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foursquare , brings foursquare with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. foursquare app has been update to version 5.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Overall Satisfactionclick me68
and I especially love being the mayor of establishments in my town.
What happened to being the mayor.
Use this app all the time better than facebook.
I enjoy using this app and love seeing where my friends are.
Thanks Foursquare team for making a great product.
Thanks foursquare for ruining your ap.
I love earning badges and finding discounts to local businesses.
Foursquare offers great recommendations on places to go in town.
I also love reading the reviews posted by other Foursquare users.
Love the coupons that I've been able to benefit from also.
Fun & Engagingclick me57
It's fun to compete with friends and discover new places with Foursquare.
You have now became greedy trying to compete with Facebook.
Way Fun to try and steal mayorships and out badge your friends.
Foursquare developer needs to try again.
Fun to play with friends and some businesses give great discounts when checked in.
It's easy to get addicted to checking into every last place.
Super fun and a great competition between your friends.
It's fun and useful seeing other peoples tips about places.
Foursquare is awesome and badges make worth it.
The idea behind Foursquare is awesome but the app is awful.
Have loved 4Sq since the beginning - tons of fun and super awesome.
Usefulnessclick me78
It's fun and useful seeing other peoples tips about places.
It's been so fun and helpful finding places and phone numbers.
Especially useful with new format showing helpful tips and nearby suggestions.
I get yelled at for being the mayor of everything.
Family Friendlyclick me89
Also great to keep up with friends and family and see what there up to.
I find foursquare a good way to keep up with friends and family.
Repeat Valueclick me51
Gets boring after a while.
Social Aspectsclick me69
It's fun to compete with friends and discover new places with Foursquare.
You have now became greedy trying to compete with Facebook.
Great for keeping up with friends and fun competing for mayorships and badges.
I don't Check-in to keep up with friends.
The only social media platform that makes social sense.
Fun little game/ way to stay in touch with what your friends are doing.
but I'll find another way to stay in touch with businesses and friends.
Foursquare is a great way to stay connected and learn about new places.
Great social app with friends & useful tips.
No longer a useful social tool for me.
Love it helps me meet new people places and things.
I wish more people would give up Facebook for 4 Square.
Production Valuesclick me79
Love the new interface as well as the direction FS is going.
I love the new interface and how it is still a game.
Ease of Useclick me72
Cool app very simple and fun.
It's a simple and fun app.
Reliabilityclick me61
Security & Privacyclick me62
I decided to un-link this from my twitter account.
I use it often with my twitter account.
I keep getting the same error when linking my twitter account.
Just make sure your privacy settings are set up.
The privacy settings and options are great.
Not a big fan of apps that don't have privacy settings.
Updates & Supportclick me48
Wish they'd make an iPad app tho.
Customer service is excellent.
No customer service re: deleting duplicate venues or changing address.
Batteryclick me37
this new version is draining my battery life.


foursquare helps you find new ways to explore your city. See where your friends are, learn about the places they frequent and unlock rewards as you travel through the city.


foursquare is now available worldwide.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download foursquare for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.2.3 has been released on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about foursquare check developer foursquare`s website :

