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iHome , the publisher behind many iOS app (Barbie Magic Tricks ,iHome Zen ,iHome+Radio ,iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks ,iHomeSet ,iHome Connect, the setup app for iHome AirPlay speakers), brings iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks app has been update to version 2.6.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • listen to music or podcasts when you go to bed..
  • Good with other things like facebook updates and weather updates too..
  • Otherwise I really like it and use it to track my sleep patterns..
  • Wakes me up every morning and tells me how much sleep I'm getting..
  • Great for keeping track of how many hours of sleep I get each night..
Overall Satisfactionclick me80
Hands down the best alarm app out there.
You had the best alarm app out their now it is just crap.
This is most likely the best alarm clock app out there.
It would be the best alarm clock app otherwise.
I love waking up to my favorite song in the morning from my iTunes library.
lt allows me to wake up to my favorite music and the graphics are amazing.
Love being able to track my sleep habits and works great as an alarm.
Great alarm clock I use daily and love the sleep tracking feature.
Thanks iHome for making this app.
Thanks ihome for screwing up something that worked.
Fun & Engagingclick me88
By far the most feature packed and awesome alarm clock app.
Awesome alarm clock and weather in the morning.
Awesome Alarm - but now the alarm doesn't work.
Usefulnessclick me77
Perfect alarm wakes me up everyday to whatever music I choose.
It failed to wake me up everyday.
Wakes me up every day on time for work and school.
It's very good I used it everyday.
Repeat Valueclick me91
I love being able to tell how many hours of sleep I get.
Keeps track of how many hours of sleep I get on average.
as it would log my hours of sleep for the night.
Social Aspectsclick me79
Love how it integrates with my iTunes and social networking sites.
and even updates to your favorite social networking site.
Ease of Useclick me47
Cool/ Simple Alarm with alot of Bells & Whistles.
weird confusing just need simple alarm.
if you want a simple alarm clock I wouldn't get the iHome.
Reliabilityclick me66
especially being able to set alarms differently for different days.
It hasn't failed on me once.
News doesn't seem to work in this version.
It has failed to wake me up several times now.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me18
I have never had to remove batteries.
you have to re -add them all.
Updates & Supportclick me10


iHome+Sleep is the award-winning, feature-rich alarm clock for
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
devices from iHome, the most popular name in iPod &
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple


At first glance, iHome+Sleep is a full screen clock that includes weather, iPod controls, and your choice of custom photo backgrounds. But there`s much more...

iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocksiHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks
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iHome+Sleep allows users to define multiple sets of bedtime and wakeup settings such as alarms, wake & sleep music, social updates, personal reminders, and much more. Users can manage virtually any sleep lifestyle, which can be empowering, and fun.


iHome+Sleep also supports a range of app-enhanced devices from iHome, led by the iA5, which is available now. App-enhancements means that the iHome hardware and the iHome app work together to offer features and capabilities not present in other docking products.
iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks




• Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!
• Sleep & wake to music from your iPod or from Internet radio*
• Background alarms (iOS 4.0 or later, not iPad)
• Works with new iHome “App-Enhanced” products
• Weather widget with data from The Weather Channel®
• Sleep stats
• Facebook® & Twitter® support
• and much more... visit:


*requires the app "iHome+Radio"




iHome really appreciates all the great feedback we`ve been getting from thousands of users. The following features are in development, and coming soon in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for your patience!


• Separate wake and sleep volume/fade settings
• View and edit your sleep stats
• iPhone landscape mode


We are listening, so stay with us! Thanks.




On the iPad, iHome+Sleep must be running for the alarm and other functions to be enabled.


Learn more about iHome app-enhanced products at


Email us at [email protected] with questions, feedback, or enhancements. We look forward to hearing from you.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.6.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks check developer iHome`s website :


