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Dan Annis, brings Pocket Parties with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocket Parties app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great organizational tool..
  • Best small business app out there..
  • Great App and Customer Service..
  • This is a must have for consultants..

Overall Satisfactionc66
Wonderful Service.
I love this App it helps me keep up with all my inventory.
I love all the functions of this app.
Most useful app on my IPad.
Thank you for creating such a useful tool.
i like that everything is in one place.
It's easy to navigate and helpful when I'm out and about.
It's very helpful in my business.
Updates & Supportc88
Great App and Customer Service.
Great customer service.
Please fix so I can track my customer service and orders.
Wish there was an iPad version that would synch with iPhone.
I wish there was an iPad version as well.

I work for pure romance. found in 5 reviews
I can't wait to get more into all this app has to offer. found in 3 reviews
I am very happy with the program. found in 1 reviews
expenses track mileage and other expenses. found in 2 reviews
t ordered in the past 90 days. found in 1 reviews
Where is pink zebra. found in 4 reviews
I have tried numerous software to manage my clients. found in 1 reviews
Most useful app on my IPad. found in 1 reviews
send a tweet or post a facebook message to your wall. found in 2 reviews
I love this App it helps me keep up with all my inventory. found in 1 reviews
It keeps track of clients. found in 3 reviews
I especially like the quick quote calc & orders features. found in 2 reviews
I downloaded this app today. found in 1 reviews
Simple yet complex. found in 1 reviews
Produce totals for tax purposes. found in 1 reviews
And an additional shipping/handling fee option please. found in 1 reviews
I really wish the app had more options for settings. found in 1 reviews
why bother having 2 if they're the same. found in 1 reviews
99 cost in the App Store I wish I would have waited before buying. found in 1 reviews
Wish there was a way to import contacts. found in 3 reviews
It was however disappointing and a little complicated to use. found in 1 reviews
the shipping needs to be adjustable to % &/or flat. found in 1 reviews
needs one fix. found in 1 reviews
Also when trying to navigate through the app it closes. found in 1 reviews
This app needs an overhaul. found in 1 reviews
Navigation really needs improvement as well. found in 1 reviews
No inventory list for my DS company. found in 1 reviews
but I just updated it and the inventory section doesn't work properly. found in 1 reviews
No desktop version to simplify/sync things. found in 1 reviews
Restore doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
So now I have a $5 worthless blank app. found in 1 reviews
It isn't very user friendly or intuitive. found in 1 reviews
Tad disappointed. found in 1 reviews
Waste if money so far. found in 1 reviews
Can't add customers. found in 1 reviews
There is no tutorial or help button. found in 1 reviews
Facebook link does not connect to client's page. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Pocket Parties for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Pocket Parties in Dan Annis`s Official Website : http://dinkydetails.com

