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Tap Tap Entertainment , the publisher behind many iOS app (LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) ,LOL Pics 18+ (Funny Pictures)), brings LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) app has been update to version 1.14 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • wake up -check- get outta school -check- go to sleep -check-..
  • Found a new amazingly effective stress reliever here..
  • This is so awesome it has so many cool pics..
  • Thanks..
  • I think it's the most funny wallpaper app ever haha..

Overall Satisfactionc82
Better than ifunny original pics and rarely any repost.
I love to love this app.
It's so amazingly funny and cool.
i love lolpics almost like ilove this one chick.
Best Meme / gif game I have i recommend playing it now.
I visit everyday for the laughs.
Fun & Engagingc89
Lol Pics is awesome and I love it ~the-10th-doctor.
I love it's funny to read and so cool to share.
This app is very awesome and funny.
I love this app it makes me laugh all the time I LOVE IT.
gives me something to look at when Im bored.
Whenever I'm bored I look at these pics.
users are adding tons of new pics everyday including weekends.
Also can't swipe to load new pic.
A lot of new pics every day and a good assortment too.
I love this app makes me laugh everyday.
I get a huge variety of funny pictures every day.
Family Friendlyc45
Repeat Valuec90
I die laughing every time I read the auto corrects.
Auto corrects are freakin hilarious.
Can't even change the title to stupid auto correct.
This app never gets old and there's something for everyone here.
And it never gets old cuz theres new pics every day.
Social Aspectsc74
I lAugh at all of them and share with friends and family.
Pretty good pics of funny stuff to share with friends.
Funny but crashes a lot or too much traffic and you can't see anything.
and freezes when I try to change display pic or upload a pic.
Ads not Intrusivec39
sending me back to the top of the list.
Security & Privacyc66
First: when I try to make an account.
Every time I try to make an account.
Updates & Supportc13

i love lolpics almost like ilove this one chick. found in 21 reviews
These Picts keep me laughing till I almost pee my pants. found in 15 reviews
5. found in 18 reviews
Best Meme / gif game I have i recommend playing it now. found in 10 reviews
This app rocks my socks off. found in 5 reviews
Awesome funny pics
Love these pics lol these pics blow my mind love the Memes. found in 7 reviews
Good when you need a time killer that's not a game. found in 41 reviews
This game is by far NimblThis game is by far NimbleBit's best game ever. found in 1 reviews
Good time waster and brings a smile to my face. found in 36 reviews
Great way to kill time all pictures are hilarious lol and fun to share. found in 80 reviews
updated very often and huge collection of funny stuff. found in 10 reviews
Nice pics and cute pics. found in 31 reviews
This is a funny app keep the pics coming. found in 10 reviews
This app is hilariously funny and awesome. found in 14 reviews
Cool pictures in this app and its very organize. found in 15 reviews
Good for a quick laugh to lighten the day. found in 8 reviews
Good time passer when getting tired and ready for bed. found in 13 reviews
Best and most HILARIOUS app in the entire App Store. found in 4 reviews
Seriously LOL Pics is the best app ever invented. found in 2709 reviews
Better than ifunny original pics and rarely any repost. found in 50 reviews
I try to change my profile pic every time but it says error. found in 24 reviews
It crashes every time I try to upload a photo and I have a amazing photo. found in 7 reviews
It really is funny and LOL quality but it crashes way too much. found in 21 reviews
No matter how strong my wifi is I can't upload any pics. found in 14 reviews
it crashes when you try to upload a picture from the library. found in 106 reviews
Needs more pics and faster loading time. found in 23 reviews
Has good pictures but would be better if it didn't crash. found in 7 reviews
It's a great way to waste 5 minutes at a time. found in 48 reviews
It's a good place for pics but it crashes every minute or less. found in 24 reviews
but it won't let me post pics or change my profile pic. found in 32 reviews
It's good just needs more apps and it crashes to much. found in 44 reviews
It wont let me upload photos but i love the pics. found in 20 reviews
I absolutely love this app but it crashes ALL the time. found in 6 reviews
I really like this app but please fix the crashing. found in 12 reviews
I just wish it wouldn't crash after looking at them for awhile. found in 7 reviews
Only problem is it exits out randomly all the time. found in 15 reviews
The app needs more pictures. found in 10 reviews
Randomly crashes when I’m THAT close to finding my picture. found in 9 reviews
Funny but crashes a lot or too much traffic and you can't see anything. found in 50 reviews
Funny pics but crashes toooooo much :/. found in 15 reviews
But I wish it didn't require internet connection. found in 27 reviews
Ans when you try to select a category it freezes. found in 20 reviews
Very glitchy and half the pics aren't even funny. found in 29 reviews
I used to love this app but now. found in 41 reviews
but I'll have to change it after the up date. found in 43 reviews
Crashes when trying to upload a pic or posting a comment. found in 106 reviews
And when it does it takes to long to load pics. found in 24 reviews
The pics are not even funny and it crashes to much. found in 44 reviews
Very slow to load pics and keeps shutting down. found in 20 reviews
I love this app but it crashes WAY TOO MUCH. found in 21 reviews
Crashes/Too much traffic. found in 17 reviews
it crashes and goes back to the home screen. found in 22 reviews
freezing or has low internet connection. found in 23 reviews
Won't even load one pic with three bars of wifi. found in 22 reviews
Crashes aren't funny. found in 17 reviews
it won't let me change my profile pic. found in 32 reviews

The LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.14 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) in Tap Tap Entertainment`s Official Website : http://

NOTE to NEW and EXISTING users: be sure to come back to LOL Pics daily. We`re adding tons of new pics everyday, including weekends The next 10,000 people who download LOL Pics will get it for ...
I cant download any of the pictures STILL It says the pictures are saving but there not Please fix this Or I am deleting this app     Updated x2
My new favorite app I am so glad my friends told me about it It automatically puts me in a good mood                 Awesome App
Since the update the pictures take forever to load Havent much looked at the app because of how slow it is Probably going to delete it     Pics take forever to load
Tfthgedf eveqv hhqh                 Best app ever
Great app Love the updates Always makes me laugh and never gets old its so funny                 Loling
Lol pics is the best app and the updates are great The creator is so helpful with your problems and it is a very good app If you need a funny app download this one                 Awesome
LOL pics is great With the new update that includes swiping it is pretty much flawless And super funny                 Love it
It was great till they made it 17 so I cant use it     Meah
Absolutely hysterical                 Great app
I really enjoy this app however in its recent updates the apps age limit went up to 17 for maturity due to inappropriate things that are being posted Im not seventeen and I cant access the app because there is a block on my phone thanks to having strict parents Im really disappointed that I cant use my favorite app anymore Please help           Why
Funniest app ever Hilarious pics The best way to pass time when youre bored                 Best app ever Keeps me happy
I liked the older version better Im not used to the layout and people who dont have an account cant vote I like the older version MUCH better in fact I deleted the app BECAUSE of the new update Its a shame this was one of my favorite apps       
Lol pics is awesome Best app out there                 Funniest picture app
Liked the app before but stopped using due to difficult navigation With the swipe feature Im back to a daily user                 Now worth it
The meme generator Gotham deserves                 Yes
Amazing app                 App
I love this app Its so addicting and its really easy to use There are always more funny pictures coming and I love it                 Super great
This app never fails at making me laugh Its by far the best app that you can get for funny and kid friendly fun                 Love it
I hate the fact that you cant delete a single thing and when you try to delete your account there are hoops to jump through If you want to delete something you should be allowed to     Cant delete anything
I love this new version im addicted The new layout is amazing and there is no more crashing issues for me Definitely check it out again if you havent in a while I officially will never get any sleep anymore                 Amazing update Thank you Brian
Too funny                 Hahaha
This app is what Ive been missing my whole life I get in this app at least one time every hour I like everything about it Thanks Brian                 This app is amazing
This app is amazing Its well thought out and the updates make it that much better A lot of the other apps repeat posts This app has me peeing my pants with new material and has become a daily routine Going on the app Not peeing my pants Keep the funny coming                 Awesome App
Honestly I got this app four years ago and it was still amazing I watched it change over the years and it got better with each update It is the best app Ive ever downloaded and it is also super addicting I can sit on this app all day It is ridiculous The people on here are funny kind and awesome and youre guaranteed to laugh your a off Keep up the good work                 Amazing
I love LOL Pics because there is always something funny that reminds me of my life Never a dull moment Im addicted to it I check it out 23 times daily                 Love it
