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Catforce Studio , the publisher behind many iOS app (Decide Now! ,TimeMate - Time tracker ,Decide Now! Lite), brings Decide Now! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Decide Now! app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and lots of color choices..
  • Great teaching tool..
  • and Perfect decision maker..

Overall Satisfactionc95
A couple features that I would love to see added in the future.
One of the best apps in the App Store.
Amazing app thanks dev.
Thr best app in appstore.
Fun & Engagingc97
A fun little app that can add variety to your day.
Simple and fun.
Super Fun.
Helpful and Fun.
Totally fun time killing app.
useful and beautiful.
It helps me decide what to eat and you could use them as dares.
Helpful and Fun.
A useful gadget.
Helps me figure out what it is I really want.
It helps with everyday decision-making of any kind.
Ease of Usec100
Simple and fun.
simple to set up.

This game is very very awesome and handy to have around. found in 2 reviews
Totally fun time killing app. found in 1 reviews
easy to add or edit items. found in 1 reviews
Helps me figure out what it is I really want. found in 1 reviews
It helps me decide what to eat and you could use them as dares. found in 1 reviews
A fun little app that can add variety to your day. found in 2 reviews
pleasant on the eyes. found in 1 reviews
Want iPad version. found in 1 reviews
optimized for ios 8. found in 1 reviews
Cool n funny. found in 1 reviews
This app is great for kids & for indecisive groups. found in 3 reviews
useful and beautiful. found in 2 reviews
Gorgeous and works perfectly. found in 2 reviews
Great app for my husband. found in 1 reviews
I am very satisfied with my purchase. found in 1 reviews
Also would be nice to control how long the wheel spins. found in 1 reviews
In updates: please please allow pasting lists of data. found in 1 reviews
but I have 2 criticisms :. found in 1 reviews
the app crashed every time. found in 1 reviews
this does the trick when the family can't decide. found in 1 reviews
This app would definitely get 5 stars if you could sync between devices. found in 1 reviews
I also wish that there were various speed options. found in 1 reviews
I wish it was a tad more customizable. found in 1 reviews
Kids love to spin it to decide which piece to play. found in 8 reviews
There are two things I would love to see added /changed:
Unfortunate sexist built in list. found in 1 reviews
This is really cool but wish it had more suggestions. found in 1 reviews
It needs a couple improvements. found in 1 reviews
1. found in 1 reviews
But the UI could be improved. found in 1 reviews
It's completely worthless. found in 1 reviews
It crashes all the time on my iPhone 4 and 3GS. found in 1 reviews
If the developers can fix the algorithm this app could be great. found in 1 reviews

The Decide Now! is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.7 MB to download. The new Decide Now! app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about Decide Now! in Catforce Studio`s Official Website :

