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Shifty Jelly , the publisher behind many iOS app (Pocket Weather AU ,Pocket Weather AU HD ,Pocket Weather World ,Weather Watch ,Pocket Weather World HD ,Pocket Casts), brings Pocket Casts with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocket Casts app has been update to version 3.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great tech support and all around nice guys..
  • I want a desktop version for this app..
  • these guys have a wonderful sense of humor..
  • is the most brilliant feature I've seen in a podcasting app..
  • The killer feature that sets it apart is push notifications for new episodes..

Overall Satisfactionc90
The best podcast app and the best an funnier developers.
it is worthless as a Podcast app.
As always this is the only podcast client I use.
I like this better than Instacast.
It's so much better than the built in iOS podcasts.
I love the new design.
Thank you for putting real effort into this application.
Thank you devs.
Pocket Casts is loaded with features and includes an amazing UI.
Fun & Engagingc94
This podcast ap is the greatest.
Awesome Podcast getter/player.
Awesome iOS 7 update.
Production Valuesc87
excellent user interface.
Visually stunning and easy to use.
Ease of Usec87
it's easy to see what's new.
Easy to use with intuitive controls.
I love their continued commitment to fixing bugs too.
Security & Privacyc79
This app doesn't support password protected podcasts.
Updates & Supportc70
The makers of this app offer excellent customer service.
Great potential stuck with poor customer service.
Major improvement to Apple's version.
Also the developer support is great.
they have amazing customer service.
61 version fixes crash during feedback issue.

This is easily the best Podcatcher I've ever used. found in 6 reviews
and possibly the best podcast experience on the App Store. found in 5 reviews
and hope that Shifty Jelly adds cloud syncing in the future. found in 17 reviews
Still the best podcast app on the AppStore bar none. found in 8 reviews
This is the best podcast application I've ever used in my life. found in 6 reviews
and Pocket Casts is the best Podcaster app out there. found in 3 reviews
I've been looking for a standalone podcast management app for a while. found in 7 reviews
This is one of those apps that I use every single day. found in 2 reviews
Wonderful work with the best update notes I've ever seen. found in 14 reviews
As always this is the only podcast client I use. found in 10 reviews
This is the very best podcast manager available. found in 10 reviews
definitely needs a night mode or similar. found in 1 reviews
Minor annoyances:
61 version fixes crash during feedback issue. found in 2 reviews
but I'm not really a fan of the new styling. found in 2 reviews
But no 30 or 15 second back button. found in 1 reviews
I love using this program but I have one major problem. found in 3 reviews
Please add play podcasts from Music Library. found in 1 reviews
UI looks blurry and scaled up to comically large size. found in 1 reviews
• Pocket Casts does not currently support password protected podcasts. found in 4 reviews
Please add iCloud support and this will get 5 stars. found in 3 reviews
Bluetooth audio doesn't work anymore. found in 1 reviews
I have to open app for downloads to begin. found in 11 reviews
now is useless as it is just album art. found in 2 reviews
if you intend to use it across more than one iOS device. found in 1 reviews
Fantastic except the sleep timer. found in 10 reviews
Please add feature to play podcasts from Music Library. found in 1 reviews
Update: automatic download doesn't work like it use to. found in 11 reviews
The latest update crashes every time I try and play a podcast. found in 22 reviews
but after recent update it no longer plays in background. found in 4 reviews
many episodes simply don't play. found in 6 reviews
my pre-upgrade play list and played states got wiped out. found in 3 reviews
This app doesn't support password protected podcasts. found in 4 reviews
Great design but one major problem. found in 3 reviews
Still no dark theme. found in 3 reviews
Fast Forward / Rewind Buttons are Terrible. found in 4 reviews
I now have to scour through 220 repetitive subscribed podcast listings. found in 5 reviews
Not downloading podcasts over Wi-Fi anymore. found in 15 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Pocket Casts for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.4.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Pocket Casts in Shifty Jelly`s Official Website : http://www.pocketcasts.com/

Stay up to date with all the latest podcasts (or netcasts if you`re Leo) with one easy to use app. Simply add your favourite podcasts, and you`ll be able to stream or download new episodes ...
