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Midwest Tape, LLC , brings Hoopla Digital with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hoopla Digital app has been update to version 1.5.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I have even begun listening to audiobooks using hoopla..
  • and it's nice to be able to download the music and stuff..
  • I really like this app for audio books..
  • I can watch movies..

Overall Satisfactionc12

This app allows U to skip as many songs U want. found in 2 reviews
and I can always find something of interest. found in 1 reviews
tv shows. found in 4 reviews
This app is so easy to use and looks great too. found in 1 reviews
Been watching Hell on Wheels. found in 1 reviews
you can be listening to it a minute later. found in 2 reviews
Great streaming music albums and tv. found in 1 reviews
Great access to lots of media. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't remember my video playback position. found in 3 reviews
Have not tried to use anything except audio books yet. found in 30 reviews
No fast forward or rewind support other than the back 30 seconds button. found in 4 reviews
Constantly stops when screen is off. found in 2 reviews
Great except for some bugs. found in 1 reviews
I use it a ton but missing one vital feature. found in 1 reviews
My local library worked out my inability to sign up. found in 12 reviews
Getting error messages about problems connecting to the server. found in 3 reviews
Have not tried to use anything except audio book s yet. found in 30 reviews
Mostly Satisfied/ Slightly Disappointed. found in 1 reviews
Crashes and hangs. found in 1 reviews
Fantastic service app needs work. found in 1 reviews
Poor Airplay support. found in 2 reviews
Not for “ Tale of Two Cities ". found in 1 reviews
I know you recently had an update to fix a problem. found in 5 reviews
Horrible audio playback. found in 6 reviews
If I want it to play the next song. found in 15 reviews
You can't fast forward or rewind with any accuracy at all. found in 16 reviews
Need to fix it folk. found in 5 reviews
No way to sign in means the app is practically worthless. found in 12 reviews
stops playing audio books CONSTANTLY" and often loses it's place. found in 30 reviews
It's like it doesn't download the audio book at all. found in 30 reviews
But who remembers to bookmark every time you stop listening. found in 5 reviews
This version does NOT download audiobooks for IOS 7. found in 5 reviews
I was able to sign up with my library card number. found in 8 reviews
this app is horribly frustrating for audiobooks. found in 21 reviews
Useless if you can't get past the " bad URL " error. found in 7 reviews
This app doesn't work with AirPlay/ Apple TV. found in 6 reviews
Audio Playback Is Broken. found in 6 reviews
Either way the app locks up when trying to play something. found in 15 reviews

The Hoopla Digital is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 21.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5.5 has been released on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Hoopla Digital check developer Midwest Tape, LLC`s website : http://www.hoopladigital.com

