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Planamesa Inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (NeoOffice Invoice ,NeoOffice Mobile ,NeoOffice TimeCard ,NeoOffice), brings NeoOffice with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NeoOffice app has been update to version 2015.11 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The NeoOffice is now available for 29.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 496079284, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2015.11 has been released on 2014-11-22.
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NeoOffice is an office suite for Mac that is based on the OpenOffice office suite. With NeoOffice, you can view, edit, and save OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents. Two engineers created NeoOffice in 2003 when they made ...
Not a fan of my recent purchase of NeoOffice 2017 This suite of programs do not maintain file format integrity on even simple RTF files or basic XLSX files I prefer Mac computers to PC s but constantly have to deal with the plethora of Microsoft file types in my profession I want to use products on the Mac that I can trust will maintain the original file formatting when sharing MS documents with colleagues It s especially important during presentations with clients I often create documents that clients pay money for and expect to use in Microsoft products they own Consequently I am forced to maintain copies on Windows machines just to ensure anything I create on a Mac doesn t get screwed up likewise when I want to edit a document on a Mac that originated from a Windows machine I found that Pages and Numbers do a better job in these scenario s than NeoOffice when it comes to using the lowest common denominator file types in heterogeneous systems yet none of these programs can be trusted for always maintaining format integrity if the files use some of the more advanced features I have to assume it s because Microsoft makes it very difficult with their constant changes but come on guys RTF files Really You can t get too much simpler than that I would expect NeoOffice to maintain file format integrity on RTF files Perhaps the NeoOffice team will get around to it on some future upgrade In the mean time I can t recommend getting NeoOffice when the free Pages and Numbers programs that come with macOS do a better job in this regard         Disappointed in my recent purchase Vday1
I have been with Neooffice from the beginning but sadly the latest version has a quirk that is driving me away The styles Default Formatting function has been replaced by Clear Direct Formatting The Default Formating was very useful in fact essential in circumstances when reformatting a document which was originally badly formatted It would seem that the new function would just be a name change but I can t get it to work the way the old function did I hope this will be changed back in the next version This function is so important that I have been using the Classic version but they keep scolding me with a pop up web page for using an old version             I have a problem with this version philosopher
Other issues that appear with the move to LibreOffice are that macros which employ the uno calls to StarOffice guts fail In researching this it is apparently a known problem with the LibreOffice code There is no way to invoke macro recording in LibreOffice derived versions of NeoOffice and copying over low level calls to the Sun StarOffice code from OpenOffice derived versions of NeoOffice doesn t work One reason I and others are forced to used these macro calls is that it is the only way to effect a paste special operation in a macro such that spreadsheet cells containing formulas copy the data and not the formula App Store NeoOffice users only recourse is to regress to an update prior to 2017 via Time Machine or to throw away the time they have invested in coding OpenOffice macros and move to Excel However if you only use NeoOffice for manual tasks with the user typing every action it still works well But if you require any sort of automated actions which seems to be the case with any sort of significant usage tread cautiously A visit to the NeoOffice web site reveals that they still offer OpenOffice based versions of NeoOffice just not through the Apple App Store which doesn t allow the use of Java or Flash in software offered here due to I think security concerns and Java is one of the available choices for coding user macros in the OpenOffice versions of NeoOffice The OpenOffice based versions of NeoOffice is thus still available just not through the App Store contact the NeoOffice developers to purchase a copy there         Macro problems after August and Latest 2017 updates constantnormal
I have a fairly complex multi sheet spreadsheet that I ve transformed and moved from Excel to NeoOffice more than 10 years ago and haven t had a single problem until the last update s The problem is it no longer reads in the linked csv files Instead repeatedly displays an import window and eventually fails After spending 20 minutes looking for a way to report the problem resorting to this review Learned they moved from OpenOffice to LibreOffice If this isn t resolved either through an update or a work around in short order reverting back to Microsoft Office Excel     External file Problems after August and Latest 2017 Updates FredinVirginia
I purchased NeoOffice and downloaded it onto a 17 2009 Mac Book Pro running on OS X El Capitan 10 11 16 So far my usage hasn t been complex but in any case NeoOffice is working fine for me and had no installation issues For my part I needed an App that would operate seamlessly and let me go about my business as has happened                 Looks Good So Far SJ_Art
NeoOffice needs to offer better customer service they offer no phone number and no email address for support I had to pay for NeoOffice and it s not operating properly I need help and there is no one at NeoOffice to help me Very disappointed         Disappointed CeegeeA
I received very helpful replies to my questions using the problems links in the NeoOffice Support link above Don t know if the other commenter tried that                     Helpful e mail support avocadolemon
