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 Sponsored links , brings iMtG with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iMtG app has been update to version 3.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app is a must for any Magic The Gathering fan..
  • this app has been incredibly helpful for deck building..
  • and allows me to keep track of cards I need for my decks..
  • You have to spend some money to get the full Monty..
  • and the deck builder is a time saver as well..
Overall Satisfactionclick me94
The best mtg app out definatly get the upgrades.
This is the most comprehensive free MtG app I have used.
It is even better than the official app released by WotC.
I highly recommend buying the multiple decks for the deck builder.
It's also an amazing life counter.
One of my favorite free aspects is the forum.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
Simply awesome magic companion.
Flat out Awesome.
Usefulnessclick me93
card database has up to date pricing and advanced collection management.
Probably the most useful MTG related app out there.
It's an all in one app for everything magic.
It has almost everything you could need.
Just started playing and this app is really helpful.
lots of helpful features for both the new and experienced player.
Awesomely useful.
Value for Moneyclick me100
Without spending a penny.
Reliabilityclick me88
Updates & Supportclick me75
rules everythingI purchased the full version and use it all the time.
I'm astounded by what is offered even in the free version.
Developer responds VERY quickly to emails about bugs/suggestions.


iMtG is probably the most advanced Magic: the Gathering app in the App Store, it has unique Scan function linked to Card Database with pricing, beautiful coverflow views of card lists and decks in Card Database and Deck Builder, and Facebook deck sharing.


Life Counter is designed to be easy and convenient to use, yet fully functional. It supports portrait and landscape modes. It has full multiplayer support with Commander damage tracking and separate poison counters for 2Headed Giant team. Multiple iMtG Life Counters can be linked over Bluetooth or Game Center, which is really cool.

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Deck Builder includes sample play / fish tool, mana statistics, export by Email and sharing on Facebook. You can use Import from iTunes or Dropbox to upgrade from other MTG deck builders which support .dec file format.


Card Database has up to date pricing and advanced collection management. For each card you can set how many you need, own and want to trade. It will add the card to the appropriate report in the main menu. As soon as a new expansion is released, you can update your database in Settings.


Trade module contains quick Price Check and Trading tool, together with Needed and Trade Binder. Needed list is especially handy when you are heading for your local shop to do some trading, and you are guaranteed to wow your friends when you show them what you need in a stunning landscape coverflow view. Prices are courtesy of, displayed in configurable currency and multiplied by configurable factor, so you can adjust for your local market.


In the built-in Shop you can unlock optional functionality. Offline cache enables you to mass update pricing information in Card Database. This can be handy for your foreign trips when you want to save on your data roaming fees. You can also unlock multiple decks maintenance and add handy Clone function to test different versions of the same deck, in-app access to card rulings, and unlimited scanning of card names.


Please note the Support and Feedback option, the use of which I would greatly appreciate. Before giving iMtG a review of anything less than 5 stars, please contact me either via Support page or directly from the app and I`ll make sure your problem is resolved.


Bad news: the scanner will only work reliably with
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
3GS, 4 and 4S as other
camerasA camera records and stores photographic images
will not focus close enough. Scanning with iPod is possible but much more difficult.


For the latest news and development updates follow me on twitter @ghromm


You can also contact me on the built in Forum, where we discuss life and magic in general.


Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the United States and other countries. Copyright 2009 Wizards. All Rights Reserved.


iMtG is owned by and is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, specifically approved or authorized by Wizards of the Coast LLC. For more information about Wizards of the Coast or any of Wizards` trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iMtG for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 11.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about iMtG check developer`s website :