Hands down the best alarm app out there. found in 1037 reviews
Best free alarm clock in market by a large sum. found in 70 reviews
It helps me wake up for school I'm there on time for once. found in 66 reviews
Great multiple alarm and I love being able to wake up to the radio. found in 94 reviews
This is most likely the best alarm clock app out there. found in 825 reviews
Wish I could get the over night news to load. found in 27 reviews
The alarm doesnt always work. found in 15 reviews
Other than the annoying alarm tones and the incorrect weather display. found in 24 reviews
Half the time the stats don't work. found in 21 reviews
but program is unstable and sometimes alarm fails to sound. found in 15 reviews
Not pleased with the update that removed the weather information. found in 9 reviews
Great ap EXCEPT it no longer records wake up times. found in 74 reviews
Good app but overnight news doesn't work for me either. found in 20 reviews
Wish the alarm creation process was quicker and more simplistic. found in 17 reviews
Except I hit the snooze button two times every morning. found in 144 reviews
The stats log and sleep/alarm music options are great. found in 21 reviews
It doesn't always work when the phone is locked. found in 22 reviews
Sometimes the snooze doesn't work but not very often. found in 14 reviews
the alarm stopped shutting itself off. found in 13 reviews
It will no longer rotate to landscape mode. found in 61 reviews
Still worked perfect but they took away the landscape view. found in 52 reviews
The overnight news feature doesn't seem to be working though. found in 148 reviews
My only complaint is that I can't turn off the alarm between snoozes. found in 60 reviews
but the snooze feature on the nap alarm does not work. found in 10 reviews
It wont record my wake up time automatically for some reason. found in 12 reviews
Cannot turn sleep mode on unless you have an alarm set. found in 116 reviews
Both updates keep crashing and sending it back to home screen. found in 65 reviews
but the Ihome radio app doesn't work at all. found in 76 reviews
Pretty annoying especially if you like to hit snooze. found in 65 reviews
but confusing and alarm won't go off while plugged into ihome. found in 100 reviews
I'd also like to request a larger snooze button. found in 144 reviews
But the overnight news is an advertisement and NO news. found in 148 reviews
It's compatible with the new iA-whatever iHome dock thing. found in 140 reviews
Unreliable and conflict with iHOme device program very often. found in 79 reviews
Removed functionality and now you can't set alarms for iHome devices. found in 65 reviews
No more gentle wake feature - which was one of the best features. found in 115 reviews
The audio doesn't fade out for the sleep music. found in 68 reviews
What happened to the weather feature from the previous version. found in 77 reviews
The choice of alarm sounds alone make the app worth loading. found in 145 reviews
literally-all my sleep stats were wiped out in the "upgrade". found in 164 reviews
Still crashing when you swipe to start sleep timer in iOS8. found in 201 reviews
Don't count on this app to wake you up in a timely fashion. found in 107 reviews
please default the alarm tone to a buzzer or something. found in 96 reviews
It also deleted all my alarm settings I previously saved. found in 132 reviews
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Shocking that a company would be so slow to correct such non functional software given this app is designed to complement a separate hardware clock This app isnt just bad it doesnt do what it is stated to do The 2010 and 2011 awards do not even have a sliver of relationship to the current offering Wake up iHome and fix this or perhaps they are using their own software and are still asleep    Rude Awakening
Despite sound options only one is activated with the alarm and its annoying as fk Despite volume options it only goes off very loudly This app is a piece of st Dont waste your time with it    Doesnt do what it claims
Great before the update Now not working properly    Terrible app
Im on my second iHome alarm clock as I updated from an iPhone 4s to a 6 Plus Yah Thanks apple for the forced upgrade due to the lightning connectorThe App works fine as an alarm clock if you take the time to set it up right but you better be sure to reset your phone once every couple of weeks at the least or you may end up with a missed alarm due to an issue with iOS At least thats what seems to happenIve paid for all the updates along the way so any inclusion of adds docked or not is really lame What did I pay forEarly on I talked to their tech support about the brightness of the app when docked at night They didnt think there was an issue because I must have been doing something wrongLong story short It got better until the last upgrade Now I have a night light again even with the blackest background I can find If I move the slider it resets to what it thinks should be the dimmestI keep hoping they will fix the issues and take care of their paying customersAs it is Im seriously thinking of trying something new       Roller coaster of updates
There are to many glitches to be useful I downloaded it to go with my ihome clock radio alarm It responds sluggishly and randomly starts playing my iPod when I turn the alarm on    Too many glitches
Ive had this app for years and I rarely ever had a problem with it but now it will go off but there wont be any sound so it wont wake me up This has happened twice in the last two months I dont want to get rid of it but I have to since I need to wake up on time    Used to be great