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foursquare itself is a great website I love the way it works and everything but this app is terrible on the iPad as i try to navigate the bar on the bottom search saved me starts to move upward every time I click something new the bar moves up a little more the box that pops up with the information on the right only goes down as low as that bar so the higher the bar moves the less I can see eventually it gets about 34 of the way up my screen and I can only see about an inch of the information in the box this is absolutely ridiculous    bug on iPad
I used to LOVE this app But ever since they took away the ability to checkin to a place it lost its shininess Now you have to use a completely separate app to check inwhos bloody bad idea was that Ugh I have been on here in some timethought Id give it a try again       Hate that cant checkin via Foursquare anymore
You have a consistent crash when tapping on the mapdetails from a venue screen Some info starts loading and then the app crashes every time So for example I cant book with open title ride with uber or get directions because that screen crashes before I can tap it dmzza on Twitter if you want more info                Love the app hate the crash
I use 4square everyday to find the best places to eat and drink in NYC                Best App
I use it alot n                awesome
Still hating the fact that I need to keep Swarm installed JUST to check in Is this really necessary Why dont you make Foursquare and Swarm a 2 in 1 app Join the two apps would be so much better Swarm is useless    Love 4square Hate Swarm
Read the title Anywhere you go this is the best travel and food recommendation app out there by far Numbers dont lie locals go to the places they like and foursquare knows what you like                Best discovery app out there
I used to love Forsquare but after installing Swarm Foursquare is now broken Even after uninstalling both apps and reinstalling Foursquare it stopped sending notifications It really blows nowIt just gets worse and worse I want the old FourSquare backFourSquare just asked me to write another review It still isnt as good as version 1 was They really broke a great app    Swarm Broke Foursquare
Love the direction Foursquare is going in now Break off the OCDsocial game stuff the average person eg me isnt interested in and focus on recommendations for what I most likely would like right now Keep crunching that data and giving me even better recs                Recommendations recommendations recommendations
I find Yelp is easier to use and has more info Also it seems a bunch of FourSquare tips are from 2011 Outdated Not current at all Stick with Yelp my friends    Dont like it
Love this app found several new places to visit and still working on more                Get it
Im unable to launch current version of app Tapping icon on desktop causes reboot of iPhone 6    Fail
I like everything about this app the reviews the maps the lists the rankings Only problem is I wish that when you were giving a review that you werent forced to always answer the same dumb questions Is there parking No there are hardly any restaurants in Chicago that have parking lots but theres always street parking and you can walk to the restaurant I dont know how to answer this question I wish they asked you more intelligent questions so that Foursquare had even better data to use in ranking different places against each other             Very reliable
Bring back the mayor aspect of the app It was a fun competitive feature that made me want to check in everywhere Seriously       Bring Back the Mayorships
Its the best you can find                The Best
Great app for triggering your life history Could be very helpful in some cases Thank you                5star app
Stop locking out the high volume checkins Dont deny it either Let users play however they want to without you watching over and policing how we play You have rules so let them govern the play Also quit blocking users from adding friends and friends of friends Users should be able to send friend requests to whomever and as many as is desired If I want to stop another user from requesting my friendship then I will block them myself You create this app and then apply a communistic environment and thats no good       FourSquare Quirky
It has completely replaced yelp for me The reviews and tips are so much more accurate and the search suggestions it pulls up are much more in line with my tastes I also love how small and intimate the social network part of it is It feels like a more omniscient version of myself telling me all the places I will like Im also obsessed with the lists feature I live in New York and there is no way I can remember all the new cool restaurants and bars I hear about from friends Lists lets me save the places I want to go to Then when I find myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood looking for a spot to eatdrink I use lists to remind me of the nearby places I want to try Keep it up foursquare Youre making the world a more personal place                Im hooked
I love this app I love that it gives you a wide range of places to choose from If your ever looking for somewhere to go just go on this app and see whats near by Thumbs up for me                No Complaints
Thanks for continued update to the app Its getting better and better Especially on cleaning it back up so its easier to use on the go Saving a place is still only saves to the saved places and doesnt give an option to save to a specific list from the business page have to go saved list then find the business on the saved list and then open menu to move to specific list A 34 step process that used to be one step             Better with each update
My Todo List is now pretty lengthy Would be excellent if I could search this list for what Im in the mood for in a particular moment Usually ice creamNeed more users to review places and leave tips Yelp still has an advantage over Foursquare with this How will Foursquare manage to create a better tipsgiving tipssharing culture through its UI             Search through your Saved Lists Sad tip jar
