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KIK INTERACTIVE INC., the publisher behind many iOS app (Kik Maps ,Sketchee ,Kik Messenger), brings Kik Messenger with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Kik Messenger app has been update to version 5.5.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I'm 16 yrs male from Cali wanna meet new ppl @limited461..
  • Allows you to chat with people instantly throughout the day..
  • 15/m looking to make new friends clean.
  • user: legitimateJAG..
  • This is great for rollplayers and long distance friendships..

Overall Satisfactionc72
I love kik it's the best thing ever.
I love Kik but this is getting ridiculous.
Plz make a logout button instead of a reset button.
Very good messenger but it needs a logout button not a reset.
i love using kik is really good i recemend it 100%.
And I'm using kik constantly so that's very annoying.
Best messenger app thingy whatever its called that ive ever used.
U can not call it a messenger app without that feature.
Good messaging app but definitely needs a log out button instead of reset.
Love it's better than texting to me this is awesome kik.
I'm from Houston Texas & I love music fun & laughs.
Fun & Engagingc80
Kik is awesome you can social with friends.
My username kalyn678Please text me I'm really bored.
Kik id: esgarrojas I'm super bored I'm str8Talk about anything.
Hot & sexy redhead looking for some fun with guys or girls.
I met a girl on instagram and now we KIK all the time.
I use Kik all the time and I'm really disappointed.
I text my friends all the time this app is amazing.
Other that that it is an awesome texting app.
I love this app I use it everyday and it works good.
I use this app everyday to talk to my friends from everywhere.
I use it everyday to talk to friends and internet friends.
Family Friendlyc96
I'm looking for cute and sexy girls to get to know.
So any cute/hot/ sexy girls 14+ kik me right now.
Many people have told me I cut handsome hot sexy.
I've been called hot sexy you catch the drift.
Social Aspectsc80
It's a great way to keep in touch with my out of country friends.
it would be a great way to keep in touch w everyone.
Great way to meet new people and talk to your friends and family too.
What happened to be able to meet new people.
Someone message me 16/m from Chicago looking for new people to talk to.
but the profile picture blur for new people is annoying.
Love the app great way to communicate with friends & family WOWZERS.
It works really good really fun way to chat with friends.
Awesome way to stay in touch with friends & family while overseas.
I am being forced to stay in an undesired chat.
This app is the best social app that there is.
Good social media app and and an awesome messaging app.
I don't share my account via social media.
The only thing that should be changed is the reset button.
Kik should have a logout button not a reset button.
SECOND I BELIVE WE should change reset kik.
But they should have instead of reset Kik log out.
Security & Privacyc61
Whenever you try to use another phone with your kik account.
Kik account for the twitter page is kiknude2013.
I just updated my kik account and it's crippled my connectivity.
I wanna change my username without having to make a new account.
because I switched to a Droid and had to make a new account.
It's ridiculous how I can't log in nor make a new account.
Updates & Supportc39
But please optimize the app for iPad or make an iPad update.
Make an ipad ad app for this and ability to send videos.
Why can't you make an iPad integrated specific app.

