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Good.iWare Ltd.
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Requires iOS 6.0 or la

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Good.iWare Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (The Columbus Dispatch—iPad Edition ,The Virginian-Pilot for iPad ,GoodReader for Good ,eIBD for iPad ,GoodCalculator (with percent and backspace buttons) ,Star Tribune), brings GoodReader 4 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GoodReader 4 app has been update to version 4.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc87
    GoodReader by far and above is the BEST pdf reader and more.
    This is by far the best PDF reader in the App Store.
    My one suggestion is to add the ability to view DJVU files.
    Best text to speech I've found.
    Thanks for a great File Manager/PDF Annotator.
    This is one of my favorite iPad apps.
    Hands down the most useful and productive App on my iPad.
    Fun & Engagingc92
    The functionality is awesome.
    Its functionality is awesome.
    Awesome File Storage & PDF Mark-Up App.
    Awesome file manager and viewers.
    It works with everything.
    It has become absolutely essential for me as a graduate student.
    folders and keep everything in sync on all your devices.
    I find this app useful for importing things and playing them.
    Essential iOS App.
    Most useful work APP.
    Production Valuesc35
    A truly great product with seamless interface.
    Ease of Usec100
    It's intuitive and just plain rocks.
    Makes it easy to carry manuals.
    Updates & Supportc23
    Great customer service print response.
    This version is a big upgrade from the first one.
    This new version 4 looks basically like the old GoodReader.

    I bought this app when it was first released and have used it ever since. found in 2 reviews
    Does way more than advertised. found in 1 reviews
    Best text to speech I've found. found in 7 reviews
    GoodReader by far and above is the BEST pdf reader and more. found in 55 reviews
    I've used this app daily since it first came out. found in 3 reviews
    Best pdf viewer I've ever used and always updating. found in 9 reviews
    Must have for productivity app collection. found in 5 reviews
    The functionality is awesome. found in 2 reviews
    Greatest app for an academic. found in 3 reviews
    I've been using GoodReader since it was first introduced. found in 19 reviews
    I tried about 10 other pdf readers and this one blows them all away. found in 3 reviews
    and handles large PDF files rather well. found in 3 reviews
    I recently started using the app to take notes on PDFs documents. found in 2 reviews
    Excellent document management app. found in 2 reviews
    GoodReader is perfect for organizing them and making them available on all my devices. found in 2 reviews
    Goodreader is incredibly powerful and a very intuitive interface for annotating PDFs. found in 10 reviews
    One of the best app purchases I've made. found in 1 reviews
    The migration from Goodreader to version 4 went without a hitch. found in 2 reviews
    The pdf editing and annotation tools are great. found in 5 reviews
    Best PDF/ note taking app. found in 4 reviews
    Please add support for XPS files. found in 1 reviews
    but can we get an auto sync feature for remote servers. found in 2 reviews
    Unable to migrate on iPad. found in 5 reviews
    Unfortunately Dropbox sync is broken for me with the last update. found in 3 reviews
    Missing highlight option Text-to-Speech. found in 1 reviews
    The app will not let me automatically sync with Dropbox. found in 4 reviews
    Disappointing iCloud Drive integration. found in 3 reviews
    After new update it crashes a lot. found in 1 reviews
    Wallyhead: What happened to iCloud sync. found in 5 reviews
    It's impossible to read long documents without continuous vertical scrolling. found in 3 reviews
    Dropbox sync broken in current version. found in 2 reviews
    but also for organizing and managing files. found in 3 reviews
    I am a long time users but customer service is terrible. found in 4 reviews
    Needs Touch ID. found in 2 reviews
    but if it had the speak selection feature. found in 1 reviews
    Not good for videos because time/ battery indicator won't hide. found in 1 reviews
    No Dropbox support and other issues. found in 2 reviews
    I'm now forced to jump through hoops to use GoodReader. found in 2 reviews
    Please support markdown txt. found in 1 reviews
    Now every time I try to access my ICloud files the program crashes. found in 8 reviews
    No ePub support. found in 5 reviews
    No more iCloud support. found in 3 reviews
    I'm now forced to find a PDF app that does. found in 10 reviews
    No continuous scrolling. found in 3 reviews
    I cannot get GoodReader to sync with Google Drive consistently. found in 6 reviews
    It's clunky and totally lacks any similarity to DropBox sync. found in 8 reviews
    simply fails to sync my files. found in 3 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GoodReader 4 for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 40.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.0.0 has been released on 2014-05-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    More Info: Find more info about GoodReader 4 in Good.iWare Ltd.`s Official Website :

