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The Game Bakers, the publisher behind many iOS games (Squids Wild West ,Combo Crew ,Squids), brings Combo Crew with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Combo Crew games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The Best Fighting game i've ever played in a mobile divice..
  • This is game is fruit ninja with capcom characters..
  • Its amazing and super fun..
  • Reminds me of old beat em ups like streets of rage..

Overall Satisfactionc90
The Best Fighting game i've ever played in a mobile divice.
I would definitely recommend this game to anybody.
This game is probably one of the best games on the App Store.
Finally i have'nt played a good game on the app store in so long.
Fun & Engagingc87
Add Leon or Chris or maga man awesome game.
This is a really fun game you should definitely download it.
Its amazing and super fun.
Great game fun and addicting need more fun characters.
Easy to control and a lot of fast paced action.
Replay Valuec62
Production Valuesc93
The graphics are beautiful.
His winning animation just looks so dull.
This game is polished.
Ease of Usec77
My favorite game to play next to infinity blade.
But there is no Ryu available to play.
Easy controls and combos to execute.
It's got simple controls and fun addicting levels.
Good graphics and simple gameplay Highly addictive.
game crashes when i click "login with facebook".

And different “boosters” and items to make things even more interesting. found in 2 reviews
Dope game its too cool. found in 2 reviews
Nice work guys. found in 2 reviews
This game has one of the most simple control schemes ever. found in 4 reviews
Best game evr. found in 1 reviews
Simplicity at its best. found in 1 reviews
Awesome concept and great art. found in 2 reviews
Great game fun and addicting need more fun characters. found in 4 reviews
Feels like a real arcade. found in 2 reviews
Really Nice Game. found in 1 reviews
Add Leon or Chris or maga man awesome game. found in 35 reviews
#1 App of the year. found in 1 reviews
I really recommend you download this game. found in 2 reviews
it's final fight meets street fighter with an awesome new experience. found in 6 reviews
and the moves that this game has to offer. found in 1 reviews
Easy to control and a lot of fast paced action. found in 3 reviews
Crashes after update. found in 1 reviews
but supposing it isn't broken it's bound to be fun. found in 1 reviews
i dont like it that much. found in 1 reviews
Stop restarting the game randomly. found in 1 reviews
I don't like the fact that you have to pay for the street fighter characters. found in 2 reviews
Crashing final battle. found in 1 reviews
so I'd give this a pass until the issue is addressed. found in 1 reviews
Fun but flawed. found in 1 reviews
Fun but lame. found in 1 reviews
greedy developers. found in 1 reviews
A request for a dpad and virtual buttons. found in 2 reviews
but keeps losing progress. found in 1 reviews
Great game but deleted all of my saved progress. found in 3 reviews
Wish the popular characters weren't for $ale. found in 2 reviews
Good but hate it when it keeps bringing me to Facebook. found in 1 reviews
game crash when login. found in 8 reviews
it always crashes back to home screen at a certain times. found in 2 reviews
Wish I could enjoy this game more. found in 3 reviews
The following changes are needed. found in 1 reviews
Terrible controls. found in 1 reviews
Please add better controls. found in 3 reviews
New update is horrible. found in 1 reviews
game crashes when i click "login with facebook". found in 8 reviews
Awkward controls and boring gameplay. found in 2 reviews
What kinda crap is this worst game ever. found in 2 reviews

The Combo Crew is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 51.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Combo Crew check developer The Game Bakers`s website :

