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Safe Trek Mobile Security, LLC , brings SafeTrek with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SafeTrek app has been update to version 1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I use it even when I walk my dog..
  • app start to automatically activate voice recorder..
  • great customer service and I feel so much safer..

Overall Satisfactionc99
Regardless I am glad to have this app.
I'd HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to feel safe.
Amazing concept and simple design.
Thanks to the developers for this app.
Definitely an app I recommend to my friends.
I think this app is amazing and makes me feel safe.
I love the security.
Nothing means more than the safety of loved ones.
the company even texted me afterwards to make sure everything was okay.
I feel that this app is essential to have.
this app is essential.
Definitely one of the most useful apps on the market.
Ease of Usec98
simple idea to keep yourself safe.
This app is so simple and amazing.
simple interface and easy to control.
Security & Privacyc100
it makes you feel safe and gives a sense of security.
This app makes me feel safe and secure.

I received a text message asking of everything was alright. found in 5 reviews
favorite game in the app store. found in 1 reviews
I walk home from school every day past multiple active construction sites. found in 3 reviews
Today I forgot my passcode and it instantly called the police. found in 2 reviews
it makes you feel safe and gives a sense of security. found in 10 reviews
Wonderful design and could potentially save lives. found in 6 reviews
I have had its accidentally go off and it works just like advertised. found in 2 reviews
Definitely an app I recommend to my friends. found in 3 reviews
One of the best ideas. found in 1 reviews
I want everyone to put this app on their phones. found in 2 reviews
Being a college student living in a big city. found in 8 reviews
simply because it provides peace of mind for users. found in 1 reviews
Definitely one of the most useful apps on the market. found in 1 reviews
This App is a Beautiful Thing. found in 1 reviews
Very cool concept that could save lives. found in 1 reviews
I was first introduced to this app via tumblr. found in 5 reviews
Great App for College Students. found in 2 reviews
This is an absolute must have for anyone living alone. found in 2 reviews
so this is a great tool to have handy. found in 3 reviews
A must for single men and women. found in 2 reviews
it just goes back to the original " hold until safe" screen. found in 2 reviews
One Feature Lacking. found in 1 reviews
Please make it compatible for the iPod touch. found in 1 reviews
Not compatible with my iPod. found in 1 reviews
but should include emergency contacts. found in 4 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download SafeTrek for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1 has been released on 2014-11-28.
Bottom Line: For more information about SafeTrek check developer Safe Trek Mobile Security, LLC`s website :

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This app is wonderful and they do monitor it My wife forgot her pin and they reached out to her to verify she was alright We have been sharing this with everyone at know ever since                 Exceptional App
This is such a great app I feel empowered and safe when I use it and I quite literally force my friends to download it Please get it It could save your life                 I force my friends to get it
I use to love this app and use it whenever I feel unsafe I just dont think I need to pay monthly to ensure my safety Uninstalling and finding a new app now     Used to love this app
I purchased this app when it was 299 for use of the app Now I am required to buy a subscription to this service when for everyone else the app was free to download Why do I need to pay double Nice knowing you rather make a profit than honor your early buyers Ill make sure to avoid any apps created by you and your affiliates     Nice way to support your early backers
Tonight I was walking home later than usual As of late there have been reports of muggings in my area I turn down my unlit street and notice a man crossing in my direction Immediately open safe trek and as Im speed walking towards home with said man heading my direction I am asked to enter my apple password After two attempts Im in Man behind me getting closer and I am asked to enter the password of my synced facebook account While walking in the dark typing in my facebook info man successfully grabs me from behind pushes me face first into the corner of my own building tells me to drop everything then runs off with my purse which is holding all my IDs cards and cash tips from the night Thanks safe trek If I cant immediately open this app and use it in an emergency what is the point other than slowing me down to enter information in order to use said app     Huge safety flaw in safety app
No glitches and it really works                 Awesome
I accidentally hit the emergency alert button on my phone and was so impressed with the skill and kindness of the representative I spoke to I cancelled the 911 call and was able to both text and call my representative who ensured I was safe It was easy to cancel the alert in an accident situation but in an emergency it acts quickly to keep you safe                 Everyone should have this app
