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 Sponsored links , the publisher behind many iOS app ( , Mobile Domain Manager), brings Mobile Domain Manager with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Mobile Domain Manager app has been update to version 4.21 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great for eBayers..
  • Great costumer service and easy functionality..
  • User name & Password save option..
  • Great for the road warriors..
  • This app makes it SO EASY to keep track of all of them..
Overall Satisfactionclick me59
Thanks GoDaddy for all your support and great web products.
Easier to check my account and to remember to do so.
I love being able to check my business email anytime anywhere.
Thanks Go Daddy keep up the great work.
Would like it to alert me.
App works better than website.
The isn't really any better than web.
Faster & Better than the Desktop Version.
I love the improvements an upgrades.
Fun & Engagingclick me26
Awesome iPhone app.
Usefulnessclick me89
easy to use and very helpful in developing a support base for our operations.
its saves time to access your domains on the phone.
emails and everything in between on the go.
Helps me stay connected to my clients when I'm not in the office.
Everything at your fingertips.
Great and ESSENTIAL tool.
Production Valuesclick me83
add all the features of the web interface.
It has the cleanest email interface I've seen.
The email interface is nice.
Ease of Useclick me69
very useful and easy to setup.
easy to use and very helpful in developing a support base for our operations.
Has a lot of very useful features and super convenient.
This app makes it SO EASY to keep track of all of them.
Easy navigation for on the go domain inquiry.
Quick and easy access to my GoDaddy email.
Easy interface makes it seriously easy to check domains.
Reliabilityclick me23
Super convenient with minimal technical difficulties.
Bugs still need fixing.
Security & Privacyclick me50
Everything you need to manage your godaddy account is right here.
Let's you manage most of your GoDaddy account.
I love having immediate and efficient access to my email account.
I can never sign on to my email account.
Haven't really used any of the other account management functions yet.
Updates & Supportclick me42
Customer service is superb and the pricing is always affordable.
If customer service and professional ethics are lacking.
So when i reply to an email or create a new one.
Version 5.


**************************************** Mobile Domain Manager makes it easier than ever to grab the perfect domain. Register domains, renew and manage your domains and products, check your Go Daddy email, even purchase hosting, SSL certificates, our award-winning website builder, or shopping cart— all from your
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
device with Mobile Domain Manager. Free to install and easy to use, Mobile Domain Manager lets you: Mobile Domain Mobile Domain Manager
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* REGISTER domains
* RENEW domains and products
* Check your Go Daddy EMAIL
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* MANAGE Domains (with DNS Control), Hosting, and Email
* Save time with our EXPRESS CHECKOUT
* Look up WHOIS domain registration information is the world’s #1 domain name registrar, but we also provide world-class hosting, iron-clad SSL certificates, personalized
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
accounts, point-&-click website builders and shopping cart applications — just about anything you need to create a professional presence on the Web. Mobile Domain Manager


As an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, Go Daddy has more domains under management than any other registrar, offers products at prices up to 70% less than the competition and supports them all with world-class 24/7 live customer service.


Download our FREE Mobile Domain Manager today and get access to your Go Daddy domains, email, hosting accounts and much more — anytime, anywhere!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Mobile Domain Manager for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.4 MB to download. The new Mobile Domain Manager app version 4.21 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Mobile Domain Manager in`s Official Website :


