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Meditation Oasis , the publisher behind many iOS app (Simply Being - Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence ,iSleep Easy ,Luminescence Visual Meditations ,Learn to Meditate - Meditation Without Borders ,Attunement: music to upgrade your life ,Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing), brings iSleep Easy with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iSleep Easy app has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I've been falling asleep faster since I've been using this app..
  • This puts you to sleep quickly every time..
  • I tend to wake up in the middle of the night..

Overall Satisfactionc94
I love the ability to customize background and guided sleep meditations.
Best sleep and relaxation app ever tried.
Seriously amazing.
By far the best company /app on the market.
Much better than Ambien.
Best money I have ever spent.
Helps me sleep better everynight and wake up calmer.
This app helps me sleep almost every night.
This app truly helps me calm myself and get restorative sleep.
Helps me calm my busy mind.
Simple and helpful.

but this app helps me sometimes fall asleep in 10 minutes. found in 1 reviews
I didn't get to the end of the video. found in 1 reviews
I use this every night to unwind and fall asleep. found in 2 reviews
Nice to have a few different choices for background music. found in 1 reviews
If you would ever consider buying an OTC sleep aid. found in 12 reviews
The music and the voice are very soothing. found in 7 reviews
It really helps me wind down and fall to sleep easily. found in 3 reviews
9 guided meditations listen with or without music or nature sounds. found in 9 reviews
meditation on darkness helps you fall into a deep restful sleep. found in 3 reviews
I also download her podcast Meditation Oasis I recommend that too. found in 17 reviews
This app truly helps me calm myself and get restorative sleep. found in 2 reviews
This app helps quiet my mind and relaxes me to sleep. found in 3 reviews
The playlists lull or sooth or enchant me to sleep almost every night. found in 3 reviews
versatile sleep meditation app. found in 2 reviews
This app has a nice variety of options. found in 3 reviews
This app is a game changer. found in 1 reviews
I have recommended this to many friends. found in 1 reviews
The woman's voice is so calm and soothing. found in 4 reviews
This is the first time I have paid for an app. found in 1 reviews
I used to toss and turn and awake frequently at night. found in 3 reviews
Update of 5/5/15 causes App to crash. found in 2 reviews
But it either started glitching. found in 1 reviews
99 for an app that doesn't play in background mode. found in 1 reviews
that I'd love it if I could save my settings. found in 1 reviews
which sort of defeats the purpose of creating them. found in 1 reviews
App keeps crashing & closes automatically. found in 1 reviews
Latest update causes App to crash. found in 1 reviews
I don't care for the included music selection. found in 1 reviews
Crashes a lot lately. found in 1 reviews
fix the crash issue. found in 1 reviews
this one crashes frequently on my iPad 3 with OS 6. found in 1 reviews
but it still crashes when I try to make new custom playlists. found in 1 reviews
the app keeps crashing & automatically closing every time I try to create new. found in 1 reviews
Bug fix breaks app. found in 1 reviews
Now I feel better and can sleep after stating that. found in 1 reviews
Bug With Custom Playlist : Please Fix. found in 8 reviews
Bug fix update causes app to crash. found in 2 reviews
Worse after update. found in 1 reviews
Erased all my updated playlists. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iSleep Easy for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 136 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about iSleep Easy in Meditation Oasis`s Official Website :

The iSleep Easy app by Meditation Oasis contains a wide variety of guided meditations to help you fall asleep and sleep deeply. You can listen to the meditations with or without several choices of music ...
