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redbox , the publisher behind many iOS app (ecoATM ,Redbox Digital ,redbox), brings redbox with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. redbox app has been update to version 2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • add a movie to my cart..
  • Coming Soon and Gift cards..
  • Perfectly convenient and a HUGE time saver..
  • it's searches all red boxes and your area to find the movie you want..
  • but is marginally interesting given the size of cover art..
Overall Satisfactionclick me26
Good app though and I love being able to reserve from anywhere I am.
This is very inconvenient & doesn't make it worth being able to reserve movies.
Works on iOS 5.
Thanks RedBox for making it easy.
Thank you for bringing back the search by zip-code.
Fun & Engagingclick me43
I could use Redbox for all my home movie needs.
My family and i use redbox all the time.
I love this app and use it all the time.
Love the app and use it all the time.
Usefulnessclick me29
saves time and takes the guess work out of renting movies.
Saves time and gas.
Ease of Useclick me59
This app is pretty convenient.
It's very easy to navigate and super convenient for reserving movies.
Works great and super convenient.
Reliabilityclick me17
Security & Privacyclick me17
I only wish I didn't have to enter the password every time.
Updates & Supportclick me20
Customer service is great too.
When are you guys going to make an iPad app.
Trailers in this update makes the app truly useful.
Batteryclick me32


The official
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
app from redbox allows you to browse and reserve a movie, plus find the nearest redbox. It's all free (and easy)!


Find a redbox - With the new iPhone app from redbox you'll be able to find the closest redbox and get directions (with a map!) to that or any other redbox.

Tags :   redbox ,   iphone ,   movie ,   reserve


Find a movie - Want to know what's available and where? Want to browse all movies in the area? Want to search by genre? Now, with the flick and a tap of your iPhone, you can!


Reserve a movie - Once you find just what you’re looking for, reserve it ASAP on your iPhone.


Email [email protected] for support, questions, or comments.


The redbox is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about redbox check developer redbox`s website : http://www.redbox.com