Borrow popular movies, music, audiobooks, and television shows from your local library and play them on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. All you need is a library card from your local library. Titles stream ...
I really enjoy using hoopla However when I go to download content most of the time it is very unclear when it is finished I am exited to see a percentage or a prompt when download is complete in a future update Thank you and keep up the great music selection              Downloading Content
Love the concept of hoopla and the selection is great but the app is horribly inconsistent It stops playing randomly and you have to re press play Also looses your place easily When I emailed hoopla they stated that it was due to my internet connection I have no problems streaming video or audio from other sources Also the issues occur even when using the download Also weird you HAVE to stream unless on airplane modeif we download we should be able to use the downloaded version and not use my data        Freezescrashes frequently
I love hoopla and love that I have a wide selection of content to borrow I have had it crash frequently and freeze up thoughAlso it will not play music sometimes no matter how many times I hit the play button it just wont work even after restarting the app etc           Great Concept Needs some improvements
I cant even create an account     Doesnt work
That little orange bar isnt big enough or noticeable enough Thicker line some animation would be very helpful Additionally you have to fix the resume issue Ive got some really long audiobooks and every time I reopen the app to resume and press play it just sits there Force restart is required Fix these two issues its five stars           Bigger download progress indicatorPLEASE
I see that other people can borrow ten or ninetysix Titles a month but I can only borrow five Can someone please tell me how and whymostly how Other than that its a great app                 I Love it but
This app is the best among the library Apps out there but it sill has issues First it regularly jumps back to the beginning of a title without reason If youre listening to a 10 hour audio book you should make sure to place bookmarks to show your progress I place a bookmark at end of every chapter Hoopla WILL loose you place Also it looks like Hoopla has not builtin Apple CarPlay compatibility yet Audio playback apps like Stitcher for example already have CarPlay integration for the indash car systems Currently Hoopla sorta works but the controls and feature integration are not there yet Use this app but bookmark regularly 82815 The threestar reviewers of this app are correct The app needs help The reviewer named AllBigToes summed it up well Even after an audiobook or music title has been downloaded it still wont behave This app is broken after all these years I detail the ways below 1 If you put the app into pause for more than a few minutes it frequently fails when you try to get it to start playing again You have to force quit When the app comes back its often confused as to where it was and starts from the beginning If youre listening to an audio book you should definitely make sure to place bookmarks to show your progress I place a bookmark at end of every chapter Hoopla WILL loose you place Other apps are able to resume playback from where they were when paused Is there a reason this always goes back Its frustrating when youre four hours into an audio book perhaps driving along and you suddenly loose your place Its a challenge to get back to where you were 2 Hoopla only has 30 second forward and 30 second back commands Why cant it jump to the beginnings of chapters I hope the developer will look into this 3 Also it looks like Hoopla has not builtin Apple CarPlay compatibility yet Audio playback apps like Stitcher for example already have CarPlay integration for the indash car systems Currently Hoopla sorta works but the controls and feature integration are not there yet Hoopla Digital Please dedicate some time to fixing this app The content is great and its wonderful to have this option to borrow titles from our library These two problems above consistently rearing their heads and users would be very grateful if you fixed it up Thank you           Rewinding to beginning problem Support for Apple CarPlay
Good idea but every time I open the app its a blank grey screen    
What an amazing update Skeeter and I love this app it has something for everyone Keep up the great work hoopla                 Love this App
The app is nice So far Ive listened to three audiobooks The movie I downloaded was not viewable so I returned it I wish there were more books from Black authors I searched for several popular authors like Michelle Grant and was unable to find any of their titles           Need more relevant titles
hoopla is a friendly and easy to use app My experience using it has been great and you can stream video music audiobooks and books within one single app                 Great app
I love the music                 Great
Too bad many ipad and iphone users cant use Hoopla because it lacks robust support of multiple IOS versions     Nice idea but poor version support
Update 334 Went from pretty bad to not working at all to play audio books iPod Touch What a stellar group of programmers and testers UPDATE for fixed version definitely improved but still needs app restart when not connected to the internet Im on an iPod touch used to work no longer Needs touch on OK to the no internet warning twice after restart Also prevents bluetooth pairing while in this state old review follows Completely broken well done iPod touch Worked fine yesterday on old version now nothing ANYONE FROM HOOPLA LISTENING Do they use their own software     Audio book wont play ANYONE FROM HOOPLA LISTENING
Great app and resource Good selection Cannot play video after last update that was supposed to fix video playerthe Roosevelts are on hold until this is fixed Bummer        Loved it until new update
I have not seen any of the behavior that other reviews are claiming Most of them can probably be chalked up to a poor data connection if I had to guess Anyway I really like this app It has a decent selection of videos nothing amazing tons of audiobooks nearly every new music CD and now even ebooks comics The selection from DC Comics is absolutely amazing and I love being able to zoom into individual panels for easier reading My only complaint and what is keeping me from giving the last star is that downloads can be finicky I have found that I need to wait until the download is completely finished before playing it otherwise it may cut out every now and then Overall though this is an amazing app that takes the place of 5 apps that I used to use Thanks hoopla              Such a great service
I love that i can borrow music titles and listen to them in the car or an audiobook Cant beat it for being free              A lot better the previous versions
Like the app Good selection of a lot of media types Wanted to read the Walking Dead comics and am finally able to do so through my library Movies are not the most recent but fun to find some stuff I cannot find elsewhere              Pretty good app for free media
Got the update then downloaded a couple audiobooks for a long drive from Edmonton Works great audiobooks are great for road trips Music selection is surprisingly good too There are a few things that could be improved though like the download progress and the menus              Works as advertised
It is great to have access to multiple formats in one app Also the music collection is deep has the latest releases The download process needs overhauled to show the progress better              Multiple formats
I used to love this app The newest update is eating up my iPhone 5s battery I listen to an audio book now and it uses up 40 of my battery Please address this so I can fix the 1 star to a 5 star     Your newest update is horrible