Sent a question about automatic updates on May 2nd and have not received an answer by 12 May     Dont Buy No Support
With the recent end of Instacasts development I tried Overcast and Pocket Casts This is the clear winner I appreciate the polish and easy setup of lists though I miss the Recently Played choice in Instacasts filters It also lacks the audio enhancement features in Overcast I hear its being worked on in Pocket Casts but excels in managing a 40 podcast count Very happy with my purchase                 Switched from Instacast
This is the best podcast app out there and Ive tried all of them Well worth the price I was wondering if the developers could add Apple watch support so I could choose what Id like to listen to even easier I was thinking of the podcast grid view on your app scaled down or apples music watch app as inspiration Regardless Thank you for making podcasts beautiful and easy to navigate                 The best Apple Watch support
Would be perfect with a watch app to start a podcast please and thank you              Great but needs an apple watch app
Its hard to like an application that hasnt been updated since November of last year Ive switched to Overcast Sorry PocketCasts but you arent the app you once were           Do the developers still care
I look forward to future releases                 Great little app
Thanks for making Pocket Casts its my unequivocal video podcast player because of reliable episode syncing and great UX Use this instead of the stock Apple podcast app                 Great podcast player
Better than all the rest No seriously though it is the best I have used this for years and other podcast apps just cant compete This one is simple to use and the UI is great You can also easily navigate through past episodes sort podcasts by most recently released episode and the search function has never failed me Also the comments instructions and update notes from the developers are hilarious Keep it up guys                 Simply the best
This is the best podcast app out there                 Awesome
Its been my go to podcast app for over a year now Its customizable in all the right places My only wish would be for it to be better at finding new podcasts I usually curate new podcasts in other ways                 Great app
I have tried all podcast apps available Absolutely nothing compares Pocket Casts is the easiest cleanest and most functional podcast app in the world 5                 BEST PODCAST APP EVER
Yes The positive thing about instacast going out of business is that I tried another podcast app THE BEST Ive ever used Thanks                 Better than any other podcast app
Great app I actually turn off AppStore auto updates just so I can read the developers comments theyre pretty funny Sadly the developer hasnt updated the app in a while                 My Favorite Podcasting App
Ive been using Downcast for my podcast viewing and listening for a while but lately its been having issues screen goes black when a notification pops up if the podcast app is open in the background itll start playing even though I didnt start it and some other weird things Decided to give this a try Im liking it so far Nice interface clean and easy to use Easy to find the podcasts I like The screen doesnt go black when notifications come through Couple of things that could improve the app 1 Swipe left or right to go back or fast forward when watching or listening to a podcast a great thing in Downcast 2 Like other reviewers said add the year to the podcast dates I like to watchlisten to old podcasts and not having the year next to the dates makes it a little difficult to know where you are in the timeline Keep up the great work and keep those updates coming              Great podcast app couple minor things
I like this app I will give it a 5 star when they add end from here mark played by gesture and rewindfast forward by gesture              Nice
Ive used just about every popular Podcast app in the App Store and this is handsdown the best The notifications and sync are both flawless and fast you can control podcasts with your cars Bluetooth buttons and they have a great web interface to listen to podcasts on your Mac I cannot recommend this app enough                 Best podcast app on any platform
The app is great The only issue I have found is it needs support for password protected podcasts The ones where your username and password cannot be embedded in the URL           Needs support for password protected podcasts
PLEASE make an apple watch app I really want to be able to have full control of my podcasts without having to carry my phone all the time Sending a podcast to my Bluetooth speaker from the shower would make this the perfect app Apple watch app Please                 best podcast app by far
While the app is beautiful and functions great it is missing a key feature that just about every other podcast app including the builtin one has which is password protected feed support     Great but missing key feature
Switched from Downcast Didnt like this at first but now really like it I love the UI and in app podcast store i wish there always an autoplay next feature Ive been listening to a podcast thats only about 20 min an episode but hate that I have to keep hitting Play for the next after one ends I have all the episodes downloaded I feel it should auto start the next if its downloaded already Also downloading episodes seem slower in this app than in Downcastbut I could be imagining that I assume thats only controlled by my internet connection But if not I hope download speeds speed up              Nicest Podcast Interface
