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Microsoft Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (Kinectimals ,Microsoft OneNote for iPad ,Bing ,edibly ,Bing for iPad ,Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers), brings Microsoft OneNote with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Microsoft OneNote app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • One note is my most consistent app for keeping track of everything..
  • Great way to keep track of things on your PC and phone..
  • However they are making software very user friendly without sacrificing functionality..
  • This is a great collaboration tool and journal of key notes..
  • It's a great way to stay organized across various platforms and with others..
Overall Satisfactionclick me85
Quite possibly the best note taking app for many years to come.
OneNote is better than Evernote virtually every way.
Too bad because desktop version better than evernote.
I use one note on my pc for many different things including work.
Thanks Microsoft for understanding not everyoneone uses windows mobile/windows phone.
Thanks Microsoft for a free waste of time.
One of the best productivity apps available on the App Store.
This program is great to store text and other information.
Fun & Engagingclick me70
Awesome note was my previous notebook.
but Awesome Note blows OneNote out of the water.
Awesome software for work and home.
I use one note all the time.
Usefulnessclick me86
Keeps everything on track and you can have multiple notebooks.
One note is my most consistent app for keeping track of everything.
Helps me stay on top of my info and so easy to use.
I use it every day for work and personal notes.
Most useful note taking app.
It has become indispensable for me.
And absolutely indispensable tool that I use across the board.
Ease of Useclick me76
The familiar binder style is easy to organize and utilize.
It's so easy to organize information for ease of use.
but if it actually let u use more folders to organize.
OneNote has become my indispensable daily software for to do list notes.
Great for jotting notes and creating simple to do lists.
except the TO DO list.
Clean and simple note taking I can use on all devices.
Great simple note taking application.
It's beautiful and easy to use.
Beautiful and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me12
Issues logging in.
I reset my password and logged in without any problems.
Security & Privacyclick me44
So if people are having problems creating a Windows Live account.
I really appreciate the Touch ID integration with password protected notes.
Will not display password protected notebooks through iPhone app.
Unlocking password protected sections with Touch ID is awesome.
1 update broke ability to work on password protected sections.
it's great to add customer requirement documents to my notes.
Cannot get to my notes.
syncing available to your Microsoft account.
Updates & Supportclick me53
PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE make an iPad version of this wonderful app.
Please please please make an iPad compatible version.


**Free for a limited time**


Microsoft OneNote Mobile is the easy-to-use, powerful note-taking application for all of your ideas, brought to you by Microsoft Office. OneNote Mobile lets you create and view notes and lists whenever you need them. Sync your notes with free Windows Live online storage and access them from virtually anywhere using your phone, PC, or almost any web browser.

Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote
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With OneNote Mobile, you can:


▪ Create flexible notes that can include text, pictures, bullets, and checkboxes
▪ Check To Do items off on the go
▪ Save time with quick access to your most recent notes
▪ Work with confidence—OneNote Mobile automatically syncs your notes with Windows Live in the background
▪ Organize your notes into sections or create new notebooks using OneNote 2010 or OneNote Web App and access them from your iPhone




iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPod touch must have
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
4.2 or higher
▪ A free Windows Live ID is required to use OneNote Mobile —use an existing one or let OneNote Mobile help you sign up
▪ Web functionality uses the free OneNote Web App available on Windows Live, which requires a supported web browser
▪ OneNote Mobile opens notebooks created in Microsoft OneNote 2010 or the OneNote Web App
▪ Customizing section colors requires Microsoft OneNote 2010
Microsoft OneNote


Access your notes online at


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Microsoft OneNote for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Microsoft OneNote in Microsoft Corporation`s Official Website :


