Awesome
I like that the app is free A great app for recording business phone calls It allows you to give your undivided attention to the caller at the other end instead of attempting to write down notes speak and listen during a call all at the same time Each recording is email to you instantly after the call and the fee for each recording is minimal Great app for the small business owner                 Great App for Business Professionals
This app is one of the best Ive ever used Its simplicity makes call recording easier than ever before yet it is also very powerful Well done                 Amazing App
Used it to record an interview and it worked wonderfully I recommend it                 Great app
Its about time an app like this was created It is extremely helpful and it actually does what is says Many people would benefit from this app such as small business owners lawyers doctors etc No problems just a great app                 Amazing app
Easy to navigate quality recordings                 User Friendly
It does what it says Easy to use clear sound convenient                 Nice app
App was very simple and clear to use This is essentially a need The app allows to record a call already in session review old recordings as well as transcribe into text This is actually the first app Ive ever used for this purpose and I must say it is very thorough Will look for more apps from company as well as keeping this app Great buy                 Great App
Ive used No Notes a few times and it works great I interview violinist and Fiddlers and for my magazine and it does a great jobthe transcription service is great the whole thing just works as well as it could thank you              Great App
This app is so easy to use and perfect for business and personal calls alike If someone needs to reference anything from a phone call he or she may have forgotten all it takes is the tap of a button I also love that the app is not overcomplicated with loads of buttons and information It is simple and straight forward                 A Great App
I think it is a great idea to experience the apps features before having to purchase more time from the app I couldve really used this app in high school and college when doing phone interview I can see small businesses using this app to support their companies This app is a great idea and Im glad its finally available and reliable              Great App
Great user interface No annoying beeps in the background This is the app you have been looking for                 This is it Hands down
This app is cool              RL
Wow just when you thought most apps were sorta silly you find an app that works easily and delivers what it promises                 Great App
This app is very easy to use I dont have to use a couple apps just to have my phone call recorded Also I dont have to to go through the hassle of transcribing my call Call Recroding automatically does that for me when I press the Record Transcribe Call button Overall a very simple and very wellthough out application                 Simple and convenient
Very easy to use and good call quality When I went to the website chat popped up and also was very helpful Great app                 Very easy to use
It works and its easy                 Its good I like it
The recording of phone calls works well You have to have data service to replay the recorded message though I had one message transcribed and that wasnt worth doing I ended up listening to the recorded message and transcribing it myself Save your money there dont pay for the transcription service           Recording works well transcription service is marginal
Ive been using this app for my small business for a while now and I decided that a review was due Call recording is just wonderful and out of all the apps out there this is the best app to do that The recording is crystal clear and super effective for our needs In case I ever need to reference anything I always have a copy of my phone calls This brings me to their transcription service This seriously takes a load of stress off my shoulders Having my calls transcribed I can easily search finger through my calls and search for anything I need Overall this app is beautifully designed and very intuitive to use It is very professionally done and is simply a high class top notch app and service Thank you                 Great Quality Highly Professional App
Crystal clear Easy to use A all the way                 Excellent
This app is awesome It is not hard to understand how to use it and it is very customer thought                 Review
Set the app up 5 minutes before a last minute call and it worked perfectly Definitely worth a try                 Perfect and easy
So far so good Havent used for long or much but wow              Good
The app works fine the only thing is I just recorded a call and I can BARELY hear the other person in the recording Does anyone know how I can make it so the other persons voice is actually audible           Nice app ran into recording issue though
This app is awesome and I would highly recommend It does exactly what its supposed to do No issues whatsoever Love it                 Exceptional
I like how easy it is to use and it is a great way to communicate                 Very effective
Im a Masters student studying counseling psychology and this app is GREAT for interviews Perfect for dissertation and practice counseling sessions Transcribing normally takes hours but this makes it so easy A must for me                 Great for Students
This app is legit and really works The quality is extremely clear You get 20 free minutes per month and unlimited time is only 8 per month which isnt bad at all Its awesome and you should get it                 Best call recorder Ive used
It is the app we all have been waiting for Verbal agreements can be backed up now Need to prove that your significant other made a promise they dont want to keep Super app                 Great app
A very easy to use straight forward interface Simple to organize simple to utilize data afterward And its free                 User
Not really sure how this app has so many good reviews I cant use it to record calls because it refuses to recognize any phone number I enter as valid No Im not making typos I enter the number to call and it says there is an error and the number doesnt exist Every time every number Even though I can call them all from my phone Every version of the app every attempt to use spread out over months Not a glitch Waste of money completely frustrating experience     Worthless
Best app to record calls easy to use and great final quality                 User friendly
I decided to download this application to do a test run to explore my curiosity Once the program was uploaded I saw that the user interface was quite simple and markable to everyone Business professionals to just students and parents Privacy is great but connivence is better No longer do you have to call grab pen and paper or a note pad just record whats needed and play it back later This to me will catch the attention of many along with the privacy end of the spectrum                 Remarkable App for Everyone
Great userability                 Na

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