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AAWE Development Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Konstella Back-to-School Night for Room Parents and Activity Organizers ,Parenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip ,Parenting Box for Babies and Toddlers), brings Parenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Parenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip app has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's informative and I love the daily reminders..
  • It's super fun and I learn a little each day..
  • great for sleep deprived moms..
  • It's nice for my husband too..
  • Love this app and all the helpful hints I get everyday..
Overall Satisfactionclick me93
It's informative and I love the daily reminders.
Always love waking up to a new tip geared towards my child's age group.
I look forward to getting my daily tips every day.
I look forward to seeing my daily tip pop up every morning.
This app has wonderful tips for my kids.
I'm a first time mom and I love this app.
Love the personalization and the brief daily tips are great.
I love learning something new everyday :.
Fun & Engagingclick me90
There is some awesome tips on here.
I love hearing the fun facts and important information.
It's fun to read everyday simple tips and knowledge about your little one.
It's super fun and I learn a little each day.
Awesome app for new parents.
Usefulnessclick me87
This app is awesome and provides very helpful tips.
I love all the helpful tips for a first time mom it's very encouraging.
there are great tips everyday which i look forward to.
Very useful information for a first time mom and dad.
I enjoy receiving a friendly reminder or learning something new everyday.
Has some useful suggestions such as ideas for 2nd birthday party.
This app helps me feel like I'm not alone.
Family Friendlyclick me86
Love getting daily reminders and have used them for 2 kids.
Love how it gives me tips for both my kids.
Repeat Valueclick me100
Love this app and all the helpful hints I get everyday.
I love all the helpful hints this app brings everyday.
I love the daily tips and hints.
Ease of Useclick me75
simple tips that at times I didn't even think of.
general pieces of advice that are simple and helpful.
Makes the information easy to digest and manageable :-.
It's something simple and also quick and easy to read.
Informative and quick and easy tips make it convenient.
Easy Breezy and Helpful.
Easy format.


Do you find yourself reading parenting books or seeking parental guidance?


Do you tend to forget some great parenthood advice?


"Parenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip" designed for busy parents of kids under 2, and provides you with the easiest way to persistently learn to be a better parent for the price much less than a book.

Parenting Reminder - a Day, a TipParenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip


There`s no need to open the app. Tips are delivered to you everyday just like calendar reminders.


"A Day, a Tip" - slowly, but persistently.


The Parenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Parenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip in AAWE Development Inc.`s Official Website :