KIK MEEEE @kelsoasleso
I've been told I'm cute /sexy/hot/attractive. found in 491 reviews
Play basketball for the Indiana State Runners Up. found in 102 reviews
16 year old female hmu. found in 115 reviews
Txt about anything. found in 59 reviews
I play baseball and soccer and have a six pack. found in 146 reviews
Kik ID @666disasterology
Kikme: BeccaLuz
Am female looking for someone to talk to. found in 225 reviews
Love this app great way to keep in touch with friends and love ones. found in 147 reviews
This is a very good instant messaging app I like it. found in 106 reviews
About me:
Hey I'm a guy my kik is Storeman125. found in 651 reviews
I'm 6ft tall and play football and baseball hmu. found in 237 reviews
so horny girls hmu lol or clean girls as well. found in 129 reviews
I'm Single right now and I'm also a very nice guy. found in 100 reviews
This is a great app for talking to your friends with. found in 153 reviews
Hi I'm Olivia my username is livyyy123 Kik me. found in 167 reviews
Awesome way to stay in touch with friends & family while overseas. found in 147 reviews
I play soccer and need some new people to talk to. found in 98 reviews
Blonde hair blue eyes people say they love my eyes but idk. found in 363 reviews
-14 yrs old -Male
I'm a 15 year old girl turning 16 and I'm from California. found in 465 reviews
Must be UNDER 18. found in 149 reviews
16 year old guy up for trading nudes girls only username. found in 506 reviews
Wouldn't show new messages unless I opened the app. found in 245 reviews
but random people would send you messages asking for nude photos. found in 222 reviews
Needs iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Optimization. found in 187 reviews
Won't let me change my picture so I rated it 1. found in 154 reviews
Every emoji people send me it shows question marks fix it. found in 135 reviews
kik needs an update to fix the issues. found in 273 reviews
I constantly have to ask my friends to resend their message. found in 192 reviews
Everytime I try to change my profile picture it says my internet connection is poor. found in 1759 reviews
If someone sends me a message tonight I usually receive tomorrow in the morning. found in 178 reviews
It can't connect because there's no " Internet connection. found in 195 reviews
and now it has completely disappeared from my home screen. found in 238 reviews
Say no internet connection connect to wifi. found in 170 reviews
I can't open kik anymore without it crashing. found in 197 reviews
yet an overwhelming majority of incoming kik messages are spam. found in 230 reviews
Does not receive messages consistently and constantly crash. found in 164 reviews
it'll pop up multiple pop ups " error with core data " for no reason. found in 135 reviews
uninstalled/reinstalled the app and changed to another wifi but nothing. found in 144 reviews
wont let me change my profile pic ever since the update -. found in 1175 reviews
Please fix this glitch for allowing profile pictures to be updated. found in 836 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Kik Messenger for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Kik Messenger app version 5.5.3 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Kik Messenger in KIK INTERACTIVE INC.`s Official Website :

KIK MESSENGER (US & CANADA)Kik Messenger is a free smartphone to smartphone messenger, similar to BlackBerry Messenger but cross platform.Kik offers an intuitive user experience as good as BlackBerry Messenger, but better because it ...
Awesome                 Awesome
I couldnt ask for better when it comes to texting my friends for free There are fun sticker emojis you can earn group chats to be made and hours of endless talking and talking and talking                 Perfect
Hey do you own an iPad           Do you own an iPad
So I like Kik its a great app but now its giving some problem that some messages say they have been sent but the other person does not receive them I dont know what the problem is but it would be great if the glitch could be fixed           Problem
Its a great app I love it                 KIK
THE MOST RECENT UPDATE FREAKING DELETED ALL MY KIK MESSAGES I dont even want to get on KIK anymore that really made me mad and the fact that it didnt even happen to some of my other friends but happened to me I hate this     Deleted all my kik messages
Would be so much more useful if GIFS would play              NEED TO OPTIMIZE GIFS
I think Kik is awesome in many ways                 Kik
I cant open kik Ever since I uptaded it 3 days ago it dont let me open the app Fix the bug its been more than a week and I havent been able to open the app This is really starting to piss me off Fix it soon     It has a bug
Love it                
I cant open some of my group chats please make yalls servers faster or something        Its bad
This app is cool and all I just think that there should be a small change When you log out of your account and log back in all of your messages should stay              Awesome
Great app highly suggest it to anyone                 Awesome
Nice              Nice
I love the kik app I suggest you think about making the app useable without wifi Some people have to have wifi to use your app and I suggest you consider making the app usable without Its jut a suggestion I could care less if you dont like it              My Kik Review
gotta Kik                 sweeeet
just add a sign out feature please              not bad