It's very easy to create shopping lists or capture recipes. found in 39 reviews
OneNote is better than Evernote virtually every way. found in 43 reviews
Quite possibly the best note taking app for many years to come. found in 368 reviews
One of the best productivity apps available on the App Store. found in 26 reviews
I'm unable to put text boxes wherever I want. found in 4 reviews
Finally error fixed but needs retina support. found in 3 reviews
Microsoft fixed the sign in issue so that's no longer a problem. found in 3 reviews
This bypassed the Error 400 I was getting initially. found in 266 reviews
Although unfortunately password protected sections are still not accessible. found in 37 reviews
can't create new folders from within the app. found in 8 reviews
1 update broke ability to work on password protected sections. found in 40 reviews
yes I wish there was a Onenote for Mac. found in 6 reviews
Can't create new notebooks nicely and can't read or create tables. found in 56 reviews
Pretty much useless if you are a Mac user. found in 10 reviews
Takes way too long and often ended with sync error anyway. found in 25 reviews
Please please please make an iPad compatible version. found in 23 reviews
iPad support would be great as well as allowing indents. found in 21 reviews
I had issues logging into the app for the first day. found in 9 reviews
I was so disappointed after downloading and unable to login. found in 146 reviews
make the app able to open embedded tables and PDFs. found in 6 reviews
however unable to view embedded files. found in 6 reviews
It would be REALLY nice if this was a universal app. found in 7 reviews
Can't open any password protected notebooks or pages. found in 73 reviews
But would be better if it were optimized for iPhone 5. found in 16 reviews
can't open OneNote files. found in 25 reviews
Error 400 - time to upgrade
I started receiving sync errors after two updates to the note. found in 25 reviews
I had to re -register for accounts. found in 29 reviews
A Microsoft product that doesn't work. found in 28 reviews
Add me to the unable to login with the error 400. found in 146 reviews
Only works if you have a windows live ID and a hotmail. found in 180 reviews
Clearly Microsoft OneNote has an issue connecting to some Windows Live accounts. found in 194 reviews
get message - Login Failed error -400. found in 35 reviews
and Indic script in existing and new notes is messed up. found in 33 reviews
+1 for Apple. found in 266 reviews
I don't like Microsoft products aside from hotmail and office. found in 46 reviews
iPad and Mac versions are NOT working with Office 365 either. found in 42 reviews
nothing at all like the pc version. found in 52 reviews
Will not display password protected notebooks through iPhone app. found in 73 reviews
but when trying to sign up with a new Live account. found in 78 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 480x351 1
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I have gotten rid of a 3 binder by switching to One Note Scan email or print to One Note and carry EVERYTHING with me on my phone I keep field notes meeting notes maps EVERYTHING on my phone We share and collaborate within One Note I have had no issues with the appat all Great product                I Use One Note Daily
Love it                OneNote
Loved it on the pc and love it even more on my hand held                Love it
Great app easy to use and accessible from any device                Easy to use and always available
This is great I do not now what these guys are talking about an error It works just great I was able to share the One Note on my PC with my live account One Note then I was able to log into my live account with the iPhone app easyI can see that if there is a issue syncing with the live account to the iPhone or to the PC it might not be great of course but have not had that problem reallyI would recommend this product to anyone who has the iPhone and Office One Note It is also nice to have a copy of my one notes up on the Microsoft Live account cloud so I can go online and access it there as well                Great Start
Very well configured application that is particularly wellsuited for use across multiple Apple devices Seamlessly synchs notes between iPad iPhoneSome minor issues around renaming folders but otherwise a real productivity enhancer                Wow
This is awesome                Notes
Hands down OneNote is the best note app I use everyday to fabulously keep my busy life organized I keep track of numerous lists such as groceries errands as well as lots of misc important info I need at my fingertips but dont want to have to carry a wire bound notebook or papers around everywhere Also can dictate a quick verbal note which is super handy Once in a while I login online to livecom to edit clean or reorganize my OneNotes with a few features not available on phone app                Best Note App
Best ever                Love it
Love using it Very handy                Great app
I love this app But they ruined the taking photos feature with the iOS9 update I used to take great photos able to zoom it and then I would press whiteboard and the PowerPoint slide picture I took with it would then convert to a clear photo of the slide it looked like the actual ppt slide not a photo People would even ask me how I got the power point slides since the professor never puts them up on blackboard Now I hate it WHY WOULD THE ZOOM IN FEATURE BE REMOVED PLEASE PUT IT BACK          iOS9 update ruins camera feature
This is the most amazing app out there The more I use it the more I love it The tutorials on YouTube have opened my eyes to whats possible You gotta have it I tell all my iPad iPhone PC friends about it You have to get OneNote                Ive become a OneNote Fan
I love it Everything is stored in the cloud so even better                Best app for notes
Fantastic product and a great app                Great
Using it with my surface and my iPhones makes it a wonderful program                Love it
A truly great app for planning projects and tracking info you need access to on all your devicescomputer Theres a slight learning curve if youre used to something more like the native notes app on iOS but its still pretty intuitive I love being able to make and organize virtual notebooks Also love that my work saves instantly I have Office 365 on my computer and all my notes automatically back up there as well I dont worry so much about losing my thoughts                Excellent
