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 Sponsored links , brings® Real Estate Search with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes.® Real Estate Search app has been update to version 3.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is an extremely helpful and user friendly app..
  • Quality pictures and can narrow down your search..
  • Great help for a huge house finder..
  • The desktop version has a street level map that is cool..
  • it is definitely the best real estate tool I've seen for iPhone..
Overall Satisfactionclick me88
I love being able to draw on a map the area I'm interested in.
This app is so helpful & I love the ability to draw your own radius.
I love being able to search specific geographic areas using the map feature.
stopped being able to search on map.
Love the map search of listings and very easy to use.
You WILL get frustrated using the map search function.
Makes searching for a home easier and really love the scout feature.
New version broke the scout feature.
Great tool better than Zillow for pictures of homes.
Hands down one of the best real estate apps I've used so far.
Worst real estate ap.
Site is user friendly and seems to be updated frequently as well.
Needs to be updated more frequently.
Fun & Engagingclick me85
It is so easy to browse through homes quickly and easily.
This app is the most user friendly way to browse realty.
Okay if you just want to browse.
Love this ap best real estate ap I have come across.
it's an awesome real estate app.
Worst real estate ap.
Awesome site.
Usefulnessclick me86
It's very helpful and gives up to date information on the latest homes.
Seems to have the most up to date listings in my area.
Very helpful in finding drive-by listings and browsing from the couch.
Nice and useful information about property for sale in my area.
The easiest and most useful real estate property app I've found.
Worst real estate ap.
Using it for looking in several areas saves time and money.
It has been a very helpful tool in our house hunting.
I am using this app almost everyday in my new home search.
Family Friendlyclick me39
Wish I could search rentals for single family homes only though.
Cross country Relocating family home.
if I'm searching for a single family home.
Production Valuesclick me100
Great map interface to see location of properties with zoom function.
I like the map interface for locating rentals.
Ease of Useclick me89
This app makes house shopping feel less stressful.
Easy to use and very clear descriptions about the properties.
The options available to refine searches is outstanding.
Easy to navigate through and love the map and school ratings features.
easy to save properties - complete with personal notes about the listings.
I like the clean look and easy interface.
We are house hunting and it's very user friendly and easy to navigate.
Reliabilityclick me66


Find more homes for sale on your iPad,
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPod Touch with® – the #1 real estate site.® has more listings and updates them more often (every 15 minutes) than any other site. Features include: map search, saved searches and listings synchronized with the website, private ratings and notes and the ability to share listings with your friends, agent and social network.


Now you can take your® home searches with you! Start using the most comprehensive real estate search application today!® Real Estate® Real Estate Search
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Key Features:
• Instantly access the most accurate and up-to-date real estate listings in the U.S., updated every 15 minutes
• Show homes for sale in any city or in your current location on a map instantly
• Multiple photos, property details, open house information and pricing on nearly any home for sale
• Sign-in to access saved searches and listings (automatically synchronized between your mobile device and your account on the® website)
• Create and save private notes & ratings for promising listings
• Share your favorite listings with friends & family, your agent or social network
• The Area Highlighter allows you to draw your free-formed search area on map
• The Area Scout updates your search results as you move the map


And now available for the iPad:
• View search results on a full-screen map with collapsible list view
• Large gallery view for browsing listings
• Immediately access next and previous listings without returning to search results screen® Real Estate Search


Note: this application only searches for real estate in the United States. It is available internationally for users who want to search in the U.S.


iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
4.0 or later.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download® Real Estate Search for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1.2 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about® Real Estate Search in`s Official Website :