I ve always been a night owl so when it s time to sleep it can be hard normally it can take me about an hour sometimes two But with the help of this app I can finally sleep in just a few minutes and sleep restfully without any tossing or turning I ve tried random meditations from websites but they soon get old and don t have the same effect after a few nights This app is the opposite it has so many great quality meditations to choose from I ve used this app for almost a year and plan to for years to come So even though it might cost a bit it is definitely worth it and I highly suggest downloading it                     Great quality PieDaRoar
I ve tried a lot of sleep apps and podcasts and this is the only one that works for me 100 of the time The sleep sounds combined with the low voice lull me into Lala Land within a few minutes Five stars                     Never fails me doxnds
I couldn t sleep to this because the audio kept getting caught off by an interrupting sound     Makes weird sounds between audio Somervilleres
Best 4 99 I ve ever spent Worth every penny                     I love this app jjuliem
Falling asleep made easy Thanks                     Great app Arlenemda
This is an amazing app It has helped me completely come off the sleep aide that I was on Now I m sleeping on my own by using this app Thanks so much                     Amazing app Aaaaa126
I ve used this app for years whenever I can t sleep It got me through the stress of grad school drug free Definitely worth the cost Very relaxing audio                     Stress defuser IBuyAppsSometimes
The app in itself is pretty good but I do wish they had more audios to pick from Also the app could use an upgrade It looks a bit outdated                 Pretty good Monic21
I ve been using this app for about 1 1 2 years Recently I went a couple of months without using it I found it much more difficult to fall asleep So I ve gone back to it In the tips to using the app they do tell you that it s not necessary to hear every word or phrase that you will hear what you need to hear The problem I have is impaired hearing I keep my phone at it s loudest when I m not using my hearing aids and can t hear it ring when it s nearby Naturally I don t wear them when I sleep I can t make out any of the words spoken on the app even with my phone volume and the app volume on high especially if I have one ear facing into the pillow I don t have a problem hearing the music If I could add something to my wish list it would be to have the ability to increase the app sounds I find it somewhat adequate and soothing to still here the low sound of a voice in the background but it would be awfully nice to hear a few words That s why I gave it five stars Nothing is perfect in a less than perfect world This of course is not the only app to not consider the needs of people with particular disabilities Perhaps it can be the first one to address that problem                     Just one suggestion crinkster54
Great app for falling asleep                 Often puts me to sleep Mutesky
Perfect This helps me get to sleep and sleep soundly                     Love this app Perales_am
If you re a fan of the podcast content purchase all of the apps The ability in this one to create a custom sleep playlist is perfect The interface doesn t feel modern but the results are reliable and this app is part of my routine                     So Helpful Worth the Pferde01
Didn t work for me don t get why knees are warm and heavy will knock me out     Didn t work for me don t get why knees are warm and heavy will knock me out Sandman didnt knock
Love the sound vs voice options The music is very something The meditations are very nice                     Worth it Dbfiela sbshakn x
This app really does help me go to sleep and improve my quality of sleep I wish there were more guided meditations though                     I love it Seaya5
The other reviews have said it all I just wanted to say this app is worth every penny So glad I upgraded from the free version I use the soothing endless loop to wind down my day                     Don t hesitate AegisRose
This app has helped me to fall asleep much faster than any other method I have tried The soothing voice and soft music plus the experience of hearing a mentally relaxing way of putting away the day is a great help to be able to fall asleep within minutes and even at times before it has ended                     Best Meditation for Sleep Bcmmama
Have used this app for years now No need to pay for subscription service this is nicely adaptable to my needs and works to help me wind down                     Love the voice and music options mmmargot
For me this app is easy to use and amazingly effective I find the nights I fall asleep using one of the play lists I actually sleep longer and with no or very few interruptions For someone with ADHD knowing I have a tool that works to help me fall asleep and stay asleep has made a world of difference in my anxiety level I love this app and the benefits I ve received from it in better nights of sleep                     Life sleep Saver Standish Chambers
I love Meditation Oasis But before I sing their praises PLEASE I beg you add Sanctuary as one of your music tracks I use it in Simply Being it was in your free version of iSleep then I pay for the upgrade and POOF it s gone I credit MO for finally teaching me to fully relax and meditate Mary s voice and the beautiful ethereal sounds are the perfect combination I look forward to my daily meditation with MO Besides Simply Being I use and recommend Take a Break Enjoy                     Soothing p2t2
Choose the background music that appeals to you most I like comfort and just lie back and let the soothing voice take over Has never failed me                     Puts me to sleep in under 10 minutes every time TheViV
This app helps me fall asleep or go back to sleep every time A game changer for me                     Every time Gret
This is a wonderful app to help you unwind the day Highly recommend                     Incredibly Relaxing jimmycarterusmc
I ve increased my rating from 5 stars to 5 stars with a heart I will continue with my wish that each item didn t have an intro as that sometimes breaks the rythm The teeny tiniest gripe is that skip intro isn t the default You guys see that Accomplished This is now as close to perfect as possible This is now what I slip on at night when I know that I m going to have trouble or when I just want to be inside myself                     Deeply in love and more dmpyron
