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Grizzly Software , brings Genius Scan with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Genius Scan app has been update to version 3.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • And email them to myself instantly..
  • Real good utility for consultants..
  • Makes record keeping or backing up a breeze..
  • It makes expenses & scanning so easy Fabulous productivity tool..
  • This app truly turns your iPhone into a portable scanner..

Overall Satisfactionc89
I can create very high quality scans and send them to email.
Best free scanner app for scanning persian document.
works surprisingly well and exports high- quality PDFs.
Does a great job cleaning up and de-skewing.
Thanks for a great product.
I would highly recommend this app to anybody I know.
Fun & Engagingc92
Use it all the time to scan receipts for expense reports.
It's probably the productivity app I use most on my iPhone.
I use it all the time for work and personal organization.
Awesome utility for scanning and keeping all documents.
I love genius scan and use it almost every day.
Easy to scan everything from old photos to favorite magazine articles.
I use it everyday for work and personal scans.
Easy to use and highly useful free app.
This has to be one of the most useful apps out there.
I use it nearly every day.
Essential tool that makes keeping track of expenses a breeze.
Production Valuesc100
The new interface is more intuitive.
This stunning app does the work that I am expecting.
This stunning app does a phenomenal work.
Ease of Usec86
happy to have found an easy to use application that produces quality PDF's.
Being able to adjust scan field is very useful & powerful tool.
Straightforward to use and works like a charm.
easy to export to whatever file storage system you use.
The app crashes when you try to export a scanned document.
This app is super convenient for sharing paper documents.
easy to search.
the best part is filing them in categories for easy retrieval.
Security & Privacyc83
-please add optional password protection for viewing the documents.
The only thing I would suggest is password protection.
Updates & Supportc72
wish that it would come out in an iPad version.
how about a full-blood iPad version.
No iCloud sync or iPad version.
Works simply as described and quick customer service.
Awesome customer service.

Tracking receipts for reimbursement from a business couldn't be easier. found in 12 reviews
Really very helpful to take and email images of white boards. found in 12 reviews
Clear scans saved or uploaded to a multitude of spots. found in 7 reviews
Wonderful business travel and for emailing documents on the run. found in 37 reviews
Now I feel bad for paying for Pocket Scanner. found in 5 reviews
This is the perfect application for capturing whiteboards into PDF files. found in 23 reviews
Huge time saver and organizational aid. found in 48 reviews
It converts the scan to PDF or jpg which is great. found in 8 reviews
One of the most productive apps I have in my iPhone. found in 5 reviews
Makes iPhone an even more powerful business tool. found in 17 reviews
I can make multi page PDFs and email then very easily. found in 34 reviews
This app is perfect for students or any kind of professional. found in 8 reviews
Great scanning and archiving app. found in 30 reviews
It nicely converts my expense receipts to PDF format. found in 24 reviews
eliminates the need for a scanner and the PDF files look crisp. found in 6 reviews
Great app for submitting receipts while traveling for expense reporting. found in 8 reviews
User friendly and makes life and business much easier. found in 42 reviews
Great for scanning framed photos and large documents. found in 127 reviews
I've been using it for over a year and it always works as expected. found in 3 reviews
Its also great for expense reports requiring scanned receipts. found in 178 reviews
No iCloud sync or iPad version. found in 3 reviews
Open in iBooks function doesn't work. found in 5 reviews
If it can be improved for 3G owners. found in 2 reviews
problem freezing-& I didn't do IOS 8 update. found in 5 reviews
the trash the paper copies in a recycle bin. found in 4 reviews
Kindly fix bug asap. found in 2 reviews
Now new
Needs a few features - don't like their email tag line. found in 2 reviews
Would give it 5 if I could add notes. found in 2 reviews
is great but recently started getting memory and server errors. found in 1 reviews
It freezes when you try to take another photo. found in 3 reviews
It spins and spins when trying to turn the document to PDF. found in 4 reviews
The new update freezes on iOS 7. found in 1 reviews
Does not work with IOS 8. found in 5 reviews
I use this app constantly. found in 6 reviews
no more running around looking for a fax. found in 4 reviews
Great product except …. found in 2 reviews
it comes out blurry about 1/3 of the time. found in 2 reviews
Terrible since iPhone update. found in 2 reviews
I finally had to open it in Acrobat on my computer. found in 13 reviews
Still on iOS 7 now freezes after photo scan. found in 12 reviews
Worked great until most recent IOS 8 update. found in 5 reviews
the image looks like vomit and you can barely read text. found in 4 reviews
Does not work with IOS 8 - yet. found in 5 reviews
Scanned Files cannot be emailed. found in 4 reviews
Just spins and spins after taking a photo and clicking 'use'. found in 4 reviews
Poor Image Processing. found in 6 reviews
Now has annoying ads. found in 2 reviews
Will not save to existing document anymore. found in 19 reviews
Terrible Scanner Pro is easier. found in 6 reviews
I click use and the app locks up processing. found in 5 reviews
But the ability to email is pretty vital. found in 4 reviews
But recently it crashes every time I try to save a document. found in 4 reviews
Scaling to email is broke on iPad mini and iPhone 4S. found in 3 reviews
Scanner works but you could basically just take a picture of a document. found in 10 reviews
anytime I try to take a picture it crashes. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download Genius Scan for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Genius Scan app version 3.0.4 has been updated on 2014-11-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Genius Scan check developer Grizzly Software`s website :

Recently 8 Free App in the US "This is an absolutely amazing app." - "Next time you plan to hit the road don't ...