The best mtg app out definatly get the upgrades. found in 368 reviews
This is the most comprehensive free MtG app I have used. found in 21 reviews
searching cards and keeping track of what I'm buying and selling. found in 5 reviews
Paid for the full App. found in 1 reviews
Individual card rulings and format legalities. found in 11 reviews
Without spending a penny. found in 3 reviews
Along with rule book to settle matters during games. found in 8 reviews
Developer responds VERY quickly to emails about bugs/suggestions. found in 2 reviews
The price guide is a big help in trading. found in 8 reviews
Without a doubt the best MtG app on the market. found in 18 reviews
look up cards and interact with other players. found in 3 reviews
Worth the 10 dollars worth of add ons. found in 9 reviews
Great comprehensive app for magic players. found in 4 reviews
life counters/ poison counter. found in 15 reviews
I've used this app for over a year. found in 3 reviews
Really great helpful app for magic players of all levels. found in 114 reviews
For anyone who enjoys MtG this is an essential app. found in 2 reviews
This app is what I use to keep my deck ideas. found in 13 reviews
one allowed you to buy the developer a beer. found in 3 reviews
I love the cover flow type option on browsing through cards. found in 8 reviews
Great app but keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
with a few key issues. found in 2 reviews
Do not spend money in this app. found in 1 reviews
This app literally has everything a mtg player needs. found in 12 reviews
Stability and cards missing. found in 3 reviews
Good up but the deck builder features don't really work. found in 2 reviews
I love this program just needs a couple bug fixes. found in 1 reviews
Good but sometimes buggy. found in 2 reviews
- multi-select to move cards to/from binders would be great. found in 5 reviews
Laggy but good :. found in 2 reviews
Needs bugs fixed. found in 1 reviews
Just get this app if you play magic. found in 6 reviews
a must for any magic player occasional crashes. found in 5 reviews
Used to be good until update. found in 1 reviews
Good but add- ons cost alot. found in 1 reviews
Good but add-ons cost alot. found in 1 reviews
New version is TERRIBLE. found in 1 reviews
Not a fan of the color scheme. found in 2 reviews
but a few key issues. found in 2 reviews
Any time I open it it requires a database update. found in 9 reviews
Don't support this developer. found in 1 reviews
No support for older devices. found in 1 reviews
You can't add or remove cards without it crashing. found in 2 reviews
Horrible customer service. found in 1 reviews
The offline cache doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
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One of the best apps Ive come across Incredibly extensive and loaded with features Would happily pay 23 bucks for this app                Best free app I own
This app is worth downloading for anyone who plays or trades Magic cards I guess its got a nice life counter though I mainly got it as an upgrade to entering deck lists into a spreadsheet Paying for unlimited decks was well worth it for me as now all my decks are more easily catalogued and searched I have the same lag when searching that the other reviewers mentioned due to the bar trying to auto fill the card name after each letter typed but its easily overlooked for all the utility this app provides                Great app well worth it
This is by far the best app Ive found for doing just about all you need for the game It is even better than the official app released by WotCOne major problem I have is that the app is no longer legal for use as a life counter at tournaments not the Designers choice Also TappedOutnet is a significantly better builder and it would be nice to transfer from there to here easilyAlso inapp purchases are annoying             Fabulous
If you play mtg even casually this app is for you                Awesome app for mtg players
Could do with a GUI update though                Everything you want and more
The developers do a great job keeping the database up to date and thats the primary reason I got the app Every thing else has been just a bonus so I dont feel the need to buy any of the in app items                Great Card Database
I honestly dont know what the other people are talking about that give it anything lower than a 5 There arent any serious issues heck I dont know if I found ANY issues at all The life counter goes up to eight yes EIGHT players just swipe sideways The life counter has customizable buttons a life swipeywheelthing and has different options for normal commanderedh and twoheaded giant There is a FANTASTIC card database including prices for low medium high and foil card conditions a picture of the card and rewritten wordings in case it doesnt make sense the way it is displayed on the card The gatherer collection and deck builder arent anything super special but are very cool to have Honestly this is THE BEST mtg app out there If you dont have it and are wondering whether you should get it take my word for it you wont regret it                FANTASTIC APP PLEASE READ
The app worked great perfect even I bought the whole thing Then the new expansion Khans of Takir came out and everything rotated thats when the trouble started When I search for cards I set format to modern and the expansions arent rotated out M14 is still categorized as standard and khans is showing in modern Also Im having a big problem with the lag in the search and loading its legalities Please fix       Ehh
