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NahirC , the publisher behind many iOS app (The InjuryList Soccer ,Seeds — For Minecraft), brings Seeds — For Minecraft with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Seeds — For Minecraft app has been update to version 2.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Even the lite version of this app is awesome..
  • not only PC version..
  • you can send photos /videos..
  • It makes minecraft pe more fun with all these seeds..
  • and it has seeds for .

Overall Satisfactionc85
Hope it gets more popular so more seeds are added.
It needs more seeds for PC users.
There are many different types of biomes to explore.
There is probably over 100 seeds recommended for all minecraft lovers.
three words BEST APP EVER.
I can spawn at the best world.
Thanks for reading and do something about these bugs.
It's the best source for minecraft seeds and run perfectly.
Best helper ever.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome seeds that make already interesting Minecraft more interesting.
Hope it gets more popular so more seeds are added.
It needs more seeds for PC users.
This is one of the most awesome and helpful seed apps ever.
Minecraft is a lot more fun now.
It's simple and fun to use.
Also it is just plain fun.
I play it all the time.
I'm a huge minecraft fan and this app is really helpful to me.
This is one of the most awesome and helpful seed apps ever.
Very useful for finding seeds easy and quick.
Really helps me alot and its awesome.
Super useful thanks for the great app.
Very usefully.
Everything is awesome.
Social Aspectsc93
It's like a social network for minecrafters.
Social network for Minecraft players.
It's like social media for Minecraft.
Great app and love to meet new people who love minecraft.
it's great for meeting new people.
Ease of Usec100
This app is easy to navigate and extremely helpful.
The interface is so easy to navigate.
Makes it easy to find good seeds.
It's simple and fun to use.
still a few bugs that need fixing.
Updates & Supportc78
Even the lite version of this app is awesome.
Only thing I ask for is more Xbox version seeds.
Make a new update.

Really helps me alot and its awesome. found in 4 reviews
This is the best seeds app for all versions of mincraft. found in 4 reviews
I would like to thank the creators of this app. found in 2 reviews
Very useful for finding seeds easy and quick. found in 5 reviews
Minecraft seeds pro is awesome. found in 3 reviews
I met a new friend on seeds pro. found in 6 reviews
This is an awesome app for MC seeds. found in 10 reviews
Great app for seeds and just to chat with people. found in 4 reviews
Minecraft seeds pro is like pintrist for Minecraft. found in 290 reviews
This app is easy to navigate and extremely helpful. found in 5 reviews
Won't load up it always comes up with an error message since the update. found in 3 reviews
I updated burs its not working it says DIRECTOR ERROR please fix. found in 4 reviews
I update it and it wont open plz fix. found in 2 reviews
Also it happened right after the update. found in 3 reviews
It doesn't wanna work it says error please fix. found in 5 reviews
They post fake seeds. found in 4 reviews
it tells me that there was a internet problem. found in 4 reviews
It tries to load something and wont. found in 3 reviews
iPad version needs an update. found in 2 reviews
It's good but a little more. found in 2 reviews
I won't rate 5 stars until you fix it. found in 2 reviews
I hate how u have to login to Game Center E. found in 10 reviews
It says I have to log into game center and I already am. found in 25 reviews
Internet connection errors. found in 2 reviews
but with the new update YOU CAN'T EVEN VIEW SEEDS. found in 8 reviews
Great app but auto correct needs help. found in 1 reviews
It needs more seeds for PC users. found in 36 reviews
The last update brought a horrid glitch. found in 3 reviews
Every time you click on a seed it comes up with an error message. found in 3 reviews
Huge wast of money. found in 3 reviews
I wasted two dollars from my iTunes account. found in 3 reviews
HORRID INTERNET PROBLEM. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't even load for me anymore. found in 2 reviews
Now I can't even get past the loading page. found in 2 reviews
After the update it won't work just says error please fix. found in 5 reviews
Has people leaving contact info with inappropriate messages for young kids. found in 3 reviews
No game center. found in 25 reviews
I hate the new update. found in 4 reviews

The Seeds — For Minecraft is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.0 MB to download. The new Seeds — For Minecraft app version 2.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Seeds — For Minecraft in NahirC`s Official Website :

THE NEWEST AND BEST SEEDS FOR MINECRAFT, IOS AND PC This is the one and only ultimate app for you to get the seeds you always searched for From beautiful landscapes with incredibly large waterfalls ...