It's very nice to preview the movies before heading out. found in 4 reviews
Case in hand: reviews from 3rd party sites. found in 6 reviews
Works alright. found in 2 reviews
Makes people jealous. found in 2 reviews
Trailers in this update makes the app truly useful. found in 7 reviews
Just swipe my card at the box and I'm done. found in 13 reviews
and rapid access to movies by genre. found in 3 reviews
still using location services after closed isn't necessary. found in 116 reviews
I was frustrated with not being able to save credit card info. found in 11 reviews
it force closes every time I try to enter my credit card expiration date. found in 18 reviews
really wish you would add a type-in search function. found in 12 reviews
But buggy when I tried to login and reserve my movie. found in 46 reviews
except that it crashes every time I try to add a credit card. found in 15 reviews
The app crashes when entering the expiration date for my credit card. found in 22 reviews
The interface for entering your credit card information is poorly designed. found in 29 reviews
App crashes when entering expiration date on my credit card. found in 134 reviews
Not sure why but the current location button does not work. found in 45 reviews
PLEASE MAKE IT HAVE IPHONE 5 support. found in 24 reviews
App crashes when adding exp date on new CC. found in 30 reviews
App crashes when I try to enter credit card info for reserving a rental. found in 16 reviews
In response to the complaints about the gps location feature. found in 6 reviews
Doesn't show all new movies as they are available. found in 58 reviews
Crashes when attempting to add credit card expiration date. found in 18 reviews
Good app but they really need to add iPad support. found in 22 reviews
Shouldn't have to Log In each time I use the app. found in 31 reviews
That's until I began to enter my credit card expiration date. found in 133 reviews
Please fix this app as I use Redbox all the time. found in 53 reviews
I have to input it everytime I want to reserve a movie. found in 430 reviews
And they have to re -load EVERY time you scroll. found in 206 reviews
The app no longer shows accurately what movies are available. found in 60 reviews
Cant even save a wish list reminder for upcoming releases. found in 52 reviews
Freezes up when looking for movies and takes forever to load. found in 73 reviews
Absence of ability to use promo codes defeats all other features. found in 75 reviews
And that makes me sad and want to watch Netflix instead. found in 50 reviews
but the ability to save favorite locations is still missing. found in 59 reviews
Can't find redbox locations and can't reserve any movies. found in 110 reviews
Like the app but every time I try to reserve a movie it crashes. found in 48 reviews
1 has been installed this Redbox app is useless. found in 130 reviews
unless you know exactly which movie you want to reserve. found in 59 reviews
Crashes every time at checkout when attempting to enter cc expiration date. found in 134 reviews
Now you can't see new releases or browse kiosk locations. found in 69 reviews
Still pretty disappointed I'm Red Box for this app now. found in 143 reviews
Requires access to location services all the time. found in 116 reviews
It crashes every time I try to reserve a movie not once worked. found in 430 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 3
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Icon 175x175 1
How do you rate the movies on the app          Please help
The new UX is really bad Come on you guys you mean to tell me with all that amazing UX information testing designers etc and etc that this is the best you could finddoDont believe me Look at the overall ratings and comments for the appRedboxLISTEN TO YOUR USERS and create a better user experienceplease       Bad UX Hire a Better UX Director
Not sure why other people are having issues but it works great on my iPhone 6 I downloaded the app searched and reserved a movie within 3 minutes without issues I wasnt overcharged the app didnt crash and location services is only active while using the app It worked as intended woohooOn a side note it would be nice if I could see rotten tomatoes rating andor click on the current review star rating and see peoples response                Quick and Easy
Recently started using Redbox so far it has exceeded my preconceived notions What a way to rent a movie and less than we were paying at the video store or renting from Netflix Have used the app exclusively to hold movies what a conceptMy only complaint the location most convenient to me has two kiosks Its a pain to look through each kiosk on my phone to find a movie If this app combined the contents of both and simply told me which one topics it up at it would make Redbox even better                Please fix one thing thing
The positive reviews in here are laughable generic platitudes written in faux millennial speak they are clearly purchased reviewsApp doesnt show accurate inventory Sitting in front of the box pull up the app says it is at the location walk 4 steps to the box not there Happened twice todayUX of the app is terrible I already selected my location and movie next step is a fail because I dont have all the location assistance on Still fails after turning it on I know where I am I dont need the help So clunky    Terrible
I like that you go on line and pick your movie they hold it for you to pick up on your way home are while you run you errands so you are not driving around looking for it and it states if not picked up that day you will be charged for that day as well as the next like most people I reserve the movie and pick it up the same day and return it the next day                Love the reserve feature
Until now Theyve been rambling on and on about an update that is not available The app keeps tossing a new notification my way about me noticing anything different and to update the app but half the time the messages do not even show up Im given an internal server error and if I do get this message to show up the link takes me to the App Store to download a new update that is not available There is no update       This app is ok Ive really had no complaints
Need to develop standalone Nike running app for the Iwatch There is no point in having the Nike running app for the Iwatch if you still have to take your phone with you    IWatch Nike App
Seriously redbox I mistype my password one time and you lock me out of my account for 30minutesRidiculous       Locks you out for 30mins
Title says it       No iPad app still Disappointing
Most applications that utilize some sort of long in system allow the user to stay logged in all the time or at the very least for a long time before having to sign back in again With this app why do I have to log into my account every single time Sure it remembers my email address but why cant it remember my password as well Please update    Why do I have to log into my account every time
Still waiting on Touch ID to login Cant add movies to my wish list       Needs Improvements
Finally I can read user reviews in the app Thank you Redbox                User Reviews
I really could make use of the app if I could sign in without error messages since day one I can see the movies app opens fine I just cant actually use the app to rent So I just look then open the browser and sign into redbox with the same info with no problem I wished it worked though because I use redbox often       Shows movies BUT
Wish I never updated this app now I cant delete or save titles please fix    Dont work right
I want to love this app but unfortunately its pretty useless We use Redbox a LOT so being able to see if a movie is available at a nearby location would be wonderful However for the most part all this app does is let me see what has come out not what is actually available at my locations The local kiosks hardly EVER load Its ridiculous and this has been an on going problem ever since the app was developed Its much more helpful to just go directly to their website find the movie you want and rent it all the things the app SHOULD do but falls short    I want to love this app
Cant remove or add anything to my wish list keeps giving me error messages Very frustrating    Wish list
At this point of it just HAS to be optimized for the 6 plus Everything is huge and looks weird because it isnt Come on guys    Not optimized for 6 plus
