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Ninox Software GmbH , the publisher behind many iOS app (Ninox Database ,Ninox ,Ninox Database), brings Ninox Database with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ninox Database app has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Ninox Database is now available for $6.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 2.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5.1 has been released on 2015-08-09. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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Create stunning databases in minutes. With Ninox it`s super easy to organize work and life. It`s fun to use and yet very powerful. "Surprisingly good Of all database apps I know - and I know a ...
It used to work great Put it to good use Now since the last update it won t start After updating my iPad version the iPhone version finally started to work Need to get improve this             Doesn t start Rhaspun
I have been using FileMaker Pro for over 20 years and after reading the review on Ninox and seeing so many people remark about how they like Ninox as much as FileMaker I decided to try it I have spent many hours trying to understand this database and thus far it has been nothing but frustrating Having said that my negative rating of this app isn t based so much on the capabilities of the app because I have no idea what it can do my review is mostly based on how hard it is to make any sense of this app I have read the so called Manual and the very first thing it says is The best way to learn about Ninox is by trying The rest of the Manual is as useless as that first line Hot garbage So now my 1600 Apple computer is sitting here bored while I use my 9 year old piece of crap hp laptop because that s where my FileMaker Pro software is and learning Ninox doesn t seem to be worth the effort     Hard to learn Snuggybuggy
Great potential with this app Trying to set up crm invoice inventory contacts company there are samples to work with for each and them some The price is right for me don t want to pay alimony to a software database company after it gets set up and running The support is via email and so far very responsive I still have a lot to learn and set but think I ll be using it in the new year Have tried Bento Invoice Manager Peachtree reviewed Filemaker Freshbooks Handbase dbase various crms etc this is a best kept secret just don t want to flatter too much cuz then they might realize how awesome it is and raise the price                     ought to hit the spot Uncommonunist
I use it to build a database of historical events simple to use and useful to me                     Love this db idxpathman
I use it hard with multiple projects Works great for me Had a glitch but figured it out It s a real database Fast smooth and works                     Got it figured out Johnny D G
The user interface tends to ignore fundamental Mac conventions For example Cmd W does not close a window Cmd M does not minimize Cmd Z does not Undo etc etc Worse the manual seems never to have been tested on anyone who did not already know the app The writer is substantially writing for himself On the plus side the video is clear Also the app imported Bento tables smoothly On balance for other usage I can t justify spending the time with this app I have purchased an expensive lesson here spending 35 for the app and 15 for the upgrade But I find that Tap Forms is far more usable for my purposes         Weak Mac Interface Solipsistic Manual Mac Since 1985
I ve been searching the internet for years looking for a customizable order entry program and I was ready to spend over 20k hirIng a FileMaker programmer I was able to build a complex Database program using Ninox that more than fits my needs And guess what I m a novice and never took a programming course To sum it up this is by far the easiest simplest and most affordable Database program ever I highly recommend it                     Best Database anywhere Amigo123456789
Works like a charm love it just wish I could figure out how to put a border around the invoice forms NICE JOB Ninox Sent an email to ask about the border was answered less than 24 hours with a solution give them a try you won t be sorry                     Great Database famofive
For years I had been looking for a Bento replacement Here it is Highly recommended                     Excellent My replacement for Bento HamLakeHam
Ninox is a outstanding Database especially if your a Mac user There support is nothing short of the best in the business they respond even on weekends which is unheard of with most app developers The reason for 4 stars and not five stars is because you cannot password protect any of the app Databases iPhone iPad or Mac desktop app in which I paid for two apps the iPhone was given for free So my problem was resolved with the Apple iCloud sync They said they will continue to support the Apple iCloud sync which is done automatically I would like to see and any future updates a password word protected Database if it s possible I know they to have a server ninox that is password protected but that s internal network only Other than that you did great job on the apps and outstanding tech support and excellent program                 Excellent Ninox Database Outstanding Support Retired_Marine_30_4
As a longtime HanDBase user and always wanting a more intuitive database app I have been very pleased with Ninox Four requests 1 Add an indicator to show that db is synced to cloud as another reviewer proposed 2 Add more features currently only available on Mac app such as duplicate table 3 On choice function please add hierarchical choice options 4 Add a user manual pdf specific for iPhone app                 Without peer Baskinase
This free iPhone app has been really great for me I developed a few databases The most important is the one I put together to help me keep track my business I own and operate a photography business for real estate I have been looking for an iPhone app for a coupe of years I couldn t find anything that either is a good fit for what I need or something that is affordable The market I operate in is very competitive and the profit margins are small I setup several inter related databases that includes clients addresses for the jobs the rates I charge which depend on zip code and who I assigne the jobs to It works great I used to do it mostly manually and when we would run more than 10 jobs a week it would become difficult to keep track of the who how much to invoice and how much to pay my photographer The last month we had a record month with 70 jobs and I was able to run the operation smoothly because of your app I also developed a couple of additional applications to keep track of business expenses and miles for deductions I think that there are many entrepreneurs that can benefit from using your database technology Sergio Rojstaczer                     Great App sergior61
Simple DBs are a breeze but this app has a depth to it that is hard to convey in a brief review I have several bulletproof DBs now running in Ninox and am getting more familiar with a few of its more advanced concepts Those DBs have now replaced older and more eccentric DBs created using HanDBase Overall I really like this app I REALLY like iCloud sync Works well mostly The only suggestion I d make is if it would be possible to indicate visually the iCloud sync status of each DB prior to opening it to ensure that you re using the most recent changes to a DB after switching devices Right now you have to know what the recent changes were to ensure you re up to date I d also like examples and example DBs for ALL of its features including and especially those using NX Scripting There are brief descriptions of those but figuring out how to implement NX scripting commands based on those descriptions is painful I expect this DB to become better and better over time                 Not as easy as HanDBase but I m liking it better and better Bjl3656