In a world where a fist to the face is a perfectly viable solution, Mr. Boss has it all. Now he wants to break the greatest fighters ever Trapped in his giant tower, you must ...
Sweet and awesome game You guys should make more like it                 Awesome
Great game              Fadepros
Jus one thing do an update guys I would love to see even more street fighter characters in the game Like Guile Or Bison or even the great and powerful AKUMA Come on guys KEEP THE UPDATES COMING                 LOVE IT
probably one of the few fun fighting games out there perfect                 AMAZING GAME
Ok now I have had this game for a good long time and it is awsome                 Awsome
Best game on my iphone                 AWSOME
Worth the two bucks Best fighting game on iPhone fa sho                 Sweet game
This is the best almost street fighter game on iOSI have some suggestions from street fighter 45AkumaGuileSethdhalsimAbel also a lot of girlsIn the reveiws r mad because there arent is only1 girl so can you add crimson viper Haters gonna hate amm I right Best game everrrrrrrrr                 More characters plz
IAP are disappointing since I paid for the game I would not expect to pay more so if you just plan on paying a set amount pay up or settle for less           Not quite
One the best fighting games ever Super entertaining                 AWESOME
The game is good all the way through The only thing that I dislike about this game is that you have to buy the capcom characters Over all the game is good though              Its a good game
This game is great cool but you should add different controls Please add better controls Everyone would always want a virtual Dpad please update it asap Add better controls please Add it pleeeease        Add a virtual Dpad
dope              dope
Best game so far since i played but It needs more character involved                 Best Fighting game
Easy to play good graphic and challenging cant stop playing this              Addict
Love this game Gameplay is great Wish there were more characters though And wish I could play with street fighter characters Would be nice to see some other cross over fighters though Maybe from KOF or tekken                 Awesome
Im sure the game is a better play and more responsive on an iPad screen but otherwise a very challenging and fun game              Worth it
I once used to play this game once it first came out but then i got busy and deleted the game because it was too distracting                 Loved it
The only thing I would like is a training mode when u get to practice ur combos on a dummy or punching bag And maybe a VS mode with ur friends or a bot 1 on 1                 Best game ever
Its nice game for me                 Awesome game
Smooth gameplay with nice graphics Its a pity new characters need in app purchase              Pretty fun
Best touch control beat em up Ive ever played Wonderful art Be sure to buy Viewtiful Joe He has the fastest and longest combosjust like the real Viewtiful JoeFor some reason when I reinstalled this game and restored purchases Ryu and Chun Li werent restored Guess Ill contact you guys directly and ask about thatAWESOME GAME                 Supra Awesome
Im a big fan of killer instinct Combo is the closest in touch platformsYoull enjoy every minute of it                 Best iOS fighting game
Great game but when I completed king of the tower mode I didnt get Lester Anyway its a cool game              Cool game
Enemies do nothing but block 75 of the time When fighting the final boss he did absolutely nothing other than blocking So i spent 15 minutes using my guard breaker move again and again and again and again and did i say again and again and again Boring boss fight for the game It would be more challenging and fun if a little aggression was added to the enemies        Ai problem
Awesome and I love the combos                 Fun Game
It has cool people to fight with and has street fighter characters                 So punching awesome
Love it                 Addicting
Very very fun                 Fun
Awesome game but ever since I installed the new iOS update the game crashes on the press start screen An update to this game is greatly appreciated              iOS8 update please
Awesomeness                 Awesome Sauce
Best game Ive played in a while                 Great Game
Smooth controls and VERY addictive                 This game is awesome
This game is amazing it lives up to the hype and finds a way to go beyond it Make sure u get this ASAP                 Great game
This is a real fighting game just like the ones on my console only perfect for the go I just wish Viewtiful Joe and other characters didnt require in app purchases after spending two bucks on this game I should have access to everything              Great game But 2 bucks should unlock it all
Game is awesome Brings you back to your favorite capcom characters Its endless fun But if you unlocked everything youll be looking for an update soon Wheres the update fellas                 Update
A fun game with simple controls Beat em up classic                 Very good game
I like this game                 Awesome sauce
Dont get me wrong the game is awesome a really fun is that can you maybe fix on the graphics a bit more And a bit more realistic with the game play itself if that makes sense but other than that good work              Over all not bad
i think you make it a pay to win game plus you made it free so can you make it free once again           i dont like it that much
Really fun game Havent figured out how to use the boosters though                 Really Fun
Holy cow this game is awsome Ive been looking for a fighting game I can pull out and play on the go and I just found it The controls are simple and intuitive and the cell shaded graphics are beautiful in their simplicity My only thoughts on what to add and Im sure others have probably asked for this A multiplayer vs mode where players can fight each other instead of just the generic grunts and the one boss Put that in and youve got an absolutely perfect game Cant wait to see what new characters are coming in the future Keep up the good work                 Finally A real fighting game for iOS
More characters please Awesome time killer thats star 6Please add some ken skins                 More ken skin please
Awesome combos and nice graphics                 Awesome game
Keeps crashing every time I try to sync my Facebook account              Nice but
Love this game SHORYUKEN                 Best game EVER
Holy cow this game is pure awesome Its one of the best fighting games on the App Store                 AMAZING
I love this game                 Great beat em up
Simple fun love the capcom fighters and the combos Feels like Im playing the actual games on my xbox Would like to see more characters Great game though                 Very fun
I wasnt sure at first but this is a great game combos are easy to master and the dificulty is well balenced Im not an expert at fighting games but this one is funer than most It deserves 5 thumbs up                 Combo Student

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