The dumbest move youve ever made was separating your app into 2 You diluted your fans and now hows that working out Stupid    Whyd you separate the app
This app is amazing you can discover new restaurant and places wherever you are and also check out their menu and prices images taking by customers and rates given by people I will definitely recommend this app Always worked for me                I love this
This ap was so cute when you could earn badges Now its just like every other ap I want to use it and Im always open to new things Now youre encouraging people to collect coins like gambling What happened to my POOL levels It was so cute What demographic are you catering to Guys dont really care for it its not cute for girls Is it grandmas you want to check in because who else has time to do a two step checking process The moment is gone because you snap it    Remove coins unoriginal
I used to live eat and breathe foursquare Suddenly its difficult to get to my lists of must haves and worse to add to them I dont want to save places not just in a go for it bucket I want to categorize them and when Im in a mood I want to review my categorized options Why would you keep me from doing that foursquare Is it something I said Is there something going on at home that you want to talk about No Really Youre just going to do perfectly fine preexisting functionality wrong like that by walking away from a previously established process like it was a bad habit even when adding a save to list feature after hitting save would work just as well Woah Fine Thats just fine I see how it is youre all full of yourself now that youve become two apps I get it I get it you dont have time for me anymore and you just want to cater to all the basic btches Whatever dude sure lets stay friends just know that Ill be calling you whoresquare behind your back    Youve Changed
Really great when out and about when you want to find good restaurants or activities nearby App can be a little unintuitive but you quickly get used to it I barely even check other services now                Great for Exploration
Amazing                Amazing
Foursquare is a must right up there with Twitter and Facebook and Vine highly recommended                One of the best apps to download
Location services need some work Its always popping up asking if Im near a place thats not nearby    Needs work
I know its not the apps fault but almost all the restaurants that I searched had reviews from 2012 Nothing relevant from 2015 therefore not helpful when looking on here          Outdated reviews
Please add a part for more information about a place Some place needs a bit info             Add a info Part
This app is so not user friendly and has barely and places on it Dont waste your storage on this app    TERRIBLE
Ive been a foursquare user since 2010 I didnt like the split between Swarm and Foursquare It took my favorite apps and made two watered down versions Now finally both Swarm and Foursquare have come into their own I like foursquares recommendations better than Yelp My two issues are the home screen UI is still a jumbled mess and they should make it clearer when a place has closed for good I went to a sushi place that was recommended only to find it had closed 6 months ago             Better
Worst ui Ive seen in an app What did you do to it    Screwed with a good thing
Foursquare must change its name to 5Square                4great
Its a great app to use if you are on the go and It allows you to check in places                Great app
Its been useful in most countries Ive visited recommendations likes feedback on places has been helpful I guess its just more popular in some regions and in others its struggling Dont dismiss it             A helpful guide around the world
By far the best app for finding restaurants snacks coffee and most everything else Foursquare keeps getting better every iteration I cant say enough good things about it                Foursquare dominates location apps
Every time I try to find the directions to where I want to go I have 2 seconds to screen shot it because otherwise the app exists out for no freaking reason and its so annoying cause then I have to go use google maps to fine it again other wise good app          Good but annoying
Love this app but I like the old 4 square better                Fun
Love using the app but when I launch it on Apple Watch the app name shows as FoursquareWatchKitApp But other than that everything is working great             Fantastic but Apple Watch Problem
And now you dont even need to create an account to get started                The best local recommendations
I still love this application This along with Facebook I use for my check ins Use this and Poynt for exploration I feel it has gotten a bit complicated because now you have split FourSquare into that and Swarm I understand that FourSquare has expanded but maybe it didnt have to split I will roll with it because it is what it is and am still working to understand it Keep it going                A Little Complicated
I would say 35 star I would give a higher rate if there is a list of cuisine to choose from          Type of cuisine
Loads Lists but when I tap on restaurant to view I am kicked out of the app Nice idea but not onMy iPhone    Doesnt Work
Truly incredible UIUX Gets better with every update Much more intimate experience than other reviewsearchrecommendation services                Genius
I like to stay informed about places I go to Foursquare reviews are from live customers who voice their opinions about various establishments                Best features of Foursquare
And it was just as innovative then Whenever Im in a new city this is the first app I open I am now in charge of all meals when traveling with family They are just as pleased                It was once called dodgeball
Its best                Hi
I love this app its just thinks that Im in Bothell Washington instead of Marysville and it wont let me change it Rest of it is amazing             Love it needs work


Social Networking
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 5.2.3
iPhone iPad

iOS foursquare 5.2.3 Mobile

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