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Qbix LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Groups ,Groups! Free), brings Groups with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Groups app has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Walla I have a group SMS ready to send a message..
  • This app makes keeping my phone book organized easy..
  • Added all the contact management features I was seeking..
  • This app was a great help to organize my contacts into groups..
  • easy to use and a huge time saver..
Overall Satisfactionclick me71
Thanks to your app I still can.
Much better than iPhone stock contacts.
Thanks for fixing the bugs.
and the best price.
Fun & Engagingclick me95
I use it all the time to send group emails.
Awesome App Very Helpful.
Awesome contacts group.
Awesome Contacts app.
Usefulnessclick me91
This app is very useful especially for better organizing.
This program does everything I need and more.
Awesome App Very Helpful.
Indispensable App.
Production Valuesclick me60
easy interface & best work with existing iPhone contacts.
Excellent performance and easy interface.
Simple interface makes it easy to set up groups and mass text them.
intuitive interface makes it easy to manage my contacts.
Ease of Useclick me86
or allowed you to set a default phone number.
Easy to move around.
This app is very easy to use and works quite well.
Simple app meets my needs.
easy interface & best work with existing iPhone contacts.
Easy and intuitive to use.
Simple interface makes it easy to set up groups and mass text them.
Reliabilityclick me46
Thanks for fixing the bugs.
Updates & Supportclick me25
This is an awesome display of customer service.
I like great customer service.


★ Groups 1.4 is out! ★


Ever wish you could put your contacts into groups?
You probably do if you have a big list of contacts.

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This app is especially handy when you meet people.
It is the best, simplest app to group your contacts.
Don`t take our word for it, try it yourself.


Groups! lets you:


√ Easily create and manage groups of contacts


√ People can be in more than one group


√ Set an icon for each group - now with more icons!


√ Text message or
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
a group of contacts easily


√ Attach images to your emails, select To | Cc | Bcc


√ Flexible ways to select exactly the right contacts


√ Set reminders to get in touch with people


√ Powerful search within groups, by any part of the name


√ Works with native
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple


√ Takes advantage of the latest
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
features if you have it


Coming soon: Group chat.


Exchange users:


If you sync your contacts with Exchange, you won`t be able to create new groups natively on the iPhone. Other group applications stop working at this point. We handle this by allowing you to create groups anyway, but they will only be accessible through our application. So even if you use Exchange to sync your contacts, you will be able to use this application.


Tell your friends about this app. If they have it installed, you will be able to group chat with them in the next update.


The Groups is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.5 MB to download. The new Groups app version 2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Groups check developer Qbix LLC`s website :