Sometimes in our life there seems to be no choice or ... just so many of them, that it`s hard to decide. Decide Now will help you to quickly choose your next step in different ...
Please add watch app                     Watch Emorhconom
Best wheel app to make decisions                     Great Liakahel234567dfg
This app was visually appealing and boy did it deliver It had everything I needed to set up a giveaway for one of my YouTube Streams Now I did get the full version so I can make my own wheel and use the deactivate feature One suggestion I d like to make is to make it possible for the wheel to stop land on a deactivated space and have it not light up Maybe have it as an option you can toggle on off Another one would be the possibility to reactivate a deactivated space Just makes it easier if someone were to accidentally deactivate the wrong space                     Good but I have a suggestion MasterBaconeer
This app is superb Since I purchased it I ve been making different wheels from aspects of my business I m an artist and sometimes I needed a random subject for my artwork It has made such a difference in my work to my social life My wife and I created a wheel together 5 of my favorite movies and 5 of her favorite movies We love it When one gets watched it is removed from the wheel Anyway The small request is to please make the app able to be read no matter how the device is positioned Whether it be portrait or landscape Thanks for making this app                     I Love This App One small request Bruno (Nomad)
This app is correctly titled If one has to make a choice 2 things that are equal in every way this is your app Save time digging for a coin to flip just tap and decide                     Choices jahalchak
Make the English language back Make the terrible chinese name 迪赛脑 go away Its not a Chinese name     Make the en back
Very fun but simple app So many possibilities for use Ive already used it more than I thought I would mostly for simple childrens games                 Fun
This program is flexible easy to use and fun I love being able to design my own spinners and populate then with my own data                 An Awesome Program
This app has so many uses I can use it in my classroom as well as at home Im excited to think of more uses                 Love this app
Works great for me on the latest ios version Customizable and very helpful                 Works great
When I get trapped                 HHH I use this app a lot
So much fun to use in my college Piano Classes for choice of scales and technique to play Reading previous reviews I advocate 1varied spin times colors to match personal choices Such a great app                 Decide Now
I find this app very helpful deciding what fun things to do                 Love it
Nicely done                 The best
As with some other reviewers I am using this in my classroom I would like options for no repicks as well as shorter time spinning This is an awesome way for choosing students and I love it but those 2 things would possibly prevent me from using it in the future              Options
Create options for ways to die and give it a spin Its fun to fantasize about death                 Death
Fun little spinner for home and teaching Can customize new and premade categories                 Super
I use this to call on students in my calculus class Works great And the sound effects get everyone focused                 Great teaching tool
I love this app I have been using this a lot for making decisions with my friends and family I even use it for wheel of fortune Only thing I would like to request his latest use our own color for each individual slot                 Best wheel app EVER
Ive replaced the Popsicle sticks in my piano studio with this app Kids love to spin it to decide which piece to play In updates please please allow pasting lists of data and also sharing wheels via Airdrop or Dropbox or somehow I need to move all my wheels from one iPad to another and I hate to type them all over again              Fun for students
i love this App                 Kuwait
Please add video recorder to allow us share the results via social apps              Its great
Love everything about this app Its fun to use at home and in the classroom Empowers students to create and participate in decision making andor problem solving                 Awesome
A needful app for easy decision life is about chance                 Superb App
App works great              So far so good
Great app for my husband                 Procrastination
This was a very good idea of me buying this app If my friends were arguing about what game we should play we used the app to choose Good job makers if only my friends would agree to it                 Great app
I dont understand the logic behind this game It is boring and I am quite capable of making my own decisions Sorry that I paid for this app     Decide now
It would be nice if longer strings of text were split over two lines The entries get to be very tiny              Request two lines per item
Best                 Great
My wife and I customized the where to eat wheel with a bunch of area restaurants Sometimes when we cant decide where to have dinner its fun to give the wheel a spin and let fate decide                 Fun
Weve been using this app on our homeschool days I entered each of my sons subjects into their own wheel and they spin it to decide which subject to do next Its fun I wish the app could keep track of what choices have already been used Not sure how that would work but it would be great if there was a checklist associated with each wheel andor a way to disable certain choices maybe they could be grayed out after theyve been used Of course we have our own paper checklist but when we get down to just two or three choices left we end up spinning the wheel several times in order to land on one we havent done yet Also it would be fun if there were some more color choices or the ability to design your own color scheme Those possible improvements aside its a great app and does exactly what its supposed to do                 Fun for Homeschool
Still is not random Very nice app otherwise Test it for yourself create a test wheel with wedges 09 Give it a spin and see where it lands say on 6 Then tap the center button 3 times and viola it will almost always land on 6 When it does land on another number its slightly on either side of 6 on 5 or 7 The same goes for spinning with a finger If you use consistent timing and force with your spin it will land in the same area with only slight variation not randomness        iPhone 6
تطبيق رائع يصلح للقرعة والجميل أنك تستطيع تغير في الخيارات              Good app
This app works well I wish it was a tad more customizable Id like to change how many options are showing at once It would also be helpful for a setting to take an option out of the running once it has been selected without permanently deleting that option              Fun App
Tantas opciones e ideas nuevas excelente                 Divertido
Need iOS 7 design This app help me make a choice              Sheldon Coopers style
Love it great                 Love it
This is a great app that I use in my classroom to randomly pick students for various activities I have one request could there be an option so that when one name is picked it will not be able to be selected again until all the others have been              Request
Thoroughly impressed with this app                 Great app to help with decisions
Im sort of the jack of all trades master of none type so I like to do tons of different things and hobbies this is an amazing and convenient way for me to decide what to do every night thank you                 Very useful
Amazing app                 Amazing app
Havent even used it yet in the classroom and am really excited to but Im really nervous already about how long it takes to make a selection and how much of my class time that will eat up It would be great to be able make it make a selection quicker              Varying rate of wheel
Fun easy to use functional pleasant on the eyes If you need help making decisions you NEED this app The possibilities are endless                 Wonderful Idea
As a teacher this has come in handy when calling on students at random Its easy to delete or add names and doesnt waste material like Popsicle sticks do I highly recommend it                 Amazing for teachers
Every classroom teacher needs this App                 Fun and useful
I go to a reading camp and my teacher uses this app I got it and it is the bests                 This is the best
This app is very useful especially for my classroom                 Love it
Fun and useful Like I said                 Fun and useful
I love it but took off a couple stars because I dont like how it doubles the entries onto the wheel and you cant change that And you cant set it so that everything only gets spun to once and no repeats Would like to be able to customize those features But a great basic app           So good but
Really good app                 Awesome
Easy to use app That motivates and engages students                 Awesome Engagement Tool For Teacher
It would be so nice if it were possible to swipe between wheels                 Love it

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