This app is very helpful a time saver. found in 28 reviews
Highly recommended for house hunters or people just looking what's for sale. found in 279 reviews
This is the best app for searching listings on the go. found in 249 reviews
Easy to use and very clear descriptions about the properties. found in 73 reviews
This app is very easy to use and gives great info on area market. found in 13 reviews
Nice and useful information about property for sale in my area. found in 17 reviews
Easy way to find homes for sale in specific square mile areas. found in 105 reviews
This is absolutely the best realtor app on the market. found in 182 reviews
We're home shopping and this app has been wonderful. found in 68 reviews
Best available real estate search experience for consumers. found in 59 reviews
It's very helpful and gives up to date information on the latest homes. found in 81 reviews
This app is so helpful & I love the ability to draw your own radius. found in 82 reviews
I like looking through houses in hopes to find my dream home. found in 83 reviews
Awesome comparability with iPhone and iPad Retina Display. found in 14 reviews
A fantastic app and a must have for home buyers. found in 126 reviews
Made the home buying experience easy and fun. found in 61 reviews
Fantastic and easy to use app for house hunting or just browsing. found in 546 reviews
The only drawback is the lack of ability to zoom in on photos. found in 8 reviews
Just wish it included HOA dues when applicable. found in 9 reviews
Only think lacking is mortgage calculator similar to website. found in 35 reviews
but the new color scheme is much harder to read. found in 10 reviews
making you waste a lot of time looking for properties that are not current. found in 7 reviews
Like the "sort by open house dates" option. found in 48 reviews
doesn't delete saved searches when I try to delete them. found in 8 reviews
Helpful but needs to improve. found in 4 reviews
when the property is no longer available please allow for bulk removal. found in 9 reviews
Wish I could search rentals for single family homes only though. found in 12 reviews
Wish you could sort by ratings given to saved properties. found in 5 reviews
Wish I could zoom in/expand house pictures for a more detailed look. found in 7 reviews
there's no way to email a listing to someone from the app. found in 8 reviews
Great app but crashes way too much. found in 4 reviews
Would be slightly better If it included property tax information. found in 105 reviews
only wish it also listed the room dimensions. found in 7 reviews
If i was looking for land i wouldn't be disappointed. found in 17 reviews
Looks promising but crashes way too much. found in 5 reviews
I'm not sure how they update for open houses. found in 130 reviews
please go back to previous color scheme. found in 17 reviews
it needs an option to hide recently sold properties. found in 33 reviews
Search results are inconsistent and sometimes don't load when scrolling down. found in 71 reviews
Does not retrieve any property details. found in 19 reviews
also I don't like the red home screen icon. found in 11 reviews
When it disconnects you have to start all over again. found in 64 reviews
It's very frustrating. found in 10 reviews
The increase the search radius function doesn't work at all. found in 22 reviews
Won't give me any results if I select a square footage. found in 28 reviews
It would be great if you could enter a specific address. found in 11 reviews
you do not get an accurate list of homes on the market. found in 11 reviews
Crappy email alerts. found in 12 reviews
But still no taxes or sales history like Trulia and Zillow. found in 22 reviews
Great app but after update says I have no saved listings. found in 124 reviews
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New update not working on iPhone    New update not working on iPhone
I am so in love with this app Its very easy to use I love the save feature and the constant updates every fifteen minutes The only thing I would change is I would put the home current status on the first page                Home Sweet Home
Good                Good
Im enjoying the app Brings up houses in the area I want to live             Pretty easy to use
Great application                Great App
Hard to search If you move to another area you have to do another search and when you do it jumps around The listings are more up to date then other home buying apps but when it is this hard to use its not worth it       Hard to use and crashes
Great app to find available real estate One stop shopping and always my first choice Very easy to use and I appreciate getting the alerts in my email when there is a match on my saved searches                Love It its my go to app when researching property
I love this app                REALTOR APP
Great app Farts                Easy to use
After the 9915 update all the app does is crash as soon as it opens Please fix iPhone 5 iOS 84    CRASH
I have been impressed with apartments dot com Jeff goldbloom made me laugh on commercial but now I truly appreciate apartmentscom                Great
Realtorcom is my everyday go to as I am currently looking for a home and a rental property Nothing compares It runs how youd hope an app would I give it a complete 10                This is my favorite app
