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Coursera , brings Coursera with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Coursera app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super convenient great app..
  • Great Great Great taking the Introduction to Finance..
  • Best option for busy professionals..
  • Great for viewing videos offline on my phone..
  • Good compliment to desktop site..

Overall Satisfactionc67
I like to download videos for watching when not with wifi.
But you should integrate the ability to choose your video quality.
Unacceptable video quality.
Thank you for working hard to make make this application great.
The best educational app I've seen so far.
Good app and amazing content.
The app does a great job of exposing the amazing content on coursera.
App is much better than the site itself.
Fun & Engagingc76
Awesome education tool.
and a useful way for busy people to study.
Really useful application.
Watch it everyday.
Production Valuesc50
Ease of Usec81
It's easier to navigate through the videos using the app.
Makes it easy to watch the videos conveniently.
Super convenient great app.
The app is very intuitive and easy to use.
Problems with video dowloading.
Updates & Supportc25

Thank you so much coursera provide free education and free app. found in 6 reviews
I'd pay for this app. found in 1 reviews
Now this app has everything I need to study during my commute. found in 3 reviews
Very good app- takes full advantage of the wonderful free courses. found in 10 reviews
great education and a great opportunity for everyone. found in 7 reviews
Explore your passion and learn something new. found in 4 reviews
This app is very handy. found in 2 reviews
It's a great effort to help everyone learns. found in 4 reviews
Coursera is the type of initiative that can change the World. found in 2 reviews
The best educational app I've seen so far. found in 7 reviews
This app provides all the functionality of the site through the app. found in 2 reviews
Great technology for the 21st century. found in 1 reviews
Excellent app for an excellent platform. found in 5 reviews
Great for exercising your Brain. found in 1 reviews
Keeps me on track. found in 1 reviews
Great design and user experience. found in 1 reviews
successful negotiation essential strategies and skills university of michigan. found in 1 reviews
Because it allows me to attend the courses wherever I go. found in 5 reviews
Great resource for learning new subjects. found in 3 reviews
Great but missing one feature. found in 2 reviews
The app is easy to use but offline access is unreliable. found in 1 reviews
and if I sign out to sign back in. found in 2 reviews
Without the discussion forums this app is unfinished at best. found in 17 reviews
The last update killed the quizzes in the lectures. found in 1 reviews
Please let us download the pdf files on the courses. found in 2 reviews
Good app but a few bugs. found in 2 reviews
So you constantly have to scroll left and right. found in 2 reviews
it's very important that coming updates include the closed caption functionality. found in 1 reviews
Please add in support for iPad version. found in 2 reviews
But qns while playing video are missing. found in 1 reviews
App Forces You to Use Web Browser. found in 3 reviews
App doesn't support all functions of Coursera. found in 2 reviews
unfortunately doesn't work well as an audio player. found in 1 reviews
Error when play on Apple TV. found in 1 reviews
except for signature courses. found in 5 reviews
The same course will not download on my iPhone 5s. found in 3 reviews
I still think the iPhone app needs more functionality. found in 2 reviews
Zen desk is usually worthless for solving problems. found in 1 reviews
Poor support for iPad. found in 2 reviews
the course catalog will no longer update on my iPad mini. found in 5 reviews
Can't get in to the course material. found in 25 reviews
The latest version broke full screen mode. found in 2 reviews
but then it is impossible to run the video. found in 3 reviews
horrible customer service. found in 3 reviews
Very annoyed by being stuck during frequent course catalog downloads. found in 7 reviews
I can't get into the class material. found in 6 reviews
- No way to access a class' discussion forums on the app. found in 17 reviews

The Coursera is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 6.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-28.
Bottom Line: For more information about Coursera check developer Coursera`s website :

