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kayak.com , the publisher behind many iOS app (KAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker ,KAYAK Flight, Hotel Search ,Flight Status ,Checkfelix ,KAYAK HD - Flights, Hotels, Explore ,Flight Status Pro), brings KAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker app has been update to version 23.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • now I nearly always find the best deals and most info on Kayak..
  • The interface and layout is super user friendly..
  • and the ability to save frequent flyer..
  • Wish had a low fare finder option..
  • Flight filters make this a must-have for business travelers..

Overall Satisfactionc90
A combination of all other travel apps in one convenient place.
It's the greatest app for travel I've ever seen in my life.
Many price alerts involve the same cities and general time frames.
Price Alerts via Push Notifications not working.
The best flight booking app out there hands down.
smoother and effective tool for finding the best prices for your trips.
now I nearly always find the best deals and most info on Kayak.
Thanks Kayak for this super new travel pain reliever.
Great app to find best fares and travel options.
Fun & Engagingc72
Awesome Travel Plan App.
go get it - it's an awesome site over the app still.
I am truly addicted and in love with travel.
Good app for traveling & deals u2026 and other useful tools.
Most useful travel app I've seen.
This is app is so helpful.
I love the convenience of looking up everything in one app.
Production Valuesc99
This app has a clean and easy-to- read interface.
A very clean and user friendly interface.
Highly polished and incredibly useful.
Ease of Usec85
It's good for you to compare flight rate and schedule.
User interface is intuitive and screen layouts are easy to read.
Great app - makes travel planning easy.
This app is very easy to use and gives customers lot of options.
Makes life easy in the searching world.
Super easy and fast to enter dates and consider changes.
Easy to review price of flight.
Easy and efficient too that everybody should give it a try.
Ads not Intrusivec27
Updates & Supportc39
I highly recommend the pro version.
best travel app for finding deals and great customer service.

Nice app with lots of features. found in 1 reviews
Easiest way to purchase and confirm travel arrangements. found in 5 reviews
This app is very easy to use and gives customers lot of options. found in 4 reviews
I never use any other app for finding flights than kayak. found in 11 reviews
A must have for the road warrior. found in 7 reviews
Great travel app for researching options across many travel vendors. found in 53 reviews
The best flight booking app out there hands down. found in 18 reviews
Wouldn't plan a trip without checking fares on kayak. found in 9 reviews
worth the 99 cents considering all the money on trips I have saved. found in 3 reviews
I love putting all my trip info in one place in kayak. found in 4 reviews
Outstanding app for travel planning before leaving and while traveling. found in 41 reviews
user friendly and always finds the cheapest flights that I need. found in 10 reviews
Kayak is definitely the best travel search engine. found in 9 reviews
Almost ur one stop shop travel assistant. found in 5 reviews
smoother and effective tool for finding the best prices for your trips. found in 22 reviews
Great all in one travel planner. found in 4 reviews
Can't access My Trips without Internet connection. found in 2 reviews
Great app but newest update crashes when opening. found in 2 reviews
Misleading information on Castle Rock water park resort. found in 1 reviews
Please add flight and hotel package search options. found in 1 reviews
iPad version missing iPhone features. found in 1 reviews
needs a couple of extra functions to become a good one. found in 1 reviews
Wish it would stop begging for reviews. found in 1 reviews
Update removed features. found in 1 reviews
Problem with airport search / Black Screen. found in 1 reviews
Credit card authorisation can be buggy as well. found in 2 reviews
00 total both of us for round trip tickets. found in 9 reviews
Great app one tiny problem. found in 1 reviews
but only now used them to purchase a ticket. found in 2 reviews
Loved the app until they removed the packing list feature. found in 10 reviews
Doesn't show Southwest Airlines fares. found in 2 reviews
Needs defaults and saved searches. found in 2 reviews
Original review:
Latest update Crashes all the time. found in 1 reviews
Forced to rate. found in 6 reviews
and there isn't one on the Kayak site either. found in 3 reviews
Don't update - Latest revision does not open on iPhone 6 plus. found in 4 reviews
Stop nagging me to rate this app and even worse. found in 6 reviews
Crashes consistently around 19% during round trip search for two travelers. found in 9 reviews
The app opens to a blank white screen. found in 5 reviews
Price Alerts via Push Notifications not working. found in 28 reviews
iOS 7 filter on flight search crashes. found in 15 reviews
Unfortunately I can't find airport maps anywhere in this app. found in 7 reviews
I do not recommend using this app to book. found in 3 reviews
After today's update app crashes immediately after doing an airfare search. found in 3 reviews
" Flight Tracker " function useless. found in 37 reviews
but Multi city airfare searches on the iPad crash continuously. found in 5 reviews
it's disappointing you can't review a terminal map offline. found in 11 reviews
Update broken. found in 3 reviews
Packing List feature doesn't work. found in 10 reviews
Filter options are pathetic. found in 4 reviews

The KAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 23.1.1 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about KAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker check developer kayak.com`s website : http://www.kayak.com/iphone