Clearly this one was the best No watermark multipage documents and super easy to use Im incredibly thankful to the developers for making this app happen and making it as good as it is 5 stars Well done                 I tried about 5 other apps before I found this one
This app is so handy Its easy to use and produces good scans with a few useful editing and sending tools                 Perfect for quick scans
The first scan I tried appeared to work ok but surely layer when I tried to access the file it said the file had no pages The data was gone Good thing I could rescan with another program Certainly didnt work for me     Didnt take long to delete it
This app is everything you want it to be Its I credibly easy to snap a pic of a document adjust the borders and then email it to yourself for free I use this app all the time especially when I travel and recommend it to everyone                 Perfect
New IPhone unable to download previously bought genius scan app No option to contact company to ask Seem railroaded into buying app anew Unbelievably annoying     Rip off
So welldesigned and intuitive I love this app                 Just excellent
I was looking to create a pdf file with multiple pages and thought I would use a Microsoft app I thought wrong This app not only allows you to create a multiple page document it also enhances the picture clearly like it was scanned Office Lens did not have these features or if it did it was not at all intuitive If youre looking for quality and convenient scans choose this app                 This is WAY better than Office Lens
Genius Scan is the most used camera app other than Camera Its so intuitive and practical that I havent touched my flatbed for years At first I was drawn by the easy deskewing function Then they added more and more Cross hair Wifi sharing export to other apps These geniusesgenii really get mobile Best of all they keep upping their own game App Store Why you keeps losing my reviews                 Geniuses or is it Genii
I use this app all the time I like it because its straightforward reliable and its easy to use One of my favorites                 Great App
When you need to scan things in a pinch which happens more than you would think this app is the best                 Wonderful App Very Useful
Amazing app Ive had it for at least 3 years now over 2 phones and all my docs are still there Its a huge help when selling a house and people are always asking for this and that documentation              Love it
Really dumb     Schrott
Must be a Chinese translation how do you forget your fingerprints you need to fix the verbiage in your details of this app maybe leave it in just for laughs              If you forget your Fingerprints
Love this app So useful for anyone who has to scan and send documents almost everyone right Super easy to use but very powerful And the customer service is outstanding A musthave tool                 Indespensible App
It does what it says but I dont feel like the quality of the scans is that amazing           Just ok
I have been the app using for a while It is very easy to use It saves me a lot of time from having to find a fax machine somewhere to fax something                 Very good
Back up all my receipts and documents straight to my google drive                 Perfect
I does what it says and always gives the results I need Ive had it from day 1 and they consistently update and upgrade for a better product RE another update wow Its clear they want to be the top app They be workin hard yo                 It does what it says
I primarily use this app on my phone and it has been an absolute lifesaver sending docs to my attorneys accepted by all businesses requiring confidentiality It has saved countless hours having to run to Kinkos in the middle of the night                 Fantastica lifesaver
Good                 Great
Best                 I love it
Been using this app for several years over a few different travel jobs all of which have needed extensive expense tracking I take snap a picture of the receipt when I get it and it backs up to GDrive in case something happens to the receipt or my phone The new integrations are great Keep up the great work                 Perfect for Expense Tracking
I had one hour to scan about ten forms to my boss I was running behind because I received three of them late I dont have a scanner at home so I usually go to Kinkos and pay to use theirs but today they were both being used by customers with a huge stack of paperwork each I started to panic But then I wondered if there may be an app for that Thats when I found Genius Scan and Ive gotta tell you the name itself could not be more suitable                 This app just saved my life
Life changing This app makes scanning so easy you will never again want to use a desktop scanner                 This will make desktop scanners seem like a fax machine
Ive gone totally paperless thanks to this app Linked to my dropbox scan its on my computer Finish a dinner write a quick note on the receipt scan it leave it                 great app
Best app of its kind out there                 Best scanner
Must have Among my most used                 Instant Expense Receipt App
I bought the paid version using the inapp purchase option so that my wife and I can scan receipts Well these guys dont allow family sharing if the app was purchased from within the app Just wasted 7 Their advice just give us some more money and buy the actual app through the App Store     Bad etiquette
Ive used this app for years during grad school and after There is no equal and Ive tried a lot I prefer it over the professional scanner at the office because its easier and faster Many updates keep this app on the top of my scanning apps list                 Best Scanning App
