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Azdev , the publisher behind many iOS app (LiveRunner London- Your Personal Departure Board ,BusMapper London Pro ,CityMapper London ,BusMapper Lite- Live Bus Stops), brings CityMapper London with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CityMapper London app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best subway map ever..
  • This app is GREAT especially for tourists..
  • Super fast app and love the offline mode..
  • and bus when planning trips..
  • As a regular participant of the New York public transport system..

Overall Satisfactionc95
This is by far the best transit app I have ever used.
Could be best transit app but lacks sync.
I was able to get around London without any problems.
Gives you real-time public trans times for multiple routes.
Definitely a great app much better than google maps or any other.
This is the best NYC transit map by far.
I love with the new update even more.
Fun & Engagingc69
Keep the awesome data flowing.
Up to date info on closures and detours.
This app is GREAT especially for tourists.
Great to have everything in one place.
Plus it seems to be continually adding helpful features.
Great interface and useful feature set.
Incredibly useful while traveling.
Production Valuesc100
Great interface and useful feature set.
Great interface and useful information.
Ease of Usec100
easy and reliable.
It's intuitive and easy and just works.
Updates & Supportc95
I love with the new update even more.
Kills your Battery.

easy way to navigate any of the cities listed. found in 10 reviews
This is the best transport app I have ever used. found in 15 reviews
Thank you - truly amazing city transit app for the Bay Area. found in 3 reviews
Without a doubt the best London transport app on the market. found in 19 reviews
Definitely a great app much better than google maps or any other. found in 7 reviews
And the version release notes are absolutely delightful. found in 11 reviews
This is the best NYC transit map by far. found in 15 reviews
The inclusion of bike share for this app is amazing. found in 10 reviews
I originally got this app for travel in London and Barcelona. found in 5 reviews
This is by far the best navigation app I've tried. found in 7 reviews
As a New Yorker visiting London I never once felt lost. found in 5 reviews
and the app has a cute sense of humor about itself. found in 7 reviews
If developer can't do own account system. found in 2 reviews
3 more stars if supported suburban areas. found in 1 reviews
and in order to do that it needs simple driving directions. found in 2 reviews
but amazing potential. found in 1 reviews
Needs option to clear recent. found in 1 reviews
It would be perfect if this app supported such suburban areas. found in 1 reviews
Missing the most important feature. found in 1 reviews
Looks promising but needs more cities. found in 1 reviews
Nice but flawed. found in 1 reviews
Newest version keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
Can't find an address. found in 1 reviews
Local buses missing. found in 1 reviews
NY map doesnt have bus maps for 5 boros. found in 1 reviews
Could be best transit app but lacks sync. found in 1 reviews
Key feature missing. found in 1 reviews
That makes zero sense lol. found in 2 reviews
Great app but battery destroyer. found in 1 reviews
No love for Brooklyn and Queens : Great interface and functionality. found in 1 reviews
but as always use with caution. found in 1 reviews
Poor Coverage. found in 2 reviews
It will not let me map a route to North Jersey. found in 2 reviews
No GPS on iPhone 6. found in 3 reviews
so if you want to go somewhere 10 miles away. found in 2 reviews
Search Option not working. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't work for LA out of all places. found in 2 reviews
Does not provide correct trip times. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download CityMapper London for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about CityMapper London in Azdev`s Official Website :