The Mobile App for the Mobile Consultant. If you are a direct sales consultant, you may find your out of date book keeping is just not efficient enough anymore. Phone calls come in, and finding ...
I been trying to open Scentsy up nothing not thing so I just waste 499        Ok guess
Mary Kay changed product pricing in August Four months later the new prices are still not reflected in the app therefore cannot use it Wish I would have known this prior to purchasing app Waste if money so far     Not accurate prices
No sooner did I purchase this app for Thirty One only to realize the inventory is not up to date     Very unhappy
My consultant friends love it Ive read mixed reviews There seem to be significant issues in delivering a consistent user experience Why does the Inventory load properly for my friend but on my device half the stuff is missing It isnt very user friendly or intuitive but I could live with that if I got all the data info program that I paid for As it is I wouldnt recommend it Ive spent a lot of time trying to get it installed right and even contacted the developer No response at all     Not great
I love this app However when I go to open the closed orders to pull their products it brings up the first person on my list Ive closed it turned my phone off and I cant pull up anyone elses orders Please fix this              Closed orders problem
Not happy with the in app purchase for origami owl it shuts down anytime I tried to purchase it Theres nothing on this app that your phone cant already do Save your money     Meh
I just reinstalled this app on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7 and once I restored an in app purchase Origami Owl nothing shows up under inventory I think I even purchase the same in app purchase item since this new version didnt show up my previous purchase     Restore doesnt work
Just now starting to use it and seems helpful              Like it so far
Ive downloaded the Pure Romance version and the inventory was a bit out of date but that can also be just not clear communication somewhere I do like how I can keep track of my orders and inventory but so dont like how it doesnt resort the items that I add alphabetically so the new stuff all hangs out at the bottom I can find by searching which isnt that difficult just annoying              Good and Bad
A really great concept but no follow through I purchased the app for something like 499 Then paid 99 for an inapp purchase for Younique inventory The inventory list has outdated products and prices I contacted the developer by email and by Facebook with no response     DO NOT BUY outdated and no response when contacted
I just it the app so Im still playing with it I have found that you can not delete an order I made while getting to know the app Not to thrilled with thatAlso like a previous review stated Adding items in inventory wont go alphabetical it stays at the bottom That would be nice if we can move them around but it can work if your company goes through new items oftenStill playing aroundFeb 1314How the hell do you delete things Review going Down in Stars Needs update soonMarch 232014The more a work with this app the less I like it Regret paying for it If your going to build an app make sure you can keep up with up dates           Good so far
Please update thirtyone inventory I paid for this app and would like to be able to benefit from it otherwise like the concept           senior consultant
I just got this app today and so far I like what I see The only thing as of right now I wish could be updated is the inventory Some stuff from the new Mary Kay Spring Look Book is missing such as the new limited edition sunshine collection and the wristlet that you can purchase with with the purchase of limited edition items the new pedicure spa set and a few other items If those missing items were updated onto the inventory list I would for sure give this app five stars But other than that I would recommend this app to anyone              Mary Kay Inventory Update
I went to add notes on a client for Mary Kay I get to typing and I cant get out of the notesI had to exit the app shut it down the app not my phone and start over BUT its okay I found a way around the notes I just put what she purchased under orders so I remember her shade              GREAT needs one fix
Would be really nice to be able to have a separate page for each buisness inventory or tabs so I know where one stops and the other starts           Dividers
Was searching for an app that helps keep me organized with my business Heard great things and was recommended to try this app Was excited to have it No instructions no customization to add reminders and set up shows     Jewelry Consultant
Will there ever be an update This app needs an overhaul And an additional shippinghandling fee option please App could be amazing if it were given a new look added customizable features for individual business settings and had inventory that was complete and updated as well Please give it some attention        Waiting for an update to improve it
This app has so much great potential but cant handle the jobs A huge plus for me was to have a followup function so I could keep track of my followup workflow but it glitches out and marks things to do that I have not marked as well as not showing tasks that I have marked Right now it shows 5 todos in each follow up category but I have literally nothing checked So unfortunately it wont be the tool I thought it would           Disappointing
I bought this app to help me stay organized in my new ThirtyOne business Ive heard nothing but great things with this app so I figured itd be worth the money I am very very disappointed in this app Mainly because the calculator is wrong in every way I try to configure it Thats the main reason I purchased it Also not happy the inventory is not up to date at all If Im paying 499 plus another 99 for ThirtyOne inventory for an app I at least expect the calculator to work Please please please fix this because I really do want to like this app give it 5 stars in the future Thank you        Very disappointed
Extremely disappointed with this purchase Calculator doesnt do shippingtax right The catalog inventory is not updated Waste of 499 for an app that I cant even use now Want refund     Jamberry Nails Consultant
Bought this app for my Perfectly Posh business last year still no update on products offered Navigation really needs improvement as well        Good app but not sure if products will ever be updated