With Coursera, education is free, open, online - and now mobile Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from over 100 top-tier global universities and institutions. Browse courses and watch lectures ...
Not all the quizzes are supported properly on iPhone You still need a desktop browser to finish a lot of the work              Great way to learn
I recommend it to all who search online learning                 Great app
I like the app and very time saving but video were not playing at all on iphone 5s though i see full att bar signal strength        Course video not playing
The information and the course set up works well You learn a lot in the materials and application to real world situations The app itself lacks in that classes are set up to present a video and then some review questions On an IPad Im on a mini the videos wont play in the class format so you have to view using the left side listing of videos This eliminates discussion groups and the questions from the classroom The other problem and its probably not the app but the school there is no easy way to send comments or issues When you search for help there is not a link to submit a comment just a lot of FAQs              Good information but functionality lacking
Videos start up while watching the same video Disappointing I wanted to use my iPhone to listen to courses I cant do it now     Fails on iPhone 5s on iOS 9
goodvariety                 great
The courses offered by Coursera are excellent I recommend them to anyone that is interested in continuing education no matter what stage of life or what career path Thank you                 Love the courses
The app offers the advantage of accessing lectures on the go but needs improvements on multiple fronts to fully synchronize course details with the web version Some of the problems are Does not show course accomplishments and keeps showing the current courses along with the completed ones Does not identify signature track on the courses Does not provide quiz and exam deadlines This is a serious problem Other features available on the left sidebar in the web version are missing here eg Announcements special instructions etc           Great start but lots to improve
Love what Coursera does and how this app has evolved especially to include verified quizzes                 Love to learn
The fact that I can lay on my couch and watch lectures on my ipod without needing to sit at the table to be learning new things with Coursera is a must I already loved Coursera before but this app made me even more interested and I definitely am using Coursera more now that I have almost all that I need on this app without the need of my laptop Keep up with the good work guys Coursera rocks                 Love this app
This allows me to access the lecture videos I gave it 4 stars because I dont have the option to pull up the certificate to quickly show my achievements or keep track of my grades or certs once the course is complete It would be nice to get notifications on such things and make setting changes just like the website              Great app
lacks subtitles     unusable
I like to use the Coursera app on my iPad to listen to the videos but I get very frustrated because some course work I just cannot do on this app I try to log onto Courseraorg in Safari on my iPad and it throws me into the app so I still cant do the coursework Recently the Orientation and Syllabus for a course were available on the web and the instructors wanted us to start on them before class started These were NOT available early through the app and Coursera help said I had to wait until the class started Coursera needs to beef up the iPad app to have more functionality and timeliness           lacks some functionality
This mobile Coursera application is missing one important feature verification authorization Since so many of us use our mobile devices to take courses on the Coursera Platform it is due time to add this feature              4 stars
Love it So many great courses Thanks                 Awesome
Please add support for the new features like picture in picture which really helps in continuing to watch the video without having to be in the app and also slide in and split view Thank you              Please add multitasking support
Wonderful app Great learning tool no matter what you want to learn                 Works perfectly
Awesome app could be life changing                 Thanks
Everyone knows common knowledge is a fallacy but that doesnt mean its wrong                 Everyone knows its awesome
Coursera es uno de los mejores portales educativos disponibles en la Web La aplicación para iPad es muy buena pero aún no explota todas las características del portal de Coursera              Muy buena App pero aún le falta por explotar todas las características de Coursera
How can Coursera even exists Oh yes there is a god God cant write code thats robust in the face of network quirkiness Homework save fails possibly when wifi flakes momentarily Video frame appears in middle of homework As with most apps there are features in web version excluded from app notably auxiliary course material such as slides Frusterating              Coursera is sublime App is unstable
Excellent courses easy to use reminders and summaries are super useful                 Love it
Easy to navigate Content of the course is in high quality                 Mobile version is awesome
It is such a beautiful unique thing to be able to study so easily to have education so accessible In some ways learning becomes more fun this way Either way coursera has given me an amazing opportunity to be and feel like a student again to feed my curiosity with all of these amazing cool and useful courses to choose from Words are not enough in scope or adequacy to really express how I appreciate the opportunity that is Coursera Thank you                 Wow