I bought this app a couple of years ago and at the time I loved it I gave it a 55 Now I barely use it Heres the problem I used this app exclusively for tracking my sleep not as an alarm monitor sleep efficiency etc I want to press sleep wake and log the amount of sleep I get The first version was similar to this and worked really well for me Though the app included an alarm feature from the beginning it was optional to use and I never did but with this version I am unable to opt out of the alarm I am forced set an alarm just to use the tracker which is inconvenient The way I went around this was to set the alarm for Sunday and use the app for a week but it began to get glitchy and ruin the data on Sunday showing that I woke up on Sunday at 500 pm when I set the alarm but I never went to sleep I finally stopped using it because it just wasnt worth the struggle    Used to be Good
Was so happy with app before it automatically upgraded Yicchh I use it woalarm with or wo i home appliance to track my sleep hours Was great for intnl travel erratic sleep Used enter bedtime bliss out til wake upand KNOW WHEN IWENT TO BED HOW MANY HRS SLEPT ETCCant do that anymore cept manually May as well get out pen and NB Was nice simple easy to use For me now its useless Ps also gave great weather info Am on assgmt in Middle Eastnow gives no weather info Very sucky    Awfuldeleting so disappointed
This is the worst update everI much rather have the original version Every time they make an update it get worst    Horrible horrible horrible
In this new iOS 78 version music does not play on a shuffle when alarms are set I would like to fall asleep to DIFFERENT songs and not the same repeating songs every night       Annoying problem
It does what I need and works pretty well What bugs me though is that I paid for no ads and Im still getting them If you wont get rid of the ads can I have my 99 back             Does what I want but
Ive all these reviews and I dont experience any of these problems I use an iPhone 5 and it has iOS 812 so I dont know if it means anything but overall great app                I dont have any problems
I set my music but it only beeps Fix it now    Worst ever
Used it every night for the last year or so now it crashes in at random intervals Woken up several times the last week and app is closed What good is an alarm app that crashes and fails to sound an alarmThis needs to be fixed but I dont think iHome reads these reviews and there is no other way to contact company about app    Dont bother Find any other alarm app
Not reliable Sometimes this app turns off in the middle of the night Many times I have set alarm and woke up to see that it is off and i have to reset alarm       Turns off randomly
The sleep graphics for The Last 12 Months is messed up since its last update in Oct2014 All I get are red lines all over the screen The Daily Weekly and Monthly screens are working fine I tried getting support in your webpage but its too complicated the way it asks questions which if you do not answer correctly it will not go to the next step Please make it simpler to report issues and get support and fix the graphics issue Thanks    Somethings Wrong with the Sleep Graphics of the App
iHome manages to pack dozens of terrible features into their app making it so complex that you cant be sure youve set your alarms correctly When my alarms failed to go off this morning I spent 30 minutes messing with the app settings to figure out what had gone wrong Im still not sure what I changed but now the alarm seems to be working If you like spending 30 minutes setting your alarm clock each night and still worrying if it will go off in the morning this app is for you    Needlessly complex app
Title says it all The interface is weird and half of the options or sliders or depending on your ihome buttons dont actually work My ihome doesnt even turn on until my wakeup playlist is 10 seconds in and when it does its super loud not what you want to wake up to       Too buggydifficult to use
After purchasing the base clock they feel the need to extract another 1 for an ad free version What a bunch of BS Ill never buy another iHome product again    Money grab
PLEASE BRING BACK THE GRADUAL WAKEUP OPTIONIve used the app every night for 2 years Before the update there was an option where the alarm music would gradually get louder if you dont push the wake up button Thats gone now Every morning I wake up to blaring music Its so shocking I almost start hyperventilating Ive tried turning the volume down but it doesnt do anything Before the update the music would start off really quite and get louder and that was a really nice way to wake up Comparing then and now is like comparing grandma waking you up to having a bucket of water dumped on your face I dont know if Im asking for a lot hereOther than that the app is pretty good       Did I join the military
I bought an iHome clock radio iA90 to work with my iPhone 4 I also bought a 30pin extension cable so I could use my thirdgen iPad When I upgraded my phone to a 5S everything worked fine However with every iOS update things got worse and worse The iPhone wont talk to the clock radio at all though it will charge Otherwise its useless The iPad will charge albeit extremely slowly and will send audio to it but it wont control the volume Neither device can be used to interface with the clock radio at allIn addition the snooze button has stopped working and the other day I couldnt turn the alarm off I ended up smashing it with my fist just to get it to stopThe clock radio has gone to electronic recycling hell not heaven as it is useless and stupid    Used to be awesome now useless
I paid for the ad free yet I still get ads Not sure why This morning my alarm was showing on my iPhone 6 but not playing through the speakers so I overslept I love that you have one playlist to fall asleep to and another to wake up to       Paid for ad free still get ads
