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PopCap Games, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Chuzzle ,Bejeweled 2 + Blitz ,Candy Train ,Bookworm ,Peggle), brings Peggle with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Peggle games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I recomend it to both casual and hardcore gamers..
  • The graphics are deliciously smooth and the sound effects are excellent..
  • Peggle app captures the original feel of the desktop version perfectly..
  • Other than that awsome game..
  • Awesome way to pass the time an enjoy doing so..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Need more levels and more choices for powerball powers.
more levels would be nice.
One of my favorite games even tho it took FOREVER for the music.
This was my favorite game until a few months ago.
One of the best iPhone and iPod touch games out.
Amazing game price is a little too high thougj.
Wow the new retina display update makes the extreme fever BEAUTIFUL.
The game looks terrible on the iPhone's retina display.
Peggels fun and addictive gameplay is as good and wity as ever.
I've loved this game since I discovered the Xbox 360 version.
I loved this game until the update.
I still would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys casual games.
I cannot recommend this game.
Fun & Engagingc94
This awesome game has virtually endless replay value.
Need more levels and more choices for powerball powers.
more levels would be nice.
Thoroughly addictive game and entirely worth the $5.
This game is very hard to put down once you start playing it.
but easy to put down.
This game is super fun and challenging sometimes.
Peggels fun and addictive gameplay is as good and wity as ever.
A must-have game that is challenging and tons of fun.
Peggle is the BEST game ever and i play it all the time.
I play it everyday and beat my own scores.
other than that i play it everyday.
I've had it for years and still play it every day.
I play it every day.
Finally beat everything and even bought the expansion.
I have not beat everything yet.
Family Friendlyc97
i bought this for 5$ and my whole family loves it.
This is a game our whole family loves.
Plenty of challenges and fun for kids and adults.
Great for kids and adults.
PS my family is addicted to it.
Our whole family is addicted.
My grand kids and I take turns we love it.
The grand kids love to play.
Replay Valuec90
Need more levels and more choices for powerball powers.
more levels would be nice.
It has great replay value and great sounds and graphics.
99 gets old real quick with no replay value.
This game never gets old and is well worth the three dollars.
Game never crashed.
Definitely challenging enough to keep you entertained for longer than most other games.
It gets boring fast if you are an adult.
It's easy to pick up and play and rewarding to master.
This game is very fun and will provide many hours of entertainment.
Social Aspectsc88
as would some type of online multiplayer.
The need to add online multiplayer.
This game is so addicting and has an awesome multiplayer mode.
and maybe a multiplayer mode.
I love the duel feature to play with friends.
It's also pretty fun to play with friends.
Production Valuesc89
The graphics are deliciously smooth and the sound effects are excellent.
the graphics and sounds are cute as usual.
Awesome graphics and gameplay- well worth the download.
Beautiful graphics along with solid and polished game play.
Super cute animals and very addictive game play.
peggle nights also loaded and game play is smooth and fast again.
Ease of Usec91
Love the attention to detail in such a simple game.
Price was way too steep for such a simple game.
Peggle turns a simple concept beautiful and addicting.
One simple concept has me going at it for hours.
Updates & Supportc96
I've loved this game since I discovered the Xbox 360 version.
and the graphics aren't tuned down much like the ds version.
Have run my battery down playing level after level after level.
Although it does run your battery down pretty fast.
It will drain your battery so have your power cord handy.

