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JoyTunes , the publisher behind many iOS app (Recorder Master ,JoyTunes Metronome ,Piano Summer Games ,Piano Mania - Practice Game ,Guitar Tuner - Simply Tune ,Simply Guitar by JoyTunes), brings Piano Mania - Practice Game with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Piano Mania - Practice Game app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • You can play it with background music of that song..
  • Great for beginners..
  • I always wanted to learn piano and now I can..
  • Piano Mania Is Amazing And It's Helping My Child Learn How To Play The Piano..
  • This a fun app to play songs..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Students love the app because they enjoy earning achievement levels.
This is the best piano learning app that I have used.
Amazing teaching tool.
best tablet game of 2013 gameis.
Love using this app with my students.
My 7 year olds love to learn piano.
Wow amazing.
Fun & Engagingc91
Lots of fun and educational features.
Fun and informative.
Very fun and smart.
Loads of Fun.
Thanks for creating such a useful app that students love.
Family Friendlyc82
Excellent learning app for kids.
Great app for kids and adults.
Repeat Valuec100
The kids love advancing to new levels.
new songs and levels added every month.

Great app for kids and adults. found in 2 reviews
This is the best piano learning app that I have used. found in 8 reviews
Absolutely the best piano teaching program. found in 3 reviews
customer service is instantaneous and human. found in 3 reviews
learn to read sheet music notation and symbols. found in 3 reviews
It seems to be the most linear learning experience for a beginner. found in 2 reviews
feature impress your piano teacher with your new found skills. found in 11 reviews
Students love the app because they enjoy earning achievement levels. found in 9 reviews
I'm trying to teach myself to play piano and read notes. found in 9 reviews
Piano Mania is as great as Dust Buster. found in 3 reviews
Piano Maestro is a great app. found in 1 reviews
My 7 year olds love to learn piano. found in 1 reviews
but definitely priced WAY too high for any serious use. found in 1 reviews
but I decided to pay for one month. found in 2 reviews
Really worthless at this point. found in 1 reviews
so one is forced to play through the easy levels. found in 1 reviews
HINT so the subscription price NEEDS to be lowered substantially. found in 1 reviews
The creators of this app are constantly adding content. found in 2 reviews
it takes just a little too long to load when I first open it. found in 1 reviews
The app doesn’t produce any sound on my iPad. found in 1 reviews
EXPENSIVE & possible spyware. found in 1 reviews
App is pretty good EXCEPT everytime I update. found in 1 reviews
Don't like ranks and extra charges. found in 1 reviews
Will consider review update if this problem can be fixed. found in 1 reviews
but this is an extremely frustrating program overall. found in 1 reviews
please add a song repeat. found in 1 reviews
not a month as some reviews suggest. found in 1 reviews
Broken now. found in 1 reviews
If there was a one time fee. found in 2 reviews
Requires log in. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPad owner,you now can download Piano Mania - Practice Game for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 37.5 MB to download. The new Piano Mania - Practice Game app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Piano Mania - Practice Game in JoyTunes`s Official Website : http://www.joytunes.com

The Ultimate Piano Practice Game. Enter an addictive and fun music journey while playing your own acoustic or electric PIANO. No wires or adapters needed Download Piano Mania to your iPad, place it on your piano/keyboard ...
