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SparkNotes LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (No Fear Shakespeare ,SparkNotes), brings SparkNotes with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SparkNotes app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app will make avoiding reading books so much easier..

Overall Satisfactionc46
But if u could plz optimize this app for iPhone 5.
Thank you sparknotes for my A+ in advanced English.
Useful and practical.
Has everything the website has.
Updates & Supportc52
Make an iPad version and the I will give it5 stars.
Need iPad version.

aced my test. found in 1 reviews
download any sparknotes study guide to your mobile device for offline use. found in 7 reviews
good app helped me alot. found in 1 reviews
Good App for Education Uses. found in 1 reviews
I suggest that you download this app today. found in 1 reviews
SparkNotes has saved me over and over again in English class. found in 4 reviews
People need to relax it's a great app and super helpful. found in 1 reviews
You guys should add an audio feature. found in 1 reviews
just wish it had more books than just classical writers. found in 4 reviews
Keep up the progress. found in 1 reviews
Useful and practical. found in 1 reviews
Excellent for Students. found in 1 reviews
This helped me SO much with To Kill a Mockingbird. found in 2 reviews
Fifth gen support would really make it good. found in 1 reviews
It offers a great catalog of books in various subjects i. found in 2 reviews
I haven't checked out the app. found in 1 reviews
This desperately needs to be updated to work on iPod Touch 5th generation. found in 16 reviews
great app but still doesn't fit the iphone 5 screen. found in 7 reviews
It needs to be updated and optimized for iPhone 5 / iPod 5th generation. found in 38 reviews
It needs to be optimized for iPhone 5 and it lags. found in 31 reviews
Make this app compatible with iPhone 5 screen and other devices. found in 14 reviews
although it severely needs to be optimized for the iPad's bigger screen. found in 12 reviews
This interface is really outdated and it needs iPhone 5 support. found in 20 reviews
Needs iPhone 5 optimization. found in 5 reviews
Needs a huge update for ios 7. found in 5 reviews
Please update for iphone 5 and ios 7. found in 38 reviews
Needs to be optimized for iPad. found in 12 reviews
Was a great app until I updated to iOS 8. found in 10 reviews
This app really needs to add the No Fear Shakespeare series. found in 8 reviews
But now it doesn't work since I have updated to IOS 8. found in 10 reviews

The SparkNotes is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 27.1 MB to download. The new SparkNotes app version has been updated on 2014-11-29. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about SparkNotes in SparkNotes LLC`s Official Website :

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I don t want to pay     App Zackypp
They want you to pay for an app membership when you can just use the website for free Deleted and I ll never try this app again     Just use the website Criticangry
First off you have an iPhone second it s 5 dollars per year I love the app                     People stop being cheap LUiS314
This app is awful unless you want to pay for a subscription Can t cancel it through the app Should be free like the site but is not worth the time Just use the website     DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP Conster_3
I would love to pay to start using the app but every time I go to buy it says no products available and I can t select either subscription option Please fix     Doesn t work iceicejick
It s amazing for me being a high school student I get caught up in other things and sometimes I just need a quick summary but there is one flaw you can copy text sometimes my friends fall behind too and they re not privileged like me to be able to pay for this and still since I can t copy I can still screenshot so please just add coping text                     It s honestly great Aillito
Not too many titles     Incomplete Halal man from gyro stand
If you want to use the app you have to pay even though in the App Store it says its free It s not     Hate smcfamily
I cannot recommend this app enough Spark notes is extremely helpful for when it s 11 PM and you need to know certain information if you need to prep for a test or if you re just having a hard time identifying something within the text The subscription is defiantly worth it                     The best study resource Alls❤️
My school work is important this is like buying textbooks again I can t do this I would rather go on the web to see the same thing that s on this app FOR FREE         A mediocre app for a price Nicely-kind
I love spark notes and was happy when I saw a banner saying they have an app I use the mobile site and it works quite well and doesn t cost money Being the logical human I am I thought Oh it is basically going to be a smoother version of the website But it turns out you need a membership to use the app It s pretty cheap but not worth a penny because the mobile site exists as well and doesn t have any big problems     The site is free why can t the app be Common Highschooler
I saw this app and I knew that this is the same thing I used on my computer and I got really excited because I needed to write a paper and this WEBSITE has helped me before but once I downloaded the app they told me to get a membership I thought this was just for something extra I can do but it turns out I can t do anything without the membership I am really disappointed in the app But the website is great I recommend the website because it is free The only thing is that it makes my computer lag a little bit but other than that it is great     The app is terrible Tanelmo123
I downloaded the app as an alternative for using the website but i needed java plug ins and my iphone cant do that Soon as i saw the subscription payment i thought this was wack It doesnt make sense Make the website free but not the app And i was only just going to use this app once for lang so just thinking about a subscription is really useless in my case     A Membership is Ridiculous MooMoondy
Wow What a money grab     Paying For a free site Racha2011
I ve used the Sparknotes website before for Anthem by Ayn Rand and Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet and it s very helpful But I don t understand why there needs to be a price to an app when we could easily look up the website and use that instead I recommend you just use your web browser on your phone to look up Sparknotes rather than buying this app because the website works just as well and it s free     Why do you have to pay Yeaboidank
So many negative reviews from people who are angry that they d have to pay a little bit of money for something they d like to use I don t get it It s not expensive It s 5 bucks per year for a ton of useful info Why do people think it s such an outrage that not everything is free Maybe they are kids who don t have parental permission to buy apps That might explain it Or maybe they just think 5 per year really is too much but that s odd if they paid for an iPhone The negative reviewers don t seem to be complaining about the app quality it seems they are mostly just mad that they can t get what they want for free Anyway app seems good so far You can t select text though which means you can t look up words nor copy text nor take notes by sharing text with another app I suppose they are trying to protect their content from copying I would understand that concern I guess But whatever the reason it s still a problem that is it still limits the app s usefulness even if they had an understandable reason for removing the basic text selecting function                 Seems ok so far wish you could select text 333M333
You have to pay for this once you get it even though the online version is free Sparknotes is great but only online not as an app They should have a free choice that is paid by ads like most apps Stick to the website     it makes you pay Beg9001
I just dont understand what s the difference between the website and the app if one can access data through the website for free why make the app for money     Why Nabiiloo
Helps with homework Just great app in general                     Great app Rexsupernatrual
Excellent app These bad reviews are from people who obviously believe everything must be free and those who work to put it together deserve no wage Amazing What planet do these free loaders come from Very fine app                     Very nice I41cu2
If you want to charge people for this app do it upfront or at least let people know I got it because I thought it would be easier than using the website on my iPhone Turns out as soon as I downloaded the app they asked me to join for a fee No thanks I ll go back to using the website on my iPhone for FREE     Waste of time don t bother korules
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