I always felt a little safer having this app at hand but I never had the chance to use it thankfully until now I always wondered how well it would work and if it was legitimate although all reviews said so Today was a threatening day for me and when I did end up using it it worked just as it said While I had other people calling 911 in my home having it take over 10 minutes in less than 10 seconds I was on the phone with someone They had three police cars on the way as soon as possible Afterwards I got a confirmation call from someone who works for SafeTrek after I received various text messages asking me to stay calm and that they were going to call Amazing app                 Amazing and helpful app
Last night are you SafeTrek for the first time There is then a string of abductions in my area and I had to walk from the bus On my way home I had to cross intersection where my finger accidentally left the button Not only did I get a call and text from Aaron making sure that was okay last night but got a text message this morning from Zach one of the creators of SafeTrek making sure that I was still ok An amazing app with amazing people just trying to get us all home safely Thank yall so much                 Absolutely amazing
I love this app and its much quicker and easier than calling 911 when you are in trouble This is such a great app especially for young girls                 Very effective
HONESTLY this app makes me feel so safe                
Because you cannot put a value on your own personal security or that of those you love and care about Brilliant concept that will save lives We should share this app to utmost viral proportions                 Priceless
This app doesnt tell you it has a hidden subscription of 299 per month it steals from your bank account They put a price tag on your safety and you should delete this app and install bSafe     Hidden subscription rate
I cant use the app I have to pay 3 dollars each month Really     Really
This is something every woman should have                 SafeNow
Love having this app just in case Well worth the few dollars                 Nightly dog walker
Make an app like this free so women can USE IT AND NOT HAVE TO PAY I deleted it once I saw the cost and how many other women have done so and potential been in a horrible situation Apps like these should not cost as long as women arent safe     Disappointed
An easy app to use Havent had to use it yet but along with my other safety devices I feel very safe Would like to have a way to notify dispatcher that Im in crisis both by entering an emergency code to avoid the required call back and through some sort of code word on the call back              Great Simple App
User should have option of sending silent alarm if criminal is threatening them to enter their code User should have a false pin that makes app look all clear but still Sends silent alarm to dispatcher Youre welcome           False pin code needed
I feel so much safer                 safe
Great simple easy to use                 Amazing app
I got really excited because this is a great idea for a safety device Making it cost money totally ruined it though paying money to feel safe What kind of country is this     Almost good
After the trial period I determined that I wouldnt use this app enough to justify paying for it Then like others I had a difficult time unsubscribing I emailed customer support for the app and was contacted immediately I was very impressed Once I figured out how to cancel the sub it wasnt difficult Go to Settings on your iPhone Tap iTunes App Store Tap your Apple ID its in blue Tap View Apple ID From there you should be able to figure it out              Good Support HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE
Best app ever                 Thank you
Seven day free trial the 3 per month        Not free 3 per month
I accidentally hit this app last night and didnt have my glasses on so I could not see to stop the app I started receiving texts and then I was called by a 911 operator I told him it was a mistake and shortly after I hung up with him I received a call from Safetrek They were very quick and professional Later I received a text from one of the makers of the app and he wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help and said he was glad I was safe I havent had that kind of Customer Service for a long time Those who complain about 99 for this app if you can afford a smartphone you can afford 99 to ensure your safety                 Excellent App
Well I was really looking forward on using this app but once I seen 299 a month kinda disappointed me I mean if you were trying to keep me safe It wouldnt have to cost 299 a month Im sorry but I dont think thats right Some people really cant afford all of that it really was disappointing to see that But I hues itll have to do           Safe trek is a good app And an ok app
While this app is wonderful and can save many lives the fact that you are forcing people to pay to feel safe is just down right ridiculous Im sure Im not the only one that is upset with this It use to be free     Paying to feel safe
I really like this app I use it every time I work late I accidentally set it off once and they acted fast Fortunately I was able to get my pin entered just in time as the cops were being dispatched This is one app Ill never get rid of                 Reliable