My son is doing this program to augment his piano training He LOVES piano maestro and it is really helping his sight reading skills He is learning to sight read more quickly and on rhythm                 Excellent sigh reading training
I like the app and I bought a year long membership but when I use the app sometimes it randomly crashes after a lesson        Good program but keeps crashing
I just go my keyboard today and already I learned part of the C scale This is a good app for beginning piano players                 Great for beginners
Its a genius and very helpful app but it lags sometimes In the end its worth it                 Best app
Get this app if you want to learn to play the piano It will teach you how to sightread and throw in a whole lot of fundamental technique in the process Im an adult student and Ive gotten farther in 1 week with Piano Maestro than I have with years of lessons as a teenager The exercises are gently progressive and addictive so it guides you very efficiently through the different levels while keeping you coming back for more If you follow the main 38 levels youll end up at level 3A Faber or Alfreds Apparently you can even go to 3B or further if you do the Supersonic exercises too Even better it has separate exercises just for technique scales arpeggios intervals rhythm hand coordination and sightreading To fully pass many of the technique exercises you even have to do them in separate keys Nice And once youve done all that they provide tons of free current and old songs for you to keep practicing your sightreading and technique Hands down this is better than anything else on the market and Ive tried them all                 Fantastic
At least Yousician guitar app allows you to continue at a restricted pace without cost this app halts you from progressing after your first 5 notes on the keyboard        10 a month
My students are obsessed with this app Thanks                 Great app to teach music
Systematic and super fun approach to learn to play the piano My kids look forward everyday to their piano lessons                 Love it
I cant wait to try these with my younger and older students I think they will LOVE it                 EXCITING
Best app that I have ever discovered to learn piano Ive been playing the violin for five years and this is truly helping me to branch out with my musical talents Thank you                 AMAZINGLY
The app is so fun and so well thought out I decided to start learning piano at 32 and even bought an iPad to literally just use this app after being impressed by the same companys iPhone piano learning app and it has been completely worth it Not only do you learn piano but music theory too                 Truly the greatest music learning app
THIS APP IS AMAZING Its great for beginners and experienced pianists looking for a way to get sheet music If you let it use your microphone it can hear wha notes your playing and detect which ones are wrong Theres an option to share the moment where it records what you played and gives you the option to send it to somebodyM YAY YOU MUST GET IT                 THE BEST PIANO APP
Ive used piano maestro with my students for a year now and I cant believe how easily they take to using tech in their lessons No piano instructor should be without                 Simply the best
I love this app If youre looking to play the piano this app is perfect                 AMAZING
So I am a piano teacher I have so many things that I have tried over the years to motivate students to learn how to sight read faster so they can have more fun This is EASILY the GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN Piano Maestro is awesome I love that you can assign your students to do homework and they can access it on their tablet I LOVE the person who came up with this                 BEST THING EVER
This is a great app I love that I can use it with my piano students This app is a great way to reinforce the concepts that we are learning in their piano lessons and its fun for them Its getting my students to spend longer at the piano practicing                 Excellent
A lot of fun Students enjoy it                 Teacher
Simply amazing                 Wow
This app is amazing my mom is proudEven my dad If you are reading this you should install the app if you dint I almost memorized a song This app is 500 amazing                 500 amazing
Amazing app never failed to pick up the notes from my keyboard and is super fun and adaptive But if you want the full experience your gonna have to get a monthly paid membership if your not using a teacher I think Otherwise you are good              Best piano app ever
This has been a fun app to learn piano from my 3 and 5 year olds to our teenager to us Hopefully theyll add more advanced levels in the future                 Best piano app ever
The musicians involved in making this app are truly amazing people Thank you for all your hard work creativity and not being all about money but about a genuine desire to teach others A thank you is not enough                 A thank you is not enough
This is one of the best things since sliced butter                 Awesome
This has helped me practice more then usual And I loved that you can play pop songs too any time you want Lastly I enjoy that there is a learn mode so you can play it step by step                 AMAZING MUSIC APP
Its amazing if you want to have fun while you learn something new this is the app My suggestion Get it and get it now                 The BEST
I love the fun energy this gives me and my students Im excited to open the app and see how great my students did with their challenges and also what music they have attempted on their own They love it They also love opening the app everyday to check for more challenges from me I appreciate this tool so much This app will never get old or useless                 Wonderful Teaching Tool
This app is encouraging and a great deal of fun I would recommend this app to any new pianist Excellent                 Encouraging
After having a Casio keyboard sitting around my house for years never being played I happened to buy an iPad and stumbled across Piano Maestro It has been awesome You can download for free and play 30 levels at zero cost cant go wrong Those went by fast for me and I decided to buy the discounted annual membership for about the cost of 1 hour with a piano instructor about 60 Im not normally one to write reviews online but this one is good enough that I just had to do it I couldnt recommend anything more highly than I do recommend Piano Maestro                 Great Great App
This is a great learning tool The subscription is pricey but what you get for free is really fantastic                 Great tool