    --- INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME - ALMOST 60% OFF --- This is the next generation of our famous GoodReader app, and now it`s a universal app - one app for all your iOS devices. GoodReader ...
    I really like this app Thank you                 Veryvery nice
    I find Good Reader to be the most useful app on both my iPhone and iPad Its ability to read and transfer various file types is amazing Highly recommended                 Good reader a fantastic app for so many things
    Add feature to create a PDF from scratch Such as when a copy paste is performed from Notepad Also the gestures need more intuitiveness Its a bit buggy and needs a floating toolbarAlways on top feature Implement these and youre basically a 5 star app Keep improving              Great Reader but needs tweaks
    When we select a word in the pdf unfortunately there are a lot of functions over it which we dont need all them for that time So let the user customize those functions which come over the selected word for himself in the setup And please update to iOS 9 because when we use Slide Over the PDF page swipe a little or even turn the page When we use Slide Over the PDF document must be fix not to move even an epsilon Thank you                 Update to iOS 9 and fix the swiping of page
    This is a must have highly recommended application                 The best app
    I was using this app for all my research and studying Then after the update all that it does is crash Please fix this this the app has become useless        Keeps crashing
    Best PDF reader I have found                 Goodreader
    I use Good Reader all the time It is very useful for reading large PDFs and even annotating them Its always one of the first I download              Highly useful app
    If you deal with PDFs for any reason its a mustget                 Favorite App
    Absolutely love this app for studying technical publications The one thing I wish that it would do and Im not sure if maybe this new version does but I dont think it does is if it would merge the annotations that Ive made on an older version of the document to a newer version In my work we are constantly getting slightly updated publications and it is such a hassle to go through and bookmark everything I had bookmarked before Merge annotations and bookmarks would be an amazing feature Even if it had to go through and confirm every merge I think it would be super amazing The trouble is that Im sure the code would be very hard to write the documents will have a page slightly different than the original                 Indispensable
    Got something you need to view Need to upload a file to your iPhone This app has you covered Well done                 The Swiss Army knife for the iPhone
    Ive used other apps but they were always a fight A friend suggested this app and it was the best purchase Ive made in a while I would definitely recommend this to others                 Great reader
    Worth the money and very simple interface Very useful also                 Great app
    Does file file sync copy edit zip view play etc with FTP SSH Samba Google Drive Dropbox etc etc etc                 Best file utility and document reader and media player around
    Makes this iPad much more useful                 Very very very well written application
    So I wanted to upload files that were not photos or videos Thats all I saw in every single file manager program The default option went to my camera roll there was no way to select documents to upload to a server I finally come across good reader and at first Im not too impressed It looked like it had a lot of features it also looked hard to use but after a few minutes and after consulting the documentation I had it figured out and was able to upload a PDF document and NOT a photo or a video Finally after several weeks of looking and downloading almost every file manager program I found what I needed Im so lucky this app exists I dont know what I would do without it It also reads PDFs very cool                 How this app saved my sanity
    Id like to ask something please allow us to edit the font format and style not only the size also please let us underline or highlight the texts we write in the popup and regular notes Thanks for the app Its flawless Youve made my professional life as a teacher much easier Id like to add this please fix some crashes with iOS 9 and add the multitasking function for the iPad Air 2 Thanks                 PERFECT
    Dont get me wrong I love goodreader Goodreader 3 that is Went looking for an update and it kept pointing me to version 4 I was a little taken back at the 499 price after already paying for the app but since i make so much use of the app I bought the new version Very dissapointed Frankly i can not tell the difference in the two apps and after using the app now I can find no difference in the two worth paying for an upgrade Im really dissapointed they charged for an upgrade like this Save your money and use version 3 if you have it     Not worth the upgrade
    It keeps popping up to rate Goodreader One word for it Awesome If you are a Windows person its like file explorer on steroids If you are a Mac person its Finder Plus Cant say enough good things The networking features are tremendous Its a must have for the serious IPad person                 Good reader review 5 star
    I havent yet found the perfect document app but I have to say this one comes pretty close                 Awesome app
    Where the heck is the update did you forget about this app Last update was in the early spring     iOS 9 crashing
    At first I wanted a Good Reader application for my Mac but I realized with iCloud Drive I have access to all my files in Good Reader                 Best PDF app
    A lot of options for accessing documents in the app Continuously improved                 Good reader great value
    I love OneDrive Connection                 Excellent App
    This App is my goto to keep store and read a great many things on my iPad My difficulty is that this app is far more comprehensive than I am and it grows faster than I do I put all sort of things in it from ebooks to sermons medical reports or articles and magazines and every sort of printed thing that I want to keep preserve and one day find again GoodReader is awesome                 Great App
    One of if not THE best at what it does                 So very very good
    Easy to use nice bookmarks helped me a lot with what I needed                 Awesome reader
    Whenever I have a problem downloading a file because of an apple imposed roadblock I fall back to this app to get the file Its a onestopdocumentmanagerjackofalltradesmasterofall utility                 Indespensible
