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Description - MarineTraffic Ships & Wind , the publisher behind many iOS app (MarineTraffic Ships & Wind ,mAIS MarineTraffic Ship Position Reporting), brings MarineTraffic Ships & Wind with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MarineTraffic Ships & Wind app has been update to version 2.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great safety tool for sailors..
  • userfriendly and easy to work with and include a great features..
  • Need to improve the search function a bit..

Overall Satisfactionc70
I love to watch the ships enter Tampa Bay and leave.
this app is highly recommended.
The photo database alone is amazing.
iPhone 5 support.
I am able to stay connected to my loved one.
Love the upgrade.
Fun & Engagingc50
Best app I have found to follow freighters.
My grandson had great fun adding every vessel he could find.
Useful and fun.
fun and informative.
Tons of fun.
Super Fun.
Easy to use and very up to date.
Info on app does not always show up to date info.
Have been using even before and is very accurate and helpful.
We live on puget sound and use this application everyday.
Helpful and quick info.
I use it nearly every day.
Ease of Usec52
Quick and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc50
Really using this app non-stop since I installed the paid version.

We live on puget sound and use this application everyday. found in 2 reviews
Looking Out My Window. found in 1 reviews
I'm very happy with the performance. found in 1 reviews
Very user friendly and appears to be very accurate. found in 1 reviews
Great for friends and family. found in 1 reviews
any place in the world. found in 2 reviews
and even get the vessels next/previous port of call. found in 2 reviews
Useful as a pocket on a shirt. found in 1 reviews
Best ship tracking app I've come across. found in 4 reviews
The Maritime Traffic app is excellent for tracking seafaring vessels. found in 52 reviews
Fun to see the pics of the boats and country of origin. found in 2 reviews
Great app for tracking marine traffic on the Great Lakes. found in 18 reviews
I have issues searching for ships by name though. found in 5 reviews
You guys refuse to update this app for iPhone 5. found in 3 reviews
Not a fan of the update. found in 1 reviews
Loading issues. found in 2 reviews
Fun but not a substitute for AIS. found in 2 reviews
Good app but disappointing upgrade policy. found in 1 reviews
Has some challenges but support is very responsive. found in 2 reviews
but for voluntary submission that will improve over time. found in 1 reviews
but no spell check. found in 1 reviews
I am sorry but you should not have to pay $ 4. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't always track my husband's vessel accurately. found in 2 reviews
New version is a step backwards. found in 1 reviews
The flaw it doesn't show up to the minute ship location. found in 2 reviews
but quite a few inaccuracies. found in 1 reviews
Can't I pick them up at other ports. found in 2 reviews
especially if you live on the water. found in 4 reviews
Please update maps in Panama Canal. found in 1 reviews
but note the upgrade policy mentioned but several reviewers. found in 2 reviews
NEEDS iPHONE 5 SUPPORT. found in 2 reviews
I can't find the one ship I want to locate. found in 2 reviews
Please bring back old app that worked great. found in 2 reviews
The web version doesn't offer it either. found in 1 reviews
But for ship watching. found in 5 reviews

The MarineTraffic Ships & Wind is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1.0 has been released on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about MarineTraffic Ships & Wind in`s Official Website :

