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Expensify , the publisher behind many iOS app (Expensify Lite ,Expensify - Expense Reports), brings Expensify Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Expensify Lite app has been update to version 3.30 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Well demonstrated to capture all your business travel needs..
  • This app had made tracking expenses extremely convenient..
  • Allows us to keep track of receipts without having to save them..
  • Easy to use and great productivity tool..
  • Great app for freelancers..

Overall Satisfactionc81
This app is the best expense app I've used.
I love being able to scan my receipts and categorize them :.
I highly recommend this to anyone serious about receipt and expense tracking.
Thanks Expensify.
Love how simple this app makes uploading receipts.
One of the best finance apps out.
Fun & Engagingc91
Easy to use for those on the road all the time.
It's been awesome so far.
The new full screen lists are awesome :.
Saves time and effort for expense reporting.
It's a great ap in keeping everything organized.
Easy to use and very helpful.
A mobile app that is useful for my business activity.
Very helpful to keep track of everything.
This is very useful and convenient.
Super simple and helpful.
Production Valuesc100
The resulting output and web interface are fantastic.
They could do better with their web interface.
Serves the purpose witha very intuitive User Interface.
Very intuitive user interface.
Ease of Usec86
This app makes expense reports and receipt tracking a breeze.
Super easy to upload receipts on the go.
impossible to upload any new expenses and if you do.
Easy to use and very intuitive.
Easy to use and very helpful.
Easy to submit reports and track expenses.
Serves the purpose witha very intuitive User Interface.
Security & Privacyc57
Expensify links to major credit cards and your bank account.
Account Executive.
Updates & Supportc14
the customer service department is quick to assist and help out.

I really like the convenience of the Expensify app in general. found in 20 reviews
Perfect for my small business and personal expenses. found in 26 reviews
Enjoy being able to take pictures of receipts and upload into Expense Report. found in 16 reviews
but once I got started it was very user friendly. found in 26 reviews
This app is a huge time saver for me. found in 26 reviews
Works well for road warriors who have envelopes stuffed with travel receipts. found in 10 reviews
Since the app doesn't save to the camera roll. found in 4 reviews
Help asap please crashing. found in 1 reviews
and I have to fix it on the proper webpage. found in 5 reviews
No option to upload screenshots. found in 1 reviews
the App crashes at least once during normal use. found in 2 reviews
Only issue so far is the GPS tracking. found in 3 reviews
Not working on iPhone 5s upgraded to OS8. found in 6 reviews
Great app minus the crashing problem. found in 1 reviews
Updated the app yesterday and now I'm unable to open it. found in 10 reviews
Better than the rest but still a little buggy. found in 1 reviews
App upgrade VERY buggy. found in 1 reviews
Crashing fixed by deleting app & starting over. found in 1 reviews
Crash fixed. found in 1 reviews
What's missing for a mobile manager. found in 1 reviews
Nice app - shame my employer uses something else. found in 1 reviews
needs offline love. found in 1 reviews
latest version improved but still worse UI. found in 1 reviews
Just one feature request. found in 1 reviews
but why the weird update path. found in 1 reviews
The smart scan function keeps loading. found in 3 reviews
Cannot add receipts forwarded from emails. found in 6 reviews
Very Poor Customer Service. found in 8 reviews
Need to fix. found in 5 reviews
The app refuses to sync expenses unless I'm on wireless. found in 6 reviews
Last update crashed the whole thing. found in 3 reviews
I tried to manually to add an expense and the system crashes. found in 5 reviews
Won't even open on iPhone 5c with iOS 8. found in 3 reviews
I can't enter expenses via my phone at all anymore. found in 5 reviews
February 10 update crashes to home screen. found in 5 reviews
Crashes and loses data 4s running iOS 6. found in 5 reviews
Despite the last couple of updates continues to crash. found in 4 reviews

The Expensify Lite is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.30 has been released on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Expensify Lite in Expensify`s Official Website : http://

