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Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the publisher behind many iOS app (Game your Video ,Boom: Best Equalizer & Magical Surround Sound ,Boom 2 Remote ,Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing ,Boom 3D: The Best Virtual Surround Audio ,Boom 2: The Best Audio Enhancement App), brings Game your Video with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Game your Video app has been update to version 1.03 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and is perfect for stop motion..
  • Love video editing features..
  • apply visual and sound effects while recording live as well..
  • The best video editor I ever seen in App Store..
  • Works great with video fx app..

Overall Satisfactionc89
The best video editing app ever has lots of cool effects.
This is the worst editing app EVER.
This is by far one of the best video editing applications.
some people complain how its not better than imovie.
Needs an Update to fix everything.
it does not allow you to save it in HD quality.
I freaking love this app it's perfect.
i fricken love it.
Fun & Engagingc83
The best video editor I ever seen in App Store.
Not complicated to get awesome effects applied to video - straight for.
My sisters and I make movies all the time with this app.
lot's of fun.
This app is just awesome with the variety of effects and everything.
There are all theese different effects and everything.
This app is really helpful and easy.
Production Valuesc73
Hope it add more effects.
The best video editing app ever has lots of cool effects.
Ease of Usec89
Amazingly easy to use.
tech crunch aims to make mobile video editing as simple as possible.
Convenient and fun.
A simple tool for transforming your videos.
Very fun and intuitive.
Updates & Supportc73
Nee iPhone 5 version.

This is by far one of the best video editing applications. found in 99 reviews
Its the best free video editing app iv ever tried. found in 5 reviews
It's a nice app but crashes every time I try to reverse the video. found in 3 reviews
but I will really like it if you can fix the crash. found in 2 reviews
Please try to fix this I really need it. found in 8 reviews
Audio doesn't work on import. found in 3 reviews
I love it all but can someone help to save it to my camera roll. found in 87 reviews
Please fix this or I won't be using this app anymore. found in 2 reviews
and there's no option to save to camera roll. found in 85 reviews
So PLEASEEE PLEASEE PLEASEE fix A. found in 2 reviews
I cant save it on my camera roll. found in 5 reviews
I like it but now every time I try to join videos it crashes. found in 12 reviews
also please remove the water mark. found in 11 reviews
This app doesn't allow you to save your edited video to camera roll. found in 2 reviews
it keeps crashing when i try to join together videos. found in 12 reviews
It just needs a TIME LAPSE icon :. found in 2 reviews
Cool app but increase video resolution for HD support. found in 1 reviews
it won't let me save the videos to my camera roll. found in 21 reviews
i wish you could hear the audio from one of the screens. found in 2 reviews
However it has been crashing EVERYTIME i try and upload a video. found in 3 reviews
4- make it load faster while saving to camera roll. found in 85 reviews
It keeps glitching and won't let me copy videos to my camera roll. found in 87 reviews
Forces you to turn on location services. found in 7 reviews
Every time I try to join videos together it crashes. found in 12 reviews
Please next update REMOVE the watermark. found in 11 reviews
Why i can't save the video please help me. found in 21 reviews
Needs an Update to fix everything. found in 8 reviews

The Game your Video is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 24.6 MB to download. The new Game your Video app version 1.03 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Game your Video in Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd`s Official Website :