The simplest tool to get around London From the guys that brought you BusMapper (App of the Week, Staff Favorites, What`s Hot, 1 in Navigation/Travel). Now with Tubes, Buses, Taxis, Cycles and Walking This is ...
Really enjoy this app it helps a lot                 Helps a lot
Well I cant believe Im writing an app review but this is simply the best public transit app especially if youre navigating a place like LA without a car like me You got an apple watch This app does watch integration right Also service alerts Notification Center get me home compass button live ETA and much moreAnyway for transit forget google and Apple maps This is the one Praise be to Citymapper my one and only app review                 Best one for transit in LA
A nice feature alerts for closures diverts or any issues in transportation from saved trips Also traffic alerts at smart hours for car drivers                 Smart alerts
Amazing app for who ever takes public transportation Best one out yet                 Awesome app
Great design wonderful set of cities A brilliant useful app                 Simply wonderful
Using this in New Yawk right now Great app Amazing user experience                 Awesome
This is the best transit app Ive seen so far and Ive seen them all Scheduled arrivals mashed up with realtime data and service disruptions Multimodal routing walk to rail bus to rail bus only bikeshare to rail finally something that can replace the nextbus mobile site as my goto for transit travel data                 Simply the best
Really makes life so much easier for me in NYC and the live times are a GREAT feature                 No complaints
Better                 Awesome
Re NYC Its a good idea and the app does tell you which end of subway platforms to stand on to get you to your destination most quickly especially for connections to another train or a bus But Ive tested 10 trips so far there were errors in 6 of them small errors in locating starting points or destinations if you search by street address The app placed specific buildings either on the wrong end of a block or across the street by a small distance Not big errors but enough for the app to direct you to the subway stop or bus stop that is farther from your real location making you walk farther than is necessary You will get where you want to go but it may not be the shortest route which the he whole point of this app HopStop is still best IMO        Several inaccuracies in Manhattan locations
Citymapper I love you Navigating DC can be a gd mess Now I can preplan or replan my trips on the fly I love how you are constantly improving and innovating the app Thank you for making public transit navigable                 How did I ever survive without it
Hands down one the best transit app Ive ever used An abundance of great features with an easytouse interface All bundled without a price tag this app is simply a must own for commuters                 Simply amazing
Considering the size and population density of San Diego Oceanside and really most of North County I am very surprised that it wasnt already in the app However that is merely part of a larger problem The app acts like it is super useful and everyone loves it But it only supports about a dozen cities That is decidedly NOT comprehensive In the end it is useless to me I live in a huge city with a variety of public transportation systems and a way to keep track of them wouldve been invaluable     No Southern California Support
Oh Wow This app has quite literally improved my lifestyle It is reliable and accurate to the T My only comment would be as an upgrade from its already awesomeness would allow it to handle multiple destinations or give you transit timetables instead of just impending times Overall amazing                 A Godsend
This app is so good it blow my mind It is almost a reason to move to the city It is extremely powerful so takes a little playing around to learn all the nuances but the basics are pretty intuitive They are also constantly updating it                 Genius
Reliable app                 Excellent
My daughter and I used this app in Paris We were able to easily navigate our way both on foot and using the Metro I love that it gives you options and nicely integrates public transportation This was a lifesaver and gave us confidence to roam all over the city I highly recommend this app                 Worked like a charm in Paris
Please allow the option to download additional bus maps for NYC Also Id like to be able access planned subway disruptions offline           Some additional improvements
I never write reviews This app is worth it More accurate than any other app Ive used and definitely more helpful and innovative                 Best Transportation App Ever
This app works very well in DC It works seamlessly with the Apple Watch and it is so cool to see the metro stations on your watch                 Perfect for DC
Chicago transit maps sucked Not helpful This app made navigating the citys monkey work Monkey city monkey do It was easy Great app                 Great app
There are so many transit apps out there that its really hard to choose one This is the best Ive seen so far it compares all the different modes in realtime to show you the best way to your destination Ive always found the app worked well and is easy to use And today it has release notes that parody Tim Cook LOL What more do you want                 Great transit app
Excellent app Smartly designed provides real time accurate information no glitches Love it                 Best public transportation app
Bravo to your newest app update description a la Apple Keynote stylization and thank you for making such a beautiful UI for someone who is visiting Chicago and relying on transit My hat is off to you                 Bravo
Excellent                 Excellent
I absolutely love this app I download it every time I go to New York Bring it to LA                 Best way to navigate the city
This app made navigating London a huge and complex city astonishingly easy                 Incredibly useful
Incredible app This is all you need to get around London                 Awesome
My saved stops disappeared after the latest update and Im not able to add them again What happened        Saved stops disappeared
Used to be my goto getaround app in NYC and Berlin but the app now crashes constantly so I havent enjoyed using it lately        Great but mine crashes regularly
I use this app almost every day It is wonderful and every update makes it more so I love the integration with uber and the travel notifications for public transport Thank you                 My lifesaver Boston
Features Design Simply useful                 The Best NYC
I have been trying to delete it it just keeps loading never finishes it iTunes cant delete it iCloud cant find it is a headache to keep an app that all it does is says loading Never been able to use it     Dont need this app
I was struggling to find a good app for exploring around London but now I have officially found the best app out there                 Amazing in London
Thats about all you need to know Also their release notes are amusing This latest one is timed well                 Neat Cool Works
This is the best mapping app Ive ever used Simply incredible                 Best map app
Love it So easy to use and gets me around NYC with ease                 Easy to use
Been waiting for Dallas n I have voted for it multiple times Maybe one day one year           Cant review until u bring Dallas to map
I live in Chicago and I use this everyday to check the time for the bustrain and if I get lost I can even look where I am heading on the map to change my direction And when I visited New York I just pressed switch cities to use the app there I Love this App Please get it                 Very useful LOVE IT
Reliable and user friendly app The app gives you multiple transportation options as well as distance time cost and even calories burned during your travel                 Traveling App of choice
Just read the title                 Always there when you need it
This is the answer to maps for people who rely on public transport rather than cars The best app for nonus cities Ive found to date                 The app for non drivers
Use it daily I love with the new update even more If I could 6 stars                 Best NYC subway app period
This is an amazing app Two features Id like to see though arrival times from the Now view and full route schedules showing all trips and all stops And it would be nice to be able to print itineraries Also any chance of a Mac app That would be really useful as well                 Excellent
App is very useful in San Francisco Just moved here so I use it every time I leave the house love the occasional jet pack catapult option at the bottom for traveling lol will definitely consider those two                 Great giggles
The concept is cool and I really wish I was having the success everyone else is However in DC I have yet to have a positive experience with GO Just now I was waiting at the bus And it correctly predicted its arrival However when I got on while GO was activated it said I didnt get on the bus Idk if I need to tell the app Ive moved onto the next stage of my journey or not But I have yet to have it accurately tell me to get off at my stop notifications are on or accurately know what stage of the journey Im on I really want this to work        GO Never Works For Me
Ive used Citymapper in SF and LA and its done very well in both Google maps sometimes has more accurate routes and times so I consult it for a second opinion but Ill still plug it into Citymapper once I get going so I can have the push notifications when Im nearing my stop and have Apple Watch functionality Citymapper also looks and works much nicer than local transit apps that are specific to their cities                 Much better than the competition
Ive been an avid user of the Google Maps app on my phone But it lacked a proper commute planning feature and Id end up making guesses of when I have to leave for work which wouldnt be accurate Citymapper enables you to plan your commutes accurately with real live data of almost all the transit options here in Chicago Including estimations of taxis Ive tried other apps including Transit and Moovit but nothing came close to the experience of using Citymapper It even stores your most recent 2 commute searches offline so you dont need data to access it Overall a highly recommended app for planning and keeping track of regular commutes                 Perfecto
Very simple to use I cant believe its free                 Intuitive
I would pay for this app its so functional and reliable Using it as I travel Europe and it has worked in Barcelona Madrid London and everywhere I go Edit As of August in the current version it has been crashing a lot like every four minutes Whats going on              Best

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