and I really recommend all moms and dads to have it. found in 6 reviews
I have really found this app helpful as a first time mother. found in 8 reviews
I enjoy reading/learning suggestions that can help my baby's development. found in 14 reviews
I find this application to be very helpful & useful in my everyday life. found in 12 reviews
I look forward to seeing my daily tip pop up every morning. found in 11 reviews
Good tool for new parents and refresher for grandparents. found in 141 reviews
Daily delivery of a very helpful tip based on baby's age. found in 14 reviews
Most of the tips are very helpful and age appropriate. found in 22 reviews
Great reminders and love that it includes my child's name. found in 56 reviews
This app is filled with lots of good info. found in 6 reviews
Very useful information for a first time mom and dad. found in 13 reviews
Love getting the daily advice and information. found in 12 reviews
This is a very helpful app for new mothers love it. found in 10 reviews
Always love waking up to a new tip geared towards my child's age group. found in 43 reviews
Good app very helpful for first time parents like us. found in 112 reviews
Very helpful and informative for this first-time mom. found in 13 reviews
Love the personalization and the brief daily tips are great. found in 6 reviews
Gives great advice and perspective into baby's world. found in 65 reviews
and this app gives me a piece of helpful advice daily. found in 11 reviews
but small daily practical tips & advice. found in 5 reviews
tips have been standard but good info provided. found in 2 reviews
Many tips and suggestions from other apps just seem unrealistic to me. found in 18 reviews
I wish you could put more than one child in. found in 6 reviews
tidbits of info are sent without having to open the app. found in 11 reviews
but the daily tips are helpful and interesting. found in 10 reviews
But I still enjoy reading them. found in 2 reviews
Some are already known but overall nice app and easy to use. found in 2 reviews
You don't have to remember to check it. found in 23 reviews
Short and sweet which is what a busy mom needs. found in 2 reviews
but the daily tips are still interesting and helpful. found in 5 reviews
They r simple tips but still helpful and reinforces things I already know. found in 5 reviews
Unable to input child's date of birth. found in 4 reviews
Although the health tips are usually inaccurate. found in 2 reviews
Some on topics I don't think to look up. found in 22 reviews
But I love the diff fun facts. found in 7 reviews
Always nice to start the day with a positive piece of advice. found in 7 reviews
Can't setup on iOS 8. found in 1 reviews
then it just stopped giving new tips two weeks ago. found in 2 reviews
Unable to input info. found in 2 reviews
Can't add gender or date of birth. found in 4 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
Icon 175x175 1
This little ap gives you one tip or reminder each day Its a great way to stay motivated and learn a few new things too                Great tips and reminders
I cant enter my childs gender or birthdateso I have been unable to use the app Very disappointed    I cant get past the set up
Apparently this app has not been updated recently as it doesnt work with iPhone 6 You cant get past the initial data entry    This does not work
I downloaded this app bc of the ratings and I would love to get more tips but I cant get past entering in my daughters name when Im ready to enter her gender a white box come up at the bottom and I cant scroll or anything I have deleted it and reinstalled and the same thing happens I really want to check this app outespecially since so many people like it Any advice       2 starsfor now
I like it My husband likes it Very helpful                Easy to use
App doesnt work It gets stuck at putting your information part Bummer    Stuck
Great app with positive messages and reminders for new parents             Great app
Love this app Helpful tips                Love
Great app                Great
I love this app and would give it five stars if only the app didnt freeze every time I try to add my second child I can put his name in but when I try to put in his gender it freezes Very frustrating       App freezes up
I thought this app was pretty good most of the tips so far are geared towards tips all mothers should hear but a lot arent new to me I cant wait to see whats next             Good for new parents
I love how the tips only take a few seconds to read each day but contain very useful and relevant information                Quick and Helpful
Great app for first time parents Very informative                Nice app for new parents
I love this app I have a 7 month little girl and this app is perfect Love it                Great
When I go to start the app it asks for childs name and then for the sex and DOB after I type the name it wont let me do anything else I hve deleted and redownloaded the app can you please fix this    Bug needs to be fixed
I downloaded the with hopes of having the same awesome experiences others have had Not so much I couldnt even get past the first screen without the app freezing and turning a weird shade of gray I uninstalled and re downloaded same thing happened Needless to say Im very disappointed    Gray Screen
Simple Maybe a bit generic Tips seem good but this is only day 3 so well see Ill update if anything amazing or lame happens          Simple
Unfortunately I have not been able to use this app because a glitch will not allow me to enter information beyond my childs first name or move on to the next screen I have tried to contact tech support 3 times but each time I have been directed to a website that isnt working I deleted and redownloaded the app but that made no difference Disappointed       Glitch prevents usage
I used this app with my first child and absolutely loved it I have been unable to use it at all for my second child because of glitches I actually deleted it from my phone and downloaded it again to see if that would help and now I cant even sign up with my childs age gender etc because the screen does not display correctly and then you cannot get past that page Would love to be able to use this app again          Great App has glitches
So disappointed I cant complete the initial set up screen to add a kid After I add the name click on gender or birthdate it just shows a solid white bar at the bottom with no ability to add information or get to the next part I have to exit the app to get out of it Please fix    Cant add kid
Opened app and it asked for my childs info and it froze when trying to enter birthdate Restarted my phone and app froze again at this spot Deleting it    Does not work
I am a first time mom and the simple suggestions u give are really practical and show a difference in my sons development             Love it
Simple app with great tips Cant wait to upgrade             Easy to use informative
I love the daily tips and reminders They are great for first time parents and good refreshers for even the most experienced parent                Great app
DLed after my wife recommended it Have not gotten the app to work It freezes when I try to put in the gender or date of birth A small empty box pops up on the bottom that looks like it should have a list where I can select makefemale but its blank Wish I was able to use this app    Freezes
I am unable to put the gender in to personalize the app Why not    Cant even start it
iPhone 5S I cant get past the registration screen I get a null entry window for gender age I cant skip the page it does this every time I even tried to delete redownload    Frozen upon opening
the app wont let me select the gender or birthday of my child so I cant use it I guess its not compatible with iPhone 6 really disappointed    Wont let me
This is a cool simple app The tips are interesting I would love to know the source material That would make the app a bit more substantial          Pretty interesting
Cant enter my childs info and app is frozen on the gender selection screen    Buggy
I just got the app and at the beginning it wants me to type in my childs name sex and birthday It will let me type in her name but when i select the other two just a white box appears and it wont let me do anything Therefore I cant use the app at all If they could fix this problem then maybe this would be a worth while app    App doesnt work
I was really looking forward to this app but it has never allowed me to sign in I type in my daughters name then try to put in her gender and it freezes every time Ive had the app for over 2 months now and every time Ive tried it it freezes    
I would like to use your app but it will not allow me to enter anything besides my childs name at the beginning of the app It freezes when I click on the gender andor date of birth I tried clicking on app support and it tried to take me to a website for troubleshooting Im assuming but apparently that site is down also Whats up with that    Unable to register child
Nice app                App
As a mother of 2 little ones a toddler and an infant who also works full time I dont often have time to search for tips I love receiving a message every day with helpful hints and tips regarding my kiddos             Really Enjoy the Tips
Ive had this app since my daughter was born 25 years ago I love the little tips and reminders each day          Great app
I downloaded this app with high hopes but I cant get past my childs name The page freezes with a white bar at the bottom of the page I tried getting help by going to the app support page but it doesnt actually lead anywhere Not impressed    Doesnt work
Was excited about this app after reading the reviews But it wont work it locks up Im deleting till bugs are fixed    App keeps locking up
Good way to start my day with tips and much needed reminders for parenting a toddler                Good way to start the day
Just got the app but helpful tips so far             Review
This app is straight to the point Its reliable predictable and awesome daily tips and advice that helps new and experienced mothers Its simple enough to not interfere with the busy life that is motherhood while still offering its service Its just what I need                To the Point
I am not able to enter a gender or date for my child So Im not even able to use the app    Errors out
Its good for a rookie parents Help us a lot                Helpful
To set it up you need to add your babys name gender and date of birth Too bad you cant enter gender or DOB and therefore can not finish setting it up    Doesnt work
Its been months and I cant open this app to start using it    Problem
The screen freezes at the first sign in page    Cant get past childs name and gender
I really like receiving the tips each day They are practical and useful reminders in caring for my new baby                Great app
Its really nice to get a daily tip rather than getting sucked into reading the endless information about babies available online This is a nice bitesized amount of content each day                Love getting a daily tip
This is probably my favorite app at the moment All reminders are simple but quite useful for a first time mom Highly recommend                Simple but useful
Cant enter gender or days of birth because the menu wont pull up or allow me to move forward which makes the app u useable    Cant get past demographics


AAWE Development Inc.
0.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Parenting Reminder - a Day, a Tip 3.0 Mobile

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