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Path, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Path Talk - The New Messenger ,With ,Path™ ,Kong - Group GIF Chat), brings Path™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Path™ app has been update to version 2.5.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's very interesting that I can communicate with friends and family differently..
  • I am able to keep in touch with family and friends on here..
  • Thank you for fixing the music tagging..

Overall Satisfactionc95
This way better than Facebook and Twitter- Hope this takes over.
I love path it is better than Instagram.
I love Path but the app has started crashing today.
This app is visually and functionally the best social networking app out there.
Its waaayyy better than FB and it's clean and simple.
Path is amazing better than Facebook and MySpace.
Definitely one of the best social networks out there.
Not even to mention the AMAZING UI I freakin love it.
Fun & Engagingc92
Path is awesome and I love everything about it.
Expanded Now Playing recognition Thanks for making an awesome social networking app.
Super fun app better that twitter love how everything is organized.
I already know it will become my new addiction.
It's so much fun and it's a new way to connect with friends.
It's become my new obsession.
Easy to use interface just makes me wanna share everything.
The best thing about Path is that it is private.
Family Friendlyc93
and it's seriously the best social network for close friends and family.
It's a fast and easy way to get in touch with friends and family.
Social Aspectsc92
This app is visually and functionally the best social networking app out there.
It's an extremely great way to keep in touch with friends on a daily basis.
Definitely the best new social networking site I've come across since Facebook.
I just wish more people would download/try it.
It's a great way to stay connected to those who matter most.
I love this app just wish more people used it in my area.
I am able to keep in touch with family and friends on here.
Production Valuesc94
Amazing interface for a social network and it feels really natural.
Path lets me do this simply with a gorgeous interface.
Includes great camera effects like Instagram.
I think instagram has the best photo effects.
This app is absolutely stunning.
Ease of Usec86
Very easy to get used to and more private than Facebook.
Simple elegant interface with a nice little camera.
Possibly the most beautiful intuitive app in the store.
Path is simple and the experience is amazing.
Beautiful interface and intuitive design.
Security & Privacyc56
They need to work on making addition privacy settings though.
I don't trust your privacy settings any more.
I had an old path account from over a year ago.
Thanks for issuing the apology and addressing privacy concerns.
It almost made me delete my account.
Updates & Supportc13

It's an amazing way to stay in touch with friends and share ur life. found in 172 reviews
It's an extremely great way to keep in touch with friends on a daily basis. found in 391 reviews
The best mobile social networking app that I've used so far. found in 47 reviews
It's pretty cool it's like Facebook twitter and Instagram all put together. found in 199 reviews
Every social network rolled into one and it plays music. found in 67 reviews
What about compatible for iPhone 6 plus. found in 23 reviews
I have no problems with anything just the fact that you can only have 150 friends. found in 10 reviews
But fails at the inability to import pictures from camera roll. found in 50 reviews
their customer service team is superb. found in 6 reviews
Wish you could have more than 150 friends though. found in 10 reviews
but it needs more people on the network to really be useful. found in 31 reviews
And also needs more advances settings/ privacy settings. found in 39 reviews
One fault how can you connect with people you don't know. found in 11 reviews
This app is kinda boring but it is fun to. found in 9 reviews
The find friends and search for friends feature doesn't work. found in 15 reviews
but man it needs Twitter /Facebook integration. found in 5 reviews
I was wondering could you install a " Connect To Facebook " link. found in 14 reviews
While it beautiful and quite functional it lacks push notifications. found in 14 reviews
but it won't let me change my picture and show my location. found in 13 reviews
It's a great way to connect with friends and what not. found in 212 reviews
My biggest complaint - don't know how to edit/ delete posts. found in 21 reviews
best part is you don't get stranger friend request. found in 35 reviews
Very disappointed
The only thing that is missing is an Instagram integration. found in 13 reviews
Path needs direct messaging to make the experience better. found in 15 reviews
After I updated I had to sign back in. found in 10 reviews
Uploads entire content of address book without permission. found in 31 reviews
Path downloads your Address Book to their servers without your knowledge or permission. found in 25 reviews
The company got in trouble for uploading your contacts without asking. found in 15 reviews
making the direct message separate is stupid. found in 13 reviews
Path uploads and stores users' complete contact lists without permission. found in 12 reviews
Update: why is the Facebook integration now not working. found in 14 reviews
But it won't connect to Facebook and let me find my friends. found in 14 reviews
I hate that it tells you when someone visits your page. found in 13 reviews
Iphone 6 + update problem connecting to internet. found in 23 reviews
Keeps crashing when I try and add friends. found in 58 reviews
It is constantly crashing on iphone 6 plus. found in 12 reviews
ALSO the fact that you cannot select photos from camera roll. found in 50 reviews
Everytime I try to change my picture It crashes. found in 13 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download Path™ for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Path™ app version 2.5.2 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Path™ check developer Path, Inc.`s website :

Path is the personal network. A place to be yourself and share life with close friends and family. Features: Capture life`s moments with your iPhone camera. Share your life with 50 close friends and family. Tag ...