Whoever made the app has outdone themselves as it is amazing and easy to use I very much recommend it                Simply amazing
Darn good Nuff said       Darn good
Sorry but its too slow takes ages to search for a card and the search function is not user friendly at all    Just bad
Restore purchases NEVER works I bought all the features for this on another device and every time I go to restore purchases it always says Store is busy I downloaded the second iMtg to see if I mightve had the second one on my other device but it still said store is busy I believe the developer did this on purpose Instant five stars if this is fixed but until then it just wasted my money    Restore Purchases doesnt work
I have had and used this app for over a year and with each update it had gotten better and better Tons of subtle and not so subtle features have been added that are amazing ideas I love the Dropbox backup I feel pretty confident they will take care of my database                Best MTG App Get it
This app is the best MTG app thats out there right now but when you search something up in the card database it lags like crazy Overall the app is really good    Best MTG app out there but a few key issues
Has many cool features if they all work The scan card feature is wrong most of the time I would not waste my money on this app    Okapp many features dont work
This app crashes and then I paid 99 to get the offline cache so I could look at card images offline doesnt work Ive tried countless times to upload the images and it gets part of the way through the upload and crashes and doesnt upload any images This app needs to be fixed       Offline Cache wont work
I sent a message about a problem I have I just purchase this app and the scan feature does not work properly and I was told to try imtg2 I should not have to purchase the second app to have a feature that is already In the first app I did not even get an Im sorry for the inconvenience I was basically told give us more money right after buying everything for this app    Horrible customer service
They updated it to fit larger screens like iPhone 6 plus Not a huge issue but still Also UI is could use some work             Would be great if
Great app just to start this review The entire reason I downloaded this app was so that I can have a life counter so as to use my dice for creature counters Yet the more I used this app I came to realize that the card database was the feature I used the most Yes there are some lag issues such as the image of the card taking a while to load and the occasional search function freezes however the overall app is fantastic I was a little disappointed I had to purchase rulings and other features but what are you gonna do developers gotta make money to make the app better So hopefully this app improves not in its content or database but in its performance so lags dont occur             Mtg app
Best mtg app on the app store Great for any player                Great
This is overall the best MTG app It has everything you could want A life counter a deck builder a rules and abilities glossary and a complete card database up to date with all rulingsThat said while it is hands down the best app it does have issues The card database search is clunky It searches immediately after every letter instead of on command or with a delay between when it searches and the database This makes the searches take longer than necessary This severely affects how long it takes to use the deck builderMy final complaint is the play test function for decks is really just quite abysmal             Best MTG app good overall needs a bit of fixing
This app has slowly become more and more bloated over the years with extraneous features The search has gotten so laggy 1015 seconds with each input deckbuilding on this app has become unbearable Cluttered and unintuitive UI Best to find something more elegantly designed with a responsive UI because this isnt it       Bloated and laggy
This is my goto app for anything mtg its just so handy and wonderful Thank you so much                Fantastic
I love the app and Ive been using it for awhile The only problem Im having right now is that the legalities for each card doesnt show the format Its just blank It does it on my iPhone 5s which I switched to from the iPhone 4 but it has never done it on the iPhone 4 I was able to backup all purchases on it through my iTunes account but the legalities are the only things that dont show up Any ideas on what to do             Awesome
I am a younger player and when not playing I am often making deck lists this app will show price and allow me to search not just by name but by color rarity type subtype set and canard abilities Though it is sometimes buggy and requires restart after entering some applications             A useful app for any mtg player
The search engine is broke cant use it to search just shows all cards az    Cant use search engine
Needs to be updated for MTG15          M15
Always has helped me and others get get fair trade value in a most efficient manner Stores collection and totals the value of it Other features are also great A must for the avid MTG gatherer             Fantastic Tool
Its perfect                Ive been using it for years
Fix the bugs it kicked me out whenever I building decks and I more often then not have to start over with my idea       Good but so much room for improvement