I like so much this app                This App is perfect
I loved this app Since the update it doesnt work and does nothing but crashes    Useless update
Nice app easy to use             Nice App
Looks like you need to hire someone who knows how to update how to test application before putting on app store Not a good job guys why try to fix something was already perfectly working Have you ever not heard Kiss keep it simple stupid rule before App currently not working as it constantly crashes unable to even open app    App is useless now keep crashing
Since the update the app crashes on both my phone and iPad Super disappointing    CRASHES
I really love the app its pretty complete Two things I would love for it to have an option to hide properties I didnt like and a separated filter between condos and townhouses             Great home search app
Keeps crashing after the new update Please fix it ASAP I loved this app before the update    Crash after new update
Same issue as others After the update the app crashes every time I open it Please help I love this app and want to go back to the glory days Just bumped it up to 5 stars because it seems to fix itself upon reinstallation                Help Crashes upon opening
Ever since I updated this app with the last update the app crashes every time I try and open it    App crashes dont update
Is now useless the app does nothing but crash    Crashes
I love this app I check out houses by zip by city by price range and also my favorite by drawing a circle around the few streets or area that I am in particular interested in The only thing I dont like is that it freezes every so often and I have to start over             use it all the time
No longer works on my iPhone 5c after todays update    Update killed a great app
Great stuff guys its awesome that you can think of including veterans information help on your app Keep up the good work Fellow Veteran OEFOIF Hooah                Veterans link
After the most recent update all the app does is crash when I try to open it    
Easy to use                Love it
Update The newest version crashes when you open it useless If you delete and reinstall it doesnt accept login Initial review The app and the site both have bad searches entering an address that is for sale results in zero results even when spelled and formatted exactly as its listed The flexibility to filter by sq ft by lot sq ft is also poor Searching is no longer advanced science make some investment in the tool    Search is really bad
As a parent I love being able to search within school districts and see the map of it                Best real estate app
Loved the app until the last update Cant even open it Constantly crashing    Boo
Love this app and have noticed that it didnt boot me out the last few times It would be nice if you could zoom on the pictures                
and then it updated Now I cant open it Oopsie    Used it for two days
As much as i love this appit frustrates me how I cant open it i mean when i open the app it crashes It does that after i update Ugh          Cant open it
I love using this when Im driving around to give me an idea of house prices and options in the area                Favorite house shopping tool
Fix the app    Upgrade crashes need fixed
With 911 update still not working on Ipad Please fix soon    Stargazer0807
App keeps crashing with new update    Awful
Im really disappointed This was my favorite app until it updated over the weekend It just crashes    Great app until the latest update
Great app Ive been using it for years It would be even better if we could group favorites by zip code then by price                Great app minor prob
Same issue as others after last update app crashes immediately after opening       App crashing
You can find a home track its proximity to important areas and get detailed descriptions and tax history                House Hunter Heaven
Crashes after update on both my iPhone 6 plus and iPad 2 Do not download    Crashes after update
Dont update the new version I am fortunately updated my iPad and iPhone and now nothing works Disappointed its taking this long to get a fix for something that worked before I do love the app though when its working    New version crashes
Love using this app Makes house searching fun and to the point                Easy to use
What a great app I use it ALL the time                Love
Have been using this app daily for months but it will not open since the update    Crashing
Cant open appkeeps crashing Please fix ASAP    Latest release keeps crashing
I use this app on a daily bases and it dose what it says it should Never had a problem                Dose what it should
As a member of the realtor website using my Facebook account to login I thought it would be a bonus to also use the app However the app does not support Facebook login and realtorcom cannot unlink my account from Facebook They said to delete the account and start over Useless       Doesnt support Facebook login
Vacationed in a town in Utah Used the app to look up places for sale as we walked neighborhoods Easy and convenient             Very helpful


7.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS® Real Estate Search 3.1.2 Mobile

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