Downloadable inventory for company not up to date No barcode scanner Not easy to import contacts No desktop version to simplifysync things Makes the other features kind of useless when you cant do the basic things easily     Meh
Not up to date on Mary Kay products or pricing     Mary Kay
I like this app its very convenient but I wish you could edit inventory online its a pain to do it on the phone              Inventory
This app is the best invention Ive seen in a long time I love it It makes my life so much easier                 LOVE
I really like the way you can type in tax and shipping amount ahead of time I also like the inventory part Sounds like a great idea I do wish we could add our contacts that we have already typed in They need a way to upload info like contacts from phone or FB Overall I think it will be worth its money in the endhopefully 0           Helpful app but I wish it has Silpada designs inventory
any way to differentiate between contacts and leads                 doesnt save contacts
Would love to see Mixoloseum added as well              Mix Party
Thought this would be a wonderful way to keep track of orders However cant seem to figure out how orders work and when having the individual companies not all information is there I sell Scentsy and am not able to add combo packages only single items I am very disappointed     Dont waste your money
I just purchased this and app navigation is questionable Im not seeing any help in figuring it out either I looked to see how to DL inventory for my company and it immediately asked for my iTunes password Since I have no idea how much the DL will cost me I canceled for now Ill continue to play with it though           Jurys still out
This is a great app for MaryKay And I ran into one problem which they are onalready working on it keep up the good work Pocket Parties good customer service is important and you have one very satisfied customer here A App                 Super App for Mary Kay
I have had this app on my phone for a while now but just recently joined Younique and so purchased the 99 to install that Am now trying to load my customers and Ive done the same customer 4 times and dont see that it saves the information and none of the Younique information is there so why did I just pay 99 Very very unhappy Waste of my time     Doesnt Work At All
This is a must have for consultants Keeps track of clients inventory expenses just about anything you could need Plus an awesome tax and shipping calc The only thing I wish it would do is export the inventory to excel                 Must have
From what Ive used of the app so far I like it Its easy to navigate and helpful when Im out and about I would however like for the inventory to automatically alphabetized for ease of lookup              I like what I see
Just downloaded and liking what I see Wish there was a way to input an inventory order that would positively update inventory                 Hoping its what I need
I got this app to control inventoryBut the list does not alphabetize not can you do it manuallyNot sure this will work for me        Inventory
I love this app because it finally has a accurate list for Tupperware It keeps track of clients inventory expenses                 Need tupperware
Not user friendly Origami owl list is not updated There is no tutorial or help buttonhello Supposed to make my business run smoother     Not user friendly
I primarily use this app for discounts Even when Im shopping sales it comes in handy One draw back you cant customize the discount to an exact percent such as 5 or 7 etc even though theres a button to customize discount              Good app for what I need
31 catalog no where near up to date not worth the cost of the app 499 and then extra 099 per company Very upset and wanting a refund     Not working
You should be able to link this app to your contacts and to Facebook A lot of the side options I have no idea what to do I was hoping I could run my FB parties from this app Very disappointed        Disappointing
Please get Tupperware listed on here Would love to be able to access our products via the app           Tupperware please
I purchased this app for my Pure Romance business and am not thrilled First the inventory is not up to date Second when you add items it does not resort in alphabetical order Third I created one event and started an order not related to the event it put the order under that one event Fourth it would not separate multiple orders even after creating multiple customers And finally my biggest problem with this app as I could deal with the above is that it does not create a separate order for my host with a way to add hostess credits andor additional discounts I will not be using and hate I wasted 5     Bummer
Was trilled when I came across this in the App Store and was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED after the download Inventory is completely out dated and that was the most important feature for me 499 wasted But this could be an awesome app if done rightNot a good start Dinky Details LLC     Extremely Disappointed
I really wanted to like this app but its not possible It has potential but poor execution It hasnt been updated in over a year and I the developer just needs to pull this app from the marketplace until they have the time to properly devote to updating and supporting it     Bad app
Not worth the money spent on it     Not worth it
Would love the app if it included Passion Parties info and stock           Add A Bit of Passion
Wow I really dont know how I have managed all my direct sales businesses without Pocket Parties So glad I found this              How did I work my businesses without this
It has been an asset              Pretty Helpful
Zip code does not show Some phone fields use phone keyboard and some use QWERTY keyboard Facebook link does not connect to clients page     Just sloppy

Pocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory ListPocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory ListPocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory ListPocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory ListPocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory ListPocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory ListPocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory ListPocket Parties Business Pocket Parties Inventory List

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