After three years of continual use I searched for a way to backup my photos and data from the app Facebook not known for winning at privacy has allowed this for years Ive been told that its a feature that doesnt exist and then was completely ignored after following up The fact that Dave Morin and company didnt give their dedicated users a way to politely withdraw their data and leave before they sold the company to Daum Kakao was really unethical in my opinion A year ago I wouldve given Path five stars now I dont even want to give one     Give me my data
Fell off so hard It use to be dope Literally hasnt changed in 5 years           This app
Hi You can add music upload on posts and record music also and you can add regional search to your program It is better way to people use your App Thank you                 Better App
Please make tht we can add more friends 1000 friends enough maybe              More friends
Hhh                 Uu
Impossible to change your profile picture and background on ipad air please fixthen you will be perfect           Not easy
Why you no have this emoji with the emotions WHHYYYY i need it so baaad           Read this
Ive been using this app for quite some time now Overall Im pretty much satisfied by the apps look features updates and privacy matter Still feel that 150 friends are enough though Heres some suggestions for your next update 1 Viewing photo while tagging with 2 Remove tag feature The mute this moment feature is actually good but by adding the remove tag it would be awesome 3 When doing re path I dont think we should go back to the top of timeline afterwards Instead keep us in the same spot with the photo being repathed 4 Other app than iTunes music playing should have the same way of being posted using the listening to Keep up the good work              Review and Suggestions
This app forceclose entirely to much Needs to be fixed ASAP     Bad
The search box havent worked for almost a year now what the hell is wrong with it        Search box
Please consider making a feature for hiding moments by others that I dont want to see Because some of my friends could post something that I done like to see every now and then but at the same time I dont want to unfriend them                 Hiding some friends moments
Why bother    
Path has been down since 4 it is NOW 9 going on 10 something Ima need for Yall to fix this        FixIt
Need to be able to share favorite playlists from 8tracks app Also need to be able to back up my whole path into a PDF or some sort for me to keep as a documentation of my life It is my digital diary after all Unlike Facebook I treat path closer to a diary than a digital community board           Connection to 8Tracks back up my moments
Still no messaging app still one star Because they separated it     Still
I cant even send messages to people     Fix talk
I cant live my days without it                 Great app
I love using path but never have I watched a TV show that I could actually find to share especially with the newer shows              TV show and movie database terrible
The rumors of my demise are over exaggerated My pixels were just hacked and now I cant buy food just a mile away from my employer 99problems                 marvel adt chrisevans
Support Apple Watch              Please
Its starting to look like Dave Morin sold Path to someone who isnt going to take care of it very well The first update in months and theyve fixed nothing and removed Apple Maps which worked and looked great Now we get the ugly and less functional Google Maps in its place Another step in the wrong direction which leaves me with little faith that path will ever be good again        Worse Each Update
Smh path idk what to say about this app Its always something wrong Works good 85 of the time COULD BE BETTER           Dewayne said this
Its a very beautiful app actually its one of my favorite i just wish one thing if they could add the Edit option to the Moments sometimes it could happen some typos or something and it would very helpful Big thanks for the creators of the app              Marvelous Application
Horrible Crashes all the time DONT UPDATE     Crashes all time
I would like to be able to post multiple pictures at a time Also I think that you should start advertising this on other social medias so that more people can join              Awesome app but
I love path I been on this site for almost two years but the only things I dont like is you have a A limit of friends you can add not cool we should be able to add as many friends as we like And the other thing is I love meeting new people besides my friends and some of my friends speak a different language so I do not know what theyre saying so it will be great if you guys can put a translator on the site other then that its cool           Its cool