After reading other reviews I was skeptical as I gave the app a try The TuneIn addon only works on occasion my guess is that a station has to be live for it to work The sleep volume is significantly louder than the wake volume despite my settings being just the opposite I havent deleted the app but I wont be able to use it until it is updated          Volume is erratic
The gentle wake is advertised on the app and is described in the instructions for the app It can not be used in this latest update    Where is gentle wake feature
This app used to be great Now I hate it I set my alarm and sometimes gasp I wake up earlier I deactivate the alarm and yet at the time its supposed to go off it goes off as if I never deactivated Its super annoying and Im officially done with this crappy app    Doesnt allow you to wake up early
I have had to resort to using only the alarm clock because the app has been very unreliable Please iHome get this app fixed and working get idea and just need to get it working    Neatcool idea for the app execution is less then stellar unfortunately
Use it every morning best alarm clock app                Great app
I used to love this app but now whenever i plug it in to my ihome it doesnt go off    Terrible
Yay Now I can wake up to annoying beeping sounds and have an app that does nothing And has annoying ads       AWESOME Not
A redesign is going to bring about bugs and lots of them Just take a look at iOS 7 The past few updates have fixed quite a number of issues with the app left some annoyances in and unfortunately introduced new ones If you accidentally hit snooze that still cant be removed from your sleep logs Screen brightness during sleep mode was broken pretty badly even if you drag the slider all the way to the left its still a notch or two too bright Removing ads when youre plugged into an iHome dock seems to work decently though For a free app it still works pretty decently give it a try over the weekend or something and see if it works well for you In the future Id love to see this tie in with iOS 8s HealthKit             Getting better
Its got a nice interface but thats about it Even after purchasing the no ads option ads still appear when plugging in a second device into the alarm clock which is really annoying If I had to do it all over again I wouldnt have purchased the alarm clock or the app Cmon guys Do the QA before you release this kinda garbage    Buggy
Swag                Great
Slightly liked it at first it was a little annoying if you woke up before the alarm since you had to I and turn the actual alarm off in order for it to not send you notifications Still it was ok until the last update Now it freezes when I slide the bedtime button Byebye app Now on to find a new one XD    BAD
I use this app everyday My only complaint is when I shut off alarm a glaring white screen comes up to blind me Can you mute that wake up screen so it is not so bright first thing in the morning          White screen
Update 303Yep another update nothing was addressed The app is still terrible Bedtime volume still comes over just as loud as Wakeup volume regardless of the sliders when plugged into iHome making the feature next to useless with regard to going to bed with music Putting together and editing a playlist for wakeup is clumsy at best and sleep stats still have multiple inconsistent and incorrect entries for a single cycle They also dont communicate with Health I keep hoping for a reasonable version with every update but continue to be disappointed    Continues to fall short
The company seems deaf to complaints about bugs The last update over a year ago created more than it solvedKnown bug issues1 Sliding the wake button before the alarm goes off fails to cancel the alarm2 plugging a device into the USB port activates ads on the iPad which dont dim in the dock even with the paid version and3 sleep tracker frequently fails to record either wake or sleep timeHardware issuesThe display cant be dimmed below a certain level which is still too bright It has to be off which defeats the purpose    Bug issues dont waste your money on the hardware or app
This is my second iHome Alarm clock About 5 years ago I got my first iHome with my I think 3Gen iPOD It worked great as far as softly and gradually waking me up to music I selected When I got an iPhone 5 I also upstaged my iHome so I could have a compatible docking station lightening connector not the 30pin Again it worked great I liked the app that you can use without having to have the phone docked blue iHome icon not the yellow This worked great until recently I think its some sort of iOS or app version compatibility issue Now this app is Very buggy missed alarms time changes from am to pm additional alarms seem to create themselves out of nowhere and when the thing does work there is NO VOLUME CONTROL MUSIC BLARES AT YOU SUDDENLY AND ABRUPTLY VERY ANNOYING AND A USELESS ALARM FUNCTION TO ME The whole reason why I loved iHome in the first place is that I HATE BLARING AND ANNOYING ALARMS Now my nice gentle waking alarm has become all that I hate in bad alarm clocks Luckily my usual MO has been to wake gently with music fading up and additionally setting a second buzzer alarm clock with a separate device so Ive never slept in and missed work fortunately I see from these reviews that this unreliable app is dangerous and could very well cause you to sleep in be late for work and subsequently lose you job Thats a risk most people will refuse to take I have found a work around Download the free Alarm Clock App Made by The Alarm Clock Company or upgrade to the HD version