I love this podcast app but Im knocking a star off for an issue I had syncing when switching phones Deleting and reinstallingsigning in again fixed it but I lost a lot of knowledge of what was listened to vs not listened to Ill note that syncing worked flawlessly for over a year prior after I switched from Downcast              Great podcast app
This app incorporates all the features I have become accustomed to in a podcast app There are a number of other very good apps Overcast and Castro come to mind that are great but whose designs are opinionated in such a way that they conflict with how I want to listen podcasts I think the Shifty Jelly guys signed up for quite a bit of complexity in making a flexible podcast app but this has made it my default for a couple years now                 Great app
This has a wonderful interface and the best selling point is that is actually does synch across all platforms That was the biggest complaint I have with Apples native client that changes made on my phone do not synch with say my iPad or in iTunes but Pocketcast fixes that I do wish that the desktopweb client were free with the purchase of the app and not another 9that is my only complaint                 Wonderful App that synchs across all platforms
Pocketcast is doing something shady I have emailed them about it and they wont address the matter Pocketcast is a massive cellular data hog I NEVER download episodes of the shows I like when not connected to wifi I NEVER live stream I NEVER let Pocketcast do any synching or any automatic features yet it is always the largest user of cellular data on my iPhone 2 examples I wanted to mark a spot in a podcast and email it to myself I enabled cellular data I always keep it off for Pocketcast In the two minutes it took to address the email write a few notes and put in the time stamp Pocketcast used 25 Mb of data For an email Seriously This scenario happens often At the beginning of the month I reset the data usage tallies In the month of April 2015 pocket cast used 16 GIGABYTES of data I NEVER download without being connected to wifi I NEVER stream 16 GIGABYTES seriously What is SHIFTYJELLY doing with all that data I am looking for a way to parse that data to see who they are communicating with Something very very dishonest going is on here     SHIFTYJELLY is doing something shady
I love how it syncs my podcasts with my other platforms however it doesnt auto download my audio podcasts I have selected them to auto download but it doesnt work Also I would like to auto download a filter like on other platforms this app is on I would also like to say only download if charging like other podcasts apps on iOS I get tired of having to manually download my audio apps each day        Great but missing vital things
I have nothing bad to say Its reliable fast good ui lots of little details that make this app great                 Best podcast app
I started using this app awhile back and decided to write a review I use it on my iPhone iPad and Macthe web app of course I love the fact that everything syncs flawlessly and the UI is simple yet has all the features I need The syncing between devices works better than Apples Podcast App Some podcasts I download so I can listen to them via Bluetooth in my car without using data Others I like to stream on a wifi I have had zero problems and no complaints I like the fact that I can set the app to remove the downloaded podcasts automatically after I listen to them This app does everything I need and more Definitely recommend The only thing I would add is the ability to play a particular podcast episode if Im just browsing without having to actually subscribe Thats the ONLY place where Apples standard player is better I like being able to browse view and listen to a single episode of a particular podcast without having to hit subscribe to be able to view them Otherwise nothing beats Pocket Casts                 Love this App
This app is great for podcast management and listening Its easy to use and looks great However the search function is severely limited If I want to search for a specific guest who has appeared in several different podcasts Im out of luck The search option only allows for title searches and brings up nothing when a keyword is input Im left going back to the native podcast app for this function then double searching a specific show and finding that specific episode Please fix this as Id like to give this relatively expensive app 5 stars              Excellent app missing one key feature
Fantastic alternative to the endoflife Instacast                 Excellent
This looks good runs smoothly and is a pleasure to use Great use of landscape on my 6 Video looks great and audio sounds great One suggestion Allow me to easily put all episodes of a podcast into the play next lost Also let me just play through all episodes of a podcast without putting them in another list Only playing through the play next list adds multiple more steps to playing a list of episodes Other than this this is the best I love this and keep it on my front page Developers are responsive and it is clear that they are still supporting and working on this app Thank you for such elegant work                 This rocks The latest version is excellent
This is the best podcast app on the App Store But updates are slow and Im worried we wont get Apple Watch functionality for a long time I want to switch back as no other podcasts app has all the features this one does Please add support for Apple Watch ASAP 3              Best podcast app needs Watch support