The only support that is offered for this software is the suggestion to google the issue     No support for the software The Sweet Love
I tried to open some LibreOffice presentation with NeoOfice and experience was very painful Editing with bullet ponints and sub bullet points was hard The format of the document refused to play to my liking and was painfully hard to change There is a free version of the LibreOffice that you can download for Mac If you are going to use NeoOffice to view LibreOffice documents I would advise against spending money             Not a perfrect solution akvino
One of the main reasons I have an app like this installed on my computer is to work on shared DOCX files However all too often opening those files in NeoOffice results in an unreadable document For instance much of the text is crossed out and there are numerous page breaks where there are none in the original document In my experience Apple s Pages app does a much better job of preserving the formatting of DOCX files For this reason I have basically stopped using this app     Docx files not displayed correctly Luhmann
Not as good as MS Office but being that it is a fraction of the price it gets the job done                 Good for the Cost Upset user 279
For the most part this app is better than Open Office on Mac because it is more stable just understand that buying this doesn t give you any support They claim it costs too much so they suggest that you look for help on Google wich might work but since they claim it is more stable I have to believe they changed some code and in that case the answer likely would t be the same For instance after using a filter the only rows left on the table are the ones that have data in them so if you want to add to the table you have to add rows every time There is no where online that tells me how to fix this I have look for eight hours now and Open Offices own support is almost non existent I bought this becuase I thought that paying for something awarded you some support I was wrong Aside from that though I guess I will have to find another way to find data easier Don t get me wrong I like the app it overall works great just don t expect any support                 It s better than Open Office for Mac rjdeible
I have used NeoOffice for a few years Never had a problem with compatibility with anyone that I work with It is a great product especially for the lower cost                     Great Alternative to MS Office sptimmy
NeoOffice is fast and stable for handling the large number of legacy StarOffice documents that I need to deal with in my day to day work In addition to outstanding Mac integration and fully automatic updates from the App Store it offers better backward compatibility than some other office suites from the StarOffice OpenOffice org LibreOffice ecosystem While it offers less in the form of extensibilty this gives it a more streamlined startup and better stability                     fast and stable D.L. Beatty
Sneaky unprofessional bums I ve been using this for years First it was free then they asked for 10 recently which I paid Now I was right in the middle of a very important docoment and when I went to save it I got a message that the free version doesn t allow you to save documents and to download the new version for mac Since I was stuck and desperately needed to save the document I followed the link and downloaded the app and paid them their 29 00 The app did not download and just continues to say installing but is not working so they ripped me off for 29 and now I have to waste more precious time not only trying to figure out how to keep my document I guess I ll have to print and scan but also to try to get my 29 back DO NOT RECOMMEND Lloyd Munjack     neo office we've created a bad monster
I ve been an OpenOffice user now Libre Office from back in they days it was called Star Office As such I have many documents saved over time that are in older formats NeoOffice fails to load many of these Even documents saved just a year or two ago as ods files could not be opened LibreOffice opened them all and looks just as good as NeoOffice I was really hopeful that NeoOffice would live up to the claim of being more Mac like It s just not as as good as Libre Office     wish I could get my money back the real maladon
its design is nice better than open office but i payed 30 for the new version on app store and it keeps having istallation issues     not working synista_slick
I have been using NeoOffice since 2005 and have been quite happy with it the updates are self installing and make it easy for me to keep my version current                     Since 2005 PKJ Patty
NeoOffice is excellent I have used Excel spreadsheets on Window boxes for extremely complex accounting computaions for many years So I have a good idea as to what is required for business purposes On my Mac I use NeoOffice Calc which satisfies all my requirements I have never had any problem converting to from Excel format NeoOffice works perfectly with OSX Libre Office does not Numbers appears to be useless for complex business computations NeoOffice offers excellent foreign language support                     NeoOffice is Excellent for Business Use pdo01IT
I paid for the app but the download I got is the free version which will not save Now What                 I got the wrong version srlaudio
I was using Apple s Numbers and needed something in Excel Apple was too arrogant to convert for their customer s convenience so I bought NeoOffice and imported the original Excel that I had It looked good but for some odd reason it didn t come up with the same math as Numbers although the formula matched For example the formula from different fields had the amounts 176471 13 232 941 I don t know how a percentage wind up being larger than the original number Even when I divided by 10 to be 23 294 1 that was still wrong compared to when I calculated the original formula 176471 13 22 914 Where the extra 1000 mysteriously came from You tell me This was from my 1st spreadsheet with this software If I m going to continue using it not very likely it ll be for number storage only and no formulae I will be demanding a refund     Bad Numbers INSANITY MWS!