for 99 cents ad free I just tested it and when it goes off it plays through my iHome speakers when it is set to Dock mode This app has a lot more functionality than iHomes does and the functionality actually WORKS What a concept Using the volume down button on the iHome dockdevice turn the volume down to about 10 or so compared with the seemingly fixed unchangeable blaring 35 iHome volume on their app Test the alarm a few times while you are awake to make sure all your settings are right Until you get used to how it works use a cheap travel alarm or something else as a back up Its probably not a bad idea to set a back up alarm regardless To me getting up and keeping my job is THAT important One alarm should be reliable enough to work without having to set a second though There are just things that could happen even with a good alarm like a power outage that makes redundancy a good idea I mean if you tell you boss my alarm didnt go off He is likely gonna look at you like yeah right It will come of sounding like just a flimsy excuse There is no excuse for iHome not updating this app Without an app to control the iHome device its just an expensive piece of junk I think iHome will lose a lot of repeat customers including me unless they give existing customers better support and at least regularly update their app In the mean time I hope that the workaround I presented above may help others that were having the same problems I was GOOD LUCK    UNRELIABLE BLASTS MUSIC AT YOU NO VOLUME CONTROL HAZARDOUS TO YOUR JOB USELESS
This app has given me several close calls of being late for work while using it with my brand new iHome alarm clock for my iPhone 5s Many mornings today being one of them I look over to see wake up or wake messages and there was NEVER ANY SOUND THAT WENT OFF TO WAKE ME UP This app is horrible and needs to be either fixed or deleted from the App Store all together Im thinking the latter Since the app is clearly not being maintained And the all of the other reviews I see up here for it Very disappointed If you wanna ruin your day with a late start and possibly losing your job Then this is the app for YOU Smdh    Very unreliable
This is my first iHome device first iHome app and the first time I have hates an app enough to write a review The alarm wont go off unless your iPhone is on It is so freaking bright I cant sleep I keep turning the brightness down If I was sleeping in direct sunlight it might be considered dim but in a dark room it is WAY too bright If I turn off the screen the alarm doesnt go off The app is worthless to me    First exposure to iHome
I cant hear the alarm Will never use it again    Horrible Update
I never know what kind of behavior to expect from this app Sometimes in changes the dim Sometimes it starts playing music The volume of the alarm is loud one morning and normal the next I setup a backup alarm because I never feel confident it will go off       Erratic
If your device is connected to the iHome and an alarm goes off you should be able to press the wake button on the iHome to silence the alarm You should also be able to control the iHome with the app    Should actually interact with the iHome
I like the alarm system but I cannot find or it was removed the gradual increase in volume for the alarm             What Happen to Gradual Volume Increase for Alarm
I bought 2 iHome alarm clocks for my girlfriend and myself for Christmas Of course we downloaded all of the iHome apps to go with it Ive set the alarm to go off to wake me up naturally like a normal human would and instead of the alarm going off it just vibrates once every 1520 seconds Worst alarm clock Ive ever spent 200 on Im going back to the Apple alarm that I know I can rely on because this particular app is a piece of trash    Its supposed to wake you up right
HORRIBLE The new app completely breaks a perfectly functional app Horrible horrible waste of a development effort and completely bricks my iHome device This is the worst update ever the UI is horrible inconsistent and even worse doesnt work Who QAs this junk Please fix this ASAPAnd how is it that this app doesnt sync with the iOS Health app for sleep statsConfusing and clumsy interaction with the built in iHome alarm unlike the previous version and its integration with iHome Set Doesnt work well at all with iHome Even leaves the graphic popup of the volume model and active on the display all night WhyI used the previous app every day and now Im out of commission Horrible       No Health App sync and Worst update to an app EVER
I didnt like that it made my whole screen dark and it didnt really work    Review
Will not dim anymore Extremely annoyed Every update makes it worse       Doesnt dim
The last four days I have set this alarm it hasnt gone off No it has gone off only silently Thats so useful Not I have had this app for far longer than I should have I think its time to delete it Every update has made it work more poorly than the last and thats frustrating because at one point it worked perfectly    Doesnt work
Just force closed twice in a row I was late for church yesterday and now Im late for school    BOOOOOO
This app used to work great and do exactly what it should Then they released a big update that added ads I paid 99 IAP to remove the ads swore to never buy anything ihome again and set my alarms Best new feature None of the alarms go off anymore I often wake up to see wake up on the screen but no alarm sound For a 100 alarm clock the Alarm Clock part should work STAY AWAY    Terrible


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.6.2
iPhone iPad

iOS iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks 2.6.2 Mobile

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