This is a must have game for all ages. found in 9 reviews
Peggle Is Super Addictive & Loads of FUN. found in 26 reviews
This awesome game has virtually endless replay value. found in 248 reviews
and the graphics aren't tuned down much like the ds version. found in 11 reviews
Great gameplay and an excellent soundtrack will keep you entertained for hours. found in 16 reviews
This game is probably the best game on the app store. found in 16 reviews
Beautiful graphics and game play varies enough to stay interesting. found in 5 reviews
Peggie is my goto game on iPhone and iPad. found in 6 reviews
Awesome game good job popcap put insane aquarium on here. found in 30 reviews
Peggle has the perfect amount of polish and is insanely addictive. found in 6 reviews
I play it everyday and beat my own scores. found in 13 reviews
This game is very fun and will provide many hours of entertainment. found in 18 reviews
Great game with long lasting gameplay. found in 7 reviews
Heck the nintendo ds version is still $20-$30 most places. found in 10 reviews
This is easily the best mobile game out. found in 7 reviews
I Love it so much i am going for grand master. found in 21 reviews
challenging time killer that is an instant classic. found in 5 reviews
better than angry birds by far. found in 7 reviews
This the most fun and addictive game eva. found in 10 reviews
Kinda gets boring playing the same levels again and again. found in 26 reviews
Needs music or would get 5 stars. found in 4 reviews
Needs to be updated for retina display. found in 49 reviews
Lacks online play too like the xbox live counter part. found in 6 reviews
Big screen update failure. found in 2 reviews
my achievements don't show up in game center. found in 26 reviews
I wasn't able to get past the loading screen before it crashed. found in 5 reviews
It's annoying having to mute it every time I open the game. found in 11 reviews
Game crashes upon start ups with new update. found in 11 reviews
One crash deleted all my game data. found in 2 reviews
Please add game center and retina support. found in 14 reviews
I can't wait for more updates :. found in 4 reviews
It now crashes at start-up every single time I try to play it. found in 4 reviews
but the developers need to fix the volume control. found in 3 reviews
Like the game but please fix the sound options. found in 3 reviews
but needs retina display update. found in 5 reviews
However needs desperately to be optimized for iPhone 5. found in 27 reviews
Still no iPhone 5 support. found in 4 reviews
Loads of fun but needs the update for iPhone 5. found in 1 reviews
I love this game but it doesn't have iPod support. found in 1 reviews
not compatible on OS 3 Over heats 3gs. found in 9 reviews
Isn't optimized for 4 inch screens. found in 6 reviews
The game looks terrible on the iPhone's retina display. found in 49 reviews
The new update crashes every time I try to play it. found in 4 reviews
Update: game still crashes EVERYTIME I try to play it. found in 13 reviews
Game crashes on start up everytime even with latest update. found in 11 reviews
Really great game but now I can't get past the loading screen. found in 5 reviews
It won't even open on my iPod 4th gen. found in 7 reviews
so I'm very disappointed that it crashes every time I open the game. found in 11 reviews
You ruined this game with your retina update. found in 5 reviews
Purchased game and since update cant play. found in 6 reviews
For the love of my ears please remember the sound settings. found in 5 reviews
then it crashes back to the iPod home screen. found in 13 reviews
Due to poor porting and frame rates. found in 4 reviews
It I wanted to play phone compatible. found in 5 reviews
Still no iPhone 5 display support Wait. found in 7 reviews

The Peggle is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Peggle in PopCap Games, Inc.`s Official Website :