Howw do I Plz explain             How do I change the Apple ID CROOKEDxPATH
Please fix this app It s been a year since the app was dead There is no new uploads Please fix this app                     Why is the game broken JAYTON.
I left for eleven months and I got another phone I download the app I m logged into Game Center but in the app I m not logged into my account My account is Gears         I miss the old Seeds Pro BranPascua
Jan 28 was officially the day that SP died so let s commerce the greatness that has come from this app whether it be people or posts                     1 year of being dead Polygramming
Seriously You guys How could you kill the app BRING IT BACK     You guys are abandoners Block.Gaming
Puppy lover1285 I believe is that persons name and they fallowed me and I want to ask them if I can friend em on Xbox live and my point is I ve been using this up since the release and it s now completely dead BlownupDINOMITE is Xbox name     This is dead sadly monkeyxavier18
The seeds here are outdated and you can t upload anything The last uploads where on January 2017 Don t get the app Just look for seeds online they are updated             It s dead Minecraftlover1111111111111
The app is dead You can t upload and there are only a handful of users left I loved the all but It s completely dead And even if JN does fix the issues there s no way the app will ever recover         Dead It Must Be Said
JNinteractive stopped supporting this app and stopped approval of uploads That means there will never be any new posts nor seeds The seeds at the front page are now a year old Again do not buy this app It s a waste of money and should be taken off the App Store as it can t fulfill its promises                 Do not buy it TelepathicGrunt
There are a lot of pepole saying this is dead when I open it it is just black Btw I m 9 so typos     I can t open it ThatGOplayer
I loved this app I communicated with my friends and made new friends on this app I ve had this for probably 4 years But it s dying Literally Dying Nobody uses it anymore things are real slow etc etc I loved this app because I got to make new friends but now it s just dead                 Used to like but Blue D
I see posts are slowing down each week and there are many bugs like most people have like 404 image not found Pretty much this app is going dead but I think it should still be up The fact it s back to chill time                 It s ok for now Dolphinasd Gaming
Man around 6 months gone and no one is on This was supposed to be my Nostalgic app but not even my best friend who said she d wait for me was there I love this app nonetheless and will keep it on my phone in case it gets revived                     Man Tyscbsjg
Tuns of people are leaving the app because your fault you dont fix it i will never play it         Caution Steve Non
Great thanks I am using the seeds offered and am enjoying them                     Excellent butterpaw
Don t even bother downloading cuz     This app dead Whqtnbg
I was halfway to a thousand just about too I loved this app and it would take me hours to describe the stuff that happened to me here Please fix it admins                     A sad farewell The Apple Man Reviews
Best app ever                     Awesome Carterthecool
I would rate this a 5 star but the app is dead I ve deleted this app a few months ago and I ve had it for three years I may would have kept it longer if I hadn t banned for n o reason No one is active anymore so don t bother             DO NOT GET Pusheen325
This community is filled with selfish Very hard to make friends People treat it like it s Instagram People also judge you by what you like who you are and what you do     Horrible SansDaSquidGem
Aka furries         Infested with trash Fix and ill rate 5
This is an amazing app and I love it to death however it seems that many people have lost hope of this app coming back I did hear from one of the moderators though that the admins are not giving up and are trying to get as many people as possible to 1000 followers so that people can get instant approvals without waiting for the pending so people can post without it taking so long That way people see that others are posting still and they can keep using the app                     It is dying Unihorse<_>
My name on here is H n yf rn or close enough and I left for 5 months and when I come back guess what The app is literally dead I ve loved this app and I still have hope that it ll come back You guys need to something about it I miss my friends in there and none of them are really on the app anymore even one of my most dearest I m pretty sure has left just please please please do something about it I miss the old sweet kind seeds pro I used to know I ve been on here for about 3 years and I ve missed it I know I keep repeating this and I m sorry but just try to do something about it I m begging you                     It s literally dead now Bunny pants dance