It is possible to download selected courses and watch them offline when I was in the subway The app so cool                 Coursera is so cool
It would be great to watch course material on the big screen           Please add chromecast support
I stopped using the app when it autoupdated itself beyond the current iOS capabilities of my iPad rather astounding it would do that and worked quite badly So now Ive updated to 841 and upgraded the app and it looks nice and works okay enough but Like before it simply skips over the inlecture quizzes as if they didnt exist a fundamental problem from long ago that I am amazed has never been addressed Equally bad is that it apparently has no knowledge of where I left off using the web interface does not keep track of which lectures Ive completed IN THE APP ITSELF and doesnt update so that once back in the web interface my app activity is accounted for So really as another reviewer noted I will mostly use the web except for the rare times when I want to download a lecture For an educational tool this is surprisingly and sadly ineffective in some basic ways Doesnt anyone at Coursera use this app and recognize these basic failings        Many things still to be worked out
A good app for learning new things while on the go              Great learning tool
Its great to watch the video lectures but still lacks of other coursera features              Good
Coursera is free Its engaging Its edifying How else could we learn from universities all over the world without leaving home Ideally we could all travel and learn but this is the next best thing Ive done Art History Scandinavian film Poetry and this fall Im going to try more No obligation if you dont have time to finish you can take it again Unbeatable lifelong learning                 Coursera Rocks
Coursera is a great initiative to promote free education with very high standards The best universities with great courses for everybody No excuses for not studying                 Great tool
This app has limit features and offers no advantage over web access save some offline ability My main complaint is the app auto launches and is constantly interfering with web use so I remove it and only install it if I need temporary offline access I think most people will prefer the web interface so I recommend you avoid it        Limited Access
The idea that anyone can take courses online for no cost This is a wonderful idea and an excellent utilization of technology                 Wonderful app and idea
Awesome place to learn stuffs Currently i am learning pytuon programming and enjoying it                 Learning Python
The extra course material links to PDFs or other docs dont work on iOS The video though is very handy to have              Not fully enabled on ipad
This is the best app for education                 Best app
The courses are varied I have found most of what I am interested in The app allows seamless access to the content Great concept great execution I hope they can manage to continue delivering courses for free                 Great app for online courses
Successfully completed a course with both the website and the app                 Good program
Lifelong learning for free Even if the app wasnt working this well it would still be worth it                 Just wonderful
UVA Dardens Design Thinking is awesome The first Wharton finance class I took was so horribly put together it has been pulled from the lineup and reconstituted with a different professor actually not one but several A recent Entrepreneurship class was missing 3 modules but let you take the final and pass the class if you got enough answers right anyway Im still taking classes find value in some though not in others                 Love the app classes are Your Results May Vary
I feel grateful to have coursera People behind this platform and app are great people Thank you Bless you                 Great everything
So great to be able to use iPhone for courses I have a 2 year old so its great for sneaking a session in when shes preoccupied here and there without hassle of getting on desktop                 Love It
The app jumped from 168 to 200 and this is called a bug fix     Bug fixes
I love Coursera and this app makes it so easy The first course I took was on my computer at home Then I discovered the Coursera app The last few Ive taken have been on my iPad Technology at its best                 Some love for this app
Quick access to lectures and a great variety of courses                 Great on the go way to learn
Needs to make available all the features of the website in this app to be truly mobilePDFs and all              Needs small improvement to get 5 star rating
This app is wonderful I now enjoy listening to great course while driving Great investment in time One of the things that can be improved is translation for those who speak English as a second language like my self I also thought that some features are not available on the phone or the computer Im happy to find this app              TeacherCoachManager
If you have willing to learn this is perfectly good for you It supports really varied lessons                 The best app for learning
I was under the assumption that I would be getting this great heap of information for free or at least a low price but of course I was mistaken Its hundreds of dollars to enroll in a course and that is simply not worth it to me when I can find that same information online for free        Good concept but hundreds of dollars
Thanks to Coursera for making me a learner again Great courses this app convenient I could view some lessons anytime anywhere                 Cant ask more

Coursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global UniversitiesCoursera Education Global Universities

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