Keeps me in touch while traveling. found in 4 reviews
My portfolio has expanded nicely as I purchase domains in church. found in 12 reviews
Helps me stay connected to my clients when I'm not in the office. found in 4 reviews
Domain Management - Easy as pie. found in 2 reviews
recom real estate is very impreses with the great aplication. found in 8 reviews
Easy navigation for on the go domain inquiry. found in 6 reviews
It's a nice fluid interface that makes it easier to navigate my account. found in 3 reviews
The GoDaddy mobile app is very helpful in managing my emails. found in 125 reviews
I think the app is easier to use than the website. found in 5 reviews
Only downfall is no push notifications for incoming emails. found in 11 reviews
I hate having to log in every time I want to check my email. found in 9 reviews
but needs push to iPhone and ipad. found in 8 reviews
"there was an error sending your message" what does that mean. found in 10 reviews
It's beyond frustrating that there are no email notifications. found in 13 reviews
A notification for new emails would be a nice feature. found in 58 reviews
but it really needs a notification sound / icon for new mail. found in 49 reviews
Needs improvement on push notifications and auto refresh. found in 71 reviews
Hate how I constantly have to re -enter password. found in 58 reviews
This app really needs email push notifications. found in 6 reviews
Just wish it would update and push notifications of new mail. found in 8 reviews
Needs push notifications for new mails received to be effective and efficient. found in 8 reviews
I can't attach files to email without attaching file storage. found in 9 reviews
I am disappointed that there are no push notifications for email. found in 7 reviews
having to log out and back in to switch emails is annoying. found in 78 reviews
The app works nicely however it really needs notifications for emails. found in 9 reviews
Especially since all my domains auto renew. found in 51 reviews
Problems with quick shopping card admin. found in 21 reviews
Have to re -login after viewing attachments. found in 34 reviews
Get lots of error messages when trying to reply. found in 58 reviews
no icloud and no help from tech support. found in 24 reviews
And sometimes it doesn't want to refresh or load new emails. found in 58 reviews
Sometimes you don't get email and sometimes you can't reply to emails. found in 99 reviews
When I attempt to send emails from the app it closes. found in 43 reviews
I can never sign on to my email account. found in 36 reviews
but almost every time I try to respond to an email it crashes. found in 25 reviews
does not include new mail in folders in new mail count. found in 49 reviews
I can't ever respond to an email without getting an error. found in 25 reviews
One thing it needs to have: Account Management otherwise it's useless. found in 21 reviews
Used to be great now awful can't ever read email. found in 23 reviews
It is constantly asking me to log into my account. found in 78 reviews
Update after update and no promised push notifications. found in 71 reviews
This is a decent app and useful for checking email BUT it is so annoying that the red notification at the app icon never updates It says u have say 2 messages when u dont Wish theyd fix it          Its ok
Now the app will not even return an email It looks like I will have to switch away to an iPhone server that actually works and cancel a 15 year old Go Daddy account which on a computer has been quite good    Does Go Daddy Even Care
Ive had better luck using the mobile version via Safari    No Autocorrect and wont send to long email addresses
Always have some problem Recommend to an enemy    Worse app ever
I have been a mobile mail customer since 2011 This app has lost major functionality Autocorrect is gone i vs I really Cant view multiple emails I have to close and restart app or wait 10 mins Can view other emails or folders after responding to an email unless I close and reopen app or wait 10 mins Attachments cant be viewed in full screen Only option is downloading to PDF or iBooks etc I thought it was my devices but I see I am not alone If the problem persists I will have to take my chances with another provider    UnUser Friendly
unfortunately I have to give it at least one star to post a review recent upgrade is a joke email fails to load constantly been waiting for it to load last set of emails for over 12 hours DO NOT upgrade if you havent already you will be unable to consistently access your emailsupon reading reviews if this many users are complaining why has GoDaddy not corrected the issues the last upgrade was June 6    do not use this upgrade version
I am dissatisfied As a customer since 2008 I am disenchanted with what Godaddy considers their app I can no longer use auto spell check it crashes constantly doesnt let me open sent folders Just really has gone downhill Two thumbs down       App not working properly
Very disappointed Had autocorrect and now its gone Looked all over site and cant find the issue    No auto correct
Got charged twice for renewing domain using the app They wont refund    App charged me twice