MarineTraffic displays real-time positions of ships worldwide. It has the largest network of stations around the globe and it covers a huge number of important shipping routes. The official iOS version of is available ...
This app looked like what I wanted but its a complete nightmare I downloaded it in Nantucket in order to track and follow a few of the beautiful yachts this summer Unfortunately this app only tracks a subset of the boats on the water not a huge problem but be aware The bigger problem is that the app is spamming me with updates on every boat I followed Ive deleted the fleet deleted the boat and begged to find away out of this spam machine Bad app and terrible interface Do NOT USE THIS APP EVER This is a great example of where the App Store could protect consumers     Spam
This is a very good apWe travel all over here in Michiganespecially around or near the Great Lakesalways interesting to see what ships and type of crafts we are seeing or might be seeing in the areas we are visiting It is kinda interesting to let others know what ships might be coming before actually seeing them                 Top Notch
Seems to be a very accurate way to see whats around us when we are near the water or boating Fun app              Great App
It freezes a lot Its missing information Its not the simplest thing to use They need to make improvements        Not the best
Nothing on this app seems to work at all It doesnt have the right pictures for the boats I look up It doesnt even accurately show their locations I typed in the name of the boat Im on and it showed that we were 10 miles away from our actual location Doesnt let me search for boats in my area Does nothing it says it does DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP     Dont waste your money
It wont let me log in to my account     Strike One
This is a great app in US waters and where tracking via sat and VHF is present AIS B users are not track able worldwide which is a drag but not the apps fault A nice improvement would be for the maps to identify regions where only AIS A are trackable                 Great in US Waters
Its an well developed app for both companies and individuals easy to use Wish there were systems like this when I started my sea going career years ago                 Well done app easy to use
I enjoy watching the Iron ore ships Bulk carriers movements on the Great Lakes Especially the newer 1000 ft Super Ships I also enjoy visiting ports around the globe Especially those ports Ive been to while serving in the US Navy All of the photographs and information about ships course and speed along with recent ports of call are great I would rate the site higher if it included more details about propulsion along with Engine room photographs of the ships           Great app for how I use it
I love using this app on the st Lawrence river It is very accurate and so much fun to use One thing that needs work is updates I get some ships stuck in one place and I know there is no ship there Please fix that              Accurate app
Love MarineTraffic I live near the eastern end of Lake Superior in summers about 15 miles from the shipping channel I now know when my favorite ships are heading my way and I no longer have to squint through binoculars to identify new sightings                 Great App
I am a nine year live aboard have been sailing all over the world AIS keeps me alive busy ocean Its easy for me to keep up with where my friends are using Marine Traffic You just have to remember garbage in garbage out I have never seen Marine Traffic give bad data It puts out what it receives                 Works Fine
One of the guys said is true wasting money for this apps try to find the ship ived been work of since i was on vacation but this freking apps say couldnt find it i just bought this a minute ago     Frustrated
New update and now the MY FLEET doesnt work Before this I would highly recommend it Now the app is a huge disappointment     Was a good app
I have no clue why as I live 1200 miles from an ocean but ships fascinate me This app is very cool for that App suggestions If I follow a ship can I see the full path For example can I see the routes that big cargo ships take from China to Europe to New York etc That amazes me Why do you limit alerts We already paid 4 for the app              Entertaining
This is about the third ship locater app I have purchased It is my last as it is wonderful I am now in Greece at the beach watching ships go by and I can actually find them on the app and get all pertinent info on them Shipfinder was a waste dont even bother Get this app instead Awesome                 Awesome App
I like the app but they really need to COOL IT WITH THE EMAILS 7 within the period of less than 2 hours is too much I want to keep my fleet but the overflow of emails is not worth it              Emails
Some people are making good points in their 3star reviews but its not Marine Traffics fault most the time about the outofdate info The ships AIS cuts out or goes out of range and they dont have current info Or a boat goes by you and doesnt show up because well they dont have AIS The app is a little frustrating when I go to look up a boat and it isnt even listed but I know it exists but overall Im very pleased with the ability to creep on other yachts and get all up in their business p                 Solid lil app
Marine Traffic is the most comprehensive and intuitive vessel traffic app Ive tried Search no further it is highly recommended                 Awesome app
Ive had the app for about a year now I used it a lot aboard our boat Sold the boat keep the app We still use it when we are on or near the water Good stuff                 Marine traffic is great
Its a fun app if you are watching one or two boats However to really take it to a more useable app the following improvements would do that Larger number of boats in a fleet More previous harbors and destinations shown for or the option of seeing a vessels track back X amount of weeks As a family member of a crew on a vessel that is undertaking a major expedition I was excited to discover Marine Traffic and share it with friends and family who wanted to watch the boats progress Sadly it has been more frustrating than helpful for that Maybe I just had too high of expectations              FunCould be better
App works great                 Love it
A bit fetishist but very informative Watching strangers wonder the seas              Cheap entertainment
Ive been using Marine Traffic for the past couple of years as a perfect vacation hobby Not sure why but I find it fascinating to identify ships especially the Megayachts Overall a very impressive and accurate app                 Love this App
Could not register so couldnt follow the ship I was interested in Useless to me     Marine Traffic
Love this app Helps me keep tabs on the boats coming in an out of the DuluthSuperior piers              Works Great
Good features for a handy mobile app Able to track the charter boats I manage with some good basic alarming              Good for a mobile app
Use this app anytime I am near the coast Interesting to know what vessels are going by off in the distance                 Love this app
Im a full time mariner This app does what it says I echo the comment Every bad reviewi read was because they dont understand ais This app transmits information Up to the boats to useswitch oninput info properly                 Great
I highly recommend this app                 Boat owner
Very intuitive and easy to use Always reliable and allows me to track the boats I want to see and warns of all others in the area                 Great App
the AIS doesnt show the boats I look up often It says theyre out of range and while I check on another marine app it finds the boats fine Its needs some serious improvements     Barely works
Very accurate when ships were passing under Mackinac bridge app showed exact location We knew actual time ships would approach our locations                 Great app
Just a fun app to have if you like Ships                 Fun Informative app
We live on the water and it is so interesting to see where a big ship or Yacht has been and where its going and then save them in your fleet and see 30 days later they are the other side of the World COOL                 Great App
When it isnt it stinks See a new salty go by on the river near us want to look up details on it and not even showing up in the area Better realtime information needed Also the emails I used to receive about my fleet have dried up I like using it as a geography tool when teaching my child But sporadic information only teaching her that socalled improvements arent all theyre cracked up to be Got better data when I used to be able to rely on the website           When its good its very good but
I have a son as well as many good friends sailing all over the world It is fun and comforting to find them                 Great app
Seems good to me Nice maps and graphics It was fun to track my brothers sailboat              A fun app to identify boats
One of the best app                 Anonymous
Great graphics Shows ships in port and en route Well worth the money                 Great app
We live on a spit connected to land by a lift bridge over a busy shipping canalso the better we can keep track of ship traffic in and out of the harbor the better prepared we are for timing our travel Being bridged can take a lot of time The apps bonus for us is looking smart to visitors by providing individual ships info We love the app its frequent updates and its worth every cent                 Keeps me sane
Its a great source to track Mississippi barge traffic for lock and dam but cant delete tracking notices        Cant delete notices
This app has become an everyday reference and a key part of proactively managing the business In addition it is just plain fun                 Outstanding App
My boat is in charter so I like to track where it goes Sometimes this app works fine and other times my boat disappears for days on end even when it is in range Sometimes it shows my vessels track correctly and sometimes it shows an entirely different route Has potential but needs improvement           Works sometimes
Dont buy Im a Captain on the Miss River this App could be useful but is so slow and behind in time Dont waste your money     Mar traffic
Very good              One of the best for identifying ships
This app is excellent And I recommended for every sailor              Amazing app
WAY to sensitive Breath youve lost what you want to look at        Touchie
Love the app                 Great
This app is great there is nothing else to say                 Great app

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