Honestly all i needed was the ability to browse the card database without being connected And i got exactly what I needed                Great app
This app takes such a timeless card game into the digital age I have never deleted this app from my phone since it first came out about 3 or 4 iPhone models ago                Amazing app
I had a relatively simple question how do you add a foil to a trade which I tried to figure out by looking through the game help and then on google Im a software engineer so Im usually pretty good with this sort of thingI was surprises that I was unable to figure this out so I sent an email to the developer asking him about thisHis reply was to point me at the ingame help and he tells me Sorry Im a busy chap Too busy to help out a PAYING customer Not impressed    Poor customer support
Has everything you want and nothing you dont a little tough to use at first but has great features                Great all around app
Ever                Best magic app
Great app allows for fast research when airplane mode is on so it doesnt lagThough when you try to test play your deck you can not look at what the cards are             Amazing but has problems
Id like it if the icons were explained a bit more but its not really a problem Great app really helpful I highly recommend it                Excellent App
I love this app however it needs to be up dated to know up to fatereforged                Update
The interface can be a bit clunky but it is far better than any other free magic app I would suggest bein able to have more players life on one screen             Best of its kind
Stability in the app is still questionable Some cards still have 0 rulings even though there are constant database updates Very frustrating when your life counter is in the app but you have to switch to safari to check rulings out As for stability again crashes after excessive use Seems to cache cards you view or something and just overloads your phone and then crashes          Stability and rulings missing
This app is intuitive thorough and always helpful                Amazing app
Love the app but wish there were more planeswalkers in the data base             Brendan brombaugh
First of all even if all this app had was a life counter it would still be the best free life counter appThe card database is a nice bonus but the some features like rulings and card discussions must be paid for Which is the only annoying thing about the appThe info in the card database is exactly the same as the official wiki but the official wiki is all freeThe rest of the inapp purchases are worth it but not the database                Best free mtg app of all
The creator is rude and not appreciative of his buyers so why give him moneyWotCs Gatherer Google Sheets works better and is freeThe life counter is subpar despite its features the card database takes a ridiculously long time to load and the interface is not the most intuitive Ive seen particularly when using advanced search options This last point might not be an issue but just try getting clarification from the creator    Mediocrity backed by rudeness
It says there are in app purchases but theres no real functionality lost when paying nothing Essentially the creator allows you a great life counter the entire magic database rules and a ton of other feature free with no ads Far better than any other mtg app on here                Probably the best mtg app Ive used
Its a pretty good app when you just use the key features you dont have to pay for but its literally like burning money if you pay for any extra features The offline cache doesnt work and after buying unlimited decks the app completely broke and wouldnt search anything and I never even got a reply when I tried to get help from the developer       Do not spend money in this app
Great app for MTG                Awesome
Tried 3 or 4 various mtg apps an this has out shone the rest by far                Quality app
I like it much better then the second version and use it almost every single day I would like tokens added to it though                Best magic app
Good database though the app itself is easily outshone by other apps such as DeckedBuilder and uMagic in terms of easeofuse its competition is generally less clumsy and cost a fullunlock for uMagic runs about 3 and DB runs 4 iMTG will cost upwards of 7 Edit DBs full unlock is closer to 15 but the features are largely unnecessary Where this app truly differentiates itself is the convenience of a forum attached to it but even THAT loses to sites like MTGSalvation for a very simple reason the app creator has NO clue how to run this forum He claims to run an open forum but bans at the drop of a hat for reasons of his own invention Do your opinions differ from his in any way shape or form Expect to be banned quickly and without warning for lying Do you plan to question these practices Expect similar retribution for the exact same offense Leave a negative review calling out these flaws that ruin an otherwise decent experience Expect threats of a ban for the exact same offense There are better databases and forums out there with far less volatile individuals at the helm Dont waste your time with this one    So much potential


11.4 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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iOS / 3.0.0
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