Im looking for an Instacast alternative because their parent company shut down fairly recently Ive downloaded 5 paid podcast apps Downcast Pocket Casts Castro Podcruncher and Overcast and still cant find one as good as Instacast I WANT to love Overcast but lack of streaming and being unable to organize episodes that Ive listened to upon importing them and separate them from episodes that I have not yet downloaded is a huge deal breaker Yes the app is pretty But it cant do basic functions that allow you to determine what you have listened to or not listened to Not to mention you can only download episodes and not stream them With more features Overcast would absolutely be the best podcast app around like everyone online is saying right now But as of right now it doesnt function for me as a podcast manager Not at all Pocket Casts and Downcast and Podcruncher work okay but have some interface quirks check out the version history for each app in the App Store to see how often the apps has been updated and maintained Podcruncher hasnt been touched in like a year At least all those actually manage podcasts unlike Overcast Castro was also too limited in functionality and didnt work well for me because of that But it did look nice They have apparently been working on Castro 2 for like six months now Summary Downcast and Pocket Casts are worth a try now Overcast is also worth a try but is so limited even after purchasing the upgrade of premium features Podcruncher is somewhat out of date cant swipe left side of screen to return to previous screen Castro is okay but limited Wait for Castro 2           Wish I could untile the view
Very ergonomic loving the cover mode and the minimalism throughout The app icon design appeals to me a lot Thank you very much Work on marketing this beauty though cause I found it among Googles bsides                 Cover Mode
The only reason its not my main listening app is because no CarPlay integration              Love this app but
because I love the design of the app most notably the tiled view when looking at all of your subscribed podcasts but there are a few issues I have that are keeping me from switching over from downcast for good Firstly it would be great to be able to sort episodes of a podcast from earliest available to most recent for those of us who like to binge on newly discovered podcasts Also when exiting the app in the middle of an episode it would be nice for the app to hold your place so you dont have to track down the episode and try to remember where you left off when you open the app again Same goes for the up next feature Its great to have but its annoying to have to go back and track down all the episodes I wanted to hear in order and readd them to my queue every time I reopen the app Last one Im sure has been brought up before but it would be nice to have the fast forwardrewind 30 seconds option available in the lock screen view or swipeup menu           I really want this to be my default podcast app
Pocket Casts is well designed with cross platform sync support The developers do a great job supporting and describing updates The only imperfection of this app is that it is missing support for password protected paid podcasts If this feature isnt a must I highly recommend this app              My favorite Podcast App only one major weakness
Two major issues I have I havent seen anywhere where it shows the year an episode was released Really annoying The filter lists should be able to sort by podcast rankingorder instead of date An episode from last week from my topranked podcast should be higher on the list than something from today from a lowranked show           Needs a couple small fixes to be great
Best                 The
This app is constantly auto pausing itself for no reason When it isnt doing that it is refusing to resume a podcast without clearing it from the multitasking menu Fix this     Infuriating bugs
The app works great is easy to use and has a little personality to it                 Great app
Add the option to search for keywords among available episodes in podcasts Thatd be perfect              Could you please
This is a pretty solid upgrade from Downcast The only complaint I have is that the playpause hotspot is super tricky I sometimes have to tap at it 3 or 4 times before it finally pauses and frequently hit the audio output button by accident which is super annoying Fix that for five stars              Pretty great
Decent podcast player but I bought it for the crossdevice sync support which is halfbaked at best Every week or so it decides that my position in an episode is somewhere past the end 15030 in an hourlong episode for example and its not good about retrying syncs that failed due to a poor network connection        Sync isnt great
I much prefer this over Overcasts because this has the option for an App Badge and is cheaper than the premium Those reasons alone I prefer Pocketcasts                 Great app
Im an avid podcast listener and this app is simply amazing I was skeptical about which app and so glad I went with this one The support is amazing too Had a problem with a podcast and was quickly resolved Highly recommend                 Excellent
I have bought and tried all of the top podcast apps but I keep coming back to Pocket Casts The reason Ease of use consistent performance and it has all of the necessary features                 My default podcast app
Best podcast app by far much better than Apples native Podcast app Includes easeofuse playlist creation partial tracking skipping features to skip over pesky commercials without unlocking your phone and plenty of other customizable features If you are a podcast addict like me you will be thoroughly impressed                 Great Podcast App
Overall nothing else beats it The web sync is also worth the cost for those times youre at any computer you can login from a browser and pick up where you left off I use this app more than any other single app on my phone Keep up the good work                 The best
Good interface but hangs and freezing make it frustrating Im hoping for an iOS 9 refresh        Abandon ware App Crash Freezing

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