It has always been so difficult to close down my thoughts and relax to fall asleep until this app I am totally relaxed and asleep within minutes The calm and tranquil are so relaxing you just lose consciousness into deep sleep                     Tranquility Yankee Kat
I ve had insomnia for years and when I tried this app I was surprised that it really helped me to sleep It even helped me to sleep on a long transatlantic flight which was great Mary has a beautiful soothing voice that is very calming and I like that I can put the music on an endless loop It wasn t too pricey but I do wish they would add a few more tracks to the app so you could switch around more overall it s very much worth the money                     Really helps me sleep Slawklaw
I really go to a relax state listening to this meditation app Many times don t even realize after breathing how or when I fall sleep I use it with my kids too                     Great app to disconnect relax and zzz MarinĂŠis
I absolutely love this app There are several guided relaxations to choose from in various lengths Each is excellent Not only that but the choices in music are perfect The voice is consistent with their other apps is absolutely wonderful The overall assessment is it s effective                     Soothing Effectiveness Kathy Kali-Godby
Some of the meditations are too short Need bigger variety of meditations to choose from I have listened to them all more than once and am kind of bored Please provide updates with new meditations I like that you can mix and match to create your own playlist                 3 5 stars Paco papi
Good app                     I like it Dembry
I love this app when it works Usually crashes when i open it Used to open without a problem         Love it used to Callihj987654321
All MeditationOasis podcasts are helpful but this is amazing and you can customize it I used to take medicines to help me sleep There have been a few times there was no possible way I was going to sleep Too much energy drinks from a long drive I was able to relax and rest and doze with this app I no longer take sleep aids                     Saves money Improves rest K-D Olive
Since I ve been using this app I have gone to sleep faster and stayed asleep longer I haven t needed the Wee Hours function to go back to sleep It is well worth the price                     Best sleep ever SJack355
Always helps me like a                     SnapMyFace
I find this app very helpful particularly the wee hours rescue If I m experiencing insomnia I turn this on and play the music for about 20 min helps me fall back to sleep every time Sometimes I just need a reminder to turn off those thoughts that run through my head at night keeping me awake and this does that                     It s a Godsend JanetPDX
Love it                     Great app Mom2ADM
Love this app So many wonderful hints for a good nights rest and the meditations are lovely                 Perfect
I slept                 It works every time
I absolutely love this app I use this every night to go to sleep I suffer from anxiety panic attacks and all of meditation oasis apps help me immensely I love Marys voice so comforting and soothing Thanks so much                 Love it Use it every single night
Love it                 Great app
Cant sleep without it now                 Love it
Great sleep is an app away                 Love this app
The app helps me sleep better and relax I dont use it every night but when youre stressed or anxious that could be really good The other Mediation Oasis apps are great too This one has the option to only listen do calm sounds so I use it to focus at work too                 Great
Very relaxing way to wind down and get my mind to wind down I use it every night                 Sleep easy
Very soothing love the music and meditation options This app works amazingly well and brings zen into my evenings Sometimes wish there were a few more deep sleep guided meditations as there are really only three The new update did delete playlists I created but its not a huge deal Hoping they change up some meditations at some point as listening to the same ones over and over get old              Excellent sleep aid
I have used many guided meditation formats and this one is my favorite Very soothing pace and tone of voice great options to personalize continuous play options I really love this app                 Highly Recommend
Works great Has good options and lots of choices Great that you can control the volume of the voice and sound separately Love that you can make your own playlist or choose one too Definitely helpful at night when I cant quiet my mind or anxiety Recommended                 Great app Love the playlist option
Works for me No complaints and I appreciate the most recent update              Great way to relax at bedtime
Bug fix update causes app to crash You went the wrong direction     Bug fix breaks app
I often have trouble letting go of work concerns before bed This app helps provide other calming thoughts and focal point which has helped to both get me to sleep and sleep well during the night Just what I was hoping to find Simple and helpful                 Love it
I was looking for a sleep aid and found this app through a recommendation Its been a great help Plus the update to improve an operating glitch was made quite quickly I used to toss and turn and awake frequently at night then feel as if Id just completed a full day of work when I woke up in the morning I fall asleep much more quickly now stay asleep longer and sleep more deeply when I use this program Which means I feel much better and even energetic in the morning Thank you for this app                 Fantastic Sleep Aid
Cant fall asleep without it By far the best companyapp on the market                 Looove it
Recent upgrade fixed some problems but it still crashes when I try to make new custom playlists Very disappointed        It WAS great
Thanks for ruining the best part of the app     Erased all my updated playlists too