Being a paranoid girl this app makes me feel super safe in areas that I think are pretty sketchy I feel like I will be taken care of correctly in case of an emergency and it gives me a bit of relief just holding it to know I have a backup love it recommended it to all my friends and family                 Adore it
My husband is a physician and gone a lot at night Safe Trek makes me feel safer even when in my own home not to mention when Im out in the evenings running errands Thank you to the safe trek team for creating this app                 Best App Ever
I always feel so safe when ever I use thisso glad I got it              amazing
A great app that everyone should look into downloading                 Safety never feels compromised
I dont spend a lot of time in dangerous areas but Id say better safe than sorry                 Nothing better than peace of mind
I did not know exactly how the service would work until today when my boyfriend opened the app while I was in the shower Not knowing my password he was unable to cancel The police were called someone from safe trek called and texted me and even after the situation had been explained they texted me later on to make sure I was okay Very thorough                 Wonderful
Exactly what the title says Deleted and will never use again Rude and ignorant staff     Terrible customer service
Im still not quite sure why this application does not come preloaded on all iPhones seems like a no brainer for Apple This is a must download                 Must download
This is the best app out there It is incredible useful and makes me feel safe at all times Im glad I found this app and why dont you have this app Its free so download it NOW                 Why dont you have this
Im always scared at night that someones gonna break in or when Im walking that Im gonna get mugged This app makes me feel better                 Makes me less paranoid
It has saved my life so many times with the police coming Its so fast and easy to operate                 Saved my life
I feel safer with this app                 Amazing
I think its a great idea for an app and glad it made me and other feel safe However I decided I really didnt want to pay a monthly fee for this app yet when I tried to unsubscribe before my free week trial was up there was literally NO ability to unsubscribe within the app Nor was there any information about this process on the company website Honestly thats a horrible business tactic and I had to contact Apple directly to get me out of this app So great app for those who want to pay and I truly understand why users must pay this minimal fee What I dont understand is how you swoon the the users in with no way out which is completely unnerving Thats a problem that needs to be fixed     Dont trick your customers
This is a great app My daughter accidentally triggered it and SafeTreks response was immediate and efficient They were very understanding when I explained it was a false alarm A must have for every phone                 Fantastic App
Its upsetting how an app that can literally save lives is NOT free This should definitely be free Or at least not have a monthly subscription in order to save lives     Wow
Brilliant idea                 If you only purchase one app this should be it
I love this app It makes me feel 110 more secure in any moment that I feel unsafe or in danger I think one of the best things about the app is if your finger accidentally slips and your app notifies the police you can cancel the alert And also from that happening to me I realized that when you alert the police it also alerts someone associated with SafeTrek they will text you and ask you your emergency and are very polite when accidents happen I think this app is worth every penny I would absolutely rebuy if needed and suggest this to anyone and everyone that could ever be in a possibly unsafe situation                 Incredibly useful
On two separate occasions Ive accidentally set off the alarm by not putting the code in fast enough Each time the response to check on me was almost instantaneous And this wasnt just one question and then they were gone They didnt let me go until I had assured them more than once that I was safe That was very impressive If you walk your dog at night are walking to your car alone anytime you wonder if this app is worth it it is                 This app makes me feel safe
I accidentally opened this app today the response was so quick I barely had time to cancel the alert A musthave especially for traveling or find yourself without an escort to your car late at night                 Great app
Although it makes me feel safe I was disappointed that I had to pay to use it Complete thumbs down     Not very impressed
This app is amazing Not only does it 100 work but they have wonderful customer service I accidentally set off the alarm because I messed up the code I was able to cancel it before the cops were notified but they followed up to make sure I meant to cancel the alarm and was okay Then they followed up the following day to doubly check my safety Please download and share This could save your life or someone elses I tell everyone I know about it                 Download right now

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