The Lite version of Expensify`s award winning expense app This Lite version includes enhanced mileage & odometer support, comments on receipts, and better offline support. For the full expense reporting iPhone & iPad experience, including viewing past ...
My accountant loves it                 Expensify is awesome
I recently visited UK for a conference and I needed an app to track my expenditure so that I get reimbursed from my university and expensify was very helpful Even though my university doesnt have a corporate account it still works great                 Perfect app for the tracking expenses with minor glitches
Tried a few times after taking a pic of a receipt it keeps hanging on smart scanning Not worth the time to troubleshoot     Didnt work
Expensify you make my life easier and for that I thank you It allows me to easily capture and organize my expenses I use it in conjunction with my companys system since we use a program from the archives of 1992 Just got back from a trip and my expenses are already essentially done                 So helpful
Every few days the app requests a new password Almost useless if I must keep requesting a new password via email        keeps requesting new password
Only used once on a trip this week Trying to finish off today App keeps telling me Ive had too many failed attempts to log in and to reset my password Done it 3 times this morning and it lets me log in to the web version but still the same annoying message on the app Even deleted and reinstalled Now permanently deleted Expenses shouldnt be this difficult Avoid     Reset password
The upload speed of receipts are extremely slow Whether its LTE or wifi Ive sat for an hour waiting for 4 receipts to upload Yeah lets just say I ended up emailing them and removing this app from my phone Pen and paper is better than this     Its okay
Our churchs pastoral staff 4 uses Expensify We have loved cleaning paper receipts out of our wallets It has also helped getting required info for credit card reconciliation andor ministry related reimbursement in part by entering it immediately on the app at site or time of a purchase also by having a chart of accountscategories built in so we dont have to depend on memory or dig up a chart of accounts at report time Using the apponline system has also made report preparation and submission much easier and more consistent              Has cleaned up our whole process
The socalled SmartScan feature doesnt work for me Ive tried restarting the app taking new photos reinstalling restarting phone Nothing works Disappointing app at best     No good
Out of nowhere it gives me errors trying to upload receipts When I try signing out and in it tells me to check my internet connection I tried both cellular full bars LTE and WiFi 100mbs down and up and neither will allow expensify to connect but allow ALL other internet services flawlessly This needs to have 100 uptime in an App Store full of competitors     Unreliable
Keeps asking to reset password Are there any other similar apps     Doesnt work
The app is great but failed to deliver the report to my email with all of the expenses Additionally once you close the report to get delivery there is no way to go back in to resend or assign the expenses to a new report So I am back to scanning receipts So great functionality but if you cant get a report delivered whats the point     Report delivery failed no way to resend
Cannot mass addedit expenses Cannot add receipts forwarded from emails Each time I edit an expense it automatically sets it to reimbursable     Fail
Great way to cut the expense report drudgery And then they give you smart reports too One star below perfect just because I cant mark a report reimbursed or directly upload a pdf receipt But still better than anything else Ive seen by far              Expensify Rules
PLEASE FIX THE REIMBURSABLEBILLABLE TOGGLE THIS SHOULD BE A TOP PRIORITY This app is ALMOST perfect in that it always has bugs and issues and it takes so long to resolve them Now with the new update the layout doesnt allow to view the full names of all reports How annoying to have to open each one to read the name I will absolutely change my review to five stars if these issues are resolved Amazing app and great idea I just feel like the Expensify team needs to get to work a little earlier and stay a little later Maybe just read Getting Things Done Something        ALMOST perfect ALMOST
My company used to require keeping paper receipts that were filed with a complicated report at the end of the month I seriously dreaded it every month Then we switched to Expensify and now I just take pictures of my receipts on the go and boom everything happens magically in the background Made my life a lot easier and made business trips less painful Expensify FTW                 Great experience for expense reporting
Great for travel New great way to track your receipts and expenses This delivers the best utilization for your next trip                 Expensify delivers
makes my life sooo easy best yet their customer support actually emails you back in a timely manner with answers that are helpful                 love love love it
Its for anyone that has difficulty of holding on to receipts and doesnt want to stop at each purchase this the finest app I could have                 Expensify app
This is a great app Integration with QB is excellent                 Great app
I dont like the way my expense going it is fast and easy to track my expense right now with no hassle                 Expensify
The app wont run on my iPhone 6 Every time I launch it it crashes immediately Ive deleted it and reinstalled rebooted my phone nothing works     Wont run Crashes on open
Simple intuitive and reliable Great app                 Expense reports made easy
Use this everyday for work to track expense receipts and mileage Great tool                 Track my mileage
Must try this app                 Awesome