Won the "Macworld Best of Show 2012"Everybody loves games and finds them engaging. Now control your videos like a live game. Game your Video changes the video world and makes it easy, quick, fun ...
Thanks Ray                 thank you gemsonfleep
This was a good app still is but now is more basic Before everything was great Now it only lets u use basic tools and if u want any of the other tools it barges u and the new update has WATERMARK letters on top of ur video It didnt before MIGHT AS WELL USE ANY OF THE OTHER TOTALLY FREE APPS     i USE to like this app NOT ANY MORE
Okay so I am an Instagram sports video editor and I use Game Your Video for effects Now I absolutely love the color and lens effects I have not yet purchased to remove the watermark but if you get more effects like the lens and color effects I will most definitely purchase the removable watermark because they make my edits so much cooler Please read this I am not a fan of the flavors but the effects themselves are beautiful Please make more similar to Lens and Color Thank you for your time              MAKERS PLEASE READ
I truly like this App if done right You can truly have so many possibilities to something so simple                 TRANSFORMER
I use this app for everything but I usually use it for cutting Today I tried to cut a video and every time I finished cutting and clicked the check mark it said there was an error and now I cant cut any videos Please fix as soon as possible     PLEASE FIX CUTTING GLITCH
I love this app but it wont turn the camera around otherwise its amazing              I but
I love this app for affects Especially because I make Instagram video edits                 Great
I like it cause you can change and make effects and so much more                 Like
Its amazing                
I have so much fun cropping videos and all the effects just make my vids better i definetly love it                 love it
I edited my video but when I click Library the app crashes Please fix this ASAP        It was good then bad
Really why do you need the location I dont like this app     Really
I am a youtuber I have been using this app for a year I I toilet recommenders if you want to improve your you to bring life I really recommend using this one this app or every school arm I really do recommend it please its all its very with it I hope you guys love this app as much as I do                 The best
It messes up the Quality plzz fix           The best but
Tbh I love this I use it to change the voice and the speed You should do a target color so that changes like a rainbow That would be easier than video starFollow me on Instagram sixgals                 Love this
Anybody knows how to save ur video on this app           Umm
I really like this app I downloaded viva video and couldnt stand it so hard to use and has so many pop ups I love this app because I could add a transition using on clip but viva video I have to use several I make video edits this is really helpful but pls add more effects overall its really great              Great app
UPDATE THE ICON                
I remember when you didnt have to pay to remove the watermarkI will not pay basically a dollar to remove it either this app is great but I will stop using it as a few of my friends have because of the watermark issue           great but
Love this                
Im loving this its amazing                 Greatness
Greatest app ever created love it Has been on my phone the longest compared to other apps Thats how worthy and wonderful this app is                 Greatest app
Its okay but I wanted it to record my game but noooo and the app is amazing but this isnt what I was looking for please who ever made this is okay but need to make people more happy        Okay But I CANT RECORD THE FREAKIN GAME
I CAN MAKE INTROS NOW                 Wow
Great                 Great
Just make ur video and then use video crop to crop the water mark out By the way if you could search up AwesomeSportsVideos on Instagram and follow it that would make my day                 How to Remove Water Mark 4 Free
So first of all I love the app and the features but the thing I really hate is how you guys give the crappy effects such as chap line and 9mm for free instead of hip hop and the electric music thing for video edits can you please give more better effects or at least give out hip hop and electric for free so I can make intros be interesting before I delete this app THIS IS A RECOMMENDATIONS        PLEASE READ
great app                 amazing
Use the app video crop for to remove the watermark without paying easy and less wasteful           How to get rid of watermark
This game is awesome and I like the effects and all but whenever I try to click on something it sends me right back to the homepage but beside that this game is awesome                 Awesome but
Program needs Enter the patch because when it comes out alone and cut property Video unfortunately not so good I hope the patch    
This doesnt record games It just does editing of videos Why does no one offer a screen recording app This shouldnt be rocket science     Misleading
Fun and easy                 Love it
Its awesome i use it to make vine edits but the only problem i have with it is that at the end the vine blackens out and the music and video fades then goes back to the beginning it messes up the perfect loop i keep trying to do im just asking for u to take the fading at the end away              Please Read
I love this app It has made my channel grow so much on YouTube But lately I havent been able to download my edited videos from your app It always says error occurred and it doesnt save Please Fix              Awesome But one major problem
This app is really cool Is like one of the best video editor beside iMovie and Flipagram and stuff Is very unique and not basic like other apps which is vey cool and fun to play with I am very happy with this app until you have to pay for this separate addition like to remove a watermark or add a text I get it that you want to put the watermark so more people could use the app which is why I hate watermark because people will start copying you and at the same time i be having way I many watermark on my video but it be more legit if the text were free and I understand if removing the watermark meaning you have to pay for it But there should also be like another exact same app but the paid version and it unlock everything And adding music or audio should be more easier But other than that everything is great                 Amazing But
This app is the business So cool to play with                 Man
Game your video is great I love it                 Game your video
This app is very great I use it every time I make videos The thing I dont like is how much stuff I need to buy to get the full experience of this app              Its a great app but
I try to save it to my camera roll but when I go to my photos nothing is there Can you fix it or tell me how I can fix it              Saving
Fun app to use to spice and jazz up videos                 Great App
Best thing to edit videos                 Edited my YT videos
Free games got greedy this app used to be great but now it has limited feature please developers fix this        Not worth it got greedy
its a good app and all but im on iPhone 4 and it crashes more than a beta test        ok
I use this for all of my video editing since I record on my mobile device I love the fading feature if you join 2 or more clips Great app overall                 I LOVE this app
This app is the best app that you will ever use to edit a video                 Best app ever
I love it                 BEST GAME EVER
The app crashes every time I open it please FIX IT     BAD
Its a amazing app                 Awsome
It gave us trouble when we paid 1 99 on voice over it said we did not purciase and then finally after multiple tries it worked           Okay

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