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Flipboard Inc. , brings Flipboard with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Flipboard app has been update to version 1.9.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and the lineup of reading material keeps getting better..
  • It makes your browsing experience like reading a Custom newspaper..
  • A glimpse towards the future of news and social networking interconnected..
  • Great time killer that targets interests..
  • The best evolution invention after creation of news paper..
Overall Satisfactionclick me94
This is one of the best news apps I have ever encountered.
Best news app out there - heck best way to consume content on iPad.
Why did they ruin the best news app.
I love this app one of the best iPad apps out there.
One of the great Fails in iPad apps.
This is without doubt the best RSS reader out there.
Horrible as an rss reader.
Best reading experience available for the iPhone / iPad.
It doesn't look pretty and undermines the reading experience.
Great app to view Facebook and all readable material.
Excellent app for aggregating your favorite sites and social media.
Thank you Flipboard for entertaining and informing me of objective news.
Fun & Engagingclick me92
Awesome news and content integration and functionality.
The magazines are gorgeous and I've gotten re- addicted to Flipboard.
It has a great UI and its super fun to use.
Usefulnessclick me95
Great way to stay informed with what you choose to stay informed with.
Great way to stay up to date on all things from news to fashion to technology.
I have everything in one place literally right at my fingertips.
I really like how this brings everything together in one place.
This is a very handy App for keeping up to date on any news subject.
I check Flipboard every day and look at what is new.
Read it every day a joy to flip through.
How I lived without for so long I'll never know.
Social Aspectsclick me96
Taking social media aggregation to the next leve.
Doesn't work with mainstream social media.
Great integration with social networks and offline reading services.
Production Valuesclick me95
Pus the added benefit that it just looks visually stunning.
Flipboard's interface is beautiful and the learning curb is extremely small.
Most user friendly and amazing interface.
Amazing and stunning app with rich contents.
Ease of Useclick me81
easy to flip through and read Facebook and many of my favorite sites.
Impossible to flip through sections or articles.
and allow Flipboard to organize the information in an easy to read format.
Impossible to re -sort the items in the right rail.
It's like having 1000 magazines rolled into one convenient place.
Great to use because of its easy navigation - functions beautifully.
The simple and intuitive design compelled me back again and again.
Beautiful and intuitive way to browse news and my other favorite sites.
It's pretty awesome checking everything in one simple app.
It aggregates all my news sources and more in one convenient place.
Reliabilityclick me49
Ads not Intrusiveclick me43
Annoying ads.
Security & Privacyclick me88
I use it to access my Google reader account the most.
and my google reader account in a print-like format.
But this past weekend it completely deleted my Google Reader account.
The Flipboard account syncs my iPhone with my iPad.
On 3/19/14 I finally created a flipboard account.
Updates & Supportclick me100
Have been waiting for the iPhone version for a while.
waiting for the iPhone version to show up.
I like the iphone version better than the ipad version.
The iPhone app is even better than the iPad app'.


Flipboard is the world`s first social magazine. Your Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. And it’s an incredible place to discover fresh content from around the Twittersphere.


Flipboard brings the timeless layout of print media to social media. No more scrolling through long lists of posts and links. No more jumping back and forth between websites. Your Flipboard is everything you care about in one place. It`s your magazine. It`s your Flipboard.

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Use of the Flipboard Application is governed by the Flipboard Terms of Use (


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Flipboard for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Flipboard app version 1.9.6 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Flipboard check developer Flipboard Inc.`s website :