I love this app so much Its funny addictive and really awesome Its perfect for finding great pictures to share with your friends                 Amazing
Even with the update when you scroll through a few pictures and check comments the comments for another pic still show instead           Comments need fixed
Reliable and simple The user feedback is taken seriously Updates make the app better each time and the rollout is pretty seamless Finally and most importantly there are funny pics that everyone votes to the main feed This is my favorite app I cant sleep without my nightly lol pics review Definitely five star worthy                 Awesome app
Great app                 Great app
Funny and interesting Im hooked The staff is very cordial and constantly working to improve the experience A musthave app for anytime you need distraction or entertainment                 So good its addictive
New and improved cant wait to see more                 Really awesome
It get me through boring times                 Love it
Awesome pics Like that I can now swipe to get to a picture              Great stuff
LOL pics is amazing It is part of my nightly routine to go through the pics posted through the day The only thing I dont like is the GIFs I wish you could view the main feed without them Also bring back the labeling of the pictures Some categories I like to skip over so without the labels on the pictures knowing what category they are I have to wait for each one to load           Love it but needs labeling
Have a few minutes to kill and want to laugh This is the app for you Just be careful you may get sucked in and realize you have killed several hours and not just a few minutes                 Excellent
Loved the update n is a great app to pass time                 Good stuff
This app is on fleek                 Fleek
Love that you just slide instead of arrow I cant like imagine anyone because no Facebook but that ok                 Love it
Great app Lots of categories Updated often Will visit often Attentive developers Good job                 Hahahaha
It NEEDS a category for fandoms              Okay
Did you know that when you get lol pics your storage starts getting full of funny pictures Lol LOVE THIS APP nothing bad I can say                 Amazing did you know
I am trying to create a new account and it wont let me sign up Signup server fail or something of the sort Fix as soon as possible Thanks        Signup
I want to be able to delete my own content There is no reason why it shouldnt be an option     Annoyed
Love love love this app Always updating and always keeping me laughing Keep it up                 Awesome
Really love your ap but the last few updates are making me not too happy It takes forever for pictures to load Im writing this now because they would not load when I swiped I had to return to the main list which all the pictures were loaded there and tap on each one to look at it I had to do that for every one and I just gave up after like three Please fix              Please fix
LOL pics is the first place I go to when I sign on my 6 and the last place I go before I sign off To say this app is AWESOME is an understatement The app makes you love life AND love your life I watch on my flatscreen and it makes it even more incredible Cant wait for their next app I will then need a mophie when my battery needs more power to watch lol pics                 Lol Pics
Can swipe pics now Dont need the crappy arrows Arrows too close to ads Dont accidentally hit ads anymore Although I have to wait arbitrarily for 7 min until another pic to drop this app drops more pics than the competition                 Much Improved
This app is awesome It puts a smile on my face everyday I especially like the new countdown feature Kudos                 Love this app
Pretty cool app Hilarious and fun to see some people share the same interests                 LSHMSFO
LOL with pictures yet                 LOL

LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated DailyLOL Pics (Funny Pictures) Entertainment Updated Daily

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