Shoot to clear all the orange pegs from 55 sparkling levels in what calls one of the "top 5 most addictive games of all time." Become a Peggle Master and put your skills to ...
Ive loved it for years So fun                 Love it
I love this game Its so much fun                 Awesome
Not only does this game test geometry skills but it is witty humorous and tremendously addicting The random changeup of the color value of each peg for each retry of every screen is a plus No ads forever for a onetime purchase add to the value of this game Network and internet challenges would be nice but still I like it just as well                 More Awesome than Awesome
I love this game I am the Peggle Master                 Pure awesome
As long as its not from EA the game is going to be good                 Best of the best
Love this game Challenging but not too hard I highly recommend it                 Great game
I love Peggle Have been playing it for several years and ever gotten tired of it Highly recommended especially if you love a game of skill and chance                 Peggle
Good Game really Addictive              Peggle
Have you tried it                 Love
Ive probably played through this game 3 times at least Then Ill delete and months later Ill redownload and play again Thats how good it is Ive just gotten it again and this time Im gonna try Peggle Nights                 Always back for more
Love the game                 Awesome
Great variety and fun I wish updates would be added as long as you didnt have to pay for boosts like in Peggie blast                 Great
Very easy to play learn and the kids love the levels Pretty creative                 Fun Game
This is the best game Ive played                 Good games
Had this game for a long while Never had any problems until this past week Finally updated from iPhone 4 to 6 Not only did my backup not tanager over to the new phone but it wont save ANY progress now Not sure what the deal is and Im still giving it 4 stars for the past four years of awesome but at this point the game is unplayable              Issues of late
Sooooo addictingluv it                 Mgr
Ive been playing for years Still just as much fun as when I started                 Cant stop playing
Great little game                 Great FUN
Yes                 Yes
This game is amazing I rate this game peggle out of peggle                
What a great port The FPS is pretty bad on iPhone 5 but still playable They fixed every thing that was wrong with Peggle Blast Theres a shoot button rather than tapping and the precision aiming as well Theres no waiting 5hours in between levels They have all the good catchy music My favorite is the Ultimate Fever for clearing the entire board                 Amazing 2 games in 1
Fun lil game with awesome playability Fun levels would appreciate new levels though because Ive been playing it for over 4 years now                 Peggie
Move fire button to the bottom right hand side of the screen like it is in the iPad version please Or perhaps make it an option in the settings Pretty please with sugar on top           Fire button location
Great to kill time Fun stuff                 Addictive and fun
This game is awesome There is no other thing you need to know It is simple and always makes me feel like a hero when I clear a level                 AWESOMENESS
My six year old says Fun Cool Thats it We really like this game The first time we won a level I laughed so hard at the music Very addicting My only complaint those balls are red not orange                 Try this game
Ive always loved Peggle and this is no exception Easy to use fun to play                 Love it
It is really fun                 Excellent
Do you love casual games that you can play without worrying about ads or micro transactions taking your money Then this game is for you It is such an awesome witty game that combines a good amount of strategy with a casual helping of luck This pachinko inspired game has 55 levels lots of challenge levels quickplay AND a duel mode for your friends The game may be old but it works like a charm I am yet to encounter any bugs and if you do its probably bad luck And Peggle nights is an absolute steal having 60 new levels a whole new set of challenges a new master and only for 99 cents This game was made before Popcap was restricted by EA and thats a good thing Buy this game right now and trust me its addicting levels will literally consume you for hours to come                 Awesome
I had the demo of this game on my PC and I loved it but sadly it was just a demo but now I got the full version for my iPod and its even better thanks for making a great game Pop Cap                 Great Game
I love this game so much because theres so much to do For example after you beat the main story mode theres the night thing I forgot what its called and the challenges and if you beat all that you can always delete it and download it again                 Im addicted
A great game with great play The characters are fun and interesting and the shooter works very well The play is so much fun Ive played through the entire game set several times and it is still fun every time I replay the games                 Peggle
Dont download if you have stuff to do in the next few days I used to love this game in college Still as fun                 Peggle master
Could have just kept updating this game but instead came out with a hot steaming f2p b2w pile of cockypoopoo instead Popcap you sold yourselves out     Oh how the mighty have fallen
Continues to excite and keep my attention I love this game                 Love this Game
Gjduchj                 Gives be
Peggle blast was awful so I was happy to find this version                 So happy to find the older version
Great music and gameplay                 Simple and addictive game
Really really cool game I love having it and you will to as soon as you get it Mix magic 360              Cool but old
This game never gets old for me Ive mastered Peggle and Peggle Nights twice now Im normally not a game person but I am completely addicted to the physics and continuing goals that can be achieved Ive had this game for five years and still enjoy playing it                 Best game I have
Best game ever                 Best
Everything about this game is amazing See for yourself                 Cant beat the classics
I love it so much that I have it on my Xbox 360                 Peggle
Is great on xbox but compared to the semi free peggle blast its just not worth buying sadly Poor game play and graphics        Not really worth buying
Love this game They really need to make a new one                 Perfection
My favorite game                 Awesome
This may not be the newest game around but Peggle remains a favorite of mine                 Always come back for more
I love this game It doesnt really ever get old Sometimes I get bored of it for a few days but three days later I like it again Fantastic                 Good freaking game
Peggle is awesome but the only thing is that there is not enough levels              PeeDeezNutzOnMyFace

Peggle Games Puzzle Game Peggle MastersPeggle Games Puzzle Game Peggle MastersPeggle Games Puzzle Game Peggle MastersPeggle Games Puzzle Game Peggle Masters

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