This app does wonders for those suffering from anxiety I love the Autogenic Relaxation it always helps me sleep It is very versatile by allowing you to choose from different music instrumentals or nature sounds for the background while she is talking Yes my app crashed but I uninstalled and reinstalled it and now it works great                 Great for anxiety
Love this App great aid for calming the mind prior to sleep but newest update of 5415 causes instant shutdown of App when selecting MusicNature Sounds combination my personal favorite Please fix     Buggy New Update to Good App
This app has helped me many nights not only for sleep but for anxiety              Good for sleep and anxiety
I customized a couple options and they work great                 Works every time
Please for the love of all that is holy fix the crash issue        Crash issues
Finally something that works                 My goto sleep app every night
I relax and fall asleep every night with this I do wish ther was more than one relax into sleep The others are shorter than the sleep one so a few longer sleep ones would make this ap top notch              Love this
Ive been sleeping better than ever using this app Ive also benefitted greatly from other Meditation Oasis apps Thanks for curing my chronic insomnia                 Amazing
This app is excellent but there are technical issues I use an ipad and it will not save playlists i create Ive tried reloading the app several times and everything is current but every day i have to recreate the playlist Any way to fix this Thanks                 Good app but doesnt work right
This is better than a sleeping pill The array of serene songs to choose from complement the soothing voice of Mary Maddox as she gently instructs you into relaxation Such a helpful app i highly recommend                 Soothing Sleep Aid
This app is the best Lately my preprogrammed playlists have been disappearing from the list I have to keep recreating them Thats my only problem with the app              Great App
Update of 5515 causes App to crash especially with the MusicNature feature Loved this App until now and wouldve continued to rank it 5 stars Contacted the developer by email and was assured that they are working to fix this issue so hopefully soon           Latest update causes App to crash
Beautiful meditation that tells you how it is and to let go of the day                 Helps me sleep
Puts me to sleep every time                 Perfect
All help me fall asleep but I especially like the wee hours rescuehuge help when I wake up in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep              Helps me sleep
Easy to follow and soothing Very effective                 Great tool for sleep
I use it mainly when I wake up in the middle of the night when my mind is racing It helps me stop thinking and the music puts me back to a restful state then into sleep Very good App                 Great App for Getting Back to Sleep
This app was great until the April 2015 update It is now full of bugs Playlists disappear Endless loop stops and wakes me up Even had the background sounds change in the middle of the night from music to forest which of corse also woke me up Hard to believe they would release such a disaster update untested Very amateurish     Disaster update
Theres a lot to this app its well worth the cost              Great App
This app is dumb It doesnt work Its just all the lame stuff you say to yourself as you try to fall asleep Youll be disappointed If you really are having trouble sleeping you need something better than this     Bad
This app has been glitchy since I purchased it but it helped me sleep so I worked through Since the May 2015 update my app wont even open It crashes as soon as you hit it icon Please fix so I can have my Isleep back     Worse after update
Simple to use and effective              Great App
I enjoy this app and use it nightly I have customized my playlist after experimenting with different combinations I would enjoy more options for actual music I dont care for the included music selection I stick to the sounds Thanks for the sleeping tool              Helps me sleep
This app has a nice variety of options the narrators voice is soothing and I like having the ability to extend background sounds beyond the end of the narration                 Great sleep app
Ive increased my rating from 5 stars to 5 stars with a heart I will continue with my wish that each item didnt have an intro as that sometimes breaks the rythm Accomplished This is now as close to perfect as possible This is now what I slip on at night when I know that Im going to have trouble or when I just want to be inside myself                 Deeply in love and more
Great                 Perfect
I actually love this app despite the title of my review I use it regularly and without fail it puts me to sleep in a short period of time It could however use a lot of improvements to make it a better quality app For example the woman used in all the recorded meditations speaks a little fast Its meant to be calming so would be nice if she slowed down what she was saying to make it more soothing Again despite this this app puts me to sleep many nights The graphicsdesign are also a bit out of date and could be improved Also would be nice if you could make your own play list instead of only having the option of the three they assembled for you Overall if you suffer from anxiety andor have trouble getting to sleep at night this could really help              Does the job not the best quality
Works trouble free every time                 Sleep easy
Marys voice is fantastic It puts me right to sleep Its nice you can make your own playlist I also download her podcast Meditation Oasis I recommend that too                 Great app makes me sleep like a baby
Great app that gets you to sleep quickly I have had sleeping problems for awhile and being able to relax before bed has helped me tremendously I would definitely recommend this app                 Very Helpful
App stopped working today No matter what you select the app just closes out     Not working
I really enjoy this app I used the nature sounds feature and came up with a combination that has made a world of difference I recommend this app                 Helps Me To Sleep

iSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided MeditationsiSleep Easy Health & Fitness Guided Meditations

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