Devs if u see this u need to step it up becuase lots of pple have left the app bc of their pending things forever they have uploaded and I can say some of my pending things have been pending for a long time but plz come back and do something with he app to get pple to come back I hope this encouraged u devs                     iTS DYING killer806
The admins yes the admins literally gave up and stopped approving uploads on the app They just quit and don t even care anymore I paid 2 for this crap show me something good approvals stopped coming in February and it s not ok Wake the F up admins And bubblybabs can you actually approve uploads instead of worrying about your ego Thx bye have a 1 star and an L do not press F to pay respects     It s dead Mandelbrat
This app is totally awesome It has seeds skins of all sorts a off topic and forum space and more You should get this app I would rate a 1k if I could                 Awesome app
Plz add videos u can post This is p Wutjusthappend                 Awesome app but idea
Please make seds pro free                 Please
I have a great wonderful wifi but the app wont load almost evreytime I try to log in but other than that its a great social app to talk about MC and ext              Great social app Bad connection
This app is pretty much minecraft Instagram witch is 2 of my favorite things This app made me like Instagram Get this app and you will make loads of new friends                 Minecraft instagram
Love love love this app It is soooooooo much fun and I have not found any problems with it It doesnt crash glitch or anything like that Very fun and very addicting I applaud the makers                 Nice
There should be a way to delete a face you applied because u saved it and I saved so many on accident and its hard because I have to go through it and look at my face mostly covered in white I kind of have an OCD problem so it bother me taking up space scrolling right to get the skin I want I just feel weird that is why I dont like to make new skins PLEAZE FIXXXXXX     Delete and Face
Its cool but it would be cooler if you can change your profile pic to something else              Awesome
This app has gotten so much better and I am glad to have gotten pro for free best guide ever                 Great awsome never better
I love this app I post off topic and seeds my name is Iprogram PS In case you havent noticed I love this app                 Awesome
This site is a great way to make friends in Minecraft dare creations write stories and SO MUCH MORE This app is great and I hope they can Maybe do the same for seeds lite someday                 Seed Pro is better than Facebook
I like it                 Fun
Aye Im íᏦnight from SP Im here to highly recommend anyone to get this app that likes Minecraft It has Seeds and sick creations 5S íᏦnight                 Great app overall
I love this app its the best but it gets a problem where when I come on to the app it doesnt let me comment or anything and it says you must login first but I already am logged in so can you please help I havent been able to go on and stuff I still rate five though                 READ ISSUE
This app is so cool and very useful for minecraft                 Awesome
I love this app cause u can have skins seeds and lots more if u download I hope u enjoy oo                 OMG AWESOME APP
Someone on Seeds Pro and his friends has a group of haters 1 star bombing them so if you can make it to where you would know who rated your upload that would help that person and his friends Thank you very much                 Neat but
I really love the app but today it was acting weird it reseted and it wouldnt log in to my account even though I was logged into Game Center I was just going to post a new skin I just finished Plz fix this problem I love looking at peoples creations Thank you so much if u do           Weird
This app is my dream come true                 Cool
This is a great app Sooo Yeah Great app You can see seeds for any version of minecraft ie PC PE and you can post creations and stuff about minecraft and there is even an off topic section Only two things It costs money Its pretty expensive for a game And Im TOO ADDICTED Lol Thats it So thanks for reading my review SavedByGrace from Seeds Pro                 Amazing
It has all u need                 Great App
Yo sup hoes this is RYAN 60 mother truckers Here to celebrate 1K followers Peace out xD                 Please READ
I love this app no doubt about it but I do have one minor criticism I dont like how the upload has to pend if youre under 1000 followers and I think other people dont like it too I think since its very hard to reach 1000 followers that it should automatically post the upload if you made it to 100 followers because getting 100 followers is hard enough getting to never mind 1000 So thats all for me please take this into consideration because unlike me I bet most of the people under 1000 followers dont like having to wait for their upload to be approved              Sees Pro