Ive been meaning to write this for a while I am a guy with zillions of apps and appreciate all that they do but never take the time to write about them This review needed to be written Expensify is the best expense reporting tool there I take a photo of my receipt in the app And then immediately throw it away Expensify does everything else all data input matching to reports currency conversion etc Ive been using it for year and am diehard about it Ive converted all of my friends colleagues and my boss to it On a side note the CEO really cares about the people using his product I work in tech myself and tend to be outspoken when I like or dislike a product I actually wrote him directly to share my happiness with the product and that I was a lifer He actually took the time to write me backand that is what tipped the scale in terms of me writing a review And on this note my review is done In short Get this Delete Concur Enjoy                 No competition
This app has made expense reports easy                 Business Expenses made EASY
I am not a money minded person but I am a small business owner This app and the website make my work life so much easier by letting me categorize expenses and income make simple reports of income vs expenses take photos of receipts and attach them to expenses so I dont end up with piles of them I love it                 So easy
It is a good app to help manage expenses but it immediately closes as soon as it tries to open              App crashing for me
Two issues Preparing a report It will be nice to be able to select a range of dates to be clued in a report not having to manually select every single receipt When adding receipts from your photoswhen you select a photo to add to expensifyit automatically adds it as a receipt there is no preview for approval Its hard to make sure you have selected the correct receipt when selecting photo           Could be better
Great for business expenses                 SmartScan is Amazing
Im a tech savvy person and cant get past uploading card Nothing more frustrating than tapping the same buttons 30 times only for nothing to happen Shame because this app would be super useful Also apparently you only get 10 free receipt scans per month Thats like 1 days worth of receipt for corporate travelers If the bugs could get fixed Id try this again but right now its more of a hassle than a help     Would be awesome If it worked
The 2015 mileage rate is 575 cents and this app is still using the old rate of 56 cents When are you going to correct this issue     Mileage rate not accurate
Started to sign in and this thing wants your bank card in and to sign into your bank acct shame shame Apple for allowing this software in the store Dont give you details to a third party to manage     No Way
Wont import credit card account Once you view the receipt theres no where to input the details     Nothing works
As my business requires to travel and I use to lost a lot of receipt Its convenient to use Expensify app while Im traveling take picture of my receipts and I dont have to worry Great                 Its awesome
Was supposed to help but it now takes me longer to do my reports     Slow Disappointed
It is a very good tool Does the receipt scanning extremely well BUT ONLY if the scanning is done automatically which if its the case I do t know how they can do it so precisely Very cool Pros your receipts are processed in What else do you need Cons 1 If you email a report thats it its closed and you cant email or update it any longer Not good Should be able to email again 2 Return receipts are accounted as purchases              Recommend if the data is secure
Very easy to use I dont have to keep my receipts just smartscan and forget about it It does it all for me I highly recommend it                 So helpful
Ive been using expensify for 3 years I still cant sync my Quickbooks online I still cant have an approval chain for invoices And I still cant create any kind of AP report from their dashboard Ive emailed customer service many times but no success Wish they had a phone number to call but they dont Im going to be switching all my businesses away from expensify     Good for expenses not invoices or syncing
Installed app and was excited to find on that had everything I needed but when I tried to log in it kept telling me that I had too many failed attempts I uninstalled and reinstalled but the se thing was happening Too bad I am using another app now        Too bad
every time I tried to enter time on a project Too bad Seemed like a good app otherwise     Crashes
Id like to say the app is good but I cant log in I get a message requesting I reset my password due to multiple failed login attempts I do the password reset and am able to successfully login via web browser but as soon as I try again from the app it locks me out again due to multiple failed password attempts Very frustrating     Bug with Password Reset
Loving the new home screen nice design changes                 Still great
Who likes preparing expense reports Not me Until now This is a great app                 Excellent
Continues to tell me to reset my password     Not working
I too am getting the too many failed attempts message wasnt me Tried the pw reset but that was also unsuccessful Dont waste your time with this one Their app infrastructure doesnt seem very robust and Im worried about personal data security as well        Locked out
Got this app this morning uploaded one receipt and for the last 4 hours it has read smart scanning in progress Glad I didnt pay for it     Doesnt smart scan properly
If you need to track expenses why arent you using this app It tracks everything beautiful and with ease Use it                 If you need it its great
For some reason at the end of March Expensify stopped pulling expenses from my capital one credit card The system was working perfectly for years and all of a sudden it just stopped Ive been going back and forth with support for a month and there is no fix in sight Forget about the fact for the moment that Ive had to tell my story a gazillion timesand that they wont correspond with me in any way besides email no matter how complicated the problem may be Its completely useless to me if it doesnt pull those expenses from the credit card Uploading a CSV is too timeconsuming and it doesnt automatically attach receipts     Furious

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