Best way to consume news that I can think of on any platform. found in 124 reviews
This is a very handy App for keeping up to date on any news subject. found in 44 reviews
Great news aggregator app with immense potential. found in 181 reviews
Best news app out there - heck best way to consume content on iPad. found in 1504 reviews
Quite simply the best news reading app currently on the Appstore. found in 147 reviews
Great app for tech news or whatever your looking foot. found in 78 reviews
It's my news and entertainment wrapped into one awesome app. found in 40 reviews
this is the best news reader app in the AppStore. found in 326 reviews
Great concept and a great way to keep up with news and happenings. found in 48 reviews
Great app to view Facebook and all readable material. found in 78 reviews
Great way to stay up to date on all things from news to fashion to technology. found in 272 reviews
This is one of the best news apps I have ever encountered. found in 1660 reviews
Flipboard Review - The Ultimate Newsfeed App. found in 44 reviews
The content is limitless and all my favorite blogs are available. found in 55 reviews
It tells me the latest news before the newspapers. found in 130 reviews
Love this app beautiful layout and great formatting. found in 48 reviews
Great information app with a wide variety of news topics. found in 34 reviews
Instapaper integration allows you to save interesting articles. found in 62 reviews
it's an amazing way to explore your interests and share them seamlessly. found in 44 reviews
Random crashes on iOS 8. found in 8 reviews
But flipboard crashes a lot which detracts from the experience. found in 13 reviews
- Internet connection issues without a previously made account. found in 116 reviews
then open flipboard. found in 25 reviews
Cant be difficult to login or share to Facebook just as easy. found in 15 reviews
the " open in safari " option does absolutely nothing when I choose it. found in 16 reviews
I wish there was a way to block twitter feeds. found in 19 reviews
Why can't we have more than three main pages. found in 10 reviews
Buggy google reader support since last pass account registration. found in 11 reviews
2014 was to allow video Ads to run. found in 10 reviews
the app doesn't let you to add/modify content providers. found in 16 reviews
Just wish you could add more pages to view. found in 20 reviews
Internet connection error message. found in 11 reviews
I only wish you could save or share articles without Twitter. found in 13 reviews
Offline mode would be nice for airplane and subway time. found in 9 reviews
is that it constantly crashes on my original iPad. found in 17 reviews
I'm not jail broken. found in 12 reviews
but since the iOS 8 update all it does is crash. found in 12 reviews
I'm sorry but your browser isn't anywhere close to Safari quality. found in 18 reviews
Can't even set it up as it won't connect to the Internet. found in 35 reviews
Internet connection error message displays after selecting some categories. found in 116 reviews
Constantly crashes ever since I upgraded to iOS 7. found in 52 reviews
• Categories or keywords don't serve inferior content to Zite. found in 26 reviews
Now I can not save articles to Pocket. found in 23 reviews
Can't even create a flipboard account from the flipboard website. found in 27 reviews
Impossible to re -sort the items in the right rail. found in 41 reviews
Please allow offline reading for all my magazines and sources again. found in 34 reviews
I don't want The independent review or Fox News either. found in 21 reviews
Flipboard seems to love left wing propaganda. found in 25 reviews
they seem to have their twitter/fb connection issues sorted. found in 17 reviews
Don't waste your time: always says it's over capacity. found in 28 reviews
It seems the new flipboard app has been terribly managed. found in 22 reviews
You can only add one twitter account - WTF. found in 24 reviews
no way to block sources and articles I have no interest in. found in 19 reviews
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Great idea Seems pretty simple             Review
Flipboard is really practical when it comes to scanning and reading the news It allows me to quickly flip through news articles and read just the ones Im interested in Furthermore it allows me to select what type of articles I want displayed for example I like tech articles but not sports articles so I can specify that only tech articles and not sports articles be displayed Great app However a search feature is needed It APPEARS to have a search feature BUT IT DOES NOT work well I typed in computers apple and an iPhone article comes up what                Brilliant however
Moving from Zite it was a bit different in look and feel however the application definitely is intuitive to use                Intuitive and cool
This app is very useful at times when I miss the morning news and my friends all have it so we share and debate the things on here that we all follow Although its a little tough to figure out its still worth the space on my device                Very good
If you like social media then this a great app for a person that enjoys absorbing information             Much better then I expected
Pretty cool you can get the latest news on subjects that interest you                Useful if used right
This app is excellent in more than one way I use it to check out everything I am interested in as well as quick glances at social posts It is great to have all this in one app                Excellent
Flipboard is absolutely amazing It is hands down my go to app for all my news I am constantly updating my friends with the latest news on Xbox Apple political news and sooooo much more I love it                Fabulous App
I learn something new everyday and that makes me happy             Love It
Disappointing user experience with this reading app I hate this very unfriendly to users who have multiple interests very limiting to read Zite is so intuitive to use this is not Yuck    Dont give a flip
I cannot understand why anyone would choose this interface over Zites Why make this look like a magazine Why make us enter different portals to get the stories we want Zitesimple to use full of what I want to read intuitive Flipboardaggravating time consuming clumsy    Boo
The concept is only a few months old to me and has become my favorite app It fits my needs perfectly Thanks Flipboard                Very pleased with Flip