Ive used the free version of Genius Scan for several years now and its flawless I have zero complaints and recommend it highly                 Flawless
Ive never given a review for an App but I felt I needed to let everyone know how amazing it is I drove to three libraries and a friends house looking for scanner and finally came across this app I took the pictures of my documents you crop it to the corners of the page and it changes the photo to what looks exactly like a scan You can take multiple pictures and they combine into one PDF and you can so easily send them right to your email Cant even explain how easy and perfect this app is One of the most convenient Ive ever used                 Amazing
I am a nursing student and need to submit dozens of forms proofs of immunizations and other such documents via electric copy However most of the time I have these in hard copy only This app allows me to quickly snap a picture and convert these documents into a PDF the preferred format and then I can email them to myself to be uploaded Whats better is that the same thing can be done for all of my school expense receipts so that I can keep an easy to track record for tax deductions Im sure I will find other uses for this in the future but right now this is how the app is helping me keep track of things and helping me keep my sanity                 I Love It
This app use to be a lifesaver and incredibly useful As a teacher it helped me document activity in my classroom However since I cant upload PDF files anymore its practically useless Dont waste your time     It was useful
This app could be great if you didnt need to email the PDF attachment 10 in order for it to send        Works half the time
Documents come out looking great and it is easy to send right from the app Much better than having to take papers back and forth to scan Love this app                 Easy to use and very helpful
Dont ever get this app if you plan on changing your phone Not only will they charge you again and again you be unable to restore your documents into your new phone If decided to get in touch with the company be ready for the worst lame excuse ever made Please note this is the worst ever take my word for it ATF     Horrible App
Terrific app I tried the free version and liked it enough to buy the upgrade I had a little trouble at first and sent an email for help and even though I was using the free version their support was fast and pleasant and excellent This app is enabling me to get rid of boxes full of old records while still having easy access to all the information by scanning them all I especially like that I can add pages to prior scans and delete selected pages Great app                 Excellent app
The latest update broke the interface with Expensify A nasty Exception 666 shows up I use this app to upload receipts to Expensify and the app is now utterly useless Please fix asap     Fix your update
Ive had this app for well over a year perhaps 3 years I have yet to find a reason why anyone would need the 7 version The ads arent obtrusive and I can email any docs to myself or anyone else and then save to my drive or a cloud Having said that I wish they would bring the price of the paid version down I actually would pay for the upgrade because Ive gotten so much use of the free version and believe it to be worth saying thanks in a monetary form                 You dont need the paid version
I use this app everyday several times a day Easy to use works flawlessly saves me so much time And customer service is topnotch Whats not to like                 Love this app
This app is really intuitive and easy to use I get all kinds of paper documents all day Its so easy to scan them and have them automatically go into my Google Drive Then I can throw the piece of paper away Its even easier than my Neat scanner                 Great set of tools
This app truly is genius not to mention a life saver Its a fantastic option for when youre in a on the go and dont have room in your bag to lug around a huge scanner or unable to find an electrical outlet In all seriousness this app is easily one of my most useful tools for getting business done                 Truly Genius
I dont use this app everyday but I would if I needed to You can take a picture of any document or page of a book and quickly turn it into a pdf This is the first time I am going to upgrade to the paid app I will use this again sooner rather than later Ive recently had to sign and send a lease agreement to a landlord Finding a fax machine is impossible nowadays I simply filled out the paper work took pictures of it organized the forms titled and then sent them in an email directly from the app                 Unbelievably useful
Does exactly what it needs to                 Perfect
One of my most useful apps of all time A lifesaver for conducting business on the go No need for faxes finally                 A goto app
THE app I use for document scanning useful also for correcting squareness in other images Betcha didnt think about that did you                 Very flexible goto scanning app
Wow Works extremely well for me Crops precisely coverts papers to black and white I can savesendemail and more all the docs I needed Helps me scan papers as PDFs from work with needing a full blown scanner Its helped me A LOT I love it                 Great PDF scanner
This app is so incredibly useful and extremely easy to use I had to upload documents to an online service for school and we dont have a scanner so I downloaded this app and it works so perfectly I highly recommend it                 Life Saver
What a great app So easy and useful Love it                 Great App
This app is incredible and works amazingly                 Perfect

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