I love this app It syncs without me having to remember it s easy to use and it s perfect for what I need It s a sweet little database manager that I can make it what I want Thank you                     My dream database rlherman
This app looks very impressive Have been looking for something like this do a long time Thanks                     Nice BiboDev
I have the Mac version as well as iPhone iPad The iPad version has nearly the same full features as desktop The iPhone version is a good mobile version that lets you create tables and map relationships It s best for adding data on the fly Setting up and managing the database especially editing is best from iPad or desktop My biggest complaint is the lack of an auto backup feature for databases stored on the cloud They are not local to your device or computer and if you accidentally delete them they are gone Trust me it happened to me and I cried tears of true pain When you create a database you are forced to chose local or cloud based It would be nice if you could backup to the cloud or locally to a device automatically It would also be nice to be able to create a web form with API access for cloud databases I use Ninox to track impounded vehicles for our family s towing business I would gladly pay a monthly fee to give access to the driver via a form without allowing him full access to my database Hopefully Ninox will add more features like this which would make this great tool even better I also love the bar code scanning feature of this app I LOVE that it comes up as an option even in the text field The number field is limited to 8 digits but text fields are longer I can then use the as number code to convert any text field to a number in a formula This allows me to scan certified mail tracking s for the notifications we mail out when a vehicle is impounded We can also scan the VIN barcodes which reduces errors Lastly I truly love the search and calendar functions I can see busy times of year at a glance or find recent records with one click VERY powerful Well done application with very few glitches                 Almost perfect MidnightSunAK
Works very well and easy to use I discovered the Mac app first and was surprised that this iOS version is free It it makes sense though they want it to be the mobile tie in to their desktop app With the iCloud sync it makes this app the perfect way to enter data into your database on your Mac                     Really nice app 'O.o'
I am not knowledgeable with sql or database stuffs but was able to create and use the app without pains Great app having reached a new level of quality                     Beyond Expectations Villager in SZ
It s an OK product Importing databases is a bit convoluted but not unattainable The main objection I have to this app is that you can t scroll up and down the info with your finger as you can with pretty much every other IOS app You have to press on Up and Down arrows to scroll hrough the info and that takes substantially more time than the standard method             Interface has some peculiarities zorkguy
This app is a wonderful breath of fresh air when it comes to building a custom database of your own The interface is simple clean and very easy to pickup and run with So give it try and if your new at databases have no fear support is just a email away and they responded to very quickly Bravo and Kudos to the Ninox team for developing and supporting such a wonderful product Jon York Pa USA                     Fantastic Jonfinpa
I love databases but I could not afford the high priced ones I am amazed this is free Keeping my data local and not being required to upload it to someone else s cloud makes this app a keeper                     I have been looking for an app like this for years Far more than I expected Mkkennedy2
You all have done a wonderful job w this app I have very little database experience but didn t need it with this app If your bold enough to search for an iOS database app I m positive that you ll easily get going w o much instruction It s like Excel on steroids w excellent reliable cloud storage support Someone has outdone themselves Again great job to the development team salute                     How can this app be free KAVMUSIC
Great app Even better developer Very responsive Update is awesome Love the multiple print feature                     Wonderful @imizamb
I first downloaded this app over a year ago but didn t use it because I was using TapForms as my database Yesterday I was looking for a more robust database and I started using Ninox Boy did I miss the boat a year ago I love this database and it s what I should have been using all along Performs just like I need it to I m switching to this app hope they keep it updated when iOS 10 comes out                     Okay Wow Ben5339
Excellent Db for the iPhone Would like to execute reports developed on the iPhone Ability to save export pdf etc is great                     Nice Db Heart-2-Heart
No need for Dummies Guide to Databases                     Super easy and effective Gregory02B
I am totally blown away by this free database app I have been a HanDBase user for a couple of years now but mostly because of the extremely limited choices of database apps available for iPhone yet I regularly scan the App Store for any sign of new apps and today it finally paid off I ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first but after playing around with Ninox for only a few minutes I became almost incredulous at the amount of options and features this app offers just the formula writing environment alone was impressive enough HanDBase offers a mere handful of formulae But when I discovered a full fledged RICH TEXT writing capability not limited to a paltry 2 000 characters like I ve been used to for so long my eyes bugged out of my head and I became very excited indeed This app appears to be superior to everything else currently being offered in the database category I am going to really sink my teeth into it now and see how Ninox handles my inventory of databases I suspect it will continue to surprise me Kudos on an outstanding app and here s hoping it really takes off Charles                     My God Mr_Elmore
Amazing app and database I have it on the Mac and the phone Don t wait use this app Up and running in a few hours from a csv important Support is killer Please tell everyone so this company stays with us I have spent way to much time and money trying to avoid monthly payments to companies like sales force I am a small business but need a few big business demands This app has it all                     Owner Monetti Piano
I have the the iPad iPhone and OS X apps Great replacement for Bento that imported my old database including pictures and syncs with I cloud I find it more powerful than Bento was too with on the fly view customization Another bonus it comes with a cocktails template which is exactly what I use it for                     Great Bento replacement Jeepster68
This database is loaded with features and coupled with its desktop counterpart and iCloud synch capability it is more than a worthy successor to Bento It has no help file other than what is on the website However I have gotten a response to my questions in under 24 hours even on a Sunday                 Great customer service but poor documentation cacofonix1
Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●Ninox Database Business Fields With Field Types●

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