What in the world happened Was working fine till the update Spell check no longer works on mobile the app When you compose an email you have to click on screen two times before you can begin writing You cant see the email address you are sending emails to because they are cut off App fails often before it comes on to work What happened godaddy You really let yourself go       Going downhill with each update
Not having autocorrect renders this app useless Every app in the store has it except this one How did you mess that up    No autocorrect
Spell check stopped working and became very slow Needs to be improved    New update made it worse
Ive just about had it with having to type my email and passcode every time I want to check my business email in my phoneiPad Even with the stay logged in button checked Im consistently being asked to log back in Tedious at bestAnd with the latest upgrades the autocorrectspellchecker is gone When Im responding back to a client this is the last hassle that I want to deal with    Buggy and Slow
and theyre not supporting it either Just got off the phone with tech support they know it doesnt work properly Too bad Ive been with godaddy and their amazingly polite and patient customer service reps since 2010 Think its time to move on    Zero stars app no longer works
I has the sads Many cry Such frustrated    Disappointing
All I use the app for is email It seems to be stable now Version 5937 Using an ipod and an ipad2 with ios 84Compose now works in both portrait and landscape modes          Email is stable now v5937
Very unhappy Poor support After last iPhone update everyone lost spell check in email They wont recognize that its their problem not apple Apple said their program is no longer comparable and they need a bug fix Go daddy just says its an apple problem Like I said no support    Review
I dont get it Efax can have my 8 a month I shouldnt have to use a pc to send a fax Godaddy blows their money on advertising and isnt a cutting edge technology company    No fax
This app rarely works and is completely unreliable Makes me regret signing up with godaddy for three long annoying years No matter which phone or device I have tried using it on its still flat out awful and almost insulting I use it for my business and wish I didnt If this continues any longer I am going to have to call and opt out of my contract I have lost patience and refuse to deal with this garbage product any longer    Terrible
I am thinking about canceling and changing to another email service Not reliable    Frustrating email
I actually rate it 14 starCant access my email thru this app at all Ive entered my email password rejected I may actually delete my acct with GoDaddy redo my business cards with new contact info rather than continuing to frustrate myself with this sitebyby    Doesnt Work
App is far from stable on my iPhone 6    Doesnt work
Notifications dont work on IOS       Notifications
Horrible app for GoDaddys rep Cant really manage anything and terrible navigation as well Forces a minimum 1 star rating or I wouldnt have given it any    Horribly
Ive been using this app for years to access my work email and have had no issuesuntil about a month ago when I realized the autocorrect stopped working Its one of those things you dont realize how much you use and appreciate until you cant use it anymore Since Im typing on my iPhone I really need to count on the autocorrect working I checked the settings and they were correct so I contacted godaddy and after a day or two was informed that the current version of this app doesnt allow autocorrect to function worth the latest iOS of the up phone PLEASE FIX THIS       Incompatable with iPhone
Crashes frequently Doesnt support autocorrect Hasnt been updated since 2013 Come on GoDaddyget your act together Pay some decent programmers to update this terrible app instead of wasting money on awful Super Bowl adsRating is one star but only because zero stars isnt allowedNothing has changed in the latest update Still buggy At least GoDaddy finally added notifications But of course they dont work properly    GoDaddy iPhone web mail app
I rely on this app to check my email while I am on the road It has become 200 unreliable I retrieving viewing and sending my email I have to close and reopen the app every time I want to view a new email which is a bloody pain when there are several dozen new emails to read and respond to Im moving on    What a waste of time trying to use this app on both my iPhone or iPad
Autocorrect disappeared logs me out wont accept password until I open close app wont send email for random reasons I think Ill just use iPhone app from now on Really    Update this please
Very irritating not to be able to simply open links in an email    Links do not open from within the app
Guys please fix the autocorrect function One doesnt realize how important it is until its missing This is a huge glitch Otherwise Im content with the app    Autocorrect
I used an Amex card for my first purchase it just keeps forgetting my credit card          It just keeps forgetting
For a website that specializes in online content you really have a terrible online application    Absolutely terrible