Love it love it love it love it                MY FAVORITE MICROSOFT APP
Simply the best MS product to launch since Windows 7 Its like having a hybrid of the entire Office suite into one centralized location Would love to see more functionality in the online version such as screen clipping but its still the best multifunction software available                OneNote
Simple basic powerfull                Fully keeps youborganozed
It syncs with my laptop It records voice into text It has superior organization to other note taking apps and the visual design is splendid                I use this hourly on busy days
So convenient to be able to take notes on my phone and have it sync to my laptop This is my favorite app in the world for so many reasons                One note rules
Love it                Great app
Forget about iCloud and notes app There is no better app for note taking than one note with its vast array of tools and Microsoft cloud on the backend Maybe Evernote comes close Works on every device on every platform and syncs perfectly If you need only one note taking app make sure its one note                Best note taking app period
Its great for stuff                Awesome app
I use this app seriously all the time I have several tabs to keep everything organized and I could not live without it We are on the go so much and everything is on our phones organization is essential Love it                Lifesaver App
Great app It brings everything together in one place Finding its my goto app                One and done
Very good app                Great app
exelente app nunca pierdas tu apuntes ni cuando estés sin teléfono                Notas
So you have a notebook YesBUT THERE ARE ONLY a limited number of pages And if you want to get another youre probaly not going to use them all But theres one note AND ITS AWESOME                BEST NOTES EVER
I almost never write a review about an app but in this case I made an exception since I love it I love the way I I can organize my notes I like the design I think the only thing I miss are quick notes in this new version as there are times when I do not want to entertain myself to see where to classify that note In that precise moment yo casi nunca escribo una reseña a cerca de una aplicación pero en este caso e hecho la excepción ya que me e enamorado de esta me encanta la forma en que me puedo organizar con mis notas me gusta el diseño en fin creo que lo único que extraño son las notas rápidas en esta nueva versión ya que hay ocasiones en las que no me quiero entretener en ver donde clasificarla en ese preciso momento                Excellent appexelente aplicacion
Clean and simple note taking I can use on all devices                Great note management system
The one                Good
Just switched from Evernote to OneNote Couldnt be happier                Most functional of the lot
Absolutely love this app Notebook with a lock for certain subjects not a bad combination One down fall dont ever forget your password                Great App
If youre using anything other than onenote you may be stupid                You at be stupid
I love this app for making class notes However there are two things i think could be changed 1 edit function is time consuming id rather have an adjustable square like evernote 2 the ability to write on your images with text or draw using a pen Otherwise i love how there is no limit and the ability to share as read or readwrite             Must have
Handy program I love how it syncs with my PC and other devices                Great so far
Best iOS and cross platform note taking platform period Today Widget is also fantastic for quick access                Indispensable
The best microsoft product Ive seen honestly                Awesome program Number one app and program
Does exactly what I needNeed I say more                Awesome app
OneNote has made significant improvements on the PC and in the way it allows me to basically use it very reliably on any platform work PC iPhone Microsoft surface and online Im also using the document and whiteboard camera features which have basically made it possible for me to find any warranty receipt in no time and process expenses a lot quicker Its a great product superior to EverNote in my opinion plus you can use it offline without having to pay My only improvement suggestion is to allow photos to be snapped and saved only in OneNote without saving them on the camera roll at the same time having a camera roll full of receipt copies that I later have to delete is somewhat annoyingThe other suggestion would be to incorporate the onelens functionality into onenote                Great app
Im a diehard Apple person but with all the features only restricted by your imagination is the best product I have come across and tried many others Evernote notes by Apple cant come close                Best product on the market
Great for a 2 man operation to keep correspondence when among many different projects Great notepad                Notepad
I use this app multiply times a day Best note taking app                Best app ever
This version crash every time I want to read something How to handle it Also this app is very slow compared to Evernote in terms of syncing Hard to choose use it or not In windows it is very good       Crash after update 916 version Hard to sync
I use OneNote for all sorts of stuff and I love it                Love OneNote
Smooth transition between devices on an instant platform that works Even the handwritten notes I take on my Surface Pro 3 are displayed flawlessly Besides its a free app How can you go wrong                The Definite App
Great for keeping all of my work in one place while traveling to different offices                Great app
Biggest challenge I have is remembering my password to connect it to the other devices                Very user friendly
Great                Love it


Microsoft Corporation
4.1 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Microsoft OneNote 1.3 Mobile

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