This app surely provides one of the features that Mr. found in 2 reviews
Cute and works great. found in 2 reviews
Small business owner. found in 3 reviews
Easy way to create groups for contacts and keep them organized. found in 2 reviews
This is an excellent application to send mass text messages. found in 2 reviews
Great Contacts Organizational Tool. found in 4 reviews
Apple wake up. found in 1 reviews
This app is very easy to use and works quite well. found in 6 reviews
Glad it integrates itself to the contacts app. found in 3 reviews
Great tool for ministry leaders and pastors. found in 3 reviews
Competent app that fills a hole in Apple's contact list. found in 3 reviews
Filled the gap Apple didn't. found in 1 reviews
Fills a hole that apple left in contacts. found in 3 reviews
This app was a God send for me. found in 1 reviews
I am glad the bug was fixed. found in 1 reviews
Apple take note. found in 1 reviews
Great app for sports team reminders. found in 2 reviews
Works as you'd expect. found in 1 reviews
Would be a great app if had spell check. found in 5 reviews
but keeps crashing after adding contacts to a new group. found in 11 reviews
Doesn't seem to Handle Linked Contacts. found in 1 reviews
Would be great if you could send pictures. found in 6 reviews
You can't send a pic. found in 2 reviews
Needs update to make universal for iPad and support iPhone 5. found in 1 reviews
Why I can't write in my language. found in 1 reviews
and still no new icon. found in 1 reviews
It would be better if you could add contacts from the app. found in 4 reviews
The fact it takes forever to load isn't what bothers me. found in 8 reviews
Just wish it would auto correct while preparing the message. found in 4 reviews
Can't text pics. found in 1 reviews
Crashes when trying to delete a group. found in 3 reviews
group email doesn't. found in 3 reviews
I have wasted so much time repopulating the contacts back into the groups. found in 3 reviews
but could not add people from my contacts. found in 5 reviews
but I can't swipe to remove a contact. found in 3 reviews
Hate having to turn off MMS. found in 1 reviews
I wish I didn't have to turn off MMS messaging to send. found in 16 reviews
needs to sync with google contact groups. found in 2 reviews
Keeps crashing at the "updating smart groups. found in 10 reviews
Cannot choose existing contacts when creating a group. found in 17 reviews
Impossible to delete contacts from group. found in 8 reviews
No warning - the group members just disappear. found in 7 reviews
Now I can't message more the 5 people at a time. found in 9 reviews
It is worst after update to iOS 7. found in 11 reviews
I can't figure out how to add contacts from my contacts list to groups. found in 14 reviews
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iPhone 334x480 2
iPhone 334x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Just turn off MMS to keep everyone from seeing each others cell numbers                Easy to use and works good
Gives me quick access to my various work groups             Good app
Every time there is an update on this app it deletes some names from the groups I have set up and the group has to be updated again Im tired of having to do this and will be looking elsewhere for a group app    Deleting this app today
I still dont understand why my iPhone cannot do a group text So I am very glad there is a free app that works as well as this one does                Very Helpful
This app was fine until it lost all my groups    Lost all my groups
Too bad messaging in iPhone didnt already have these features These are just what I need and use them almost every week Thanks                Nice Very Nice
Works well             OK
Ive tried a couple of apps to do group emails and texts The groups created in this app show up on my Mac I like that feature Sometimes its easier to manage groups using the computer rather than the phone or iPad What I wish it did If youve already started writing an email you cant make it a group Of course Apple should have groups in their native email software but until they doSo you have to think ahead that this is a group email or text then start the groups app then write the email Almost a 5 star             The best Ive tried
This is an excellent app if you want to mass delete contacts and dont want to mess with the iCloud option to do so Great work                Wow Mass Delete
Really helpful                Great for real estate agents
This is an awesome tool to use connect with lots of people at once Would definitely recommend                Great tool for communicating with lots of people
The UI could use an update                Best app of its kind
Works well Exactly what I need                Excellent
Finally a contacts app that makes sense If you have a ton of contacts this is the best tool to organize them I have been using this app for s long time I love it814 update Downgraded one star because it will not sync between my iPhone and iPad I contacted customer service but got no response It asks for a review even after Ive written one so heres my update             Finally
Im using an iphone4s which I love It doesnt have a great group text option so this app saved my day Im now able to send important texts to all my members of my prayer group Its helped us draw closer together and keep updated on important things happening I plan to keep using it more and more of even more groups Thank you I highly recommend                Perfect app to send texts to my groups
When this app works right its great But from time to time I lose everyone in my group and therefore I have to go in and reenter everybody one at a time This is a pain when you have a large group that youre trying to text and you have to enter them back into the group one at a time          Great Except
Great app so far like the features and how you can change the group info             Nice
Fairly easy to operate             Works good
Very useful in a business where we make regular group texts                Great App
This app works great                Awesome
This is a good idea a generally good app but they dont respond to reports of bug issues Perhaps they think theyre too important to care about the usersIt used to be a great app but after the last update all you can do is add a contact to a new groupyou cant remove them from a group they were in The FAQ solution is useless and they dont respond to questions    They dont respond
It is good application                Groups
Keep up the good work                Works great
I love this app its so much more convenient to be able to organize all my different contacts into specific groups so that I can find someone from somewhere specific to ask about something more easily instead of going through my entire contact list until I find someone that it would make sense to ask I have a few hundred contacts in my phone and the great thing is that the groups I create in this app show up in my phone app as well so I dont have to actually open up this app individually to find a group or someone in them I can just go straight into my phone app its great 5 stars very satisfied                Great app
For a free app this is great Easy to use and it works                Easy and free
This made deleting multiple contacts so easy I appreciate it a lot thank you                THANK YOU so much
Wasnt using app for a while now using it like crazy Its very useful                Great app
Still stuck on a few details trying to figure out but I think this will help to stay connected to staff a little easier So far so good                Great App
Does everything I needed it to do I can now group people into different categorys so that I can turn on and off notifications for some                Great app
Keeps crashing Wont save all names in my group only keeps some of them arbitrarily       Bummer
I am able to set up groups for all the occupants of rental units so I can coordinate times to do repairs in the units                Works great
I have used this contact app for all the time it has been around It is incredibly easy to set up groups and interchange individuals among groups I add phone numbers etc including images of my contacts Perfect but it somehow pics up contacts I dont need or want but I dont know they come from I delete them but shortly they are back Beyond that flawless performance and no crashes Keep it up very valuable                Groups
I have been using the older version on this app and it works for what I need it for sending text messages to a large number of contacts My complaint about this app is it only sends messages in batches of 9 contacts per send Annoying but I can live with it I hope they can improve this app Like what I said it does its job Thanks             It does its job
Really like how easy this App makes setting up groups and managing my contacts                Easy to use
This app is great in terms of organization A much easier way to arrange contacts However the app crashes every time I add a new group so there is definitely a bug that needs to be worked out Other than that great app       Good app needs work
Im generally happy with the app with the exception that I cant seem to remove a group affiliation from a contact             Cant remove a contact from a group
Help please when I create an email message I press the to then go to groups and select the group I want I push cancel to get back to my message but the group names never transfer to my email What am I doing wrong       Can not link the to or cc in my email with the group
I have been collecting years of email addresses in different accounts I was able to use this little tool to get organized and purge my self of many duplicate items Thanks             Great utility
Because of my schedule do not disturb is always on This app lets me filter what groups can call me at specific times This makes things much easier                Social filtering
Every time I add a group and hit some the app crashes Dumped it    Crashes cant use it
Great app                Awesome
Nice job So easy to send email to a group Why apple has not added this feature boggles me                Awesome A
Saved me so much time organizing and deleting my contacts                Amazing
Love this it makes life so simple storing vital info about my clients in notes and also easily lets me just put my finger on the address navigation links takes me there I have over 500 contacts between family job this app is a lifesaver to keep everyone organized                Awesome App
If this is the same groups I loved WHY are symbols for groups not automatically I this new versionEARLIER REVIEW WITH FIRST groupsEasier than building groups in Outlook then syncing but could be better if picking from all contacts than searching unless I missed thatSee now check ALL CONTACTS then addNot crazy about ads within lists but I somewhat understand All apps have too many ads now not liking the trend             Group Contacts
This is great app                Great app
A great timesaver Lets me separate my clients from my suppliers from my employees etc etc Love this app                Super app
Awesome app                Must have for iPhone
Get it                Very useful app
This is great way to communicate with and organize volunteer schedules                A great help for volunteer groups


Qbix LLC
3.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Groups 2.1 Mobile

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