This app is not functional with two step authentication and domain management in the iPhone    Not functional
When will the autocorrect spell be working again I can not continue with out it Please Fix    Auto Spell
My only problem with this app until recently is that there is no push notification setting I have to use it for work and it would be nice to know right when I get an email instead of having to constantly check throughout the day However for the past week or so I havent been able to use the app at all It wont even attempt to log me in before saying attempt unsuccessful A couple of times it worked to uninstall and redownload the app but now that isnt working either This is a huge problem for me as I absolutely need to be able to check my email when Im out of the office This app needs attention    Needs improvement
Ive attempted to add this email as Ive done with my other accounts and the outgoing server just doesnt work After installing the app I thought all would be well but I dont receive any banner notifications when I receive a new email Im not always glued to a laptop and the functionality for an assistant constantly on the go is subpar       No Notifications of New Emails
Like most of the GoDaddy line this app was developed and designed by secondrate programmers Achieves the bare minimum in functionality dont expect much more than that You cannot update your group calendar from the app crashes and advanced features like integration with your personal calendars are a pipe dream Not surprising though This is what has after all become synonymous with the GoDaddy brand       Calendar fails with workplace email
Among many things wrong with this app losing autocorrect with the new update is detrimental to my work rate Bring this back immediately    Autocorrect
Of all Apps I have never usedthis is the WORST Enough Said I am Out    The WORST
No spell checkautocorrect 1996 is calling and it wants its software back Format of message that is composed and sent is not what is received Separate paragraphs are removed and the message is just one long runon paragraph If there is a way to adjust the format and options it certainly isnt apparent so it may as well not exist    Id give it a zero if I could
I just want very basic functionality Its not here Freezes crashes glitches folders wont open POS app If it wasnt such a pain in the butt Id drop GoDaddy all together out of principal for stabbing me in balls with their crappy app    This app is an insult
Guys its 2015 Were coming up on the 9th iteration of iOS When composing email this app doesnt use the systemwide spell checker or autocorrect Are you SERIOUS When typing a hasty reply to a client using this antiquated tech I wind up having to slow way down and very slowly type stuff Why wouldnt you enable autocorrect Its an iOS standard and PISS EASY to implement Get with the program and update this ridiculous code Id give it zero stars if I could    Seriously
This app is so great I can access my mail with no issues Settings could offer more options but it is what it is and does what it is meant to do access webmail My advice download and use it By the way Go Daddy offers a great site for Domain Names Too I Love Go Daddy             GREAT
I only use GoDaddy because my job requires that I do so I have downloaded it to both my iphone and ipad and it is full of glitches I have no problems receiving and checking my email but when I have started drafts on one device and finished them on another it distorts the format of the email Also when I have copied text from a sent email in my GoDaddy account and pasted it into another GoDaddy email it will look fine in the composing window and will appear as a different font size when it has been sent This is very frustrating It is nice to access GoDaddy on all of my devices but it is not consistent    Frustrated
Decent app I use this for my work email as my employer chose this email application It used to have spell check and auto correct but now since the update this does not work anymore I also cannot find it anywhere in the settings to change this       Ok app
A worthless app that does more to hinder than helpWish Id never used it    Save yourself a headache
You cant go homeChecking one of my dozen of domains i checked one domain looking around all the tech info looks correct NOW when you want to QUICKLY check another domain you have two 2 options Back arrow a dozen times till the home screen appears or just close the program and restart Was the app designed to frustrate everyone Why cant you just be able to check another domain without using the back arrow a dozen timesEveryones time is worth moneywhy is the app taking up everyones valuable time when it shouldntIs it possible to do NEGATIVE STARS    Home
PLEASE    Give us spell check back
I downloaded the app because I use the email for work I enabled ALL of the notifications but get NO notifications Fix this please I hate having to check to see if I have email    Please fix notifications
I can not access it at all          I can not access it at all


4.4 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.21
iPhone iPad

iOS Mobile Domain Manager 4.21 Mobile

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