I purchased this app because it has multilingual support and interface so my kids who are not fluent in English could use for school work The word processor is not easy to use especially when you add images You really need to put in an effort because the images tend to disappear or move when you add text It s hard to go back to something I hated on Word 97 and forgot about after I started using Pages Opening pptx files works but the the presentation looks different Keynote does a better job But the worst thing it keeps freezing It has a lot of potential and I really thought I d love this app         Has potential but keeps freezing drossi
I have been a Mac user since 1984 and have been using NeoOffice since 2008 to support an ESL ministry I have used NeoOffice to write hundreds of bilingual pages in Spanish and English I also use NeoOffice spreadsheet I have no need nor desire to pay for MS bloated junk The addition of multiple language support in NeoOffice 2014 was one of the deciding factors in purchasing the App Store version Another factor was 64 bit support Why should you get this app The main reason is the dedicated passion of the authors who continually strive to improve the software They regularly provided updates to the original product and I am confident they will do the same for the App Store product The one caveat I want new Mac users to understand is that NeoOffice is a Mac specific port of OpenOffice with various enhancements Thus the authors are contrainted when it comes to specific feature enhancement requests For me and many others the features provided in NeoOffice have been more than sufficient to meet our needs As OpenOffice evolves and improves so too will NeoOffice                     Fantastic app Mac_Wiz
I purchased this to open and edit Microsoft Word document but I am not satisfied The MS doc when opened using this app the content looks weired scattered and tables borders etc are not on right place Overall this application does not solve my purpose I wish I wish if there any to get the money back     App Not useful for MS Word Doc devrajram
There is no support for this software other than reading pamplets the users have wrote which is fine but if you are just starting out with databases it is no help to you as I have found the almost 30 way Oh and by not crashing I think they meant to put it crashes frequently and for no reason     I bought it because it said it crashes less than Open Office EY78
The official webpage details the changes but as an ordinary user I could hardly suspect that upgrade of a software would remove functions not add them I needed the functionality of Base that is not surprisingly supported by this version 10 dollars lost Very upset     Base is not functional any more Don t buy if you use databases AfinA110
After reading some positive reviews NeoOffice sounded like a no brainer But after trying it it s horrible It never reports fonts correctly as you select things and move the cursor around It might say Calibri 12 when in fact it s Calibri 16 A big part of why I got this app was because it claims to be highly interoperable with Microsoft Office From what I can tell it is barely compatible with Microsoft Office I was unable to save a docx file because it gave me all kinds of internal error type of messages Fonts look very different from Word Another reason I got this app is because it s supposedly a native MacOS app whereas its predecessor LibreOffice is a more generic Java app but the fonts look horrible and two finger scrolling is super chunky rather than smooth like it is in REAL native MacOS apps Don t waste your time with this app     BUGGY this app is a joke GreenSmoothie
I just installed it and want my money back The scrolling is ridiculously slow compared to other Mac apps just compare the scroll you get in a browser or OpenOffice to this NeoOffice is really suggish Why is the default to show text borders around all the text that is really ugly When pressing Cmd Shift G within the file open dialog you can t press Cmd V to paste in a file path from somewhere else like all the other Mac apps let you do Luckily right click paste menu works there     Not worth it beyondenergy
I ve been a loyal Excel user since the very first version came out in for the Mac in 1985 However I ve found the current version of Excel for the Mac 2011 seems to be a little buggy especially when working with spreadsheets that are on remote servers a task I do often The buggy issues manifest themselves in the spinning wheel of wait every time you do a cut paste or some other operation With no help on the MS Excel forums I looked for an alternative and NeoOffice seemed like a suitable program that was designed for Macs Plus at 10 the price was right I ve been using NeoOffice s spreadsheet app for over a month and I am very pleased The only advantage Excel has over NeoOffice is that Excel looks prettier But NeoOffice works better and is much faster When I need to print pretty spreadsheets I use Numbers But when I have heavy spreadsheet work to do NeoOffice is what I now use                     Adios Excel 84 Mac Guy