    If you dont have this app in your toolkit on iOS for iPhone and iPad you are missing one of the best appstools available                 Great App one of the best tools in my iOS toolkit
    Have been using good reader for many years it is a great program for managing and storing files                 Very good app
    I have an HTML5 website stored inside GoodReader and I need to touch the screen a lot to interact with it However every time I do this the obnoxious GoodReader Menus appear hundreds of times per day        Would be great if not for OBNOXIOUS menus
    I love GoodReader I use it to read annotate and organize journal articles on my iPad It works great                 Fantastic PDF reader
    This is not only a reader this is also a file manager with enough of a browser that it can download MP3 and MP4 files from the web without using iTunes at all You can then use open in to move these video and audio files to other apps Awesome                 Superb App
    Very irritated with this app I was using an older version which worked just fine Ponied up the additional to buy new version because it supposedly had a migration assistant that would migrate files Turns out it doesnt anymore Want my money back because I dont have time to redo everything Cant get any response from support Very disappointed     Annoyed
    Have all important functions                 Good app
    I have used Good Reader for 5 or 6 years now and lived through version and device updates I have not found a more stable and dependable app for mobile document viewing storing editing and syncing I am truly amazed at the spectrum of doc types it can handle and the various ways it can grab them It has never failed to produce a file type that is good to the person I send it too Meaning any read very basic user can successful open the attached Good Reader file I wish all app developers were as responsible and responsive to advances in device software updates and changes Truly the best money I have ever spent on an app                 Outstanding
    GoodReader is perfect for storing reading and commenting on pdf docs and supports Office and other formats as well My only gripe is that it doesnt appear to handle password protected PKZIP files GoodReader will prompt for a password but doesnt successfully open the zip file              Great but wont decrypt PKZIP
    GoodReader is undoubtedly the most powerful versatile and useful file management general productivity app for iOS Between being able to connect to my iPad and or iPhone via FTP or web interface to upload and download files to or from my device and being able to truly manage and organize my files in a way that any Mac or Windows user can understand this app quickly became an absolute necessity for me GoodReader has so many features and so many uses that its virtually impossible to write a review that encompasses the apps usefulness without writing a minithesis Let me just say this if youre in the market for an app that makes finding editing sharing managing and or protecting your documents and files without the need for 20 other apps that will eventually accomplish the same goal then GoodReader is the last app you need bother with GoodReader genuinely supports productivity and makes your already powerful iOS device into something remarkably useful for whatever it is you do                 Unbeatable File Management for iOS
    I am happy I found this app by chance Excellent reading experience on my ipad                 Happy
    Great app easy to use and easy to connect to my Samba server Sync is fast and viewed my Excel doc no problem                 Excellent
    Best app for PDF reading Has all useful functions and best in class text reflow                 Best PDF app
    I have been using GoodReader as my primary file reader since iOS 4 I have tried dozens of other readers but none of them could measure up to GoodReader in terms of performance and reliability GoodReader renders pages with many images with ease and stability                 Best File Reader Bar None
    My musical life is organized and easy going with all the things this ap can dofolders texts mp3s etc help my performances easier and my preparation seamless Mahalo GoodReader                 Professional must have
    I use this app on a daily basis but it hasnt been updated to support iOS 9 so it crashes very frequently Once its updated I will change my review back to 5 stars Previous review I didnt think Id use it much but Ive found so many uses for it now I use it to upload backups of all of my Notability notes from Dropbox to my personal cloud ReadySHARE Then I can listen to the recordings from lecture using the app whenever I want Really handy        Phenomenal but needs update
    I use GoodReader and DraftPad free awesomeness together they are my most used productivity apps Actually theyre my most used apps I was disappointed to have to repurchase GoodReader but to me its still been worth the money Plus I picked it up when it was on sale Update Unfortunately I felt the need to knock off a couple of stars When I go to print full page documents wirelessly they print out half page size My pictures print out full page While this isnt always bad for the pictures this is unwanted for full printing full page calendars or documents I may have some setting off which Im looking into but this doesnt work for me iPod touch 5th gen 712           GoodReader DraftPad awesome
    Very useful for all kinds of reasons                 Excellent
    Ive had this app for over 3 years and its one of my always goto apps for work and home The file manager is excellent the annotation tools are excellent and it connects to my favorite cloud applications DropBox There is one feature that I wish they would eliminate completely and forever there is an icon that I continually tap that causes the app to turn to an amber color and its impossible to undo without a restart That is the only VERY annoying thing                 One of my all time favorites
    An indispensable office tool                 Excellent
    Unzip fails on zip files larger than 4 GB Contacted support but they refused to acknowledge the bug or fix it A real disappointment and I regret I ever bought this this app     Unzip fails
    I purchased this App for managing PDFs and discovered a lot other uses for it This app is almost perfect and one of my best purchases Thank you for the wellthought design                 One of the BEST

    GoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines ArrowsGoodReader 4 Productivity Freehand Drawings Lines Arrows

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