Could you add country roads and some wwe songs              Songs
Whoever is reading this I encourage you to get this app It is such a good piano teacher It teaches you how to read notes and which fingers to use If your human piano teacher knows about this app heshe can give you a home challenge                 Five Stars
I love this app so much its great at teaching you how to play piano but when I finished chapter 6 it wouldnt let me go on to 7 I earned all the stars and yet nothing help              Amazing
I should start by saying that Im not a big one for gamifying everything So I delayed trying this program out for months But I heard other piano teachers saying good things so I finally tried it out This program has generated lots of enthusiasm for practicing in my large piano studio Kids whose betweenlesson practice was mediocre have started practicing much more and everyone who uses it shows a big improvement in sightreading new material Excellent                 Outstanding Motivator
This app is one of my three favorite piano learning apps and it is the best from a motivationfromgamification point of view The increase in difficulty is slow enough for a beginner including adult beginner and it gets you to do some practice even if you would do nothing serious But of course the whole point is to just play with the piano at least a little bit every day so anything that gets you to sit down and gives you feedback is excellent value For those who are not beginners you can skip levels by going through a test We are using this with a digital piano and USB but it also works with acoustic pianos via microphone The above is also true for the free part of the app After two months or so going through the free part I have now upgraded to the subscription and I still love it Keeps getting better Example a month ago I asked if they could add chord excercises and they just added 10 ten Great Also my six year old just moved from Dust Buster to this                 One of the best piano learning apps
This app is just not good for me I did tap the c key on my piano it registers as b or d its so weird pls fix it     Sound
I dont have a piano piano but I have an electric keyboard When ever I try to use the keyboard it doesnt let me use it so 2 stars Ill would give 5 but I cant learn on a keyboard so yeah        I dont have a piano
It works really well My students are excited to play and they getting competitive to see who can practice the most                 Piano teacher using it with my students
My piano students think Im the coolest teacher with this app They are so excited every time I say were going to play it The best part is that it really is a terrific learning tool form them Love it                 Coolest teacher ever
I have no musical education and as a retiree I am trying to fill that void and learn piano I love everything about this app I can go at my own pace I have lots of choices and the question I sent last night was answered by email this morning I feel that I am making progress and I am having fun while doing so                 Love it
Super                 Super
Ive complained about the download speed before its really great that you add the offline mode I also complained about some times the app freeze for a blink brutally mess up the rhythm hardly playable it still happens but far less frequently so at least its tolerable now maybe thats because I updated my iPad 3rd gen to air 2 As an adult beginner I also use synthesia my two cents 1 synthesia uses falling bar piano maestro uses sheet music falling bar seems easier at first glance but its really not sheet music makes more sense and much more useful Piano maestro 5 2 piano maestro has way more and much better built in lessons Piano maestro 5 3 synthesia has more control over midi interface like using network midi which doesnt sounds useful immediately but you can connect to network midi while charging the iPad simultaneously and that lightning to usb camera adapter is 30 dollars to save Synthesia 1 4 And again midi controllability I use a digital piano synthesia can redirect output back to the piano so sound comes out from piano not iPad Yes you can just enable piano local control and turn down iPad volume but hey then auto accompany and sound effects are gone Synthesia 1 5 piano maestro has way much delay between playing sessions I must wait until the end of the animations of the two boring results screens to press nextretry while in synthesia I just press enter twice and boom Im in even better I can map keys on the piano to UI controls so I dont have to move my hands from the piano the entire time Synthesia 1 I mainly uses piano maestro now but I think you can still learn from your rival                 Great tool
Get this app it is interactive with your piano or keyboard but u can use it without one I really recommend it                 Awesome
It keeps me on the piano longer and practicing my note reading and timing I like competing with my mom                 Fun way to practice
Every time Its about to start a lesson the app closes itself it very frustrating     Not Working For Me
Truly one of the best apps I e ever used for teaching music keeping kids engaged and excited about piano The developers are amazing and responsive Couldnt ask for anything better                 A magnificent learning tool
You make it fun and easier Loooove it                 Wooow
This is a great App Not just for children I am 55 just learning to play piano This app has helped with my timing and is making learning something new fun and exciting                 Love it
I pressed c and nothing happened and skips that one but whenever i press it again it worked this kept happening over and over again this need more listening              This is a good piano app but its not working with my piano
This app is revolutionary A game changer                 Piano Maestro
A very fun app The variety of songs at different levels encourages hours of playing Now we need to expand this to wind and other instruments It would help us beginning band instructors                 Teacher

Piano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano ManiaPiano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano ManiaPiano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano ManiaPiano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano ManiaPiano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano ManiaPiano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano ManiaPiano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano ManiaPiano Mania - Practice Game Education Piano Mania

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