After switching over to an iMac after using PCs with Windows for many years I find that Writer in NeoOffice is easier to use than MS Word for Windows it converts all my MS Word legal and technical templates and documents to ODT format perfectly including special section line and paragraph numbering and I can perfectly convert documents to MS Word format when necessary Writer also works well with MathType equations which I have used in my documents for many years The only thing that I can find that it does not do is open Visio VSD drawing files but I use Omnigraffle for that anyway                     NeoOffice is the best SMican
I purchased this product in lieu of OpenOffice for one thing to print labels It does not print labels well It does not even print them poorly Trying to print labels corrupted evidently the preferences It is impossible to locate the preferences to trash them and start a new set of preferences The above could be user error and of course I am venting But this is not user related BASICALLY IF YOU BUY NEO HERE IN THE APPS STORE YOU ARE HOSED Because you did not purchase it directly from them you cannot download the software so you can try trashing your old version but WORSE THAT THAT you cannot log onto the NeoOffice forum to even ask a question because they do not recognize your App store purchase BUT they have Download on the Mac App Store all over their site They basically do not do any support Now 10 USD is not a lot of money my time is more important But if you are looking for a good product from a good company or set of programmers stay away from these guys     Abysmal product waste of money Leberkaese
I ve been using NeoOffice since its early days and its great to see Planamesa has stayed with NeoOffice all these years especially with all the changes OS X and Apple s APIs have been through Its a great to have the option of downloading this from the App Store for Mac convenience and security not to mention its excellent to see OpenDocument support for the Mac in addition to Apple s simpleton support of OpenDocument in TextEdit The 10 that goes toward regular maintenance of NeoOffice is well worth it                 Great to see this in the App Store for Mac wriskmgm
We have used NeoOffice now for four years in our office and have been very pleased It replaced Office for the Mac and our entire office has been very happy with it It does most everything MS Office Mac does but much better it is more reliable and it can easily read and write word and excel files perfectly when needed We have tried OpenOffice and LibreOffice but they are inferior compared to NeoOffice and are less stable and have more bugs It was written solely for Mac and has outstanding support If there is ever a problem or bug very rare the developer fixes it right away try getting someone at MS to do that for you We put it to heavy use every day writing very long 100 page reports with heavy use of embedded spreadsheets etc plus do financial spreadsheets that are complicated It does it all and it does it extremely well If I sound like a fanboy I am I was very skeptical 4 years ago in considering making the jump but it was absolutely the right move I know others will be pleased If you re an OpenOffice or LibreOffice fan give it a try You can always go back if you re unhappy because they are interoperable There is nothing lost and everything to gain                     NeoOffice is Great Highly Recommend Jhdog
You cannot cut paste columns spreadsheet without killing the app Versions didn t work to recover the document What is going on         Cannot MRudB
Wanna change my resume of doc file First install another app which ruined my file Tried other apps also doesn t work Finally this one keeps my file in the format I wantted It s cool                     It s the right app I am looking for intellibuddy
This is great and I ve been using it since 08 Rhyme not intended and it has been a great app Just a few suggestions try to implement the native scrollbars and try to make the toolbars look a little more native I m not trying to be picky or anything but the inconsistency irks me just a little But still great app and if you are about to buy the entire iWork suite I would suggest this instead as in total the iWork suite is 45 and this is just 10 and this includes many more tools than iWork and it takes up less space in the dock                     Great App just a few minor suggestions James Larsson
I ve watched NeoOffice mature over the years It is now a very solid app package and even does things that Microsoft hasn t added to Office Mac The interface is very spartin but is quite usable and the spreadsheet functions read xls files better than Numbers The trackrecord of these developers is strong and solid They have kept the app working regardless of changes to the OS and I m glad to see them bring this to the app store I have supported this app at the highest level for a couple of years now and intend to continue to support them as best as I can This is an excellent app for everything from office basices to fairly complex documents spreadsheets and presentations                     Very Good App kcwookie
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