Very Nice Application                 My Comment
Help me why cant i posting anything right now from my iphone           Cannot posting via ios
I love path I really do and all I want is to know when someone vists me and vice versa yall really made the app boring wen yall cut that out                 Path
Traditional Chinese is shown as ugly Simplified Chinese           Please fix Traditional Chinese
Please add gifs to path it would be amazing           Please consider thisss
Why my path acting cant even see nobodys post     Messed up app
I like him           Good
A very good SW for small group although we also have Wechat for small group friends but this is really better than the moment in Wechat the only thing if can upload more photos once would be much more better              Love this SW but need a little bit update
As someone who has used Path for nearly 5 years and with nearly 15000 Moments here Im begging Path development to PLEASE make an Apple Watch app Please When I check into places or need to post a random emotion or what Im listening to watching or reading I wanna be able do it from my Watch Please make this happen Overall the app is incredible and I love how I can have a simple intimate circle of friends and family to share with Keep it up Thanks CS iP6              Please Bring Watch Support
I wish on the next updates you add drafts to thoughts I usually write a thought but save it on notes and I end up forgetting to post it Same as twitter              Thoughts needs drafts
change the colors plz i hate it and but call        important
The site does not check emails Someone signed up under my email and has been posting up a storm Ive thought of logging in and saying Im gay or something but the girl is obviously Muslim so it might get her killed in whatever country she is in There is no easy way to delete the account Im not a happy camper because of this crap     Bad security
Ive come to notice that many of the international best seller books arent provided along with the books inside the app The Harry Potter books are surprisingly not included and many other books which Im not going to bore you with              Great but
I 3                 lovely
I LOVE PATH Id love to see the ability to add multiple photos to a moment                 Great
Dengan paket data tidak bisa connect Tidak bisa refresh time line tidak bisa upload foto dan lain lain Please fix it        Gagal connect di iphone 6 plus
Search bar needs fixing and the app is always crashing half of the time              JaQuarius said this
This app is really well designed and has good functionality but doesnt really set itself apart from other messaging apps that do the same things           Good but there are other apps
well path wont load and everybody saying the same thing     Path wont load
Notificationsbadges are not working for my iphone 5 I would also like to see a passcode lock for privacy I do enjoy using the app aside from those two important shortcomings        Passcode Badge app icon
Just my besties Its the best most awesome way for the 6 of us to keep up to date in private from others but expansive within                 The best internal networking app
Im starting a chat for my YouTube account simon32336 and its going to be a blast so follow me on path Dont forget to subscribe                 The app for Fans and more
Im a huge advocate for this app For someone like me who doesnt see value in sharing the details of my personal life with the public on large platform SM like Facebook Path gives me a purpose to share personal and intimate content with only my closest family and friends people I would tell my darkest secrets too That being said it is the sharing of these moments that I feel are the object of this particular social network Which is why I suggest a form of album uploading As for now I dont see a way to upload multiple photos per post but it feels like a component of the app that is missing For a long time I felt that it was there and that I just couldnt find it As a designer I understand the bandwidth complications that come with larger data per post but its something that I feel contradicts the mission of Path when its not provided Good luck to the team I look forward to following Paths future Michael Mikho Publication Designer              Photo Albums or Events

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