Please either let me stay logged in all the time or at least implement touch ID Its frustrating having to back out and go to my password manager copy my password go back into Redbox app and paste the password and login check out etc Or if I just want to get to my wish list I have to do the same thing Annoying          Ok but needs touchID
Well I guess I can see a little of my transaction history Thanks Really need to see rental history as I am an old fart that cant remember what I watched Yeah pretty much the same complaints as other users Location services always on fail       Holy crap RedBox
Nice app but the remind me function never works       Needs some work
The app was ok but I wish the app could show a map of the box where my reservation is How was I to know there were 2 boxes at the Walmart which one was kiosk A or B Please put this on my Wish List Thx          Good App but
Is there any way that you can use this app with landscape view       Landscape View
I love this app I wish more people knew about it perhaps then I wouldnt have to wait in line at a kiosk because the dummy in front of me didnt have it and was taking all day to see what that kiosk had to offer Love being able to look up a movie and then find it at a convent location near me or on my way home Super easy It also tracks your rentals and you get free movies after renting 10 Awesome sauce You can even look up upcoming movies and have reminders sent to you when it hits the box so you can rent it before anyone else gets it Nothing to complain about regarding the Redbox app                I love this app
This app needs to be updated to fit the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen please    This app needs an update badly
Its so freaking clunky and slow GPS hangs and drains my battery Checkout fails half the time Needs some professional attention       What a piece of es h IT
Seems fine but it needs to allow users to select multiple locationsNeeds to allow account access without a timeout relogin save passwordNeeds to allow people to rate movies Instead of whatever system is in place Via the app current update supposedly does this but i havent seen the feature in transactions or in the movie description             good just Needs a few things
Anytime the app tries to load kiosks during search or when trying to reserve a movie it NEVER works on my Verizon LTE If Im on wifi it works fine but no matter where I am or when even if I have strong signal and fast network connectivity it will never find nearby kiosks and instead just sits loading kiosks ad infinitum The only thing that works at that point is to cancel it Please fix this I want to reserve movies using my cellular data network    Load the kiosks already
I like this app to check all local boxes to find which ones have my desired movie but having to enter a password manually is a pain there are too many steps to rent a movie in the app Adding Touch ID passwords for iPhones would streamline this considerably especially since you have to swipe your card to pick up the movies anyway As it is I use it for location and just select and pay at the box its more convenient          Helpful but cumbersome
Works as it should and makes last minute entertainment easy to come by                Its here
I recommend this app only if you are trying to search for a movie game otherwise dont bother Nifty app I use it all the time to view whats in my local red boxes before leaving the house          Great for searching
Whats going on with app update asking for my credit card info and not explain what its charging or whyjust to update Not cool    Whats going on with the app
This is a nice app with nice features from a company that lets you rent movies FOR A DOLLAR See that happening much anywhere else If the app has some glitches maybe give some tips in your review but dont have to be so disgruntled and rude So sick of such entitled snobs                Stop complaining
When I hit to remind me of one of the moviesIt doesnt work Fix this please    Remind me button doesnt work
This app is extremely useful and very easy to navigate and rent with It will hold the movies until you get there to pick them up or by 900pmThe only thing I dont like and its not really the app but Redbox itself is the poor selection of movies They do have new movies but lack in a great selection of older moviesI DO recommend you downloading and using this app if you use Redbox             Easy Peasy
You have to search for movies in each kiosk It used to be that you could just search for a movie and it would tell you locations near you    Horrible App
Please fix this app I have to sign in every time and it doesnt remember my password Ever So it times me out for 30 minutes very annoying    Every time
Next update really needs to let you swipe to the right to show the tab rather then having to hit the button at the top Also I the app icon should be updated to have a flat design          Great app
I like the app however I learned something new today if you reserve movies and you pick it up the next day your rental already started when you reserved it So you end up paying for two days       Good app read disclosure
When you hold a movie rental from the app you 24 hr rental clock starts ticking right then not when you pick up the actual rental It says that you have until whatever time the next day to pick up the rental from the chosen location otherwise they will release it to others you will still be charged But what they dont state is your own rental period has also started as soon as you hold it So if you hold for rent something at 9 pm you have until 9 pm the next day to pick it up But dont be fooled by that If you pick it up by say 8 pm the next day return it say the morning after you get charged for 2 nights rental not 1 night rental So why bother holding it from the app most of the times you are not picking up movies that you cant wait a few mire hours since you have already waited a few months to watch it Very cunning nefarious strategy I dont like to give my money to such dishonest companies Bye bye Redbox    Beware Misleading can cause extra charges
I love that I can reserve the movie I want and dont have to spend all that time at the actual machine with my infant                Love this app
I love this app but not since they added the section where people can put their review of the movies up Half the people just complain and instead of reviewing the movie they complain about the actoractress or they complain about what the last persons put up as their review Please take it down Do you you want people to rent movies or not People should be able to rent it and judge it on their own instead of reading the reviews and not renting it at all       Great app Get rid of the reviews
Please optimize the app for iPhone 6 and 6 Whats taking so long             Great app but
Love this app you can hold for pickup use promo codes PS If you want it to open up to your fav Kiosk it and the next time you open app it looks at that Kiosk I several kiosoks and then select the one I want to use no need for GPSLocation alwasys on              APP ROCKS
This app does not support Touch ID very annoying have to sign in every time And unfortunately we cant rate movies on app just on website    Touch ID and Rating Movies
Sort by release date and it shows Hot Pursuit came out today 9115 I got it from Redbox a week ago and watched it Call customer setting about it and they blow you off saying it wasnt built by them and they have no tech department    Big sorting issue
Are you for real Youre taking that movie out of the possibility of being rented by someone else for 2 nights Its reserved for you I cant go behind you and rent it because its already set aside So if its not available for 2 nights because of you then yeah youre going to get charged 2 nights                 Bondj303
1st theres 2 mortal combat xs And 2nd I was like ok I feel like renting the witcher 3 wild hunt But guess what Its been removed Ive searched for it specifically but there was no results Now I know you guys wont check your reviews here but its worth a shot Man blockbuster was way better To bad this garbage replaced it       I have 2 problems
WONT OPEN    Current Version


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
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iOS / 2.5
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iOS redbox 2.5 Mobile

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