This app is amazing You can find anything here that a Minecrafter needs to know From beautiful creations made by excellent builders to epic seeds by daring adventurers You even have a section for minecraft skins where you can find cool skins and download them for free You will not be disappointed                 Amazing App has everything you need
This is one of my favorite apps that helps me with minecraft if you want to know great seeds to make seeds pro will give you them this app allows you to use players seeds and ever UPLOAD YOUR OWN SEEDS AND MINECRAFT CREATIONS I love this app and you will to just click that download button                 YOU MUST GET SEEDS PRO
Okay so I like the app I mean its super fun and you can even start an account and show others your creations seeds and skins The only bad part is the fact that I have a full bar of wifi and it says internet connection error So not very happy with that Over all though it is a fun app If your into mine craft buy it If you dont know what mine craft is then why are you reading this                 Super truthful
It gives you great seeds you should buy it                 Great
I was on seeds pro looking for seeds until it say direct class error pleasssse fake it I rate 4 stars until you fix it ok thank you             
This app is amazing It has amazing content and users I highly recommend getting it Plutonium                 Amazing app
This app is great for those who love to have some good seeds i recommend this app                 Crazy Fun app
I love this app soooo very much its awesome 5 stars If I could Id give it a thousand                 Awesome
This app needs to update to 90 It says I need to sign into Game Center but I already am Fix this or I will quit the game     READ
Has come to help me a lot in mine craft pe as of late great job and a great buy                 Perfect
This app is great It gives you the very best seeds but it also gives you a unique social experience Just needs a little fine tuning 9510 Follow stonecutter on sp seedsiCraft                 More than expected
ok so ive had the app almost two years but lately for the past few days its been going down from anywhere from 612 hours seriously this just gets super annoying can you like fix it please                 612 hours down
Well this app is amazing but one slight problem some of us have problems logging in the loading screen takes longer sometimes it doesnt even loadSometimes when I get omit says login to GameCenter even thoe I am using it WafflezHD                 AMAZING
Hey there seeders If you like Minecraft youll like Seeds Pro It has a ton of epic seeds and other sections including Servers Skins etc and a lot more to do Just be warned there are a lot of trolls and things that might make you do a table flip Madame Nova                 Addicting and Epic
If you get the lite version it doesnt work as well as pro i give five stars                 Its great pro
Hey UmThe App Is Great But Now Its Not Letting Me Get In My Profile Please Fix This           Why
Id like it if it didnt connect with people     Not very cool
I like Seeds Pro a lot But the thing is it takes along time to load it keeps telling me to log into Game Centre when I already am p              Well
All this app is a scam THE MODERATORS ARE COMPLETE BS There is no real seeds In fact nobody believes any seed because half of the people post fakes CYBER BULLYING IS STILL HAPPENING WHEN CAN HIRE HALF DECENT MODERATORS WHO ARENT RACIST GARBAGE It takes a century for a post to be accepted You need a Game Center to use hackers are everywhere EITHER REMOVE THIS GARBAGE OFF THE APP STORE OR FIX THE ABOMINATION YOU CREATED ID GIVE THIS 0 out of 5 stars Go spend 99 or 3 for some lives on Candy Crush or some COOL app     GARBAGE
This game is so annoying I cant download anything Plus you cant downloadcreations           WHY
Seeds Pro is an awesome app When I first got on it I thought that it was just a computer generated seeds provider I was wrong Im Illuminati Info in the app                 Seeds Pro
Get this game and follow Cow Dude8804                 Best game ever
It is AWESOME if u like minecraft u should get it                 BEAST MODE
I absolutely love this app You meet lots of nice people around the app including the moderators I will give this app all 5 stars So far I have no lags or bugs which is good But if I did it will still be fine I am StampyGirl3 on the app And yet again I love this app                 This app is better than Minecraft
Hey Im mad The app worked just fine for 3 years All of a sudden I CANT GET ON It wont connect and I have over 200 followers PLEASE ADRESS THIS PROBLEM        HEY
I got this here app to find cool seeds and they are all awesome Thank you Seed Pro D                 Really useful

Seeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds WorthSeeds — For Minecraft Utilities Worth Checking Seeds Worth

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