Kik use to work perfectly until the update came Now I get a notification that I have a new message from someone but when I go into the app it isnt there I have reinstalled the app I have restarted my phone And this still happens I have emailed kik and have gotten no where to getting this resolved Im ready to find a different app that actually works     Broken App
My Kik always says connecting        Fix please
Kik is love kik is life                 Kik is love kik is life
Ive been using kik for 5 years I will always love kik                 Best
I love the app but my friends profile pic has disappeared and so has mine I have tried to add another profile pic but they still dont see mine and I dont see theirs And I wont delete and redownload the app because my conversations will get deleted Please fix           Love it but
Since updating there are weird delays mute doesnt always work right and the kiker is that its killing my battery Using over 47 in the last 7 days running in the background Yikes     New update draining battery
It connects a lot and theirs a delay on messagescould need a new update for the problems Cant change color of code its pissing me off needs a new update and please please dont make anymore gay updates                 Issues
Oh Kik Kik is super bae But like children should not be using this There are literally perverts everywhere Im 16 and adult men and women constantly ask me to send nudes So like thats a thing There are a lot of illegal things going on here Aha           Ahh Kik Kik Kik
If you want to keep your info private until youve had a chance to talk to someone for a while kik works great              Excellent for screening online connections
Since the recent update my Kik hasnt been working at all It always says connecting but never connects but my messages still send but I never get texts back And when it crashes because it always does it appears that nothing is in my messages BLANK Im not sure what this problem is but kik has been unsatisfactory lately     Kik for iPhone 4
So my kik keeps signing me off it doesnt let me log in no more     Fix it
Awesome app                 Kool
Kik is messing up and wont find my contacts please fix this so I can message them I tried redoing the Address book update contacts and it wouldnt find them again        Kik wont find my contacts
Plz add a signout button so that we can sign out of kik without loosing our conversations                 Perfect but needs a signout button
THE KIK CODE THING IS USELESS AND NO ONE IS GONNA USE IT sorry to sound harsh                 Useless Update
Best app in the world I love it                 Review
Kik is a great way to message multiple people at once but their are a lot of glitches The group picture and the avis of my friends always disappear and turn grey as if they never posted a picture This makes chatting confusing because everyone has the same grey face avi and also makes it harder for me to find conversations The only way to fix this problem is by resetting Kik which is terrible When you reset Kik all of the messages that were in a convo get deleted and sometimes some of the conversations are also deleted Kik points cheats Sometimes when I complete certain offers I dont receive the rewards       
I Think U Should Be Able To Log Out And Back In And Keep The Same Messages From Earlier and Use Facebook To Find Kik Usernames And Change The Sound On IPhones                 Kik
I love kik its the best I love everything thats in it lol                 Kik is my life
My phone auto updated kik and after the update I couldnt access any of my picture albums I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it didnt fix anything and I lost all my conversations Please look into fixing these problems              Its good but help
Kik is amazing u get cool emojis and new stuff                 KIK IS AWSOME
I cant download it cuz of restriction so lower it              MAKE IT 4 Or lower the child thingy
Its good if u dont have a cellar network like Verizon                 Kik
This is a great way to keep in touch with people from all over the world                 Great app
I receive messages late even after reinstalling the app several times Other than that it works great I have an iPhone 6 plus btw           Good App But
Can u make kik messages be found on notifications when u pull down                 Do not reject
But can there be a limit of how many pics we can send instead of having to send just one at a time i love kik but now i see this scan thing what does it do i sometimes delete the app just for certain reasons doesnt have nothing to do with the app itself                 Its good
You should let there be a way so that if we make another account or forget our password to our original account we can confirm that other account and get what we have unlocked as emojis stickers and points              Kik Points and Emojis
Its amazing but there needs to be some minor fixes1 Could you please make it to were you could log out and log in with all your chats still there2 Can you make a log out button tooI love this app just please add those two things              ITS AWESOME but
Simple and straight forward to use Gets the job done                 Great
Would be great if we could send gifs Make that happen please and thank you           Gifs
I think the only thing missing on kik is being able to write away messages kinda like aim jst to have           AWAY
The app is stable and Ive never experienced a crash and its easy to navigate My only request is that the conversations carry over when you log onto other devices instead of resetting              Stable easy to navigate

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