I love flipboard It has replaced my other time wasting apps you know the ones you go to when youre waiting in line or have five minutes to kill But rather than playing angry birds Im reading interesting relevant news articles or learning more about the things I love Its been fascinating to see how well flipboard has learned my likes and interests Sometimes with articles that match two or three things Im interested in                My most used app
I love using this app                
Been using it since it came out Love the layout Keep making good stuff guys Flip board is my favorite app on my phone and tablet                Awesome app
The best app for News on all Topics                Awesome
Clipboard is very informative             Informative
An overall solid app with a few bugs that get more annoying with time First the flip doesnt work right about 25 of the time So you just get into an article and page 2 flips tohalf of page 2 and half of page 4 Very agitating Second no way to perfect you preferences with a likedislike tool But I do enjoy the app heres to hoping that they at least fix the flipping problem          Good not great
I love this app Quick access to stories Im interested in and introduces me to topics I might not have read about otherwise Very user friendly and I appreciate the notifications                Love it
Love the way I can personalize the contents ideas news in one platform Its my 21 century magazine                Its my companion
I really like this app It summarizes lots of main news articles which may not be free if you visit their websites or apps I support this app                JJ
this is great I feel its design is so cool and good news for readers very good app                very good app
Dentro de mis favoritas             100 recomendable
Do I swish down do I swish right Where are my topics all neatly arranged Too many ads Too flashy F bought Zite why doesnt F use some of that very intuitive functionality that is the essence of Zite I just want my Zite please dont take it away Thanks    Give us our Zite back
Love it                Good
Great app to read news from all over the spectrum             Love the consolidation of news
When flipboard bought zite I was hoping it would take the best features and integrate them into their app Hopefully after a year they will get it right             Almost as good as site
Update Other than the overlysocial trend and silly notifications Flipboard is still the best news magazine aggregator Old Review Great app to organize all ones social media and interests feeds videos etc together in one place Love how I can edit and order my sites as I wish The cover screens are very attractive in summary best app of its kind out there Highly recommend                Love it
This app is great for staying current on all events                Great
My favorite app                Nice
Wide variety of articles Fun to read A little difficult to navigate             Fun
Love the chatting with friends                Love it
Love it             Good app
I check and read from Flipboard more than LinkedIn Its a big deal for me because I just dont get into social stuff and only joined LI five months ago and Fb only one month ago I love the diversity of the articlesbecause I picked the topics Great idea and I love it The app works great on my phone and tablet                Addicted to flipboard
Not a real big news reader but I chose this app so I could choose the type of news I wanted to read Easy to use and all aspects seem to work well within the program                Works well for my needs
Of late there are times on a regular basis and more often than not when it either loads so extremely slowly or not at all And im gradually just not even bothering with the app altogether    Unreliable
The very best                Flipboard
Since I had this app I had no complains Since I updated the app it crashes very often I shouldve never upgraded since I didnt had this crashing problem before Hope they post this warning for those who have not upgraded yet My advice dont upgrade       Never crash now it does
Flipboard has become so indispensable its the app I use the most on my iPad Its so enjoyable to get highquality carefully curated news just the way I want At this early stage its also vastly superior to Apples own News app still in beta as I write this reviewOne issue As of the last few weeks emails I send of articles dont reach any recipients Please fix             Almost perfect
A really quick and easy way to scan the headlines and find stories worth reading                Quick Easy
Love it                Awesome
Provides a good product all ways a time well spent             My experience
I use it on my Galaxy S5 and my iPad Great selection and awesome suggestions Would love to see a robust text to voice so I could listen while driving                I love this app
I love this app It is clean simple and elegant and packs a lot of power in it A real pleasure for keeping up with Facebook feeds Adding Linked In having all major social networks in one place is fantastic It is great to create my own magazines                Simply Elegant
Great content easy to manageadjust feeds great UI                Simple and easy
Love this app I can access content from across media and content channels by topic Makes for enjoyable reading for me each day                Great personal curator
I check it everyday it includes Twitter AP news BBC all the major news sources It also helps me stay on top of photography photographs that are inspiring and photographers Its easy to use it has a great layout The only reason it doesnt get 5 stars is because if Im in an article and the app refreshes it leaves the article and I have to flip through to find it again There should be a notification like in Facebook or Twitter where it lets you know there are new stories so you can go to them when your ready             This is my 1 news source
I love the app but some how articles not opening on clicking them today          Definitely more informative
In previous versions of Flipboard you could select your news sources now you can just select topics Would rather not waste pixels or space on Fox News items Other than that handy app          Miss being able to select resources
If only they can make Zite as one of the topics category or a magazineIll be a flipper forever will give it 5 100 stars Like how Zite applies its curation logic on the things I like and present it in a simple straight forward manner          I like this App but prefer Zite


Flipboard Inc.
Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.9.6
iPhone iPad

iOS Flipboard 1.9.6 Mobile

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