Get KAYAK, the best travel search site, on your iPhone. It`s easy and fun - airfare, hotel, and rental car search - flight status tracking - itinerary management - business and first class airfare search - no banner ads in ...
No complaints Works as it should as far as Im concerned              Good App
Since the update this app is worthless It will not connect for airports searches anything Definitely should not be happening to a premium app     No data at all
Easy convenient                 The best
Cool With the latest update its not compatible with iPhone 6 Plus It wont even install     Not Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus
great easy and useful              Best of Best
I am able to browse for flight prices on a whim quickly and with an interface that is easy to use Couldnt travel without it                 Fast and reliable
This app has every I need flight and hotel search flight tracker trips summary which is my most used feature Suggestion allow users to submit status of a flight TerminalGate info delays etc                 As a frequent traveler
The newest update opens freezes and crashes 5 seconds later This happens every time Ive tried in over the last few days I used in on July 14 to book a flight and it was fine Just fix it already iPad 2 iOS 83     New Version Crashes EVERY TIME
This app has always run perfectly with update today 71615 tried to input Alaska Airlines Flight 4 which leaves everyday from Seattle SETAC My search for the airline came up empty 4 times Please fix this bug           Kayak Pro
Ive used it for both Domestic and International flights                 Easiest App to use by far
Great                 Great
I always have trouble moving on to the checkout area from the app           checkout
Takes the mystery out of fluctuating flight prices                 Nice
This app is so easy to use Easy to change searches Complete info The app does not try to force you in to bundling you can search things individually to compare We love it                 Free travel
I do like this app but my only complaint is that you cannot view the trip section when youre offline Its nice because I can view all of my confirmation numbers checkin times for airplanes and hotels But when I need them most I cant access them them without an internet connection Hopefully they work on this in the future           A good app but
The app crashes on launch since the most recent update on an iPad air2 running newest IOS I tried restarting the device 3 times           Crashing since update
Kayak was always my go to site not anymore They have only been giving delta results and I KNOW they arent the only airline flying between the airports Ive tried changing airport locations days Ive deleted and reinstalled the app bought pro mistake checked the filters and emailed support The only thing support has done is ask me to send the same screenshots over and over which I have done Its not worth the hassle anymore     DownhillOnly giving delta in results
After new update flight search wont workonly showing spinning planehelp        Froze
First time I searched flights didnt show up Upon researching they did but then I couldnt filter the flights by time        Latest update seems to have broken the filters
I would love to give 5 stars but its still missing a feature that was removed with no explanation I used the packing list all the time This is hands down my favorite travel app LOVE it Only reason for the low rating is that the packing list function was removed Please add it back Its superuseful        Give me my packing list back
I bought the pro version so that its ad free but Hotwire ads show up even in the pro version           Ads in pro version
Is the best                 Kayak Pro
Love this app                 Awesome
Great app Has all the options to book easily and allows to choose cheapest rate among multiple flights It would be great if you could add the fare trend chart that you show in your website                 Great app
The airline filter function now only shows Multiple Airlines after installing the latest update on my iPad 4 Please fix this BUG as soon as possible It seems that you are trying to add too many unnecessary functions to this app Remember the old saying keep it simple s     Kayak Pro on iPad
Make sure you want to stay at the hotel before you click because there are no refunds        No refunds
One of the most user friendly app I used Easy to go through lists and to choose                 So easy
Ive benn using it for years never disappointed                 Best app
Use this very helpful app regularly as Im a frequent business traveler                 Essential App
Its a great app to check prices for a last minute adventure even if they are not the lowest price they will still tell you who is                 Its great fast and free
Its so reliable And all you need to manage your travel                 THE MUST HAVE TRAVEL APP
it wont let you log in Every time I try to log in I get the unknown error message Hope they fix this soon Otherwise one of the best travel apps Ive used and the first one I always go to              Good travel app but
Thanks for the great app Also worth checking out Hipmunk and SkyScanner They seem about equal most of the time but occasionally one does better on price                 Easy to use and finds good flights
Great app It is fast easy to use                 Nice app
UI could use some polishing but still very good Pro version is way to go              Fast and reliable
Ive been using since day one the best app out there                 Love this app
I just updated the app and now it states that its not designed for this model of iPhone I have an iPhone 6 128GB with plenty of space available Starting to think maybe I should just delete this app and use something else        What happened
After this update the search never completes for me              Update causes stall out
This app is fast becoming the Adobe acrobat reader of the smart phone an update every 12 hours                 Stop the updates already
The app opens up to where I last left off My Trips but crashes when I try and access the main menu     Crashes on iPhone 6 83
Awesome booking app very reliable                 Perfect
Easy to use Has become my goto travel app                 Love the comparative rates
This app is identical to the free version I am done with this app and service FYI They also removed the packing list     Pro
Keep getting this issue since the last update I bought the pro app this should not be happening        Failed to retrieve session
Kayak pro is one of my favorite go to travel apps It has Gate Guru built into it so its easy to get airport information In addition Kayak has all of the major airline numbers a currency converter and a helpful price trend feature which lets you know whether to buy or wait Love it                 The Swiss Army Knife of travel apps
Even after an update with bug fixes and everything the flight times on the Kayak Pro app for the iPad are still an hour early How come such a simple issue cant be fixed The flight times are correct on the iPhone version of the app but not the iPad version This could be a wonderful app but what good is a flight tracker if all of the flight times are one hour off Ive complained directly to Kayak but never received any response Will this ever be fixed     Flight Tracker times on iPad are STILL one hour early
Overall is a very good app But in the last update the option view original email is gone Please bring it back           View original is gone
This app is terrific if you use Kayak often The search feature for flights is great albeit slow to load at times yes even on WiFi One thing I wasnt expecting was the inclusion of ads in my search resultsmost apps that feature both paid and free versions eliminate ads from their pro version The only other feature Id like to see would be expanded search features Like say Id like to go to Oslo for 810 days sometime in the spring and I have flexible dates As far as I know theres no way to condense that query into a single search right now Otherwise it remains the best travel app Ive used and Ive never had trouble booking through the app              Straightforward with a few opportunities for improvement
Trouble connecting to location server     Trouble connecting to location server
Works great                 Work great

KAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker Travel Book OnlineKAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker Travel Book OnlineKAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker Travel Book OnlineKAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker Travel Book Online

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