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POLITICO , the publisher behind many iOS app (POLITICO Huddle ,POLITICO ,POLITICO for iPad ,POLITICO Playbook), brings POLITICO with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. POLITICO app has been update to version 3.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


POLITICO is a Washington-based political journalism organization that distributes its content via the internet, mobile, newspaper, television and radio. Its coverage includes Congress, the White House, Washington Lobbying, and campaigns. POLITICO and launched in January of 2007 with the mission of covering politics with enterprise, style and impact.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download POLITICO for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new POLITICO app version 3.1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about POLITICO check developer POLITICO`s website :

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Content is great but it is difficult to get back to go back to top news menu after opening a headline I often just give up and quit          Problem
I read this daily and like it very much Could you please fix it so the screen can rotate into landscape mode             One request
I have had this app for years and now it wont stay on I dont agree with a lot of what you say but I want the hard news and your app just keeps closing    Fix it
One of the worst news apps out there Navigation UI Ux is bad feeds are slow and not uptodate Needs moreMultimedia etc    Dont waste your time
Same awesome news and in depth stories your a used to with politico in an easy to read lay out                Great
Great design No more side gape It looks awesome Keep it up                Wow it is great great designed application
But wheres the iPhone 6 compatibility    My favorite news app
The app itself works fine as far as Ive been able to tell My issue is more about content Ive had the politico app for years and Ive always valued it for their unbiased objective reporting I keep the Fox News and cnn app to see partisan opinions but politico was my primary centrist political app Recently they seem to have shifted hard left though especially in the opinion pieces If they would post an equal amount of right and left wing opinions I wouldnt mind but it seems every opinion piece they publish is liberal Its disappointing but I suppose in todays age of buzzfeeds and huffposts the idea of objective journalism is effectively dead       Recent shift
Used to work but now it crashes constantly    Crashes
Wow They should really fire the person who created the email story feature without a send button       Email story feature is comically broken
I like the app and the content but Politico Playback is always breaking for me My app doesnt automatically update with the newest episodes I need my funny playbacks Also the app randomly crashes at times          Politico Playback
Convenient app                Easy to use
Great app all around Unbiased political information                Great app
This is a great app for accurate news I used to watch Fox News and MSNBC to try to get to the unbiased opinion on any debate or political issue Now all I need is this app for easy news that I can count on                Great App
As you scroll down thru article you just cant use the back button You have to scroll to top of page again for back button to appear    Fix back arrow issue
App keeps crashing I reinstalled twice and it just will not stay open Crashes 35 seconds after opening each time Seems to have something to do with the ads not loading    Terrible
I love Politicos content but the app crashes constantly Its maddening    Crashes constantly
Great content but needs to be a way to view all content not just each section and most popular                Needs all section
Good source for political journalism but this app will crash 5 6 times each time you want to use it skip the download and just read in Safari AVOID    Crash crash crash
I have to admit I was surprised POLITICOs website is an abhorrent experience driven by shameless advertising that loads atrociously Very little thought seems to have gone into their website experience But this app on the other hand is slick and pretty It fits into the iOS 7 aesthetic very nicely integrates with all the iOS 7 sharing and navigation features and makes the headlines extremely easy to scan I think Ill blow off the website entirely from now on and get my POLITICO news here                Actually a great little app
The app functions ok but it just seems a little out of date and kind of hard to understand all the features Its just a weird layout for a major news app I think with a new UI it would be one of the better apps for news in the App Store       Needs face lift
Its the best thing about Politico Cmon       Add briefing email alerts
I have been reading Politico for years and it is usually very good recently however the app closes out and doesnt even let me see the stories          Content is great App disappointing
Hard left bias    The worst
This app is a relic Old design and crashes all the time on my 5s    Beautiful new design
I really like Politico in terms of the general lack of bias and the speed of the news However Politico the app is atrocious It crashes without fail whenever I open an article Its hard to enjoy the features of the app and the wellwritten articles when the app wont work at all    Crashing Constantly
Politico definitely has the best contentFive Stars IfAd Free Version ReleasedAlerts Lasted More Than One HourSame Stories On Website Available on App          Best Political App for All Seasons
Garbage app wouldnt let me see any articles I have an iPhone 5 c    Garbage
Unfortunately this version crashes on launch Ive hit a 64GB iPhone 5s running iOS 704 so the hardware or system software are perfectly capable if running POLITICO Please fix this    Crashes on Launch
This app worked before I updated it Now I cannot get the articles just the headlines A big disappointment I wish they would fix this problem    App doesnt work
Extremely well done app Easy to navigate and adjust text size etc                Very well done
Great app good content leans to the left in my opinion but whateverTwo suggestionsLonger videos The 1 minute clips are okay but some of us dont mind longer interviews speechesComment support At the very least allow us to view comments on articles within the app Part of critically assessing the content of a piece is by examining reader reaction and likes replies to commentsThanks          Great app and content but missing some features
Its a good informative source for news The app however just keeps crashing on my iPhone 6 no matter what They need to fix it if possible          App crashing all the time
Since I updated iOS 8 this app wont open    Crashing and unable to open
iOS 84 Politico crashes frequently with the new update    Crashes frequently
Playback is what I start with every day then I venture off to other articles Why hasnt there been a playback update for two weeks Regardless of whether its an error or intentional put up a message with an explanation    Why does playback stop for weeks at a time
Great app for political junkies One of the few places Ive seen such extensive coverage of education issues                Great
Great app never crashes for me but it definitely needs iPhone 6 support          No iPhone 6 support
The content is great but the app is terrible At least several times per week you will be kicked out of an article due to a pop up advertisement Drives me crazy If you could actually get to the content I am sure that Politico would be as good if not greater political journalism than the NY Times or WaPo       Fix Your App
Some good articles when its not crashing       Crashes
The font for the article titles is good but when you click on the article the text in the body of the article seems hazy and hurts the eyes after a while It needs to be clearer          Text font
Afte a recent update I cant see any articles in Politiconothing is loading I love this app please fix this bug    Not working
LOVE this app awesome UI and article layoutformat is great                My GoTo politics app
I know these sites need ads for support but an ad today went on seemingly forever Enough to prompt me to write a semibad review          Very good but ads can drive you crazy
Wont stay open for 3 secs    Crashes constantly
No iPhone 6 support    Sad
POLITICO is hands down the best news source available today Ive since deleted most of my other news apps I was sick of their push notifications of breaking news coming an hour or so after POLITICOS updates of the same information As a strict Independent I am extremely sensitive to news bias I can still enjoy NPR but half the fun is laughing at the liberal bias and POLITICO is the only news source which has my stamp of approvalThe app itself is pretty easy to use and the adjustable text is a really easy to modulate however the sections beside the front page dont really describe what they are so Im weary of subscribing to them Thats my only 2 that I think could improve the app this app has been on my home bar since the 2012 republican primaries and it isnt going anywhere                Unbiased and probative
I like the simple style of most of these stories However to say this is an unbiased news source is just untrue It clearly favors the left which isnt necessarily a problem but it should be recognized             Well written left leaning
Obviously Politico is a great place for political news and opeds from every perspective on the spectrum The app is super easy to use and presents the information well My only complaint is that there isnt an adfree version of the app that I can buy                Wish there was an adfree version
Politico is a great publication however Im unable to access any articles The headlines are there but but whenever I click on one to read an article all I get is an error messageI would give this five stars if I could actually read any articles    Cant Read Articles


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
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iOS POLITICO 3.1.0 Mobile

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