Really disappointed when my title downloaded and tried to play in car when on a long trip Frustrating Why say it can be played if downloaded when with a numerous amount of complaints it obviously does not Then when I went back to playing on my wifi it was starting from the beginning of the book        Doesnt work with download
45 stars for content 1 star for playability I primarily attempt to use this for audiobooks in the car and too often it is difficult to get this to start playing at all let alone from the bookmark Now after the latest updates I cannot get it to start in the car at all away from the internet     Not functional
I use hoopla as my secondary library app for an instantfix when my Overdrive library books are on hold I like how Hoopla has movies and TV shows as well and how I can keep the audiobooks for longer than 2 weeks However I dislike how it seems like the only way I can listen is streaming There is a download button but that doesnt seem to work The playback doesnt always begin where I left off and I used to be able to get around that by placing bookmarks frequently but something has gone wrong with the new app Now bookmarks near the end of a book wont work because the book hasnt buffered to that point This buffering error also skews the amount of time left thats displayed I spent nearly 2 hours listening to an 8hour book that I thought only had 15 minutes left before I realized the glitch The only way past the buffer zone seems to be to press the 30sec button rapidly        So annoying
It ALWAYS says error we have reached our daily lending limit Please come back tomorrow Its 1115 am and my profile says I can still borrow 15 titles this month I have had this app for nearly 6months and have been able to borrow 2 titles because of this issue Waste of an app     Daily lending limit
The app was working fine before the update Now every time I try to open the app my screen goes black then after a moment it exits the app Really need to fix this fast so I can finish my book     New update 91115
This is a last resort app for library book listening The app is very glitchy and the inability to download the book like other apps slow is a major negative point for the app     Sooo disappointed
Has great selection but very buggy and download feature does not work properly so all you can do is stream        Good selection buggy stream only
I really want to like this app because it gives me access to media not available on my other paidfor view apps but my experience since the latest upgrade has been less than stellar when viewing videos It stops during play frequently Then when I attempt to log out and start over it wont work at all Please address as soon as possible           Its Greatwhen it works
Just like going into the library and picking out materials Its simple easy to use and has a wide selection of material Love using it on my runs                 Great app for listening to borrowed music
I love the potential for this app but the performance is spotty Some problems in the first month of use audiobook started over instead of resuming where left off randomly the app wont play audiobooks you press play and the icon changes but no sound and no progress on the timer Requests other than addressing the above allow audiobook files to be visible so they can be deleted for memory           Free but frustrating
Newest review You fixed it and I was super happy but I had to delete the app and when I installed it back the app wouldnt even open Older review Ok so I used to love this app And of course when I heard that you could get Ebooks I was ecstatic But when I borrowed and a book and pressed read it just kept on crashing and now I cant read any of the books I checked out This is very disappointing           Please fix Again
Before hoopla I never read books I still dont But I dont have to now anyway because of all the audio books that they have Also the music selection is really good                 Good stuff here
Worked okay before but now audiobooks wont play at all        Latest update bad for audiobooks
Download feature does not work     Bad
I use it all the time                 Works great for audio books
I think this is an app with great potential but it is very glitchy If you contact support they really try to be helpful and I appreciate that It often will not start sometimes refuses to play and on the book I am listening to now 1 hour from the end will not play        Hoopla needs to get an exterminator
Huge selection of content I always find something Im interested in Still needs better offline playback notifications but not a deal breaker for me              Great app for listening to musicaudiobooks
Absolutely loving the comics now that there is The Walking Dead and Batman Music has always been great I have never had any issues with my iPad Air or my 6                 Awesome
When the app works its great The problem is it doesnt work all the time Its very inconsistent I was traveling and it stopped working when I was on the plane even though it was downloaded It will not always keep my bookmarks it sometimes wont play at all Fix the bugs and itll be a great app But right now its so inconsistent that I would rather use Overdrive than this one     Doesnt work all the time
When I select pause and then return to video it will sometimes hold my place and sometimes will not and I have to start video from beginning This is a problem since you have to manually forward which messes it up and then it doesnt play well thereafter Please fix        Hoopla is so annoying
The app crashes often and constantly loses the place where it was playing I have to close it and open it several times and even turn my phone off and on again Its very annoying     Terrible app
Its a free app that lets you listen to books for free so I really cant complain Its quite glitchy but works well enough when you are in wifi           Cant complain
Just keeps getting better with every release                 Nice new version
Yes the directions say you can watch at home NO it does not work very often Frustration and no help from tech I love the idea of downloading a library movie or tv episode However it just does not work Rarely if ever I can watch a movie but it takes about half an hour to down load then if I start it in the library and dont do anything else with my portable it will continue to play at home But not always How weird is that Sometimes that doesnt work Mostly this app teaches how to deal with frustration     Sad they are not listening this has been bad a long time give only one star
I used overdrive through my library in Missouri I could check out 8 titles Now I get a mere 2 titles a month Disappointing Does Hoopla decide the amount or the State Just curious I never had technical issues with Overdrive I did live in town and not in the country like I do now So I dont know if it my satellite internet that makes a difference But I learned if I pressed the download icon multiple times it cancels further borrowing rights for the rest of the month So disappointed in the lack of functionality at present     About Hoopla
I love hoopla and i love the wide selection but only 7 items A MONTH Im willing to pay the 8 or 7 dollars for mlre than just 7 items a month it makes the usage of the apppointless after those 7 items are borrowed there is no point is keeping tv shows or audiobooks for more than a week or so after your done with watching or reading them if there were more options to borrow items id use it more but until then theres barely any point so please make more items borrowable per month im barely going to use it           Love it But
Its free and cool Has a ton of good music              Mjb
I got to listen to 1 book now it doesnt work Bummer I was really happy and told everyone about this fantastic find but now it just glitches        Ok once
Great selection of comics and movies                 Love the comics

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